APRIL Viewing Recap + Movie of the Month

April Recap

How in the world that May is here already? Honestly April feels like a blur to me. Weather-wise it’s also super weird. We’ve got Spring, Summer and Winter all in the same month, but hey at least there was no major blizzard! In fact, it was nice enough to walk around the lake a few times and I look forward to more of those in May.

Oh, I did get my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday, so hoping that I can actually travel again this Summer after I got my full dose later this month! Anyway, here are what I watched in April.


Godzilla vs Kong (2021)


This dueling monsters flick was the first movie I watched in April. You know what, I didn’t hate it. I mean, I knew going into it that the movie wasn’t going to be about the humans, so can’t complain that the non Godzilla/Kong characters would be under-developed 😀


The Truffle Hunters (2020)


It’s a fascinating subject about a handful of 70-80 year-old Italian men hunting for the rare and expensive white Alba truffle. I had no idea there’s even these types of truffles but they’re huge! I found the film itself a bit too slow and not as exciting as I had thought, but I’m still glad I saw it.


Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art (2021)


Another fascinating documentary about a subject I’m not familiar with, and what a perfect title! This crime doc focuses on the largest art fraud in American history set in NYC. It’s interesting that the filmmaker was able to get Ann Freeman (AND her attorney), the Knoedler gallery director at the center of the fraud scandal, as one of the talking peoples.


Kodachrome (2017)


Read my full review

Limbo (2021)


I LOVE this indie film, so I highly recommend this one. Stay tuned for my full review coming soon!

Orlando (1992)


I wanted to see more female-directed films and this Sally Potter period drama starring Tilda Swinton has been on my to-watch list for ages! Loosely based on Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel Orlando: A Biography, it’s a strange, surreal film about a man who live through several centuries, even becoming a woman! Billy Zane seems miscast here though, in fact, it’s perhaps one of the most bizarre thing about this already-peculiar film.


Betty White – Documentary


I came across this doc on Netflix and of course I had to watch it. I’ve been curious about this legendary performer with a career spanning eight decades!! What a fascinating life, it just makes me love Betty White even more after watching this.


Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (2020)


I finally got around to watching this just before Oscars so I can see Viola Davis’ and Chadwick Boseman’s Oscar-nominated performances. Well, both are truly Oscar-worthy! Oh man, if only Viola won this year, she was incredible! I’m not overly fond of the film itself overall, but that last 10 minutes of Chadwick’s performance was absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

3.5/5 Reels

My Octopus Teacher


My hubby and I actually watched this the next day to cleanse the palette after the heavy subject matter of Ma Rainey. What a lovely story featuring one of the most amazing underwater cinematography ever… it made me wish I knew how to snorkel!

4.5/5 stars

Another Round


I literally saw this the night before the Oscar and it’s perhaps my favorite film from Thomas Vinterberg. His longtime collaborator Mads Mikkelsen is outstanding in the film, which proves how versatile this Danish actor is, able to juggle huge blockbuster franchises and small indie films. I do hope he continue to star in smaller films like this one in the future!


Wild Mountain Thyme (2021)


Ok, I know I’ve been warned via Rotten Tomatoes and Twitter just how weird this rom-com is, but man, nothing prepared me for how bizarre it was! Written/directed by John Patrick Shanley who won an Oscar for writing Moonstruck (and nominated for Doubt), I was scratching my head by the end. The horrible Irish accents by most of the cast (esp. Christopher Walken) wasn’t even the worst thing about it. Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan barely had any chemistry, though I quite like Dornan as a bumbling farmer and I think it suits his persona more than the billionaire Christian Grey (well based on the trailers anyway, as there is no way I’d watch those stinkers, ha!)


Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (2021)


I actually been looking forward to this as I like a few action movies based on Tom Clancy’s books, most recently the Jack Ryan series with John Krasinski. Well unfortunately this one proved to be utterly disappointing despite having the great Michael B. Jordan and other talented actors (Jamie Bell, Guy Pearce). I’m not sure I’ll give a full review yet but this humorless affair’s got a cheesy B-movie vibe all around. Such a total waste of a talented cast!



The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 

The Nevers

Death Comes To Pemberley – Miniseries


I re-watched quite a few animated movies this past month. Not sure why but I guess it just happens. One of our friends spent the night in early April and he had never seen a Daniel Craig Bond movie, so of course we had to put on Casino Royale. It still holds us really well though the ball-busting scene is still hilarious and cringe-inducing, ahah.

Vicar of Dibley: Christmas Special

Casino Royale

Roman Holiday 


Paddington 2

How To Train Your Dragon




If there is one documentary I wouldn’t mind watching again, it would be this one. It’s not only gorgeous and soothing to watch but also inspiring to see the unlikely bond between a human with an elusive underwater creature like an octopus. Craig Foster is such a wonderful storyteller and perhaps one of the best documentary subject I’ve ever seen. Most talking heads are so boring but he shows such passion for his friend/teacher, that is the young octopus, that one can’t help but also get swept off my feet by the creature. I wish he named the octopus! Bravo to Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed for their Best Documentary Oscar win, it’s absolutely well-deserved!!

Well, what did you watch this past month and what’s YOUR favorite film you saw in APRIL?

15 thoughts on “APRIL Viewing Recap + Movie of the Month

  1. April was a blur as I noticed in the blogosphere that everyone is expressing how tired or how lost they are. I blame the whole pandemic. It’s affecting me as well mentally.

    I’m about to get my second Pfizer vaccination on Tuesday so I hope to see a movie in the theaters in the summer.

    1. I actually don’t plan on seeing any film in the theater until perhaps mid Summer. I’d have to be VERY selective these days what movie I’m willing to go to the cinema for.

      Hope your 2nd dose of Pfizer goes well, Steven! My friends recommend taking multivitamins like Airborne beforehand to prepare, they said it helped them not getting sick afterwards.

  2. Ted Saydalavong

    April was definitely a weird month, warm, snow and cool weather in one month. Which is why I’m happy to be vacationing in Miami, I only got the first shot of the vaccine. Getting my second one on Tuesday, the day I’m back from Miami! Then I’ll be fully vaccinated and feel a lot safer to travel often.

    New movies that I saw last month were Godzilla vs. Kong and Mortal Kombat. Definitely enjoyed Godzilla/Kong film more than Mortal Kombat. That’s a bummer about Without Remorse, I’ve been waiting to see a film version for almost three decades since I loved the book. I’ll have a very low expectations when I watch it once I’m home.

    1. I saw your photo on a beautiful Miami beach, Ted! So jealous! How’s your experience on the plane? That’s the part I’m still having trepidation about, I think I’ll feel more comfortable flying after getting my 2nd dose though.

      The Godzilla vs Kong movie wasn’t terrible, actually it’s quite enjoyable. Yeah, I was hoping Without Remorse would be decent, alas 😦

  3. Ted Saydalavong

    I’ve flown three times since the pandemic started. The first was way back in last June, definitely a weird trip since the airport was basically emptied. The second was last November and it wasn’t that bad. The recent one was my trip to Miami last Thursday and there were a lot more people around the airport. I assume many people have been vaccinated and they’re more comfortable flying. Miami’s great, we’ve been going to places that have outdoor seatings, still not comfortable sitting inside anywhere yet. Unlike other States, Florida is a bit more relaxed when it comes to Covid rules but I’m glad most places still have mask mandate.

    I can send you my review of Without Remorse if you don’t plan to review it yourself. Since I’ve read the book, I can talk more about the differences between the movie and novel.

    1. Ah, good to hear Ted! I’m really looking forward to finally getting on a plane after more than a year. Glad to hear people are still wearing masks in FL!

      As for Without Remorse, YES I’d love it if you can send me a review of it. Even better if you can compare between the film and the book. Thanks!

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  5. The only one of your new watches that I’ve seen is Orlando. It was a strange interesting experiment, but I found the whole thing off-putting.

    Of your rewatches I’ve seen Casino Royale and Roman Holiday-love them both!

    I’m going to try and track down that Betty White doc, not having Netflix it will be a challenge but Betty’s worth the trouble. What an indefatigable character she is and an inspiration.

    If you like that type of doc I highly, highly recommend the Rose Marie documentary “Wait for Your Laugh”. Next to her Betty almost seems a piker. A child prodigy she started singing in clubs at 4 and worked consistently for the next nine decades! The film is very thorough in covering all those years in detail with remembrances from Rose Marie as well as others clarifying a type of show biz I’m not sure exists anymore.

    1. Hello there Joel! Glad to see you pop by and it’s not even on a TMP post 🙂

      Orlando is a weird film, not off putting to me, but just bizarre. The Betty White doc is really worth seeing, she is truly an amazing woman and entertainer.

      I’ve actually never heard of Rose Marie before (don’t kill me!) but I found that film on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vskwvbVrdgo so at least I can check it out. Thanks Joel!

      1. Would love to hear what you think of it!

        Rose Marie’s most notable gig was as Sally Rogers on the original Dick Van Dyke Show (the one where Mary Tyler Moore played his wife Laura). That’s an essential series if you’re not familiar with it. Clever, intelligent and insightful throughout its five year run. But as you’ll see when you watch the documentary she was a woman with an enormous wealth of work in most areas of the entertainment field.

        1. I’ll let you know once I watch it, Joel!

          I didn’t grow up in the US so I’ve never watched the Dick Van Dyke Show, but I am familiar w/ that show just from popular culture. Sounds like Rose Marie is a fabulous talent!

  6. Ah, look at young Tilda Swinton! And Billy Zane with hair, crikey.
    I haven’t seen Another Round yet; really looking forward to seeing it one I can as I’ve only heard good things and I’m usually a fan of Mikkelsen’s work.
    Wild Mountain Thyme isn’t one I’m particularly interestd in seeing. Fun fact: I had a nice conversation with Jamie Dornan’s wife outside a farm shop here in the UK – she was stunning, had a baby in a carrier and the most gorgeous puppy – and only realised who she was when he came out and they went off in their Land Rover!
    I don’t watch documentaries very often but think I’ll give My Octopus Teacher a watch.

    1. Oh wow, that’s pretty cool about Jamie Dornan’s wife, so they must live in the area then if you run into them? Jamie seems like a nice guy, I don’t find him hot like most girls do, but he’s hilarious in interviews!

      You should absolutely watch Another Round if you love Mads and My Octopus Teacher is one of the most wonderful documentary, it’s got such a soothing quality about it given the underwater scenery. It made me fall for the Octopus itself too!

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