What I’ve Been Watching During Self-Quarantine

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Hope all of you are coping as well as can be expected during this strange and difficult time. My hubby and I have been working from home this past week until the end of the month, who knows it could be longer. Despite all this, I’m counting my blessings and keeping my spirits high as we ride out this Coronavirus pandemic!

Well, thank goodness we live in a world where we have streaming services available! These in-home entertainment helps during a time where social distancing has become the new normal. We have been watching a lot more shows/movies since we have been cooped up at home. I saw on TV Guide that some streaming services even extended their FREE TRIAL to 30 days!

So last weekend I binged on …


I’ve been a huge fan of Tom Bateman and had been waiting for quite some time for this UK show to finally make it to the US! It’s not available on broadcast, but I had joined PBS Passport member in order to watch Sanditon a month ago, so I’m thrilled this one’s finally available to watch in early March!

A look at the lives of residents living in a Delhi mansion during the cusp of 19th century.

Check out the trailer…

Set in the 1795, amidst the clashing forces of British and French militaries and the decline of the centuries-old Mughal Empire. It’s billed as Downton Abbey India, and it’s also got Lesley Nicol who played Downton’s longtime cook Mrs. Patmore, this time she’s playing one of the masters of the house as the protagonist John Beecham’s mother. Bateman is perfect as John, the conflicted former soldier who’s left the ruthless East India Company and made a living as an art trader.

I’m a big fan of filmmaker Gurinder Chadha as well, the creator of the show. I love that Beecham House is partly filmed in the UK and India, the sets in the latter is especially sumptuous, all the costumes, set pieces, actors, etc. all lend to authenticity of the show. Not to mention the opulent house itself with its magnificent details. I love the diverse cast, too! I’ve been crushing on Tom Bateman for some time (he’s terrific in Vanity Fair) and here, his charismatic yet mysterious presence has proven himself ready to be a major leading man.

Glad to see Leo Suter once again after seeing him in Sanditon… thankfully he’s got more screen presence on this show as I had complained how wasted his talents was there. He’s proven to be a versatile actor as his character is quite different from Sanditon, but I definitely fancy him more as a bit of a rascal! The Indian actors are equally fascinating. Pallavi Sharda and Shriya Pilgaonkar are both stunning as two headstrong ladies who refuse to be a shrinking violet (I say that as the English woman named Violet here is a rather silly woman). I love Viveik Kalra in Blinded By The Light, here he’s playing the house caretaker who’s loyal to John Beecham. I hope to see more of him in future projects!

I might dedicate a blog post for this show, but for now, let’s just say it’s absolutely binge-worthy!

The Mayo Clinic: Faith – Hope – Science

If you like documentaries, here’s one you should check out. It’s particularly intriguing to me because I live just an hour away from Rochester where the Mayo clinic is, but given their impact all over the world, it’s worth learning about just how they got started. It’s truly inspiring stuff!

Yesterday I wanted to see something light and funny, so we watched The Secret Life of Pets 2 on Netflix. It wasn’t as funny as the original, but still entertaining for the most part. My favorite bit is the one with the farm shepherd dog Rooster voiced by Harrison Ford. He’s so perfect for the part, a grumpy, adventurous veteran who’s teaching the city dog Max on how to overcome fear.

Thanks to that TV Guide link, I can finally watch this show on SundanceNow!


Diana Bishop, historian and witch, accesses Ashmole 782 and knows she must solve its mysteries. She is offered help by the enigmatic Matthew Clairmont, but he’s a vampire and witches should never trust vampires.


It’s been around since 2018 and I remember really wanting to watch it when I saw the trailer… I mean hello, Matthew Goode!! 😍He sure makes one heck of a sexy vampire, oh la la! Interesting that the series about vampires and witches are set in the field of academia, Oxford University to be exact, and it’s actually filmed on location in various parts of the world… Oxfordshire, Scotland, and Venice. It’s definitely a great escapism for the time being since we cannot be physically traveling to any of those countries until this outbreak dies down.

I quite like Aussie actress Teresa Palmer as well, interestingly enough the first time I saw her in was in Warm Bodies, a zombie comedy. She must have a thing for movies about the undead. She looks so much like Kristen Stewart too, and she’s on that massively popular vampire movies. Apparently this one is also based on a novel, The All Souls Trilogy, by a woman writer, Deborah Harkness. I wonder why they didn’t just keep that title, , rather than what the have now that’s so long and clunky.

I’ve seen four episodes so far as of today, and I like it more and more. Story-wise, there’s enough going for it to keep me watching… there’s the enigma and mystery surrounding the Congregation which is comprised of representations of demons, vampires and witches (though the person who takes care of the location is a human, ha!)… and these species live under some strict rules.

The acting is a bit uneven, but the two leads Goode and Palmer are great and they have a good chemistry. An important factor given the core of the story is a forbidden romance, a bit like Romeo + Juliet but with warring species, not just families. I do have some issues with directing choices and the use of modern songs that kind of cheapen the show a bit, it just doesn’t jibe with the elegance of the setting. Oh, and what’s with these vampires not being affected by sunlight or even Crucifixes, and they go about like humans in their daily activity… eating, drinking, playing with their cellphones, etc. Seems all too convenient to me since they can live for hundreds of years!

In any case, I have four more to go in season 1, and I just learned that season 2 has been greenlit but according to this article, they have wrapped filming. But given some of the filming is in Italy, there might be a major delay if they have to do some more shooting done over there given the Covid-19 situation.

So that’s just a sampling of what I’ve been watching the past week and a half… 

How about you? What have YOU been watching during self quarantine?


21 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching During Self-Quarantine

  1. PrairieGirl

    Hey Flixy, wasn’t Beecham House spectacular?! Tom Bateman is perfect for his role and I couldn’t take my eyes off him for a moment. And it would be CRIMINAL if they didn’t have another season, the ending was a cliffhanger!

    And you were right about the ending to Sanditon, I know now what you meant. 😉

    It was a rare treat to see Rufus Sewell in the lead role in The Pale Horse, LOTS of screen time for him. And as usual his acting was superb. Many Agatha Christie fans who read the book hated it, but I’ve never read any of her stories and I’m not a stickler so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Hey Becky! Glad to hear you love BEECHAM HOUSE too! Tom B melted my heart as John Beecham… oh my! Yes spectacular indeed, though sadly there’s no news of it being renewed 😦

      I have to admit, despite my love for Jane Austen, I love BH more than Sanditon, and Tom B can run circles around Theo James any day… they may both be tall, dark and handsome but Tom has the vulnerability & tender side of him that sets him apart than being just another hot guy. Not feeling it from Theo in Sanditon.

      I put The Pale Horse on my to-watch list, but I’m taking a break from Rufus after bingeing on MITHC, no doubt he’s good in it though.

      And yes, that Mayo Clinic doc is really good, very important watch during today’s time. So inspiring!

  2. I had a lot of films on my DVR but I haven’t had the energy to watch them in favor of cleaning and not doing anything. Other than that, I’ve been re-watching films of the MCU and watch the show Gentefied with my mother on her iPad since she has Netflix and Disney+.

    1. Hey Steven! Hey that’s cool that you’ve been cleaning your home a lot during Coronavirus. I find myself disinfecting my bedroom, bathroom, etc a lot more often these days! Nice that your mom has Netflix and Disney+ but hey, might as well take advantage of the extended free trials too!

  3. Same here, my company has ordered everyone to work from home starting this week till the end of the month. Fingers crossed that things don’t get any worse, had to cancel my vacation trip to Miami since it’s getting bad down there.

    I still have a bunch of TV shows and movies still need to catch. But I’m currently watching a new show called DEVS created by Alex Garland, so far so good. The new season of WESTWORLD just started, so I’ll keep watching that show too. I did finally able to catch up on couple of Oscar nominated films, Ford vs. Ferrari and Knives Out, I enjoyed both but Knives Out is a much better film.

    1. Hi Ted, I think the WFH policy might go longer than end of the month as US hasn’t even peaked yet in the number of infections and states may need to be even more strict to flatten the curve. Yeah I wouldn’t be traveling anywhere until at least end of Summer.

      I hope to get to WESTWORLD at some point this Spring as I haven’t even caught up w/ season 2. What is DEVS about? I like Alex Garland’s work so I should check that out. Yes Knives Out is excellent indeed. Ford Vs Ferrari is pretty enjoyable as I love cars and Christian Bale.

      1. Yup, things probably (hopefully) will be back to normal at least in the summer, there are still idiots in Florida that don’t listen and partying like it’s normal. If that state doesn’t come down hard on quarantine people, it’s going to get worse. Can’t believe there are some who still thinks it’s some kind of a hoax, makes me so angry when I see them posts that crap online. At least other big cities like NYC, LA, San Francisco and Vegas have done a good job of quarantined people.

        I think it’s best to go into DEVS with as little knowledge as possible. But it’s about this young woman who works at a Google like tech company in San Francisco, she’s trying to find out why her boyfriend disappear after working on a secret project at that company. The lead actress is the same actress from Garland’s Ex Machina, Sonoya Mizuno. It’s a mix of mystery, sci-fi/thriller. If you have Hulu, you’ll able to watch it.

        1. Well my office just extended the mandatory work from home to April 24th! So I don’t think things will get better anytime soon. Yeah those teens partying in FL beaches are atrocious!!! Imagine how many ppl they have infected now that they’ve tested positive, ugh!!

          Thanks for the info about DEVS. Sounds intriguing! I do have HULU, so might check that out when I’m done w/ Westworld season 2!

    1. Hey Cindy! Did you watch season 2 of ALTERED CARBON? I should get on that since I like the first season, but 2nd season has an even better lead actor!

      Oh you’ll love BEECHAM HOUSE! If you like Downton, this is actually more intriguing and there’s more at stakes for the characters. I think you’ll appreciate the historical context. Plus the setting in India is so sumptuous!!

  4. Hi Ruth, good to hear you are doing fine and are enjoying yourself. Have been working from home since last week as well and since schools are closed the rest of the family is home as well. So we try to watch a movie each day together, with one of us getting to pick a movie. So this week we watched the Dutch adventure film “Koning van Katoren”, White Chicks and Onward. I’ve been catching up with Altered Carbon on Netflix and have also been watching Picard. That last one has been really disappointing, so probably won’t be finishing the season. And of course Westworld season 3 has started, so also checking that out.

    1. Hey Nostra, long time no *see* my friend! How’ve you been? Yeah I think everyone in the world who can work from home are doing so. It’s definitely a good time for families to come together and spend more time indoor to ride this thing out. I have Altered Carbon and Westworld on my to-watch list. Take care and stay safe!

  5. We are watching less than ever. My husband and I are both working full time from home and our three year old is here with us. We barely have time to watch a single episode of something each night before we fall into bed.

    1. Hey Abbi! That’s a good thing that you both have full time jobs that you can do at home. My hubby and I are working FT 9-5 M-F too, but in the evening we do have time to watch stuff as we don’t have kids. Stay safe!

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