Super Bowl 2018 trailers: MI6 Fallout | A Quiet Place | SOLO | Avengers Infinity War | Westworld Season 2

Happy post-Super Bowl Monday!

Me & hubby at Mall of America

I normally don’t even watch Super Bowl at all but this year my home state is hosting the big game so I can’t help getting a bit caught up in the spirit of it all. Mall of America was practically a SBLII hub with the teams sleeping on opposite ends of the mall (Eagles at JW Marriott and the Pats at Radisson Blu).

I stayed away from downtown though, I mean it’s freakin’ cold even for longtime Minnesota resident like me (-3˚F temp but feels like -15˚) at the time of the game, plus traffic & parking has been a nightmare this entire week. Yes we’re the #BoldNorth and all but we have to deal w/ this frigid winter and snow all season long, not just on Super Bowl weekend.

I started typing this as the game just wrapped. Congrats Eagles! It was a pretty exciting game actually, though I was really paying attention during commercials to make sure I don’t miss any new trailers!

So if you missed the game last night, or just wanna rewatch those trailers again, here we go…


This is the one I’ve been waiting for! Tom Cruise has recently joined Instagram and has been teasing us w/ a bunch of exciting stills. He even shared the video of how his ankle got broken on Graham Norton which made it into the movie! Well, MI:6 looks like another crazy action flick!!

Pscyhed to see the practically ageless Angela Bassett joining the team (she’s also in Black Panther AND Infinity War, wahoo!!), whichever side she’s on, I know she’s gonna be bad ass! Heck, she’ll be 60 this year but this lady looks like she could easily take out both Cruise and even Superman himself. Speaking of Henry Cavill and his much-ballyhoo-ed ‘tache, just what is the purpose of his facial hair in this flick??


Now, as you know I don’t normally go for the horror genre. But this one has got me intrigued mainly for the pairing of real life husband/wife John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, and it’s Krasinski’s directorial debut! The trailer looks so suspenseful w/ the family in an isolated place facing an unknown, but terrifying threat. I might wait for some reviews to see if my nerves can handle this movie.


Hmmmm, not really feeling this one. Alden Ehrenreich (who was good in Hail, Caesar!) have huuuuge shoes to fill. I mean it’s hard to get Harrison Ford‘s iconic smirk out of my mind, that playful, smug, sarcastic style we’ve known and love. I love the casting of Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, but it remains to be seen if Alden could be even half as charismatic as Ford in the role. He does have nice hair though 😉


Ok the entire gang is back to unite against a common enemy! Watching the trailer made me even more pumped to see Black Panther (they scheduled the advanced screening on the evening on the 13th, YAY!!). Amongst the entire Marvel superheroes, I’m most excited to see T’Challa and Cap…

… not only Cap’s got a new haircut, he’s got some new cool, albeit rather strange-looking, shield too!!


This is the TV series I’ve been eagerly anticipating! It’s been over a year since season 1 wrapped, and I remember thinking how long we’d have to wait. An entire year! But at the same time I’m glad the writers take their time to make it, and now we’ve only got a couple more months to go ’til season 2 drops on April 22!

“… we’ve lived by your rules long enough… we can save this world… we can burn it to the ground… and from the ashes build a new world… our world.”

The trailer gives me goose bumps!! Yep, the robotic hosts will rule over all… man I can’t wait to see this series!! April can’t come soon enough!

BONUS trailer!

Ok this one isn’t even a movie, but the teasers have been one long, brilliant buildup to … a commercial for Australia!


What an amazing cast the Aussie Tourism Board managed to assemble for this commercial!! Danny McBride is hilarious as Crocodile Dundee’s supposed son (even Paul Hogan made a cameo), surrounded by the who’s who of Australia celebs superheroes … Thor, Harley Quinn, Wolverine and even Gladiator himself. Apparently the campaign cost $36 mil which isn’t surprising given the scale, but it was a lot of fun to watch.

Thoughts on these trailers? Which movie(s) are you most anticipating?

20 thoughts on “Super Bowl 2018 trailers: MI6 Fallout | A Quiet Place | SOLO | Avengers Infinity War | Westworld Season 2

  1. Hi Ruth! Saw some of these yesterday and others just now. There definitely are some cool ones here! Not feeling “Solo”, to be honest, but really enjoyed the ones for MI6, A Quiet Place (looks like it’ll be so suspenseful), Infinity War (so short, though!) and Westworld S2 (seeing the cast is still the highlight of SDCC 2017 for me).

    1. Hello Fernando! How’re you doing my friend?

      Yeah I think most people aren’t sure yet about SOLO, but I’m optimistic as I like most of the cast. WOW you saw the cast of Westworld at SDCC last year?? So jealous!!

    1. Mwahahaha!! Your hate for Cruise knows no bounds Steven. I hear ya, but I love the last MI film. Yes he’s basically doing all action now but I still think Cruise is a decent actor.

  2. I pretty much ignored any super bowl related stuff ever since The Vikes loss, I’m still bitter about it. I think most football fans, unless you’re an Eagles fan, expected The Vikings to play yesterday in the Super Bowl. But I did watch the game, didn’t really pay any attention to the commercials but of course I paid attention to the movie trailers. Can’t wait for Mission 6, I kind of like that they’re continuing the story from the previous films instead of just making a new storyline like the first three films. I’ll be there for opening night of Infinity War!

    A Quite Place looks interesting, didn’t know about it until yesterday. I didn’t really care about Solo before, especially after the directors were fired and Ron Howard stepped in to finish it. But after that trailer, I’m in!

    West Word season 2 looks good but I’m one of the few people who didn’t really think the first season was anything special. I’ll give season a watch though.

    1. Hi ya Ted! Sorry to hear about the Vikes not making it, man just ONE game away!! I too was caught in the jubilation of that miracle catch by Stefon Diggs, but somehow they didn’t play well at all w/ The Eagles, even Ivan left shortly after half time.

      Are you excited for Black Panther btw? Yeah Infinity War looks good and so is MI6! I agree that I’m glad they continued the story, made sense that they kept Rebecca Ferguson from the last film then. I also LOVE Angela Bassett joining the cast!

      Well I think Westworld is amazing, so I hope the Nolans will be able to keep the quality, but I am optimistic.

      1. I think a lot of people still don’t understand how poorly the Vikes played in the NCF Champ game, usually teams that won a game in such fashion the way they did against the Saints, they should win the next game easily but then it’s the Vikings. I should know that they’ll eventually going to disappoint their fans as usual. I knew the game was over when they were down 24-7, stopped watching after that, it’s too upsetting. Lol!

        Oh yeah, I’m pretty excited for Black Panther. I forgot to book the tickets early for opening night at the Dolby Cinema at Southdale theater, all the good seats were taken. So I’ll probably see it during the week after opening weekend.

        1. Yeah that’s what Ivan said too, it’s unbelievable how unreliable Vikings are. It’s like everything they were known for didn’t materialize in that game, which is such an important game too!

          Black Panther looks SO good!! I just hope it lives up to the hype. It’d be so disappointing otherwise. I can’t wait for the press screening on the 13th. I asked to bring an extra guest for you but they only allowed one.

  3. I didn’t see the Superbowl. Nice there was a tribute to Prince in his home town.

    ha, when you wrote “MI6 Fallout” I thought it might be a fan backlash over the new trailer which includes Cruise’s cringy ankle injury at 2.11. Then I realized the film is actually called “Fallout” :)) The movie looks exciting with plenty of daring stunts.

    The Dundee clip fooled me! 🙂 There is actually a 2017 mini-series Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story, and at first I thought it was the trailer for that

    1. Hi Chris! Yes indeed, so fun seeing the Prince symbol illuminating downtown. It was a special effects though, though some people thought the lights were real.

      Ahah too funny! I didn’t realize that about ‘Fallout’ but it’s true, it could be a meme because of Cruise breaking his ankle.

      I think a lot of people were fooled by the Dundee campaign, I mean it LOOKED like a real movie!! It certainly had an amazing, mostly-Aussie cast. I enjoyed watching them.

  4. It’s weird because I’m not the target audience for any of these movies, I haven’t seen any Mission Impossible movie (I know, I know) and not much of superhero person. I don’t watch horror movies that much although might give A Quiet Place a try for the same reasons you will.
    But still, it was very fun to read you commentary. I’m happy that at the end of the day, you enjoyed Super Bowl sunday!

    1. Awwww you are truly the best, Shivani, thank you for that sweet comment 😀

      So you don’t like action movies at all? I like to mix up my period dramas w/ action stuff, sometimes I would watch different genres in a week just for fun. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is a fun movie, you should give it a shot even if it’s just to watch Rebecca Ferguson who’s PHENOMENAL in that movie, talk about girl power!! I’m so glad she’s back in the new one.

      1. Not at all, I do watch a few but they are not my go-to. I’m planning on starting with Mission Impossible, though, because the amount of things I have heard about it is too much. I NEED to at least watch. MI movies are like Star Wars, LOTR and Harry Potter movies – kind of a must watch haha!

  5. Some goodies listed for sure. And where’s The Rock’s “Skyscraper”? 😳😬😳😬 I have to admit, it looks absolutely terrible and I’ll probably go see it. It looks to ludicrous to pass up. I guess that kinda makes me an accomplice! 😂

    1. Ahah ‘Skyscraper’ looks beyond ludicrous, Keith! Though I guess MI6 is preposterous as well in terms of action but at least there’s an intriguing story. I still might see Jurassic World 2 but not sure I want to even rent Skyscraper! 😂

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