Trailer Spotlight: ’65’ – Adam Driver returns to sci-fi genre & fights prehistoric dinosaurs – produced by Sam Raimi


It’s been a gloomy and busy Wednesday but thanks to a new trailer featuring my crush Adam Driver for adding some extra springs to my steps!! I somehow have not heard about this movie, but I’m thrilled we get another Adam’s movie in addition to Michael Mann’s Ferarri that’s scheduled to be released later this year.

Official synopsis:

After a catastrophic crash on an unknown planet, pilot Mills quickly discovers he’s stranded on Earth… 65 million years ago.[a] Now, with only one chance at rescue, Mills and the only other survivor, Koa, must make their way across an unknown terrain riddled with dangerous prehistoric creatures (including dinosaurs) in an epic fight to survive


The film is written and directed by the writers of A Quiet Place I and II, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, Now, I’m normally not into horror flicks, but I did see both of A Quiet Place movies and loved them! This creature horror feature also boasts Sam Raimi as one of its producers, and Raimi’s longtime collaborator Danny Elfman as its composer.

I’m liking the look of this movie so far, which shares some similarities to A Quiet Place in that it also involves kids trying to survive and outrun big monsters. There’s even a scene where Driver’s telling the young girl (Ariana Greenblatt) to be quiet, but instead of a weird-looking alien species with a sense of acute hearing, this time we’re dealing with prehistoric dinosaurs! Some are already saying it’s Aliens-meets-Jurassic Park, but with some time travel element thrown in.

The concept is certainly promising and I like the look and feel of the trailer so far with its genuine terror and sense of dread. Of course, Driver is an enormously talented and charismatic actor to carry a movie on his own buff shoulders. The peril looks believable as these aren’t human-engineered dinos threatening our modern civilization, but it’s the humans that crash land into their ancient world. Even with their futuristic weapons, the odds are stacked against them. If I could choose anyone to be stuck with on a treacherous planet, I’d definitely go with a no-nonsense former Marine like Adam Driver!

65 movie is coming exclusively to movie theaters March 10. Bring. It. On!!

What do you think of this trailer?


7 thoughts on “Trailer Spotlight: ’65’ – Adam Driver returns to sci-fi genre & fights prehistoric dinosaurs – produced by Sam Raimi

  1. I think it looks cool. Get that money Driver! Plus, happy to see Ariana Greenblatt in some big projects as she and Jenna Ortega are definitely making it big ever since they were in the Disney Channel show Stuck in the Middle which was a damn good show.

    1. I love the variety of projects Adam Driver’s working on, the guy is versatile!!

      I’ve never seen Ariana Greenblatt before other than as young Gamora in Avengers Endgame.

  2. This definitely was a surprise since I had no idea about the film until I saw the trailer. Looks cool but I wish they’d kept the dinosaurs a secret in the trailer. It would’ve been better just showing him fight some mysterious monsters, so when people go see the actual film, it would be a surprise that he’s travelled back in time and fight dinosaurs.

    1. Yeah, I think the art of making trailers to be mysterious is completely lost on the studios. At the same time, I think people do love dinos so having them revealed in the trailer would actually make them want to see the movie. Most of the comments on YT are happy to see the prehistoric dinosaurs, ahahaha!

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