Rest in Peace BETTY WHITE – Remembering her best moments


Oh wow… I wasn’t expecting to be posting this today. I was out and about most of the day and heard about her passing while I was driving in my car. I think everyone is ready to say goodbye to 2021 and losing such a legend like Betty White is another blow to an already tough year 😭

She’s just about two weeks shy of her 100th birthday. In fact, there’s a big plan to commemorate her birthday on January 17 with a special theatrical screening of Betty White: 100 Years Young for one night only. Per Deadline, the documentary will proceed as planned which includes highlights from White’s unprecedented TV career, her telling inside stories about her life, and clips of the funniest moments from various shows such as The Golden Girls, SNL, Hot in Cleveland, The Proposal and The Mary Tyler Moore Show among others.

Here’s the trailer:

I hope this will be shown in my local cineplex, but I definitely would watch it when it’s available on streaming. I’ve actually just seen the documentary on her called Betty White – The First Lady of Television just this past April which is on Netflix. Not many people have had a phenomenal career spanning eight decades, but she was truly a one of a kind talent who’s genuinely hilarious on and off screen.

My first intro to Betty White was in Golden Girls when I was still living in Jakarta. She’s definitely my favorite of the four Golden Girls and how funny that I end up living in Minnesota where her character Rose Nylund is from (St Olaf, MN to be exact!). Here are some of her funniest Scandinavian quips from her show:

On films, I think most contemporary audience are most familiar with her role in The Proposal where she effortlessly stole the show every time she came on. She developed a friendship with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds and they seem to have similar sense of humor. I love that she’s not afraid to play against type and show her ‘nasty’ side… as evident in this prank video Reynolds himself posted on her 99th birthday.

“When Betty White asks for a coffee you get her a f****** cup of coffee” LOL!

This particular scene is a hoot and you could tell her co-stars could barely contain their laughter.

The dancing scene is just so absurd but made me laugh and truly, we could have more Betty White scenes in this movie!

As for her TV appearances, her opening SNL monologues are definitely one of the funniest of the show and I love how she’s always game with poking fun at herself. And as I’ve quit Facebook for over a year now, I agree wholeheartedly how dumb it is to waste your time using that app, ahah.

This census skit with Tina Fey made me laugh so hard every time! Her dead-pan expression makes the whole thing even more hysterical.

Oh my… I’m laughing and crying at the same time watching these clips. Betty White was truly a charming comedic genius and an absolute gem of a human being… she will be sorely missed by everyone she’s touched through her 80+ year in show business.

Rest in Peace, Betty White.


What’s YOUR favorite memories of Betty White?

12 thoughts on “Rest in Peace BETTY WHITE – Remembering her best moments

  1. PrairieGirl

    What a nice tribute to Betty, Ruth. My favorite Betty character is Sue Ann Nivens, (the Happy Homemaker) from the Mary Tyler Moore show:
    Sue Ann is certainly the opposite of innocent Rose in The Golden Girls. I believe Sue Ann could have been the world’s first cougar! Of course today’s “cougar” wasn’t coined yet but perfectly describes her flirty and vivacious behavior that gave us countless laughs and fun.

    1. For some strange reason I never saw a Mary Tyler Moore but I did see that episode. You also watch Hot in Cleveland right, Becky? There are some funny episodes of Betty with hot guys 😀

      1. That’s true. Couldn’t they at least give her a few more weeks for her 100th birthday and then she can die in her sleep? At least that would’ve been fair.

  2. Have to agree with both PrairieGirl and ninvoid99 on this, Ruth. Wonderful tribute and shitty way to end the year.

    Hoping for better in 2022 for you and yours and the rest of us.

  3. She’s definitely lived a full life and may she rest in peace. I’ve never gotten into The Golden Girls, it was a stable reruns when my family and I moved here to the States. But I’ve seen her in so many shows and other movies through the years. I haven’t watched SNL in like 15 years, I wonder what year it was that she was the host?

    1. PrairieGirl

      Hey Ted, Betty says in her SNL monologue that she’s 88 1/2 years old, so she would have hosted SNL in about 2011/2012, so it was about 9 or 10 years ago. I haven’t watched SNL for about as long as you 🙂

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