Music Break: 10 Patriotic Film Scores To Honor Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! It’s certainly an unusually quiet Memorial Weekend for most of us. Instead of kicking off the ‘official’ Summer travel season here in the US, the Covid-19 pandemic has basically ground everyone as stay-at-home order are still in place in many areas.

But one thing remain the same… in that we ought to still feel grateful for those who have sacrificed their lives while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Freedom is definitely NOT free and the people serving in the various U.S. military branches – Navy, Army, Air Force and the Marines – risk their lives to protect their country and its citizens. This year, we also should extend our gratitude beyond fallen soldiers, but also first responders and healthcare workers on the front lines fighting the un-seen enemy all over the country.

A few years ago, I did a pictorial tribute for Memorial weekend, so this could be its companion post. Even if the film itself is subpar (I’m looking at you Pearl Harbor), doesn’t mean one can’t appreciate the scores. Not all of these are from war-themed films either, as heroes made sacrifices on and off the battlefield. So here you go…

10 patriotic film scores to honor all the heroes on this day of remembrance:


I had to include one more from the Captain America franchise. Not only are the scores patriotic-sounding, but they’re just fantastic to listen over and over.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!
Stay safe and well.

Now, which other patriotic film scores would YOU add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Music Break: 10 Patriotic Film Scores To Honor Memorial Day

  1. Even the score from… ugh…. Pearl Harbor is shit. It’s the WORST FUCKING FILM EVER MADE!!!! I can’t really get into patriotism as it tends to be manipulated and used for the wrong reasons. Especially in these dark times as I just can’t ignore the fact that nearly 100k have died so far from this pandemic.

    1. Ahahaha yeah Pearl Harbor is terrible, but I actually like the score.

      I hear ya about patriotism being used for the wrong reasons… many things are politicized that shouldn’t have been. That’s why I mentioned first responders and health care workers who we should honor as they’re also heroes as they’re fighting an unseen enemy that is Covid-19.

  2. I remember I got excited about Pearl Harbor after seeing a trailer months before it came out in theaters. But then I saw the actual film and I wanted my money and over 2 hours of my life back. It’s atrocious film that should never have been made. For a film that’s about such tragic event in America’s history, that was insulting to the people who have lost their lives and fought in that war. I’m actually glad that the careers of the people who’re involved in that film went down hill afterwards. Josh Harnett’s leading man career pretty much disappeared after this role, Affleck’s career of course suffer the same faith a couple of years later. Even Jerry Bruckheimer’s lost his grip of power in Hollywood after the film’s underwhelmed at the box office. Anyhoo, rants over about this film. Lol!

    From your list there, I loved the soundtracks of The Thin Red Line and The Patriot, the latter maybe John Williams’ most underrated scores. I think a lot of people were shocked that he worked with Roland Emmerich. I also really enjoyed The Winter’s Soldier’s score.

    1. Yeah, Pearl Harbor is embarassingly bad. but I wouldn’t blame the actors, it’s definitely Michael Bay’s fault. I think Hartnett chose to be away from Hollywood, probably from the backlash he got from this movie. I think he turned down Batman? Funny that Affleck ended up playing Batman but was horribly unhappy about the whole experience.

      It’s amazing how many fantastic scores John Williams has made. Even his underrated ones are great! The Winter’s Soldier’s score is just spectacular, I love that movie so much!!

      1. Yeah, Hartnett was offered the Superman role when I believe Brett Ratner was set to direct but after this film, he wanted to stay away from big budget films. What’s kind of interesting was that Black Hawk Down came out the same year as Pearl Harbor and it was much more well received but Hartnett’s career sort of stalled and never took off.

        1. What?? Superman role too?? Hmmm, I don’t see him as Superman, but Batman maybe. I think he’s actually a decent actor, he’s not cheesy like a lot of other American actors his age when he was famous, he’s quieter too maybe that’s why his career never took off. I like him in Penny Dreadful… that show is full of amazingly underrated actors, like Timothy Dalton!!

      1. PrairieGirl

        i meant to say I liked the SCORE to Casablanca best. I’ve only seen three of the movies you listed, Casablanca included, but I’m sure you’re not surprised 🙂 But once I listened to your clip of the Casablanca score I realized how much I liked it, way above all the others, even though it’s the oldest.

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