Weekend Roundup: ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ (2016), ’13’ (2010), ‘Toy Story 3’ (2010)


How was your weekend everyone? It was a glorious day on Saturday so hubby and I went for walks at two different lakes, Lake Nokomis and Lake Minnetonka. Weather is absolutely glorious it’d be a crime to spend time indoors.

I did manage to see a new movie this weekend, The Secret Life of Pets, I should have my review of it up later this week. I also re-watched Toy Story 3 and was blown away by how good and emotionally-compelling it was. It’s definitely much more than just a fun, feel-good kids movie. The Toy Story trilogy still reign supreme as the best animated movies ever, it won’t be a hyperbole to call it Pixar’s masterpiece.

I’m happy to report that I’m finally done with ALL of my dahling Sam Riley‘s filmography!! I watched the thriller ‘13‘ on Thursday night, which is actually a remake of a Georgian film by the same director, Géla Babluani. I’ve mentioned that movie and posted a trailer on this post. I probably won’t review it fully, as I’d rather write about Sam’s other films.

I can see why this film was panned by critics, it kind of wasted the talented cast, though it’s still amusing to see the likes of Michael Shannon, Mickey Rourke, Ray Winstone and Jason Staham in it. Hey it even had the new Tarzan Alexander Skarsgård in it, but most of their roles are pretty small. As the protagonist, Sam held his own against the more experienced cast. His American accent is believable and I totally buy him as a blue collar worker from Ohio! 🙂 The movie was the most intense during the Russian roulette game, and Sam was the heart of the movie as a money-stricken young man who had no idea what he’s got himself into.

Having seen ALL of Sam’s films now, I’m even more dismayed that his career didn’t go as far as it could’ve been. He’s so freakin’ talented with such screen presence and intensity. The movie wouldn’t have been worth watching for me if it weren’t for Sam.

Ok, my obsession with Richard III continues. I’ve finished Josephine Tey’s The Daughter of Time and now reading Paul Murray Kendall’s Richard The Third which came highly recommended from Philippa Langley, the lady who found the King in the car park back in 2012. So this weekend I watched a couple of Tower of London documentaries, which is a fascinating castle that holds soooo many secrets. The more I read about King Richard though, the more I’m convinced that him being depicted as the killer of the Princes in the Tower is a blatant Tudor propaganda.

This week I’ll be going to the Ghostbusters and Captain Fantastic. I’m more curious than excited about the first, but I have been looking forward to the latter since it premiered at Sundance. Can’t go wrong with Viggo Mortensen in a quirky drama.

So that’s my weekend recap. What did YOU watch this weekend, anything good?

17 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ (2016), ’13’ (2010), ‘Toy Story 3’ (2010)

  1. Since I’m heading to San Francisco later this week, I’ve just been finishing up projects at work all weekend. I did rent Star Wars Force Awakens and watched it last night, still entertaining but I wish it’s more edgy than just another throwback to the original film. I then caught up on Jessica Jones, started watching it a few weeks ago. Not as good as DareDevil but it ended with a very satisfying last episode of the season. Kilgrave was basically an evil version of Prof. Xavier, lol.

    Did you guys go to Lord Fletcher’s on Lake Minnetonka? I used to work there when I was in high school, I haven’t been to that area in years. Lake Minnetonka’s my old hood. Ha ha!

    1. Have fun in SF, Ted! Glad you caught up on Jessica Jones. Yeah, not as good as Daredevil but still a worthy series. Ahah, yep very true about Kilgrave! I thought the casting of David Tennant was inspired though.

      No I didn’t eat at Lake Mtka, we only went for a walk and Ivan took some pics. Ahah, your old ‘hood is so posh! 😉

  2. Howdy Ruth! Anxious to read your Pets review. We are going to see my it tomorrow. Over the weekend I caught up with The Purge: Election Year and Tarzan. Knocked out those reviews and then played catchup at home. Watched my BlindSpot film as well as the highly acclaimed The Witch.

    1. Hi Keith! My ‘Pets’ review should have that up in a day or so. I don’t think I’ll be seeing The Purge movie anytime soon, not really my thing. But we are pretty much in agreement about Tarzan. Boy I’m really behind on BlindSpot, we’ll see if I’ll get around to finishing my list.

  3. Let’s see, I saw Southpaw (it was OK), a re-watch of From Russia with Love, Waking Sleeping Beauty (it was excellent), and Ted 2 (it was alright but funny).

    1. Hey, did my ‘Casino Royale’ review made you watch ‘From Russia with Love?’ 😉 I’m not sure what ‘Waking Sleeping Beauty’ is about, I gotta look that up.

      1. Actually, it was on TV while I was cleaning the house and was watching it for most of the time while cleaning. Waking Sleeping Beauty is about the period in Disney Animation that would lead to the Disney Renaissance.

        1. Ah, the beauty of having cable! I know that Bond movies was playing on TBS all the time when I used to still have cable. Ahhh yes, I remember what ‘Waking Sleeping Beauty’ was about now, I must see that one as I LOVE Sleeping Beauty, one of my all time fave Disney cannon!

    1. Hi Jenny, welcome to FC! The Secret Life of Pets pretty good! Just not what you’d expect though in regards to the plot. I should have my review up by end of this week.

  4. That last scene in Toy Story 3 knocks me on my ass every time. You know, I don’t think I watched a single movie last weekend. Just watched some Arrested Development instead.

    1. Oh yeah, the incarceration scene, OMG. I was bawling by the end, just like the first time I saw it. And the moment all the toys are together in Bonnie’s home, it’s such an emotionally-charged scene. I wonder if the ‘Arrested Development’ is still happening? That’ll be fun to watch I reckon.

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