November 2021 Viewing Recap + Movie(s) of the Month

Woo wee! We’re now in the LAST month of 2021! Where has the time go?? We have been in a pandemic period for nearly two years now… and whaddayaknow, it’s far from over 😦 I’m scheduled for my booster in mid December, I suppose it could very well be our new routine, like getting a flu shot annually… it’s the new normal I suppose, better get used to it. Let’s not dwell on that though, now on to the movie report… 


Movies That Made Us: Dirty Dancing


I quite enjoyed this docu-series that presents the behind-the-scenes look into how great classics got made, as well as the impact of its release, which often beats expectations. This one has some really interesting tidbits, apparently Jennifer Grey who’s first cast didn’t want the producers to hire Patrick Swayze… anyone but him, she said, but hey they clearly have a great chemistry that contributes to the film’s massive success.

The Harder They Fall

     4/5 stars
Read Ted’s Full Review

Red Notice

Full Review

King Richard

      4/5 stars
Full Review

Forty Year Old Version*

4.5/5 stars
Full Review


Full Review

The Marksman


I’m not sure when I’ll get around to reviewing this, but as far as Liam Neeson‘s action flick goes, it’s definitely sub-par. I might do a summary of all the Neeson-In-Action ranking at some point, once I get around to The Commuter and Non-Stop.

House of Gucci

    2-half Reels
Full Review

Ghostbusters Afterlife 


Not sure I’ll be reviewing this one anytime soon, so let’s just say I enjoyed it despite not being a massive fan of the original. I mean it was a fun movie but I wasn’t clamoring to see a remake/reboot of it. But as far a fan-service type movies go, this one was done well and has fun characters, esp. Phoebe and Podcast, those two kids are the movie MVPs for me.

West Side Story


Full Review coming soon – in the meantime, check out my
Music Break post of five favorite songs from West Side Story!

52 films by womenMovies indicated with * (asterisk) indicates those directed by women. I only saw two films directed by women in November, so I have to catch up this month to complete the 52 Films By Women challenge by the end of the year.


I didn’t see as many new movies this past month, partly because I had been bingeing on multiple new shows.

FOUNDATION (2021) – Apple TV


Despite the absolutely breathtaking visuals (definitely BEST production design of any TV series I’ve seen this year), this series was not as captivating as I had hoped. The pacing can be a bit sluggish and the various storylines seem disjointed, but I’m glad I stuck with it as the last few episodes were really good, down to the suspenseful and shocking finale… the MVP of the series are definitely the women (as I’ve mentioned in my post here), especially Laura Birn as Demerzel. I’m definitely curious for season 2!

Hawkeye – Disney+


I have to admit I wasn’t at all clamoring to see a Hawkeye stand-alone movie/series, but here we are. I got two-episode screenings last week and decided to give it a shot. Well, I quite enjoyed the Christmas setting–and that amusing bit of Rogers The Musical–but the star is truly Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop who’ll likely take the mantle from Jeremy Renner. The two have a fun chemistry but the show is hardly the most exciting compared to the other MCU series on Disney+ so far.

The Wheel of Time* – Amazon Prime


I’ve enjoyed the first 3 episodes so far, and the latest one definitely got me even more intrigued in the series. Check out my friend Laura’s review who’s a big fan of Robert Jordan’s books. I like the fact that there’s diversity in front AND behind the camera, as the first two episodes were directed by a female director (Uta Briesewitz) and an Asian-British filmmaker (Wayne Yip).

Only Murders in the Building – Hulu


As everyone has been raving about this show, my hubby and I decided to watch it. Well, we are hooked! Steve Martin and Martin Short are comedic genius and Selena Gomez makes up for a fun, albeit unlikely trio investigating murder in their building. I love that the two comedic veterans are playing two creative has-beens (Martin is a former actor still holding on to his former glory and Short is a former theatre director who’s down on his luck), while Gomez is a beautiful, smart girl with a mysterious past. Two eps in so far and can’t wait for more!


DUNE | X-Men | X-Men 2 | Crazy Rich Asians | The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


It’s quite an eclectic rewatches this month. Of course I had to rewatch DUNE on HBO Max before it left the platform and I enjoyed it even more than the first watch. I still adore Crazy Rich Asians on second watch and Awkwafina is still hilarious as the bestie.

Not sure why I was in the mood for X-Men, but once I watched the first movie, I was inclined to rewatch the 2nd one with the brilliant Brian Cox as Stryker. On the last day of the month, I was browsing Prime Video and I just couldn’t resist The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I LOVE the cast filled with the best of the British thespians… it’s fun seeing how far Dev Patel has come (so glad he’s not just stuck doing Indian roles), but my faves are definitely Judi Dench and Bill Nighy and their tentative relationship is just so delightful!



As I said in my full review, I’m still kicking myself that I missed this astounding film last year. It’s definitely the best film I saw in November, and it’s the highest rating I’ve given a film in a long time. If you haven’t seen the creative force that is Radha Blank, you must watch this immediately. Lucky for you, it’s on Netflix!

Well, what did you watch last month and what’s YOUR favorite film(s) you saw in NOVEMBER?

17 thoughts on “November 2021 Viewing Recap + Movie(s) of the Month

        1. Yeah, I almost forgot about that one!! I hope it’s good, I’m also excited for the Obi Wan series now that Hayden is gonna reprise his role as Anakin!

            1. Poor Hayden, I think the terrible script is more to blame, I mean Natalie Portman was just as wooden in the SW prequels. I thought Hayden was good in the last film as Anakin transformed into Darth Vader.

                1. I haven’t seen him in too many things, but he was good in Life As A House and Shattered Glass, so I haven’t completely brushed him off yet.

  1. I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since the Covid nightmare has started and it doesn’t look like we’re going to wake up from it anytime soon. I couldn’t find any place near me that offers a booster shot, hopefully I can find one soon. I’ll be traveling for work more often again comes 2022, so I want that extra protection.

    I only saw two new movies last month, The Harder They Fall and Red Notice. I guess I can count Dune as new since I went and saw it for the second in theater. I’ve given up on Foundation, maybe I’ll go back to it again when I’m in the mood. I’ve just watching other shows last night. Finished the last season of Hannah on Amz Prime, started watching the new seasons of Succession and Lost In Space. I also just started watching Hawkeye too, so far I’m enjoying it. Hopefully the later episodes will keep up the fun and not end in sour note like Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

    1. Oh bummer that you gave up on Foundation! Which episode that you saw last? I think midway thru it was so disjointed that I almost quit too but glad I stuck with it, the last 3 eps were strong up until the end.

      I like the movie version of Hanna but not that interested in the show. I really should get into Succession as I love Brian Cox, in fact he is my muse for the older playwright character in my script.

      1. I think stopped watching after episode 4, I might get back to it once I’m done with other shows.

        I thought Hanna the film version kind of disjointed, the TV version is much more refined and the two female leads are great in it. The show’s basically a grounded version of Black Widow. Of the current super female assassins craze in Hollywood, this one is my favorite.

        Cox is great as always, he’s basically playing a fictional version of Rupert Murdoch. I ruthless and powerful person and his dysfunctional family. Lol!

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  3. Oh boy – that’s a low rating for Red Notice! Was gonna watch that but guess I don’t need to rush, then. 😉 Crazy Rich Asians was a lot of fun – I’d like to watch that again. Loved Dune! Hmm… I think my favorite movie I watched in November was the Steve Buscemi film Trees Lounge. 😊

    1. Red Notice is just awful even if you like one of the actors… terrible, lazy script and embarrassingly bad CGI, can’t believe how expensive that thing is.

      Glad you love CRA and DUNE!

  4. Hope your booster goes well, Ruth. My partner went for his today (his third).

    We watched a handful of the same films in November, including Passing, Red Notice (bleurgh) and The Harder They Fall.

    As discussed in another of your posts I’d like to see The Forty Year Old Version, and I’d like to watch Ghostbusters: Afterlife too.

    On the TV front I haven’t started on Hawkeye or The Wheel of Time yet, as I’d stockpiling ready to binge over my Christmas break.

    We watched Only Murders in the Building and really enjoyed it too – bring on series 2!

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