THIS JUST IN! Skyfall teaser trailer debuts

As you loyal readers know by now, there’s not a lot of movies we anticipate more than Skyfall here at FlixChatter. My pal Ted and I even started a 007 Chatter series as a countdown to the movie in November.

There’s a lot to be excited for here apart from Daniel Craig returning, there’s Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes directing, flanked by a slew of Oscar winning actors, and now we’ve got this tantalizing new trailer. Check it out:

Ok, this definitely amp up my excitement tenfold. I love that first shot of Bond overlooking the London skyline with the Big Ben looming in the background. There’s something foreboding and eerie in that majestic shot, and that shot of a row of coffins draped in British flags is disquieting.

The whole word association game starts out with Bond looking unperturbed but his mood abruptly changes with the mere mention of Skyfall…

Country: London
Gun: Shot
Agent: Provocateur
Murder: Employment
Skyfall: [pause]
Skyfall: Done!

With that Bond leaves the room as Dame Judi Dench’s M and Ralph Fiennes’ Mallory watches from behind the glass. Just what the heck is Skyfall? Is that what’s written on his secret mission dossier, kind of like For Your Eyes Only? And who is Mallory? Is he a good or bad guy?

No sign of Javier Bardem as the baddie however, perhaps Mendes is saving him for the full trailer? In any case, the rest of the 40-second teaser shows that all the reasons we go see a Bond movie is present: glamorous locations (filming took place in the UK, Shanghai, and Turkey), sexy Bond girls frolicking with our hero, Bond being chased all over and high-octane action shots such as a train crash, etc. All of those are well and good, but this one promises something *more* which is the most intriguing part of all.

The trailer ends with Bond saying “Some men are coming to kill us. We’ve got to kill them first.” Well, will he? There’s rumor swirling around that an important character might die in this film. I have an inkling who might that be, but I’m sure I’ll still be gasping when that happens. This looks poised to be Craig’s best bond yet. Bring it on, Mr. Mendes!

What do you think folks? Don’t you wish this comes out next week instead of November? 🙂

Guest Post: Top Five Favorite Bond Movies

With the recent casting news of Naomi Harris as Money Penny and also Jarvier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes as possible villains in Bond 23, I thought I should list my top five favorite Bond films ever.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of bad Bond films that have came out since Dr. No but in my opinion only a handful of them are considered very good. I’ve been Bond fanatic since I was very young, my dad and I used to watch the older Bond films with Sean Connery when I was around 8 or 9 years old. After that I would always love to watch any kind of spy films or TV shows. That’s why with the new Mission: Impossible, Jason Bourne and of course James Bond flick coming out within a few months of each other, I’m quite ecstatic. So with the anticipation of the new Bond and the other two big spy films coming out, below are my favorite Bond films.

  1. Thunderball (1965) – This was the first Bond film to be shot in cinemascope widescreen, the previous films were shot in full screen or 1.66: 1 ratio. To me this was the definitive James Bond film, it has everything, beautiful women, great locations, sinister villains and of course great action sequences (just a bit outdated compare to today’s action movies), especially the boat chase at the end. Of course the film is pretty dated since it came out in 1965 and the story is similar to another Bond film, Never Say Never Again, so if you’ve never seen it and decided to watch it now, you’ll probably be saying to yourself, I’ve seen this movie already. Also, the Austin Powers films spoofed the heck out it. Another interesting nugget, this is the biggest box office hit out of all the Bond films, when you consider inflation. The film earned about $63 mil in domestic box office back in 1965, that’s around $500 mil in today’s money. That’s pretty big number, compare to $169 mil earned by the last Bond film, Quantum of Solace.
  2. Casino Royale (2006) – After the silliness of Die Another Day, the filmmakers decided to go back and reboot the franchise and I’m glad they did. Director Martin Campbell decided to make the film more grounded, very similar to the Bond films of the 60s and actually made us care about the characters in the film. Daniel Craig took over the iconic role and boy did he deliver. The film has everything you asked for in a Bond film, beautiful women, the new Aston Martin DBS, great locations, sinister villains and of course the action scenes were pretty cool.
  3. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) – Yes, I believe this is one of the best Bond films ever made and not because Christopher Nolan said he love it too. I didn’t know Nolan love this film until he said it during the making of Inception. The first time I saw this Bond flick was when I was in high school and for the first few minutes, I didn’t even know it was a James Bond film. It was so different from the previous installments that it didn’t feel like a Bond film at all and maybe it’s the reason why I enjoyed so much. The big action scene near the end of the film was pretty awesome and who could forget the dark/surprise ending. I was shocked when I first saw the film and how it ended. The only down side of this film was George Lazenby, he wasn’t much of an actor and his take on Bond was kind of weak.
  4. License To Kill (1989)– Timothy Dalton’s last outing as Bond was pretty great in my opinion, but unfortunately most people disagree since the film didn’t do too well at the box office. I think the film just opened in the wrong season, Tim Burton’s Batman was dominating the box office in the summer of 1989. Who knows maybe had the studio moved the release date from summer to the holidays season of that year, the film could’ve been a hit. This was not a perfect Bond flick by any means, the Bond girls were beautiful and the villain was great. But I thought the movie looked cheap even though it’s a big budgeted film. It cost around $30mil to make and back in 1989, that’s a big production. I wonder if director John Glen wanted to give the film that gritty look but somehow couldn’t make it happen. Whatever the reason, I still enjoyed the movie tremendously and I can watch that big action sequence near the end over and over again.
  5. For Your Eyes Only (1981)– So after the over the top storyline of Moonraker, the filmmakers decided to bring Bond back to the ground. It might have something to do with fact that many people complained how silly Moonraker was and even though it made a lot of money, the studio and producers wanted to make a more grounded Bond film for the next installment. Well they delivered because For Your Eyes Only was quite entertaining and has my favorite Bond girl. The original script of this film was quite dark and gritty; Roger Moore voiced his displeasure with the script because he didn’t want to do a dark and serious Bond movie. So director John Glen included a few humor sequences to please Moore and asked the writers to tone down the seriousness of the plot. In the end I believe it was well received by both the critics and audience.

[RTM’s note: Check out my top five list of Bond movies + Bond girls/villains/title songs here.]

So, now your turn. Give us your top five favorite Bond films and tell us… who is your favorite actor playing 007?