Memorable Pool/ Swimming Scenes to escape from Summer heatwave


Happy Monday! Many parts of the US are in the midst of a heat wave, and perhaps other parts of the world as well. I had a bit of a headache from being outside for a few hours on Sunday afternoon, and I went to pool-side party as well on Saturday where the humidity was truly unbearable! I don’t generally deal well with the heat, despite being born and raised in a tropical country, but even there we don’t typically get to 100 degrees. I suppose in Minnesota, 40-50 degree temperature swing is uncommon, but going from 50 degrees to 100 with severe heat advisory is still quite a shock, especially so early in the Summer.

Well this sweltering heat makes me think of cool, refreshing pool/swimming scenes in movies that would help cool things off. I choose scenes that I think are refreshing, instead of those that made you afraid to go swimming, ahah. I also chose a couple simply for its freakin’ amazing pool design! Whether contemplative, romantic, seductive, or simply a way to refresh oneself after a long hard day, these are pretty indelible scenes that serves as great escapism from the Summer heat.

There is actually a memorable scene between Tilda Swinton and Matthias Schoenaerts in her gorgeous pool villa but I couldn’t find the exact scene so I’m including the photo of them instead at the top of this post.
I’m feeling a bit indulgent today, but when you’re talking about A Bigger Splash, one MUST absolutely include this Ralph Fiennes dancing to Rolling Stones’ Emotional Rescue scene that should brighten anyone’s mood!
Ahhh… young love. One of the most romantic scenes ever and it’s befitting that it’s from an adaptation of Shakespeare’s greatest romances, albeit a tragic one.
This scene of a disillusioned graduate student (Dustin Hoffman in an Oscar-nominated role) drifting by the pool is definitely an iconic one, especially set to Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel.
This pool scene showcases the production design of this 2012 Bond movie, led by production designer Dennis Gassner. The top view shot made it look like the pool was located in a Shanghai hotel rooftop, but it’s actually at the Virgin Active Canary Riverside Health Club in Canary Wharf, London. The Shanghai cityscape is CGI but still it’s an impressive scene, shot by the great Roger Deakins.
I’m actually not fond of this movie at all, but I have to admit this sexy scene is pretty memorable. Somehow, the fact that Scarlett Johansson and Bradley Cooper are now part of the MCU, I kept thinking Black Widow is seducing Rocket Raccoon in a pool, mwahahaha!
The best part about this Tom Cruise scifi actioner is the exquisite production design, which make sense given director Joseph Kosinski went to Columbia for architectural engineering. Oblivion is not a stellar movie but I still remember how stunning the Sky Tower is, with the pool at the front. You can read about how the Sky Tower is built in this article.
This movie is such a pleasant surprise to me. If you haven’t seen it though, I wouldn’t watch this scene. The scenes of sunny southern California oasis wasn’t actually filmed in Palm Springs however, it was filmed mainly in Palmdale and Santa Clarita, California.

Feel free to add your own pick of memorable pool/swimming scenes!

24 thoughts on “Memorable Pool/ Swimming Scenes to escape from Summer heatwave

  1. How can I say no to Ralph Fiennes dancing to the Stones? Man, if I was a woman. I’d jump all over him and say… TAKE ME RALPH! I AM YOURS!!!!!

    I would add the following: Ludivine Sagnier swimming in the nude in Swimming Pool with its dirty leaves.

    Elliot Page/Landon Piig swimming in an empty swimming pool at night in Whip It

    Zach Braff trying to swim in Garden State

    and Caddyshack where the club employees just wreak havoc and the great ending to that whole scene!!!!! SPALDING NO!!!!!!!!

    1. Mwahahaha!!! You’re too funny! I have to admit I love seeing Ralph being so unhinged (in a good way), it’s such a fun role for him as he usually gets to be so serious.

      I haven’t seen Swimming Pool but no doubt that would contain lots of memorable pool scenes. I do remember that Caddyshack scene though I don’t think I’ve seen the movie in its entirety.

      1. How can you have not seen the entirety of Caddyshack?! That is sacrilege. You need to see that film from start to finish. Yes, there’s not much plot to the film and everything else doesn’t make sense but goddamnit, it is a masterpiece in the art of comedy. At my home, that film is a staple along with National Lampoon’s Vacation.

        1. Ok ok, I should watch it in its entirety soon or I’ll suffer your wrath, LOL. Now I have seen National Lampoon’s Vacation which is timeless, esp during the holidays!

          1. INDEED! To me, it is THE GREATEST ROAD FILM EVER MADE! I love that film. It’s a film that my parents love and my sisters love and my brother-in-law and his parents love. It is a family staple that I hope will pass on to my niece and nephew.

  2. Ted Saydalavong

    As hot as it has been here the last few days, it’s still nothing compare to the heat and humidity down in Miami. When I was down there a few weeks ago, the temps were already in the 90s and the humidity was very thick. What scares me about this kind of heat so early here is that we’ll likely have a very cold and snowy winter! That I don’t want at all. Lol!

    Interesting topic for a list, I guess I don’t really pay attention to scenes that takes place in a pool much in movies. Probably the memorable one for me is the scene from Fast Time at Richmond High with Phoebe Kates. I saw that film when I was very young so of course it’s made quite an impression on me. Then maybe that heart breaking scene in Minority Report when Cruise’s character lost his soon while they’re at the pool.

    1. Oh yeah, no doubt you can’t beat Miami heat which I can’t even imagine having to endure more often than here in MN. I don’t think I could live there. Who knows what Winter would be like, I think they predicted really cold and snowy Winter in 2020 but it didn’t happen.

      I don’t normally pay attention to pool scenes either, but I went to a party by the pool and the heat made me constantly wish I could plunge into a cool, refreshing pool for the entire weekend!! Ahah, I pick scenes that are ‘happy’ that make you feel like lounging by the pool, that scene in Minority Report isn’t exactly a fun swimming pool and it’s a heartbreaking scene.

      1. Ted Saydalavong

        I think it’s because of the ocean, Miami’s humidity is so much worst than ours here. But I think Houston’s hot and humid weather beats all of the other cities’. I was down there about 3 years ago for a work conference around June and it’s unbearable! I hope we won’t get a rough winter this year, it’s been a few years since we got a rough cold winter.

        1. Never been to Houston, I’ve only been to Austin in TX. Man I probably won’t ever visit, I prefer a cooler climate, somehow I just don’t deal well w/ heat anymore after living here for more than half my life.

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  4. Great list! Palm Springs definitely came to mind. As did Water Lilies and Let The Right One In. Not exactly summer-y, but at least there’s pools.

    1. Yeah, I love that Palm Springs pool scene, a great finale to a wild, zany ride. Haven’t seen Water Lilies nor Let The Right One In, I had to look up Water Lilies, somehow I haven’t even heard of it.

  5. Nice! Great list! Love this. ☺️ Especially Romeo + Juliet. I did a top ten swimming pool scenes list once but your choices are way nicer than mine! Lol. I had to go refresh my memory & it’s mostly horror on my list. These were mine: 10. TIE: A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 & 5, 9. Almost Famous, 8. Caddyshack, 7. Cocoon, 6. Harold & Maude, 5. WALL-E, 4. It Follows, 3. Let The Right One In, 2. Gremlins, 1. Fast Times At Ridgemont High 😄

    1. Oh sweet! Can you send me the link to your post? I’d love to see it!

      It was just SOOOO hot here in Minnesota I just kept thinking of pools, ahahaha. Plus my neighbor has a small pool so I always pass by them everyday.

  6. Hi Ruth,

    Some fine cooling choices!

    Those scenes of Ben in the pool in The Graduate play such a part in the whole drifting idea of the film.

    I was glad to catch up with Palm Springs because I like Andy Samburg and I did enjoy its whole Groundhog Day riff but I don’t think I need to see it again.

    I’ll join in the recommendations for Swimming Pool! It’s a bit odd and off-kilter but interesting and Charlotte Rampling is great in it.

    The first movie that came to mind when I saw the title was “The Swimmer” with Burt Lancaster in a state of existential ennui and brief trunks swimming his way home through his neighbor’s pools.

    1. Hey ya Joel! Hope you are well.

      I think I saw a trailer of Swimming Pool while looking at scenes for this post, I like Charlotte Rampling so should give that a shot. Lancaster sure has a swimmer’s physique!

  7. What a fun post! Especially as the UK is experiencing a very warm few weeks at the moment as well.

    Fiennes has got some moves 😀 Perhaps kids who are scared of Voldemort should watch it?!
    Yes, to the pool scene from Romeo + Juliet. It’s a beautiful scene.
    I’ll admit that the pool scene from He’s Just Not That Into You was the first one that came to mind when I read your post’s title.

    I would add scenes from Swimming With Men into the mix. Have you seen it? I think you would enjoy it; it’s an absolute gem.
    I’m sure there are a few horror films with scenes featuring pools, although none immediately come to my mind.

    1. Is it still really hot there in the UK? This has been a really long heatwave here in Minnesota, been going on for 2+ weeks and more than a week that we get over 90 degrees!

      Ahahahahaha, yeah, kids who are afraid of Voldemort definitely should watch that scene, though that film is pretty raunchy with a mature topic.

      I haven’t seen Swimming With Men. Is that a comedy? I’ll definitely check that out! I bet there are tons of horror movies featuring a pool scene but I barely watch scary movies, ahah.

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