Trailer Spotlight: The Gray Man – drops on Netflix July 22


It’s been quite a week of new trailers!! Thor 4, Elvis, The Three Thousand Years Of Longing … boy, my head is spinning! I still might blog about that last one by George Miller as it gets closer to its release date in August.

Now, The Gray Man has been on my anticipated list for some time now. I LOVE espionage thrillers, with the Russo Brothers directing and this cast, I’m immediately sold! Took a long time to finally see the first trailer as the movie opens in less than 2 months away… but dayum, it looks freakin’ cool!

Synopsis: When the CIA’s most skilled operative-whose true identity is known to none-accidentally uncovers dark agency secrets, a psychopathic former colleague puts a bounty on his head, setting off a global manhunt by international assassins.

I gotta admit I’m not the biggest Ryan Gosling fan but y’know what, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he’d be a good fit for the role of Court Gentry, aka The Gray Man. It’s Chris Evans as the bad guy Llyod Hansen looks to be the one to watch here. Apparently, he was considered for the lead role but he chose to play the villain instead, complete with that evil trash ‘stache, ahah. The trailer promises a mano-a-mano between the two, sorry but my money is on Lloyd, LOL!

Lucky Ana de Armas gets to do another movie with his former Knives Out co-star Evans (plus they’re doing another movie together, Ghosted). Armas was also in Blade Runner 2049 with Gosling. I absolutely enjoyed seeing her in No Time To Die, hopefully she’s got more screen time here. I’m most curious to see Regé-Jean Page as well as Jessica Henwick, two very talented actors whose stars are on the rise. Been ages since I saw Billy Bob Thornton in anything, I’m guessing he’s playing Gentry’s handler Donald Fitzroy.


I wonder if Netflix has bought the rights to more than one novel by Mark Greaney. Similar to Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan espionage series whose protagonist is also a CIA operative, The Gray Man is Greaney’s 2009 debut novel of the now 12-book series that features the freelance assassin. Greaney actually continues the Jack Ryan book series after Clancy’s death, with the backing of Clancy’s family.

There are definitely shades of Mission Impossible here with the way the globe-trotting across Europe and full-on action. It’s quite a coincidence that Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning teaser was released earlier this week as well, but that thing isn’t out ’til Summer 2023!! Interestingly enough, Christopher McQuarrie was initially attached to direct (not sure if it was with Gosling as the lead or not).


Reportedly, at $200 Million, this is the most expensive Netflix original movie, tied in with Red Notice. I sure hope it’ll be eons better than that stupid drivel! I am hopeful because of the Russos and the directing bros collaborated again with frequent MCU screenwriting duo Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

The Gray Man will screen in select theaters starting July 15 and on Netflix on July 22. I’m hoping there’ll be a theatrical screening for this, I’m guessing it’ll look cool on the big screen!

Are you excited for The Gray Man?

10 thoughts on “Trailer Spotlight: The Gray Man – drops on Netflix July 22

  1. This looks crazy but it also looks fun. Yeah, I wanna see this. Plus, the cast itself is awesome. Way better than that other spy trailer with that aging midget. My 1-year old niece was watching the trailer with me yesterday on our TV and all she said is…. BLAH!!!!!!

    1. Ahahaha, your disdain for Cruise shows no bounds! Well you won’t like my rave review for his new movie then 😉 But we are in agreement w/ this one, it does looks crazy fun!

  2. As a long-time reader, I’ve so enjoyed Mark Greaney’s Gray Man series. It really is a great line of books, characters, and situations. So, when it was announced Netflix was adapting it, was really excited. Seeing the trailer, I still am, but couldn’t help but notice the changes made to the storyline from the author’s debut novel. Yet, I think the casting of Ryan Gosling (as Court Gentry) and Chris Evans going against type will make this really fun. Especially under the Russo Brothers direction.

    Can’t wait. Thanks, Ruth. 🙂

    1. Hi Michael! Oooh so you’re a fan of the books, I’m really curious to hear what you think of this adaptation.

      Before Ryan and Chris were cast, did you have certain actors in mind for those roles? Also, is Billy Bob playing Gentry’s handler Fitzroy?

      1. Gentry is suppose to be average looking, average height that blends in well so you’d never suspect him to be an assassin. Hence the title, The Gray Man, so I didn’t have someone in mind for the title character.

        Billy Bob should be fine, but his role in the book is that of an English man. And Gentry in this debut is already on the outs with the CIA. Chris Evans should be great in this, given how well he did in Knives. Looking forward to it, even though the changes might be significant. Oh, and there was an additional character in the novel that Lee Byung-hun would have been perfect for. But maybe they’re saving him for the sequel. 😉

        1. Thanks for the tidbits! I suppose Gosling fits the bill of being able to blend in and one wouldn’t suspect him of being an assassin.

          Oooh, I love Lee Byung-hun, I hope they would cast him in the sequel… I love spy movies and we need another good franchise in that genre besides Bond and Mission Impossible.

  3. One of the few Netflix’s films that look like it costs $200mil plus. Definitely looking forward to watching it comes July, if it’s going to be shown at Dolby Cinema, then I’ll go see it there first. If not, I rather watch it on my home theater in Dolby Atmos.

    1. Yeah, I think the Russos sure know how to make good use of $200Mil. It says ‘select theaters’ so I don’t even know if it would include Minnesota. I’m fine with watching it on my home theater as well.

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