FlixChatter Review – The Mummy (2017)


Hoping to start their shared universe of monster films, Universal decided to reboot one of their earlier successful franchises with The Mummy. With Disney and Warner Bros. ranking in big dollars at the box office with their superhero flicks, Universal is hoping this so called Dark Universe will bring in big money for them as well. Unfortunately, they should’ve spent more time fleshing out better script and ideas because this latest incarnation of The Mummy is a mess.

In Iraq, military men Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) and Chris Vail (Jake Johnson) are working outside their duty, hoping to find antiquities or treasures and sell them to the black market for large sum of money. On one of their trips to a small village, they accidentally unearth a burial site beneath the sand. The men discover the remains of Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), an Egyptian princes from thousands of years ago who wants power and live forever, so she made a deal with the god of death and murdered her family. She was eventually captured and was mummified. Now in present day, Morton who was driven by his own greed, decided to open the tomb and released an evil force that could destroy the entire world. In terms of plot, there’s not much going on, after Ahmanet is set free, she chases our hero around London and then gets captured by Dr. Jekyll (Russell Crowe) and his team. Then Dr. Jekyll proceeded to tell Morton and the audience of what’s really going on. Even though it’s advertised as a non-stop action/adventure, there weren’t a lot action in the film.

Six screenwriters were credited and I don’t think none of them knew what kind of film this is supposed to be. It tried to be horror then comedy then action then back to horror. The comedy was flat, the scares were non-existent and the action was scarce. Maybe had the film been directed by a more experienced director, it could’ve been a decent action/horror. But Alex Kurtzman is not that director, with the exception of a very cool airplane clash sequence; he couldn’t put together exciting action sequences or coherent story. I hate to use the terms “plot holes” but this film was full of them. There’s a prologue at the very beginning of the film that didn’t need to be shown and motivations of the characters just didn’t make a lick of sense to me.

Performance wise, Cruise was basically playing an older version of Maverick from Top Gun and he seemed to be having a good time in the first 30-40 minutes of the film. Then you can tell he lost interest and pretty much in cruise control mode with his performance for the rest of the film. Jake Johnson is pretty much wasted here as the thankless side kick/comic relief role. Annabelle Wallis who played Cruise’s love interest, is pretty lackluster in her performance. She’s the typical damsel in distress character. Sofia Boutella is The Mummy and she’s a one note villain, she wants to destroy the world and live forever. The only interesting character to me is Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll. Maybe the film would’ve much more entertaining had they made him the lead as Crowe seemed to have a good time playing the character.

It appears Universal’s Dark Universe is over before it began, they have no one to blame but themselves. I was never a big fan of 1999’s The Mummy but it has its fun moments and didn’t try to be anything than an action film. This latest version tried to be too many things and it failed miserably.


So have you seen The Mummy reboot? Well, what did you think?

24 thoughts on “FlixChatter Review – The Mummy (2017)

    1. Hey Von, I did exactly that, rewatched Wonder Woman again and it was even better the second time around!! I think I’ll just rent this one or wait ’til it’s on Netflix!

          1. Btw I’m glad I didn’t tweet what I just said… people might get the wrong idea!! 😛 I meant the MOVIE is like a great ride, but y’know what I mean 😀

    1. I’m assuming this is one of those films where they kept changing the script while shooting it. Just too many cooks in the kitchen. I don’t really blame the writers though, the studio big wigs wanted to start a franchise and instead of taking their time with the script, they rushed it and this is what they got.

  1. “Then you can tell he lost interest and pretty much in cruise control mode with his performance for the rest of the film”

    I appreciate your restraint in using “cruise control” and not making a pun about Cruise’s name.

    I completely agree with your review. This movie’s a mess of epic proportions. I happened to re-watch Wonder Woman the next day, and suddenly that film’s third act problems didn’t seem so problematic (not that I particularly objected to them in the first place). Because you know what? At least Wonder Woman follows a traditional plot structure. The Mummy doesn’t even have a second act. It has a prologue, first act, then flashbacks which rehash every part of the prologue, then a prolonged trailer for a cinematic universe no one asked for followed by a CGI clusterf— finale. It is a gift to film school’s everywhere as a lesson in what not do for aspiring screenwriters.

  2. Thanks for taking a bullet and giving us a heads up, Ted. Was planning on skipping this from the initial trailer, but was getting curious. Right before reviewers started weighing in and confirming what I fear this was going to be. God, I surely hope this kills the “Dark Universe” the blowhards over at Universal came up with. May it die somewhere out in the desert. I’d rather see that King Arthur – Legend of the Sword flick before this.

    1. Hey Michael! I actually saw King Arthur and had fun w/ it. I don’t always love Guy Ritchie’s style and at times it was odd seeing people in Medieval times talking like Jason Statham but overall I enjoyed it, so if you’re on the fence I’d give it a shot.

    2. Ha ha, I had no intention of seeing it either but then Ruth asked me if I wanted to attend the free press screening and I decided to go. Good thing I saw it for free, had I paid to see it then I may have been even harsher on my review. Lol!

  3. I have no interest in seeing this. After all, it’s Tom Cruise doing the same ol’ shit for the past 20 years. Why would I want to see him try to act like some young guy when he’s now just some old fart?

    1. Yeah Cruise needs to take more risks now, he doesn’t need the money. Let’s hope his upcoming film, American Made, is a good one. After back to back flops, he needs to find better script and stop making these big budget action pictures.

  4. Caveat: I have no interest in seeing this thing at the cinema, so my below comment is based purely on what I’ve gleaned from the trailers.

    It appears Universal have decided to make an MCU out of their popular horror stable, which is perhaps the worst possible cinematic decision to grace us this year outside of whatever the hell that Baywatch movie was. The Mummy should have been an out-and-out horror film, made with modern tech and an updated twist on the classic theme: instead, it’s a Tom Cruise action vehicle whereby he continues to mine his Mission Impossible style in a non-Mission film. Bah. At least the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies didn’t pretend to be something they weren’t, they were a pastiche of Indiana Jones and other classic adventure movies of the 30’s and 40’s, done with a sly wink and nod of fun to the audience.

    Trying to make this Dark Universe franchise similarly “action packed” like the MCU (even down to its flat CGI effects) takes away what made this monster great in the first place.

    Throw in Tom Cruise, who I still love as a star, but who overpowers this movie considerably (not even Russell Crowe can salvage the interest I lost in the trailers) and to its detriment. From the sounds of it, the film spends too long milking the teat of franchise establishment and not enough time enjoying its own self for the sake of entertainment, which is a critical mistake many modern films seem to make.

    “Hey, let’s ensure we can make multiple sequels by throwing in unfinished story elements to hint at things to come….” ahhh get rooted. What a gyp.

    I’ll catch it on DVD down the line but I’ll be stuffed if I’m paying up big money for a film I have zero interest in. Give me the classic Monster line-up any day.

    1. That’s one of the main problems with this movie, they tried to created this so called Dark Universe and they didn’t give too much thought or effort into it. Marvel took their time to create their super heroes universe, this film kind of reminded me of last year’s Batman vs. Superman, they rushed into production and they didn’t have a complete script or good ideas to begin with.

      But the main problem with this film is that it didn’t know what kind of genre it wanted to be, it’s advertised as something similar to Cruise’s M:I films but the action was lacking and it wasn’t scary at all. It’s just a messy film.

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