THIS JUST IN! Marvel’s ETERNALS first trailer


Boy, Marvel sure takes their time in releasing the trailer! It’s nearly a month ago today that Chloe Zhao won two Oscars for directing and producing NOMADLAND, finally we got the first trailer!

The Eternals, a race of immortal beings with superhuman powers who have secretly lived on Earth for thousands of years, reunite to battle the evil Deviants.

Ok, so no mention of the fact that the director is now an Oscar winner, but then again Marvel hasn’t been the kind of studio that touts the filmmakers’ cred like placing ‘From the director …’ on the posters. I suppose they’ve always relied on the project’s IP and the movie itself, which have consistently been first rate.

I have to admit the use of ‘The End Of The World‘ threw me off a bit, it just feels a bit melodramatic but then again, perhaps the movie will be more dramatic (even romantic in nature) than the usual action-packed superhero film. Naturally we an expect a ton of lush pastoral landscapes set during Zhao’s favorite magic hour. The DP is Ben Davis (Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange). Though we haven’t heard the music yet, I’m excited to hear Ramin Djawadi‘s score, glad to see him back in the MCU after the first Iron Man movie!


So details are scarce from this trailer, as it focuses more on the high-level concept of just who these beings are and why they are here on earth. Based on what I’ve read, the ETERNALS focus on these god-like ancient alien beings known as Celestials, who lived on earth and shaped its history and civilizations. They’ve provided tools to build things, water for life, etc. though they don’t seem to actually interact with humanity, more observant in nature. 


What’s interesting is, given the story spanned thousands of years, ETERNALS will be set far back in ancient times. Someone on Reddit posted that photo of the Babylonian monument Ishtar Gate (constructed in 575 BC) in Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq.

“We have watched and guided. We have helped them progress and seen them accomplish wonders.Throughout the years we have never interfered, until now.”

Salma Hayek’s Ajak narrates the trailer. That ‘until now’ part seems to refer to the time earthlings are being attacked by evil monsters known as Deviants, which happens after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Of course there are a bunch of questions in that regard:

Where were the Celestials when Thanos was wrecking havoc and obliterating half of humanity??!

If they’d been around for centuries and walked amongst us, were some of these Celestials affected by the snap?

And just who are the Deviants? Are they even bigger threats than Thanos to warrant the Celestials reuniting to protect us??

Perhaps they’re reveal more in trailer 2 for those non-comic-book readers.

I for one am curious to see the journey of Gemma Chan‘s character Sersi, who Marvel president Kevin Feigi himself has reportedly say as the actual lead of the ensemble. Interesting how her name is similar to Cersei Lannister of Game of Thrones, and her character is shown to be with two actors from GoT, Richard Madden and Kit Harrington. I like Gemma and was disappointed in her tiny role in Captain Marvel, so I’m glad they finally give this talented Brit a meatier role.


For the most part, the trailer is pretty majestic and stately looking, but the tone switches to something more comedic after the title reveal. It reminds me of the post-credit scene in the first Avengers where the superheroes are eating shawarma together, albeit here the setting looks more like a Thanksgiving feast.


Who’s Who in the ETERNALS


I LOVE just how diverse this cast is in terms of gender and race! It’s really about time and I hope that diversity and inclusivity in casting will eventually be the new normal. Thanks to this article, here are a quick cheat sheet as to what characters the actors are playing:

  • Angelina Jolie as “fierce warrior” Thena.
  • Richard Madden as  “all-powerful” Ikaris.
  • Kit Harington as Dane Whitman (who is human).
  • Barry Keoghan as “aloof loner” Druig.
  • Gemma Chan as “humankind-loving” Sersi.
  • Kumail Nanjiani as “cosmic-powered” Kingo.
  • Salma Hayek as “wise and spiritual leader” Ajak.
  • Lauren Ridloff as “super-fast” Makkari.
  • Brian Tyree Henry as “intelligent inventor” Phastos.
  • Lia McHugh as “eternally young, old-soul” Sprite.
  • Don Lee as “powerful” Gilgamesh.

So based on what I’m seeing so far, I’m even more excited to see this movie! ETERNALS is released in the US on November 5th, 2021. Can’t wait!!

So, what do you think of ETERNALS’ first trailer? 

9 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN! Marvel’s ETERNALS first trailer

  1. How can anyone not root for this film? I am so going to see this. This just looks gorgeous and wow… I think Chloe Zhao just raised the bar a bit of what a cinematic universe can be. The cast alone isn’t just great but the idea of a world that is diverse and full of wonder. I need to see Nomadland and her first film before I can watch this one. She is definitely going to be in my shortlist for the next slate of Auteurs profiles once I can get back on board for the ones I was supposed to do 2 years ago.

    The MCU’s future and the films coming in Phase 4. They’re definitely aiming for a much wider audience where it offers something for everyone and more. All hail the MCU!

    1. So far Marvel has been great in setting up their films and hiring the best people for the job. But yeah, Zhao certainly sets the bar even higher now. And yeah the diverse casting makes me happy, let’s hope it becomes the norm instead of just the trend, y’know?

      Yes, hail the MCU! ⭐️

      I look forward to your next slate of Auteurs profiles, Steven!

  2. I read the leaked plot summary a few months ago and it was really weird and confusing so I’m hoping the film plays out better lol. I’m still not crazy about them having been on Earth the entire time. I thought we’d be visiting a new planet.

    1. I haven’t read the leaked plot yet so that’s probably a good thing, ahah. Yeah I have loads of questions about the official plot and from this trailer too. I mean if they’ve been on earth alll this time and have superpowers why aren’t they joining with the Avengers?? I’m guessing they might show some scenes in a new planet? Now that would be cool!

  3. Ted Saydalavong

    It looks interesting for sure, having zero knowledge of these characters, I’m curious how they would fit into the MCU’s phase 4. I sure hope the main character Sersi in this film isn’t anything like the Cersei Lannister from GoT; that Cersei was one of the most despicable villains ever put on screen. Lol!

    1. Yeah, me neither Ted, and I think that’s part of the appeal. They’re part of the MCU but yet completely unknown to non comic-book fans. Ahah yeah, I have no idea about Cersei in GoT but yeah, hopefully Sersi’s a well-rounded character. I like Gemma Chan and finally we have an Asian actress playing a Marvel superhero, albeit in an ensemble film.

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