FlixChatter Review: The Light Between Oceans (2016)


I have to admit I’m a bit of a sucker for romantic dramas. Not rom-coms, but a genuine heart-wrenching love story that’ll get me to cry my eyes out. Well, this film certainly fits into that category. Based on an Australian novel of the same name by M. L. Stedman, we’re first introduced to Tom Sherbourne, a World War I veteran. He resorts to taking a lonely job as a lighthouse keeper as he wants to be as far away from people as possible. He then meets a beautiful young girl Isabel Graysmark who’s drawn by his stoic, resigned demeanor. A courtship by correspondence slowly defrosts Tom’s heart and the two did get married. Off they go to live together in Janus Rock, a secluded island off the coast of Western Australia.


The film takes a good sweet time to introduce us to Tom (a taciturn, reflective Michael Fassbender) and Isabel (the lovely Alicia Vikander). There’s a compelling realism to how their relationship and perhaps the fact that the two actors fell in love on set made their chemistry even more believable. But Tom and Isabel’s seemingly blissful union doesn’t last long. They’re driven to the point of despair after Isabel’s miscarriages, happening one after another. The two main actors convey the heartbreak believably, especially Isabel who was such a innocent, happy-go-lucky sweet girl when she first met Tom. Filmmaker Derek Cianfrance seems to have set up the long buildup to illustrate the mental state of the characters and so even though it was a s-l-o-w process, it didn’t feel tedious, at least to me.


There’s something so ethereal yet mysterious about the setting at Janus Rock, the long lingering shots of the ocean and those big waves hit the rocks seem to hint of something ominous that’s about to happen. Sure enough, one day a rowboat carrying a baby and a lifeless man is adrift. Isabel sees it as a gift to their family, that the baby is hers to keep. Tom on the other hand, feels compelled to do the right thing. The moment the two contemplate this decision is quite heart-wrenching to behold. You know these characters are making a terrible decision that will haunt them in the end. At times I sympathize with them given what they’ve gone through, but towards the end it was quite frustrating.


The emotional wallop and melodrama seems to be too much for some critics, the Rotten Tomatoes consensus says that it ‘… ultimately tugs on the heartstrings too often to be effective.’ I remember thinking that as I left the theater, that perhaps the film is a tad overly-manipulative, what with the decidedly somber scenery, sad faces and sad music. It made me recall a line from a Scottish rom-com where the protagonist is prone to ‘worshipping her own pain.’ I think you could say that about this film and the fact that there’s very little humor throughout, it can be overwhelming. I also feel that the scenes with the little girl seems rather trite as it didn’t feel true to me.


That said, I actually think the film is made with care and the actors are committed to their roles. I also have to mention Rachel Weisz here, who appears midway through the film in a key role. This is the first Cianfrance film I’ve seen so far, but this isn’t the first time he deals with films about intense heartbreak (i.e. Blue Valentine). I can’t form an opinion yet about his skills as a filmmaker, but I think a bit less indulgence would do this film some good. At 2 hrs 13 minutes, the film drags quite a bit and trying your patience even those who are invested in the story. I think even if you’re a fan of Fassbender or Vikander, you might just wait to rent this later. One thing for sure, I’m even more impressed with the skills of the two actors and their performance made this film well worth my time.


Have you seen ‘The Light Between Oceans’? Well what did you think?

30 thoughts on “FlixChatter Review: The Light Between Oceans (2016)

    1. Hi Alex, very true! I’m sure there are lots that we don’t know about that they somehow could keep away from the press. The amount of temptations for these folks are hundred times more than mere mortals could handle, surely.

        1. Very true! I always applaud actors who somehow manage to have a *normal* lives outside of the industry despite having done so many films w/ beautiful co-stars!!

    1. Hi Jay, thanks for that insight. It seems this is one of those common cases where the book is better than the film. But yes, the film could double as a travel video for Janus Island!

  1. I’ll be honest, this premise and trailer didn’t spark my attention at all, but the real-life romance has me hooked! I don’t know if this one has hit theaters here yet…if it has…it left quite quickly.

    1. Hi Courtney, I had no idea about their romance until I saw the film. I heard rumors about ’em but I thought it was just gossip. Yeah it’s possible it was only in theaters very briefly.

        1. Ahah you’re too funny Margaret! Well I don’t know these people in real life so I wouldn’t know, they seem to have good chemistry in the film though.

  2. I am not a fan of this director. Blue Valentine while a good movie has such an infuriating main female character I’ll never see it again and it mostly relies on the performances. That Pines movie I haven’t even finished because it bored me so much. I’ll probably see this for Fassbender and Weisz, not surprised to read it’s the performances that carry it

    1. Hi Margaret! I haven’t seen Cianfrance’s other works but not really interested in them. Blue Valentine seems so depressing to me. Fassy is very good here though, he’s worth a watch. Weisz is a bit underused but she’s always watchable.

  3. I love Cianfrance’s Blue Valentine and The Place beyond the Pines, but I doubt this one will be as compelling as them. Critics seem to be less contented with this and I wonder why. Melodramatic they said, but isn’t Blue Valentine a melodrama as well? Still need to watch it later to prove it, though.

    1. Hi Paskalis! If you like CIanfrance’s previous two films then perhaps you’d enjoy this one. It’s still a pretty good film w/ terrific performances.

    1. Ahah, fair enough Jordan. It’s too melodramatic than it needs to be, despite the compelling story. The performances and scenery are beautiful though, naturally, it was shot in Australia 🙂

      1. oh damn you now I’m thinking of seeing it, just cos it was filmed down here! Hehe, many films like to film here and especially in NZ… we have some great scenery, just very different from most of the rest of the world. No mountains or anything

        1. Ahah, well I still think it’s worth seeing. The film is so beautifully-shot it could practically double as a travel video for Australia! Oh speaking of your part of the world, I’ll be seeing The Dressmaker tomorrow, so excited. As you know I’m not a fan of pretty boy Liam Hemsworth but I love Kate Winslet and Sam Neill!

          Btw, I finished my review of Captain Fantastic that I’ll post next week 😉

            1. I’ll ping you when it’s up, Jordan 😉 Glad to hear you enjoyed The Dressmaker! See, there ARE movies that are released in Australia first long before we get it in the US, he..he.. 😀

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