Apparently, there IS an award for trailers

I was just thinking about this last night when I was about to write my Public Enemies review. I thought the trailer was just so cool that I watched it over and over again before I actually saw the film. I’ll save my thoughts on the film until the actual review (which I was going to write tonight but I left my notepad on my desk), but suffice it to say that I liked its trailer a LOT better.

Well apparently there is an annual Trailer Awards called The Golden Trailer, judged by industry professionals from directors, studio execs, producers, even a blogger (Ain’t It Cool News founder). There’s even a gala in Los Angeles to fete the winners. I think this is great, I think trailers are awesome and hugely entertaining. I love watching ’em on my computers and in theaters, and more often than not, they are way better than the films they promote. Here’s a quote from their site:

The best trailers are works of art in their own right, expertly blending elements of cinema and advertising.

Their latest award show took place just last month, June 4th. You can see the list of winners on their website, but here’s a sampling:

Best Action: Fast and Furious
Best Drama: Frost/Nixon
Best Romance: 500 Days of Summer
Best Comedy: Bruno
Best Animation: Wall-E

I haven’t seen Fast and Furious or Bruno, but I agree with the other three. I should think Public Enemies should be nominated for the Best Action (or Drama?) category. LOVE the music used for the trailer (song is by Otis Taylor – Ten Million Slaves album), it just fit the style and mood perfectly.

So, what’s your favorite trailer you saw recently?

3 thoughts on “Apparently, there IS an award for trailers

  1. Mike

    Half the reason I go see movies is for the trailers! Fitting that they deserve their own awards. They’re often better than the movies they represent …

  2. rtm

    Hey Mike! Yeah, wouldn’t it be nice to be the one of the judges? Imagine watching trailers for a living. What a job!

  3. PrairieGirl

    Don’t usually get excited about trailers for the very reason mentioned – they almost always show the most interesting parts of the movie, so when you actually see the film, you’re seeing the best parts again, only in context this time.

    The ones I love right now are The Ugly Truth and G-Force – both opening on the same day in July. We will see if they will live up to their billing.

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