Weekend Viewing Roundup + RIP Anton Yelchin (1989 – 2016)

It ends up being quite a somber Sunday. My hubby and I went to brunch and when I came home and checked Twitter, I was shocked to see tweets that actor Anton Yelchin had died! I couldn’t believe it. He was [was!! I’m not even prepared to refer to him in past tense] only 27 years old and learning about the freak accident that cause of his death is even more heartbreaking. Yet another reminder just how fragile life truly is.

Back in September 2011, Anton and filmmaker Drake Doremus were in town to screen their Sundance darling, the romantic drama Like Crazy. I went up to meet them at their hotel (Graves 501 which is now Loews) and they both were very friendly. I had seen Anton as Chekov in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot two years prior, which was a completely different role for Anton.

Anton_Drake_LikeCrazy_TCFFpanel Me_Anton

I could tell Anton was more reserved and shy, compared to the more vivacious and talkative Drake. It’s such a privilege to chat with such talented artists, and I still regard it as one of my favorite celebrity interviews.

Like Crazy was certainly one of the best films I saw that year, thanks to Anton’s and Felicity Jones’ performances. It’s an intimate & sincere look at long distance love story. It’s the anti rom-com as it strips all the romantic clichés and the chemistry of the two leads feels genuinely authentic. I should watch more of his work, but as of right now, that is the role I’ll always remember him for.

Though I haven’t seen a ton of his films, it’s obvious Anton was a brilliant and versatile actor… somehow able to balance big blockbusters and indie films. What a tragic loss for film fans.

RIP Anton, you are already sorely missed.

As for this weekend, I didn’t go to the cinema at all but I did catch up with a couple of recent films I missed: Zootopia and Concussion.

Zootopia was fantastic, definitely one of the best Disney’s animated movies and I’d say one of the best films of the year! As for Concussion, I think it was pretty good though too formulaic to be truly memorable.


Will Smith’s performance is good but not so spectacular that it deserved a nomination. I might review both at some point, but for now, I’d say I’d recommend both. If you haven’t seen Zootopia yet, that’s one not to be missed!

Well, that’s my weekend recap folks. What did you see, anything good?


40 thoughts on “Weekend Viewing Roundup + RIP Anton Yelchin (1989 – 2016)

  1. Hi, Ruth! Hadn’t been here in a looong time! I’d missed ya!

    It’s so sad about Yelchin. I was so shocked when I read the news. So young and in such tragic circumstances 😦

    1. Hi Fernando! I’ve missed you too, hope all is well with you. Do you still work for the radio station?

      Yes it’s just so sad. It reminds me just how fragile life truly is. You never know when your last day will be :\

      1. It’s all good. Not at the radio station anymore. Workung someplace else, but still in news 🙂

        Was on a break from a shopping trip yesterday when I found out about Anton and still can’t believe it. Life is so fragile. Hope his family os doing not that terrible.

    1. I know!! He’s fantastic as Chekov, and he himself is Russian. I just can’t imagine the grief of his parents, Anton’s apparently their only child 😦

  2. Yeah that was such a freak accident that could have happened to anyone, Yelchin’s definitely gone way too early. I remember that weekend when he’s here for the TCFF, I walked past him in a bar at the Icon theater and he did look shy and not like other young actors. I wanted to see his latest movie The Green Room but I couldn’t find a theater near me when it’s playing in theaters, so I’ll just rent it on Bluray.

    I didn’t go see any new movies at a theater either but I did watch a few movies at home since I now have a projector. Watched San Andreas starring The Rock and enjoyed the heck out of it! The Dolby Atmos sound on that disc gave my home theater a good workout. Then watched Mission: Impossible 5, haven’t seen it since last summer, it’s still a lot of fun and loved the Atmos sound. Then I watched Spectre, still enjoy it despite its flaws and there lots of them. But if it’s indeed the last film of Craig as 007 then I thought it went out okay, should’ve been much better of course.

    1. Hey Ted! Well it sounds like it might’ve been a malfunction on his Jeep’s shifting transmission that made it look like it was on Park when it’s actually on Neutral. Can you imagine the devastation on his family? It’s always the good ones who die young 😦

      I might rent San Andreas as I do like The Rock. I might rent Central Intelligence too as I find Kevin Hart hilarious! I think w/ comedians it’s a hit and miss but that guy is just funny, like a diminutive firecracker. I LOVE MI5 and I love Rebecca Ferguson in The White Queen as well that I just finished.

      1. I’ll lend you San Andreas, I got it cheap from Best Buy last fall; it’s on sale and I think I bought it for only $13. I think you asked me if I wanted to see it at a press screening last summer but I thought it looked awful from the trailers and declined. Boy I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I’m going back to San Francisco next month and it’s kind of fun and scary seeing that city being destroy in the movie, lol.

  3. I’m really shocked that about Yelchin’s passing. Just as he was already making a name for himself while putting out the kind of performances that actors around his age group, who are given opportunities that they don’t deserve, that they wish they could do. Like Crazy is my favorite performance of his as I also enjoyed his work in Alpha Dog, Hearts of Atlantis, Fierce People, Star Trek, and Only Lovers Left Alive. It was clear he was going place and it’s a shame that he’s gone just like that. In all seriousness, fuck 2016.

    I only saw 3 films this weekend. A re-watch in Hot Rod and 2 first-timers in Chico & Rita and just now, Gertrud.

    1. Hi Steven! Totally agree that Yelchin is a terrific character actor who can disappear into any role. It’s like he’s wise beyond his years. Like Crazy is such a good film, I definitely want to check out more of his work. He’s also good in The Beaver even in a small role.

      Read your review of Chico & Rita, I gotta see that one soon!

  4. Sad news!

    I had an ok weekend. Rewatched Independence Day yesterday in preparation for the new movie which I’ll see tomorrow. Also went to the cinema to see Central Intelligence, which was pretty entertaining.

    1. It is indeed.

      I was hoping to go to the screening of the new Independence Day, but the timing isn’t gonna work for me. If it’s good then I might see it on the big screen, otherwise a rental.

    1. Hi Allie! Anton seems so beloved by many, it’s very sad indeed.

      Zootopia is soooo good! I should have my review up later this week.

  5. So sad to hear the tragic news about Anton Yelchin, as a huge Star Trek fan I really enjoyed his fun portrayal of Chekov in the new movies. There’ll be a twinge of saddness when I go to see Star Trek Beyond next month.

  6. Recapping the weekend, Central Intelligence was what it was, Finding Dory was solid, but Anton Yelchin was tragic. We watched the Fright Night remake on Saturday night, enjoyed it immensely,and thought highly of Yelchin in talking about it afterwards. Then Sunday morning saw the news and felt like I was punched in the stomach. Sympathies to the family, but also to all the fans out there who connect on an emotional level with actors they never meet but still take to.

    1. Hi Richard! Cool that you saw two new releases this weekend!

      Wow you had just watched his movie the night before? That must be so strange to learn of his passing the following day. RIP Anton.

  7. 😦 It was so sad to hear about Yelchin, I have always thoroughly enjoyed his work. Such a loss, really.

    As for this weekend? Watched The Originals and Desperate Housewives, didn’t get to too much, busy busy.

    1. The more I hear about the cause of death the sadder I get. It’s just so tragic.

      I didn’t know you’re into Desperate Housewives 😉 I heard it’s funny though, but I don’t know why I never got into it. I finally finished The White Queen, I just love period dramas!

      1. 😦 Really horrible.

        Lol I have a MAJOR Desperate Housewives addiction – I don’t know how many times I have watched it already, and I will watch it many more times to come, too. Got the hubby to watch this time with me, and even he quite enjoyed it. The show is hilarious, yet it manages to balance comedy and drama really well.

        And? You enjoyed all of it? 🙂

  8. Great post. R.I.P. Anton – such a sad loss. : ( I’ve enjoyed all his performances that I’ve seen, especially Charlie Bartlett. That’s amazing that you met him & a lovely photo!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad I got to meet and talked to him. He’s such a talented actor for being so young. Another young actor I’ve met who’s also a great character actor is Paul Dano.

        1. I was fortunate enough to attend Ruby Sparks’ screening that Paul attended. His co-star and girlfriend Zoe Kazan was there as well.

  9. I’m not very familiar with Anton Yelchin, but you pay him a fitting tribute Ruth. As you say, you can only imagine the devastation his family must be feeling.

    1. Hi Paul! Even though I had met him, I’ve only seen 3 films of his so I’m not hugely familiar w/ him either. But he was a good actor and his sudden death was indeed devastating.

  10. I cannot believe you got to interview Anton! What a fascinating moment, especially during the Like Crazy days???? Like Crazy tore me up…such a great movie and performance by both actors.

    1. Yeah that was really cool. He’s very shy but you could tell even then he’s a talented and committed actor. Like Crazy was a heartfelt love story, wish there were more films like that being made.

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