SUPER BOWL trailers – First look into Falcon + Winter Soldier, Wanda Vision + LOKI series

Happy Monday! Did you watch the SuperBowl? Can’t say that I did, I actually just found out this morning that Kansas City Chief won the game, so congrats!!

I barely even watch any of the ads, but I made sure I checked out the trailers before I went to bed. Thanks to ONE Media for compiling ALL of the trailers into one video, SO convenient!

Here are my brief comments for each MOVIE trailer…

BLACK WIDOW – I’m mildly excited for it, but can’t wait to see Florence Pugh, Hollywood’s new IT girl as Natasha’s sister.

NO TIME TO DIE – Already super excited for this, now even more so… I hope Lashana Lynch has tons of screen time, she looks like the coolest character of the bunch (yep, including Bond himself!)

TOP GUN: Maverick – Looks fun, curious to see if it’ll be a hit.

A QUIET PLACE II – Note to self: better watch the first one pronto (though now I know what the monsters look like, oh well)

MULAN – Dayum it looks EPIC!!! I’m even more excited with this trailer, and Donnie Yen is absolutely perfect casting.

SONIC The Hedgehog – Doesn’t interest me apart from seeing Jim Carrey back, haven’t seen him in ages!

Fast & Furious 9 – Nothing fast about this overlong, outrageous, over the top trailer, and it made me furious why this franchise just keeps on going, ugh! (Boy how much did they pay Dame Helen Mirren & Charlize Theron to keep doing these movies??)

Btw, I thought I’d be seeing another new trailer for WONDER WOMAN. That’s definitely on my Top 5 most anticipated list!

Now… as for those Disney+ new series teasers…

If you just want to see the Marvel TV series trailers, here you go:


All I can say is… dayum Disney!!! Just take all my $$$ why don’t you! My hubby and I only signed up for the FREE trial so far just so we can binge on The Mandalorian, but with Falcon + Winter Soldier, WandaVision AND the LOKI series coming, we definitely have to subscribe to Disney+.

I’m lovin’ how WandaVision looks like a retro comedy. Totally not what I expected but I love it! That’s now my most-anticipated series of the three. I do love Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, they’re such a fun cinematic duo, so it’ll be nice to see their gorgeous mugs more regularly on streaming. Looks like they haven’t shot LOKI at all as we barely see Tom Hiddleston doing anything.

What do you think of these trailers? Which one(s) are you most anticipating this year?

13 thoughts on “SUPER BOWL trailers – First look into Falcon + Winter Soldier, Wanda Vision + LOKI series

  1. I was really lukewarm on the Super Bowl trailers this year. I’m excited for several of the movies, but most of the trailers felt so brief and fast-paced.

    1. Hey Keith, well the Fast9 trailer is waaaay too long IMHO. I mean it just kept going on and on, and it looks absolutely stupid. I think the DisneyPlus ones are teasers so that’s why they’re so short, hopefully we’ll get the real trailers later on.

  2. I’m definitely on board for Black Widow, Fast & Furious 9, and No Time to Die while Mulan looks interesting as I’m happy to see Gong Li in a meaty role. I haven’t seen A Quiet Place as I don’t have an opinion on it nor anything to say about its sequel. The rest I don’t care for.

    Then there’s the MCU/Disney+ teaser as Loki looks awesome as is Falcon and the Winter Soldier but it’s WandaVision that I want to see the most. It looks fucking insane but in a fun way. Plus, seeing Elizabeth Olsen in that costume makes me excited.

    1. Hi Steven, you didn’t think the trailer for Fast 9 is way too long? Oh so I’m not the only person who hasn’t seen A Quiet Place! I thought I’m the only one. Yeah, happy to see Donnie Yen and Gong Li in the mUlan trailer.

      I agree, Elizabeth Olsen in that WandaVision teaser looks hilarious!! I can’t wait for that series now!

      1. Actually, I thought the trailer’s length was fine. If you’re going to show something ridiculous, why not just go all out and show why you don’t want to be taken seriously? That’s why I ended up loving the Fast and Furious franchise. It’s aware of how silly it is and they’ve embraced it.

  3. I personally only care about the game so I didn’t pay attention to the short teasers of these films. I think the whole super bowl trailers has been fading ever since we get to see trailers of new films online weeks or months before the super bowl. Back in the days, I was looking forward to the game and the trailers of big summer films. I think studios are realizing that too, within the last few years, only some of them were willing to promote their films during the big game.

    But I did watch that 30 seconds teaser of No Time To Die earlier today, looks great. I think Top Gun: Maverick will be a massive hit, it’s one of the films that will bring the older crowd out to theaters. A lot of people I work with here are in their late 30s and 40s and of course they’re fans of the first one and they’re excited to go see the new one. Lol!

    Sonic The Hedgehog looks just terrible, I don’t think most young people today would know that character since the video game was popular when I was in grade school and I for sure as heck won’t see that crappy looking movie version. I liked A Quiet Place but thought it’s basically an episode of Twighlight Zone that stretched out to be a full length feature film. As for Fast & Furious 9, that franchise jumped the shark with the 6th one and it’s just gotten more ridiculous in the later sequels.

    1. Yeah I think Top Gun: Maverick will be a hit, too. I mean older fans will for sure go see it and Cruise is popular w/ young people too so for sure they’ll see it. He’s the only proper movie star these days.

      I enjoyed some of the Fast & Furious movies but I really think they overstay their welcome a long time ago. It looks absolutely stupid!

      1. Yeah, since he realized he’s not going to win the Oscar, Cruise has pretty much stick to films will make lots of money and keeps him relevant in Hollywood. I think him, DiCaprio, Will Smith and Denzel Washington are the only true stars left that can sell films based on their names alone.

        Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy these idiotic Fast & Furious films, it’s just funny to me how the characters went from being regular car thiefs to super hero/spies in the last couple of films. Lol!

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