Amusing interview with GB in the latest Esquire mag

Most of you should know by now that I heart Gerry Butler. But this blog isn’t about him or any particular actor for that matter, but I can’t help including this one I just read over the weekend.

Photo courtesy of Esquire magazine
Photo courtesy of Esquire magazine

I was just going to pick up the latest EMPIRE magazine when my hubby suddenly shoved the latest Esquire in front of me. When I saw the cover, I immediately went ‘Oh’ — first reaction: ‘darn, he looks good’ — but the interview turns out to be just as amusing and enjoyable.

I guess he’s STILL not a household name, even the interviewer didn’t know who he was! Most of the facts are commonly known even amongst casual fans, but his colorful and gregarious personality really shone through. 

He’s has two new flix out this year: The Ugly Truth (with Katherine Heigl) and GAMER (by the guys who made Crank) — neither of which I’m super excited about though, sadly. I’m intrigued by Law Abiding Citizen (due out next year) where he plays a wronged man bent on vengeance against a DA played by Jamie Foxx. Can’t wait to see the intense & dramatic side of GB again after all the comedies he’s been doing. I’m glad he’s mixing things up constantly, but I want to see him do more flix like Burns and less rom-com (especially with such a tabloid fodder like Jen Aniston!)

You can read the entire article here.

3 thoughts on “Amusing interview with GB in the latest Esquire mag

  1. PrairieGirl

    Thanks for the new dish on Gerry! Love the twist that the interviewer really had no idea who he was. Gerry spilled more details than I had ever known before. And putting on The Music of the Night and singing along – how very Gerry!

    1. rtm

      Hi Becky! Yeah, that makes for a more interesting interview for sure. I’m tired of the same kind of interviews with the same old questions. I appreciate how cordial and humble Gerry is here, and the fact that he didn’t take offense with the reporter’s lack of knowledge of him!

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