Question of the week – Which movie/tv genre(s) have you decided to stop watching?

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Happy weekend all! I haven’t done this question-of-the-week post in a looong time. Well, my pal Ted sent me an email about this topic and I thought it’d be a good one to pose to all you fine movie lovers out there. I’m hoping this would be an interesting discussion point as we’d all have different answers to this question.

So let’s start w/ Ted’s thoughts on the matter…

I constantly hear or read people complaining about certain movie genre that they’re tired of seeing and promise they would stop watching that certain genre from now on. Of course the genre I’m referring is superhero and there are some people who said they’re sick of seeing these larger than life characters hitting the big screens every other months or so. Personally I love this genre and will keep watching it until it dies out, but I hope/wish studios would churn out more quality products in the upcoming months/years.

The genre that I actually quit watching is horror. I used to love this genre, when I was younger I would watch all of the Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and tons of other horror films during Halloween month and would always go see any new horror film opening each weekend. But as I got older and the introduction of torture porn in the late 90s and 2000s, I was turned off by the countless gore and torture scenes. I don’t see any entertaining value in watching someone gets their hands or legs cut off or just torture in the most painful way possible. Now I do love The Walking Dead TV show but the show is more about human dramas dealing with post apocalyptic world than just zombies tearing into people’s fresh.


Another genre I quit watching, well it’s not really a genre but I hardly pay attention to independent films anymore. When I was a young inspiring filmmaker, I would attend indie film festivals all over the country, been to Sundance a couple of times. But as the years gone by, I found that many of these so-called “indie” films to be more pretentious and just plain bad. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great indie films that were made within the last several years but I don’t want to waste my time sitting through crappy low budget films just to find one or two good ones.

And here’s two cents…

Well, in response to Ted’s comments, I’ve never been a fan of horror films. Of course there are exceptions, in fact I’m still curious about The Babadook as I heard it’s more of a psycho horror than a violent, bloody genre film. I completely agree w/ Ted that I have no stomach for gore and torture and I really think that far more often than not, it is absolutely gratuitous.

But in terms of indie films, given that I’ve been on an indie kick this past month thanks to MSPIFF and other press screenings, that’s one genre I’ll never get tired of. In fact, just this week alone I saw a couple of indie gems on the big screen!

I think just like big budget films, there are as many bad apples as there are good ones. But with indie films, even if it wasn’t successful, they seem to be more character and story driven than big-budget ones. Even if they’re not perfect, I’d still get something out of most indie films I watch, whilst that’s not the case on bad big-budget movies.

I’d say that the genre I’m not as keen on watching anymore is the one a lot of people might share… and that is comic-book movies! Now, I used to LOVE comic-book movies, I mean one of the first Hollywood movies I saw as a kid was Superman: The Movie, and there have been countless of them since that I enjoyed. But lately I’m just tired of ’em that I can’t even watch the trailers anymore. As with anything, an excessive amount of anything is never a good thing. Alas, this is one genre that seems to be impervious to critics and box office numbers. Yes, I’m still excited for Captain America: Civil War next week because I LOVE the first two films. But I’m not really that excited to see X-Men: Apocalypse or Suicide Squad later this year.


I don’t even know if I’ll see those on the big screen to be honest, the press screening for Apocalypse has been scheduled but I’ve passed on it. I don’t even pay attention to Marvel Phase 3 movies and whatever schedule DC’s got cooking to counter that (apart from Wonder Woman that is, for obvious reasons). I’m also sick of those endless cash-grabs that gargantuan studios *cough* Disney *cough* keep churning out, i.e. Maleficent 2 (???!??!) I sincerely hope my darling Sam Riley would say no to playing Diaval again in this pointless sequel, as much as I enjoy watching him in all the hilarious promo interviews!

So what about you folks? Is there a movie genre(s) that you’ve decided to quit watching?

53 thoughts on “Question of the week – Which movie/tv genre(s) have you decided to stop watching?

    1. Right on Cindy! But I take it you’re still up for indie films right? That’s one genre I’ll never tire of and will always support indie filmmakers.

  1. Another genre that I hardly pay attention to but still watches when they’re on TV is comedy. I don’t even remember the last good comedy that I saw, most of them are just crude humors that gets tiresome real fast.

    BTW Ruth, if you’re not going to the press screening of X-Men Apocalypse, I’d gladly go see it in your place. 🙂

    1. Ted, I’m with you on American TV comedies. Especially anything Chuck Lorre touches. British comedies (some now off the air) and so much better in my mind. The IT Crowd , Peep Show, Spaced, The Office UK, Dr. Marenghi’s Darkplace, Toast Of London, Uncle, etc.

      1. Hey Dave, I’m ashamed to admit it but I enjoy watching Two and Half Men, there’s something about that show that cracks me up. LOL. I never watch any of those shows you mentioned but I remember enjoying Ricky Gervius’ Extras a few years back.

  2. Hey Ruth, longtime no see. Just been unmotivated. Blah.

    The Superhero genre. Unless a superhero movie gets well reviewed I gotta pass. That said I loved Deadpool. Couldn’t get through the last Avengers movie. I have some passing interest in Civil War, Suicide Squad and the X-Men movie but mostly they’re wait and see. As far as superhero TV goes I liked Daredevil, really liked Jessica Jones and am curious about The Punisher and Luke Cage. The Flash, Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’ve stopped watching. Supergirl was a big time pass for me.

    Hard to believe me saying this but I can’t take Terence Malick anymore. After The New World (The Thin Red Line is one of my favorite movies) his films have lost their shine for me. His films used to be an event, the pinnacle of great filmmaking, not unlike Kubrick’s films. Both singular filmmakers to be sure but Malick’s films have devolved into incoherent messes. Pretty to look at with wonderful music but boring as hell and I’ll say it… pretentious… even for an artsy indie film lover like me.

    Lastly comedies in general. Spy, Deadpool, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Bridesmaids (and that was in 2011) are the last films I can remember laughing out loud at. Mostly I get my laughs from TV. Always Sunny In Philadelphia, VEEP, Curb Your Enthusiasm (hopefully Larry David will give us one more season) and Trailer Park Boys (on Netflix). Also hopefully Arrested Development can get back to form after shooting around everyone’s busy schedule to piece season 4 together on Netflix.

    1. Hey ya Dave! Always glad to see you stop by!

      I like Deadpool too, more than I thought, but apart from a few good ones (Daredevil and Jessica Jones), and as I’ve mentioned Civil War, I really have no interest left in superhero movies. I stopped watching SHIELD and The Flash after a few episode and season 1 respectively, can’t be bothered w/ Arrow as that main guy can’t act his way out of a paper bag and Supergirl looks so lame.

      Hey did you see Malick’s latest Knight of Cups? Oh my that was a total bore. I couldn’t even bring myself to review it, and really there’s not much there to review as the movie had no script! It played out like a music video or visual poetry that should’ve only been 15 min long, tops!

      Spy made me laugh too, but the last movie that had me in stitches was What We Do in the Shadows. Man you should check it out, it’s a mockumentary on vampires out of New Zealand and it’s hysterical! As you know, I don’t have much tv (close to not at all) 🙂

      1. daveackackattack

        OMG I totally forgot about WWDITS and that was the funniest of them all. Can’t wait for the sequel “We’re Wolves”. That should mean more Rhys Darby who just cracks me up.

        I have Knight of Cups and just can’t bring myself to watch it.

        Arrow had the worst wigs in those flashbacks. Horrendous. LOL.

    2. I’m with you about Malick, I used to get excited every to see his new films but it seems he doesn’t care about telling coherent stories anymore and just shoots some pretentious crap with actors walking around like zombies. I almost turn off To The Wonder and I don’t know if I want to sit through Knight of Cups. Maybe he’s losing his mojo now that he’s older. The Thin Red Line, Badlands and Days of Heaven are some of my favorite films of all time and I thought The New World was great, looking forward to buying the Criterion director’s cut version this summer!

      1. I haven’t sworn off Malick just yet, still curious to see his next one which also stars Christian Bale. Ahah, well Bale pretty much walked around like a zombie in Knight of Cups Ted, so yeah avoid that one.

  3. Don’t you think your lack of enthusiasm with superhero movies has something to do with getting older? I know this is the case for me(I’m 35). While Marvel movies can be watched by anyone I think they do favour the younger audience.

    1. Ahah yeah that might’ve had something to do w/ it. I’m 6 yrs older than you so I guess that genre wears me out a little (well a lot), with a couple of exceptions. I think I appreciate indie films a lot more as well as I get older.

  4. I quit watching horror movies awhile ago. I was all about them from elementary school through high school, but they no longer capture my interest. I found them silly not scary. I’d also add superhero movies to the list, but in all honesty, I never started watching them, so I can’t say that I ever decided to stop, lol.

    1. Hello Tiff! I didn’t know you’re into horror movies before. Well, I know one genre we both will never tire of right? 😉 Btw, Love & Friendship was delightful, it’s the most mischievous Jane Austen movie where the protagonist is quite naughty. Oh and the costumes are absolutely gorgeous. I think you’ll enjoy it!

  5. Despite the quality of films from the MCU, I do get tired with superhero films as they do become parody. One genre that I’m really hoping would go is the Young Adult genre. I’m tired of that shit. Thanks a lot Twilight. I really hate rom-coms nowadays. It always follow the same fucking formula with the same fucking people with the same fucking situations and in the same fucking city and with same fucking soundtracks and with the same fucking trailers!

    1. Ahah, your comment is such a hoot Steven! I totally agree w/ YA movies but I was never into it to begin with, the only one I enjoyed was the first two Hunger Games, that’s it. Twilight is a joke! Yeah, most rom-coms are so contrived and formulaic, it’s rare to find good ones, usually European indie ones are pretty good, but even so it’s tough to find one that’s truly original.

  6. I agree with you on comic book movies, and I’ve been there for some time. I still haven’t seen any of the recent Spider-Man movies, haven’t bothered with anything past Superman Returns in that series, still haven’t seen the latest crop of X-Men films, or Ant-Man, or Deadpool and I can’t work up any enthusiasm for them. It took me a good year to see Age of Ultron and I think I’m one-and-done with that.

    There are one or two in the future that might be interesting, but I’m pretty much over them.

    I love horror movies, by the way, but I’m very selective. You have to look for the good ones, pay attention to reviews, and get recommendations.

    1. Hi SJ, it seems we share our fatigue w/ comic book movies. Antman and Deadpool were good but I thought Age of Ultron was so forgettable. I sure hope Civil War will be a huge improvement. I think some indie horror movies might be better than bigger budget ones, esp sequels.

  7. I can’t say that I’ve stopped watching a particular movie genre. There are some genres that I haven’t seen in a while but I’m might watch them still. I used to enjoy watching sitcoms then I noticed I haven’t followed any in a long time. I watched one episode of Fuller House and it was weird hearing a laugh track. I do watch comedies like most recently Master of None, but it’s not a sitcom.

    1. Hi there Eddie! Very true about sitcoms, I used to watch Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, etc but now I don’t watch any of them. The laugh track is an odd thing now that I think about it.

    1. Hi Mark, that’s the thing w/ Hollywood, they’ll try to milk ANYTHING to the point of complete nausea. Alas the superhero genre is here to stay.

  8. Brittani

    I don’t have a genre out there that I quit watching, mostly because I’ll watch anything if it looks good enough. Funny you bring up The Walking Dead, that’s a show I SHOULD quit because it made me so angry last season but I’m way to invested in some of the characters to do so. Legit feel bad for my Twitter followers that had to listen to me bitch so much about it last season. lol

    1. Ahah yeah I think TWD’s fan reactions are quite um, vocal on Twitter. Even though I don’t watch the show sometimes I’d read them just out of curiosity.

    2. I agree with you about The Walking Dead this past season, I was so frustrated with most of the episodes, some of the characters’ motivations just didn’t make sense. They should fire all of the writers and hire new ones for this upcoming season.

    1. Well normally I’d agree w/ you Michael, but I had so much fun watching Pride + Prejudice + Zombies 🙂 But maybe more because of how faithful it was to the Jane Austen text, so my fave bits are still the romance between Elizabeth & Darcy. In general I’m not into zombie flicks at all.

    2. You know Michael I felt that way a years back about zombie movies but then I saw 28 Days Later and fell in love with it. Of course now I can’t get enough of The Walking Dead and many of the zombie flicks.

      1. Certainly, ’28 Days Later’ did similar to me, too. And I have to say ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Zombieland’ are some of my favorite comedy-horror hybrids of all-time. Heck, I even got a kick out of ‘World War Z’ (even with its iffy CGI scenes). The good stuff always shines through, and it will bring me back to see them. It’s just the amount of zombie material out there is causing my enthusiasm to wane. Much like the comic book superhero genre might be overly inundating many viewers (like Cindy) and studios may eventually kill the golden goose by doing just that. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

    1. Hi Alex! Which bad tv shows are you watching now? I have to admit I was addicted to this CBS vampire show ‘Moonlight’ a few years back. It’s not a good series in terms of writing but it was so darn addictive!

    1. Ahah yeah, romcoms are almost always terrible! The British ones are far more tolerable though, my faves are usually set in the UK.

    1. Civil War is actually the only one I’m still looking forward to (seeing it tomorrow night!) But I’m not nearly as excited as I once was. No interest in X-Men Apocalypse and Suicide Squad later this year, though I probably end up seeing it at some point.

  9. Think the horror film genre has just got flooded with some absolutely abysmal, typical shitty horror films that it’s no wonder, Ted, that you’ve grown tired of it. BUT there have been some fantastic horror films that have come out of late – It Follows, The Conjuring, Cabin in the Woods, the weirdly entertaining The Last Girls and reaching a bit further back, Spanish zombie flick [REC]. It’s just a genre that’s so packed with crap, it takes a bit of work and luck to find some gems.

    Ruth – right there with you – suffering serious comic book film fatigue. I mean, I’m enjoying Daredevil on TV, and with each comic book film that comes out, I enjoy watching it. But they no longer excite me like they once did. The stories are now so intertwined (especially within the Marvel universe) if you miss one film or TV series, you’re likely to miss one fantastically amazing in-joke. I mean that’s great, because that’s exactly what the comics are about… they’re all so … twisted into one another. And they did say that comic book nerds would inherit the Earth, but give me an original script over all the comic book films.

    Maybe the comic book genre is to this decade as what the over the top stupid action film was to the 80s.

    1. Hello Jaina! I enjoyed Daredevil too, and last night saw Civil War and enjoyed that too, but I’m definitely not as excited about the genre as I once was. That’s why it felt so good to watch a whole bunch of indie movies last month, they’re as far away from superhero movies as they could get. As great as certain films are, I think it’s really at the saturation point that it’s tough to get really excited about them anymore.

      1. Definitely at saturation point but as long as these films put butts in seats and fill up the box office, I can’t see it dying down any time soon. I fear I’ll begin to feel the same way with Star Wars considering their epic film production and release plan.

        1. OMG yes, I’m getting tired of SW too. Funny given today is SW day (May 4th) and boy the growing fandom is really too much! Of course Disney bought it so they’re gonna be even more ubiquitous than it ever was!

          1. Yep! Disney are raking it in. I don’t doubt we’ll see something live action and Star Wars related on the small screen in no time.

            1. Man, I hope they just stay on the big screen! I suppose there’s nothing stopping them from teaming up w/ Netflix, Amazon, etc to create SW-related series, I just can’t imagine watching even more of those. Yikes!

    2. Hi Jaina, yeah I know there are some good horror films out there but I hardly pay attention to the genre anymore so I tend miss the good ones. But I did enjoyed Cabin in the Woods, not a fan of found footage so I’m not interested in the REC series. I heard good things about It Follows, haven’t seen The Conjuring yet. I do want to check out The Witch though, that looks creepy!

      1. I’m not usually a huge fan of found footage, but REC does the genre a massive favour. And it’s a great zombie film to boot.

  10. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth and Ted:

    I’ve been burnt out on Super Hero films for awhile. Really liked Jon Favreau’s ‘Iron Man’, because he got as much right as possible from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s original idea. And Robert Downey Jr. is made to play Tony Stark.

    Same with Joss Whedon’s ‘The Avengers’. Nailing the team members’ ego and incompatibility until the need arose. Along with a formidable Loki and wonderfully rendered Jack Kirby aliens and weaponry. Beyond those films, I’m confused with newer, weirder plot lines.

    Comedies aren’t funny. Romantic Comedies are worse. I’ve grown sick of Oliver Stone trying to rewrite and re portray history since ‘Platoon’. In regard to Zombies, There’s George Romero’s 1960s ‘Night of The Living Dead’. And nothing else.

    There hasn’t been a decent Political Thriller since ‘The Parallax View’ and ‘Three Days of The Condor’. While the writing for most film and television fare has been lazily dumbed down to the point of losing interest within the first twenty minutes.

    Securing my Soap Box.

    Carry on.

    1. Ahah, vent away Kevin! Rom-coms are a tricky genre to pull off, good ones are a rarity. Same w/ political thrillers I think, though I am excited for the BBC adaptation of SS-GB which is more of an espionage thriller set in an alternate universe if the Nazi had won the war. I guess I’m still excited for that genre compared to others.

  11. I can certainly stomach a zombie/horror film every now and again, but (like most people) I’m pretty burned out with super hero flicks. However, the anti-hero theme (Guardians, Suicide Squad) is growing on me. Great post!

    1. Yeah I think a clever twist of the genre is so welcome! But still it’s tough to pull off. Guardians did a nice job, let’s hope Suicide Squad does too.

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