Week In Review… and quick update on my short film

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. Spring has finally sprung here in the Upper Midwest… it actually felt nice enough I could forgo my jacket for part of the day Friday! Speaking of Friday, it was also one of the busiest day I’ve ever had… which I’ve shared on my FB below…

Well, it shouldn’t be surprising to most of you that my hours, days and weeks have been consumed by my short film project. I did see three films this past weekend however… including a rewatch of Captain America Civil War as it’s now on Netflix!

I rented SING earlier in the week and really enjoyed it! I really loved the trailer, but fortunately it lived up to it (unlike The Secret Life of Pets). So many fun characters, especially the Rosita the pig (and her brood of kids!) and Johnny the gorilla. The cover songs were great too and I thought the story was pretty moving and engaging throughout, and the ending managed to surprise me in a lovely way. I highly recommend it if you enjoy animated films that’s much more than just a visual treat.

I also finally saw Beauty & The Beast! Boy I had been SO excited about it for like a year but when it’s finally here three weeks ago I was so swamped I could barely got excited for any movie. But I needed a break after such a hectic and quite stressful week, and this movie did just the trick!

Now I will say that it still doesn’t beat the Disney animated classic, but I already knew that before I even saw it. With that in mind, I still found it to be pretty entertaining. I think Emma Watson did well as Belle, which is key in me liking the movie. I especially love the relationship between Belle and her dad, played by the venerable Kevin Kline.

Oh and the song… the songs!! Alan Menken is a musical genius who’ve made a bunch of my all time fave Disney songs, here he teamed up with Howard Ashman and added some new favorites!

I’ll do a music break of the movie at some point, but man, the three new songs How Does a Moment Last Forever (Montmartre), Days in the Sun and Evermore are absolutely lovely!! I initially cringed when I heard the Beast singing, but the emotional song literally made me sob. Yes I’m such a sap 😛

Ok so it’s just 15 days until my filming!

Things are changing rapidly every single day. The short script is officially ‘done’ and sent to my actors, though of course it’s not really final until filming wraps. After losing a director nearly month before filming, we’ve now pretty much got a full crew!

I knew indie filmmaking is fast and furious but it seems our pre-prod process is at lightning speed even by that standard! I gotta say though it’s been a ton of fun even with the stress… I’ve been running on adrenaline these days that I know I will miss the crazy rush of it all once the film is done.

Thankfully I’ve got a super talented & supportive hubby Ivan who did the photoshoot with my two stunning lead actors Sam Simmons & Peter Christian Hansen on Saturday 3/25. They’ll be used for various promos and even props for the film. Below are just a few of the shots he took over the course of just 3 hours!

Well, there’s still much to be done between now and April 17… it’s been quite a thrill ride for me and I’m learning so much every single day.

We’re now on Facebook!!

Check out BTS photos & videos from our pre-prod photoshoot, as well as other updates on the film. Please LIKE, comment & share. Thank you!

Well that’s the scoop on my life so far folks… hope you’ll support my project when the time comes 😉

21 thoughts on “Week In Review… and quick update on my short film

  1. I haven’t seen Beauty & The Beast, thanks for sharing favorites from the soundtrack.

    Look forward to watching your short film! Will you make available to rent online?

    1. Hi Chris! I don’t know yet about the VOD situation for my short film but yeah, hopefully we’ll make it available to rent online for everyone at some point 😀

  2. I felt the same way about the Evermore song as you! At first I thought it was a bit over dramatic, but the next day I was singing it (badly and loudly) in my car 😛
    Your movie news is absolutely amazing, congratulations! Your husband is very talented too. I hope us bloggers get to watch your movie someday soon 🙂

    1. Hi Allie! I think all the new songs added are all great. The Evermore one is growing on me, it’s such an emotional scene too.

      Thanks for the kind words. I sure hope we can make it available to view to everyone at some point.

  3. I absolutely LOVED Beauty And The Beast, it was amazing and Sing is a lovely movie as well. even I liked Rosita a lot!

    As for your short film, you know how crazy I’m going over it. I wish I could see the finished product now but considering the filming hasn’t yet, that would be a weird of me to ask you for it haha. You’ll have 100% of my support, Ruth! ❤

  4. I haven’t seen a film in theater since Kong: Skull Island but I did watch Capt. America Civil War again this weekend too! Also, finally decided to give Michael Mann’s Blackhat a watch, didn’t hate it but boy was it a misfire from a talented filmmaker. I’m sure the when the script was written, everyone thought it would’ve been a great film, but it’s oddly paced and the total miscast just didn’t work.

    Good luck on the short movie shoot, hope it goes well! How many days are you planning to shoot?

    1. Hi Ted! What did you think of Kong: Skull Island? It was entertaining but what a dumb action flick! I love Civil War, sooo good! Blackhat is pretty bad coming from Michael Mann, I’m so embarrassed my hometown Jakarta is in it! Chris Hemsworth just so unbelievable as a computer guy, I mean seriously??

      The shoot is only 2 days. It’s a very tight schedule but I think Jason will make it work somehow 🙂

      1. I really enjoyed Kong, it reminded me of the 90s big budget summer flicks. It’s fun and right to the point. I think after Peter Jackson’s too long version and the super serious Godzilla remake a couple of years back, this one was good fun monster action flick I wanted to see. Blackhat was just a mess, I think Mann tried to combine too many styles into one film. It’s sort of his version of James Bond but mixed in some elements of Hong Kong action films and just didn’t work. And yes Hemsworth just didn’t fit the role at all.

        Wow that’s a tight schedule, hope it goes well. Then again, all the short movies that I’ve shot didn’t last more than 2 days so it should work out fine for your team.

        1. Yep it’s a super tight schedule, but then again there’s primarily two actors and the female lead isn’t available for 3 days. We have a wonderful crew who’ve done a ton of short films so I trust my project is in good hands.

  5. Brittani

    Emma Watson is the reason I’m still avoiding Beauty and the Beast lol.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your short film!

    1. I had trepidation about Emma too initially, but I think she’s fine as Belle. It’s the weird CGI on the Beast that’s making me cringe.

      Thanks, hopefully you can see it on the big screen when it premieres in TCFF in the Fall 🙂

  6. Good to hear that you’ve enjoyed Beauty and the Beast. I really liked it too and so did my oldest, who wrote a guest review of it on the Dutch version of the blog (she went to the press screening instead of me).

    Nice to see some beautfiul pictures for your short film. Really interested in seeing the end result!

    1. Oh cool now you have your kid go to screenings and review stuff for you, Nostra!

      My hubby Ivan, whom you met, shot the photos for the photoshoot. Yeah he’s very talented but the actors are very good looking as well 🙂

      1. Well, it doesn’t happen often, but she really enjoyed doing it. Just have to wait and see if she wants to do it again 🙂

        It always helps if your subject of the pictures looks good 😉

  7. Great to read things are going well and I’m so looking forward to seeing your movie! Certainly more so than seeing Watson and GoatMan 😛

    1. Hi Margaret! I sure hope I’ll survive making it, he..he.. there’s still a ton to do just a week prior to filming. I hope to share it one day w/ my blog friends 🙂

  8. I had no idea you’re in Minneapolis! I’m in St. Paul Currently. Are you thinking about doing a local premier? I’d love to check it out. Think I’m gonna go like you on facebook now…

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