Five for the Fifth: MARCH 2017 Edition

Welcome to FlixChatter’s blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. I know it’s been over a week since the death of Bill Paxton, who passed away on February 25 at the age of 61 from surgery complications. As this and many other tweets pointed out… Paxton was the only man to face off against a Terminator, Alien, and a Predator. He’s certainly famous for his sci-fi genre roles, but boy he’s done SO many memorable roles in his illustrious career. He’s such a consummate character actor who’s convincing playing anything… the ultimate ‘everyman’ in most of his movies as he’s so darn likable.


I pretty much grew up with Paxton in the 90s too, with movies like True Lies, Apollo 13, A Simple Plan, Titanic and of course Twister, where he got the lead role. It’s hard to pick which is my fave role of his, but certainly Twister is in my top 3.

What’s your fave Bill Paxton movie(s)?

2. I got a chance to see an adaptation of Shakespeare’s epic tragedy King Lear at the Guthrie Theatre. One of the main reasons for me to see it is because Blood Stripe‘s lead actress Kate Nowlin plays Goneril, one of Lear’s three daughters.


It was a brilliant stage performance, with great lighting effects and sound design. I actually hadn’t seen any film version of the movie, not the 1971 movie nor the 2009 PBS’ Great Performances version with Ian McKellen. So I saw it fresh for the first time and was quite riveted by it.

What’s your favorite film based on a play… and which play would you like to see made into films?

3. Ok switching gears drastically… I hadn’t even been paying much attention to this sequel but when I saw the teaser last night I knew I had to include it here. Behold the Deadpool 2 teaser …

Ryan Reynolds and his Deadpool team has done it again! They’ve been very savvy w/ their promotional efforts for the first one and looks like their crazy, unhinged brand of humor is in full display! I wonder how much they had to pay DC to get the rights to use John Williams’ Superman music but man was it awesome!! It’s the kind of teaser I could watch over and over, let’s hope the sequel is as funny as this teaser!

Thoughts on the teaser? Are you excited to watch the Deadpool sequel?

4. Well, some of you might’ve read that LOGAN is my pick of February Movie of the Month. I hadn’t been anticipating it much, my hubby was more psyched about it than I did, but I was blown away by the film.


It’s incredible that the 48-year-old Aussie actor has played the role for 17 years in various X-Men films and their spin offs. It’s rare for any actor to have played the same role that long, so it’s no surprise that Logan marks he last time he’ll reprise the role.

Let’s walk down memory lane and watch this audition tape from back in 1999 when he first audition to the role that made him famous…

It proves that scheduling conflict can be a good thing for some actors… most of you know that Dougray Scott was originally cast as Wolverine, but he had to bail as Mission: Impossible II (2000) required more filming time. Well I can’t imagine anyone else but Hugh as Wolverine now.

What are your thoughts on Hugh Jackman retiring as Wolverine… and who do you think should play the role next?

5. Ok, since this might be my last Five for the Fifth post in a while (given I’ll be filming my short film in mid April and the following months I might be tied up with post-productions), so I decided to come up with all five questions 🙂

I got a press release email in early February about The Ottoman Lieutenant I hadn’t even heard before. Perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard of it too? I also got another email from the press rep that there’s a possible phone interview with the lead actor Michiel Huisman, who I loved in Age of Adaline. We’ll see if that pans out. In any case, check out the trailer:

The Ottoman Lieutenant is a love story between an idealistic American nurse and a Turkish officer in World War I.

Well, I might check it out when it opens later this month, interesting to see Minneapolis native Josh Hartnett in it as well. It’s a pretty crowded Spring though with a bunch of big-budget releases like Kong: Skull Island, Beauty & The Beast, as well as smaller fares like Wilson,Kristen Stewart’s Personal Shopper and T2 Trainspotting.

So what’s the one movie you can’t wait to see this Spring?

Well, that’s it for the MARCH edition of Five for the Fifth. Hope you’ll take part!

27 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: MARCH 2017 Edition

  1. 1. I’m going to say Near Dark as he was just the epitome of cool while I also love him in Aliens, True Lies, and Titanic as he was a great collaborator for James Cameron. I also enjoyed him in Twister and Big Love. Plus, I was also amazed at how worldly he was in his love for cinema. He was a guest programmer for Turner Classic Movies and man, he’s got some good taste. He will be missed.

    2. That is tough. I would probably say Throne of Blood which is Akira Kurosawa’s interpretation of Macbeth.

    3. I loved it as I just enjoyed the references of Superman with music from Badlands. I’m so going to see it.

    4. Hugh Jackman is awesome and it’s sad that he won’t be Wolverine again but I’m glad he’s going to bow out gracefully. I hope to see Logan but first I gotta get my laptop repaired as it’s going to take a few weeks for me to make a full return.

    5. T2: Trainspotting and Song to Song.

    1. Ahhh I’ve been wanting to see Near Dark for ages! I forgot Paxton was in that too. That is so cool about him as guest programmer for TCM.

      I didn’t even know Kurosawa did an interpretation of Macbeth, wow!

      Yeah, I love the pop culture references in that Deadpool teaser.

      I hope you get your laptop fixed soon man. LOGAN will be worth the wait and will make you miss Jackman as Wolverine.

      I sure hope Song To Song actually has a plot!

  2. Good luck on your first movie shoot! It’s going to be fun and also stressful but you’ll appreciate the art of filmmaking even more.

    1. It’s sad Paxton is no longer with us, he’s a great character actor but could never became an A list leading man. One False Move, Tombstone, The Simple Plan, Dear Dark, True Lies, Aliens and Mighty Joe Young are some of my favorite films of his. I enjoyed Twister when I saw it way back in 1996 at a theater, but recently I watched it on Bluray and I thought it’s awful. Lol!

    2. Not a big fan of plays but I enjoyed Polanski’s McBeth and Mel Gibson’s Hamlet.

    3. It’s a little surprised that Deadpool 2 teaser was shown in front of Logan, I thought it’s funny but I’m one of the few people who thought the first one was okay. So I’m not really excited to see this sequel.

    4. Boy I don’t know who can play Wolverine now, maybe Tom Hardy since he’s shorter than Jackman and will be more accurate to the comic book version. Wolverine is only 5 feet 4 inches in the comics.

    5. Well the only movie I wanted to see this spring was Logan and I thought it’s great. I might go see Kong: Skull Island and Fast & Fury 8. Otherwise, nothing else really look that interesting to me.

    1. Thanks Ted! Yes I know it’ll be stressful but exciting, just like all the prep work it’s been so far. But I’ve found a director so I’m super excited to see where this is going.

      Ahah yeah I bet the effects of Twister would seem dated now.

      I haven’t seen Gibson’s Hamlet, just the Kenneth Branagh’s version.

      I didn’t think I would enjoy Deadpool but it was hilarious to me.

      Oh yeah Tom Hardy would get my vote as Wolverine!!

      Not sure if I want to see Fast & Fury 8, so if there is a screening I will give it to you. Same with Ghost in the Shell, it looks so stupid!

      1. I’m sure you’ll keep us posted on your progress of the short movie!

        Surprisingly the effects in Twister don’t look as bad compare to today’s effects. But it’s the story and characters, they’re so corny that the movie would never would have been made to the big screen by today’s standards.

        Yeah sure if there are press screenings for Fast and Furious 8 and Ghost in the Shell, I’ll go see them. I was planning to maybe go see FF 8 during matinee since the ticket will cheap, don’t really have plans to see Ghost in the Shell, maybe a rental.

  3. 1. Would have to say the following are my favorites of the actor-director from Fort Worth, Texas: “Aliens”, “Apollo13”, “Tombstone”, “Near Dark”, “Trespass”, “A Simple Plan”, and absolutely the still thoroughly underrated “One False Move.”

    2. Hmm…most of my favorite plays have already been adapted to the screen. “Phantom of the Opera”, “The King and I”, “Porgy and Bess”, “Evita”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Chicago” (though let me go on record to say that I HATE its film adaptation — see our mutual friend Cindy’s L13FC post for why), and “Zoot Suit.” Can’t think of a play I’ve seen that should be, at the moment. “Hamilton”, for sure, but it won’t arrive here in L.A. till August.

    3. Yes, I can’t wait for the “Deadpool” sequel.

    4. I’m bummed, but it’s time for Jackman to put the role rest, and he couldn’t have picked a more righteous movie to end it on. LOGAN is now my all-time favorite X-Men movie. Don’t have a favorite to be his replacement, but I don’t envy the one who’ll try (and likely fail at it).

    5. Hmm…probably “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and “Alien: Covenant” in May.

    1. Well hello Michael!

      Boy it’s tough to pick just one or even three fave Bill Paxton movies doesn’t it?

      Glad you answered Phantom of the Opera, which I still love despite my antipathy for Gerry Butler now, ahah. Oh yeah, a film version of Hamilton would be awesome, still wish to see the play at some point when it tours here to MN.

      Yeah I think it’s good for Jackman to move on, but yes what a finale to an iconic portrayal of the role! Ahah yeah, whoever it is will have HUGE shoes to fill for Wolverine!

      Is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 coming out in Spring? I thought it’s in the Summer, but yeah I’m looking forward to it too!

  4. I will miss Bill Paxton. It has to be ‘Twister’ for me. Hugh Jackman is the man in my book. Good grief, 17 years? Who else could rival that? Probably Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt. Regardless, he made the role and it seems fitting he should lay him to rest. I like the sound of the ‘Ottoman Lt.’. I enjoyed the actor from Adeline, and I’m immersed in WWI stuff right now, so I’d like it, no doubt.

    1. Hi Cindy, glad you like Twister too! Wish Bill had done more leading roles.

      Yeah 17 years is such a long time playing the same role, I think Cruise might top him w/ the MI franchise since there’s no sign of him slowing down.

      Yeah I have a feeling you’d like the Ottoman Lieutenant!

  5. Hello Ruth! That’s so unfortunate about Bill Paxton. He was on Agents of Shield season 1. I think his role in Aliens is burned into my memory.He was good in Frailty too, which he directed.

    1. Hi Eddie, how’ve you been? I didn’t even know Paxton was in Agents of SHIELD, but then again I’m so out of touch w/ TV stuff these days.

  6. I’m a little late to the party this month but I’m still joining in! 🙂
    1- Twister for sure. It scared the hell out of me as a kid but it;s such a good movie!
    2 – I absolutely loved Into the Woods! I hope The Cursed Child gets a movie adaptation at some point.
    3 – I’m seeing Logan tomorrow night so I’m trying to avoid the teaser like the plague, ha!
    4 – I’ve never been a big X-Men fan (but I’ve heard Logan is good) so I’m not too fussed about Hugh Jackman retiring the role. That said, he’s played it for so long now I couldn’t picture anyone else playing that character!
    5 – I’m dying to see Beauty & the Best! I’m moving house the day it comes out so I hope I don’t have to wait too long to see it 😦

    1. Hi Allie! There’s no such thing as a late comment 🙂

      Ahah, well yesterday there was a Tornado Watch in my city so Twister is definitely a scary movie.

      Hope you enjoy LOGAN, but beware it is very violent.

      I think it’ll be hard for anyone to imagine some other actor playing Wolverine now.

      I’m seeing Beauty & The Beast next weekend hopefully.

    1. Hello Terri, welcome to FC! I was hoping I’d get to interview the lead actor of Ottoman Lieutenant last week but it fell through. I probably will just rent the movie.

  7. 1. I watch Apollo 13 a lot and he was just so lovely there. Such a saddening thing that he passed away at such a young age, he was a great actor and from what I read a great guy

    2. my mind is blown after Logan and I cannot think of one

    3. I thought the teaser went too far with him lying on this guy…but up until then it was very funny

    4. I think I fell in love with Hugh Jackman’s Logan the second I saw him rip these guys apart while wearying a suit and having this awesome beard. I can’t deal.

    5. I am hoping Ghost in the Shell is not awful but there are small chances of that

    1. Yeah I feel like the good guys like Paxton and Alan Rickman are the ones gone too soon 😦

      Yeah I think that ending w/ Deadpool lying on the guy was over the top.

      Ahhh I have a feeling we’ll see more of Hugh in your blog now? 😉 Funny but some people think my local crush resembles him a bit when he grows his beard, but he’s got piercing blue eyes.

      Everything I’ve seen of Ghost in the Shell looks awful but who knows.

      1. I fell down the rabbit hole of interviews with him on talk shows and pictures of him walking his dogs so between this and me still catching up with Ed’s movies RFs are about to get….interesting.

        1. Ahah, looking forward to it Margaret! Well at least you can actually talk about ’em on your blog. I can’t even do that w/ my crush for obvious reasons, basically I have to be careful on social media as it’s a small arts/film community here in MN. It’s nice though to actually hear his voice in my voicemail yesterday, again it’s a VERY strange sensation 😉

  8. 1. A Simple Plan is very good. I’ve yet to watch Paxton’s work in One False Move (1991) which was praised.

    2. Glad you enjoyed the Lear production. It’s on my bucket list to see Shakespeare theatre.
    The Seagull is a play by Anton Chekhov which is getting turned into a film. According to IMDb, it’s in post-production, w/ Saoirse Ronan and Annette Bening. I haven’t read Chekhov’s plays, but heard good things.

    5. Of those you mention, Personal Shopper and T2 Trainspotting are on my watchlist. Also curious to see Nick Cave doc One More Time with Feeling which is out on dvd over here 31/3

    1. Hi Chris! Yes Paxton was good in A Simple Plan!

      I’m actually not a huge Shakespeare fan generally, I’ve only seen 3 of his productions. I prefer Austen’s work or something more romantic in nature. Oooh I hadn’t heard of The Seagull, surely that’s a great cast!

      Yes I’m looking forward to Personal Shopper too, I like the last work that director and Kristen Stewart did, Clouds of Sils Maria.

  9. I don’t even know how or why but Twister has been one of my all-time faves forever. A big part of it is because of Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton’s chemistry and characters. He was also amazing on Big Love. His passing is such a shame.

    Neil Simon is one of my favorite playrights. The Odd Couple, The Goodbye Girl and Barefoot in the Park are awesome classics.

    Haven’t seen Deadpool yet, so I can’t speak for the sequel. lol

    X-Men isn’t my favorite but his time as Wolverine has been one of the reasons I’ve ever been interested in the series. It’s going to be weird to not see Hugh as Logan anymore!

    The Ottoman Lieutenant looks wonderful! I’d love to be able to see it. Beauty and the Beast is my must-see for Spring. I’m so excited!!!

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