Random Picture of the Week: Holy Bat Pool!

Have you all seen this? Saw this yesterday and I just had to share.

Holy Bat Pool! Apparently there is a ‘real’ Wayne Manor in Illinois. From above, it looks like a real swanky estate that Wayne family could live in. According to this article, the Hinsdalle, Ill anonymous homeowners painted the 30-foot-wide Batman emblem at the bottom of the swimming pool 20 years ago for their son who’s a huge fan of the DC comic character.

I bet some diehard fans of the caped crusaders have actually charted a chopper just to get a look of this ‘Bat signal.’ Perhaps there is a real Dark Knight living amongst us near Chicago a.k.a Gotham? 😉

Click picture to see it on Google Map

Superman franchise – dead once again?

It’s been three years since the Man of Steel reboot and the word is, Bryan Singer is no longer interested to direct. Now with the time lapse, Brandon Routh’s contract has also expired.

Routh as Superman

According to this article, Routh admitted in a Portugese interview that he didn’t know what Warner Bros plans with the franchise. He blamed the failure on the lack of fight scenes, which made the indestructible Kryptonian seemed rather weak. Methinks it’s the obscure plotline of the is-he-or-isn’t-he-Supe’s kid (who has Asthma?!) and the often schmaltzy melodrama with his long lost love Lois Lane. Even with some really cool scenes—I totally dug the part when he stopped a plane crash in the middle of a baseball stadium—the dialogue was inconsistent and downright cheesy at times. I didn’t think Routh was horrible as the titular hero, but obviously lacking that ‘it’ factor that Christopher Reeve had in droves. I was a HUGE Superman fan ever since I was a wee girl, donning a Superman suit in my frontyard and wrote several letters to Chris Reeve (which got me not one but TWO autographed photos from the late actor).

I’d love to see the franchise continue, but perhaps it is in dire need of a complete overhaul. I’d start with the writers and a director with the cojones and vision like Zach Snyder. Or better yet, Christopher Nolan? Imagine what he’d do with Superman with the success of two highly successful Batman flix under his belt. I doubt he’d want to be associated with another comic superhero though. Alas, it might be a while before we get to see Supes fly again. Until then I suppose I can always re-watch the original and feel that familiar glee every time John William’s classic theme comes on.

The ups & downs of Christian Bale’s career

In light of Public Enemies release this past week (which I’m hoping to see soon), everybody’s talking about Johnny Depp as Dillinger. Hey I like Johnny as much as the next guy, but it’s Christian Bale whose career often leaves me perplexed at times. I mean he’s obviously a gifted actor from the moment Stephen Spielberg discovered him 22 years ago in Empire of the Sun. And he’s got the chiseled good looks to go with such enormous talent.

Yet his film choices over the years teeter between obscure (Reign of Fire, Capt. Corelli’s Mandolin) and spectacular (3:10 to Yuma, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). Still it’s fascinating to follow what the folks at Moviefill calls the Bale roller-coaster career.

Click to see a larger version

Source: Tumblr

A few films were omitted which includes a couple of my personal faves: The New World and Equilibrium. They’re on opposite ends of the spectrum as far as story and role goes. On the first, he played a wealthy 17th-century gentleman who fell in love with Pocahontas, and in the latter he’s an elite super-soldier trained to be devoid of emotion in a futuristic world. Yet Bale can play both convincingly. Now if only he’d cave in and do a comedic role one day, ok maybe not a rom-com but a smart comedy (um, something like A Fish Called Wanda perhaps?) Come on Christian, you’ve got it in you!