Throwback Tuesday: Reminiscing on great scenes from my fave Batman & Superman films of all time


Well, it’s been over a month since my last Throwback Tuesday post and today is just the perfect March edition. Later today is the press screening of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and though I actually had been rather blasé about the movie the past year, now that the day is almost here for me to see it, I can’t help feeling slightly more excited for it. After all, I have always been a fan of both DC characters, especially Superman.

I was actually planning on seeing Superman: The Movie or Superman II this past weekend, but of course it’s sidelined by Marvel’s Daredevil season 2. Yes, the irony isn’t lost on me 😉 In any case, I did watch clips of some of my favorite scenes from the definitive Superman AND Batman movies. For me, the BEST Superman films are still the Christopher Reeve versions, most specifically the first two movies.

So allow me to walk down memory lane with me in anticipation of yet another cinematic adaptation of two of the biggest superheroes…

Superman I

This chopper rescue scene could very well be the scene I’ve seen the most time in my life, given my undying love for the movie since I was a wee girl. That John Williams‘ theme song never fails to make me tear up, perfectly timed when Supes catches the chopper midair.


“You’ve got me? Who’s got you?”

No matter how many superhero movies have been made since, nothing can touch this one. Not a single thing.

I simply had to include a flying sequence. The song once again is just lovely, and though it’s a romantic scene, it doesn’t feel at all corny, at least not to me. I don’t think any actor could ever top what Christopher Reeve did with the role of Superman. And Margot Kidder is still an iconic Lois Lane in her own right.

Superman II

“General, would you care to step outside?” That line is still awesome, which of course followed by Zod’s famous line “Kneel before Zod!” The flying sequences are still pretty cool, I mean yes the SFX has obviously improved since then but I still love the Metropolis scenery from above as Supes fight Zod & his two minions.

I remember people were all upset when Supes broke Zod’s neck in Man of Steel. Ok so it wasn’t quite as brutal, but Supes did kill Zod in Richard Donner‘s version too, and he didn’t seem all that remorseful. In any case, Terrence Stamp‘s expression as Supes crushes his hand is just priceless!


As for Batman, it’s got to be the Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight trilogy. Even if I end up liking what Ben Affleck brings to the role of Batman, but I think in terms of the cinematic adaptation itself, Nolan’s versions is really tough to beat.

Batman Begins

Just like that chopper rescue scene in Superman, it’s the right combination of visuals and score that makes for an absolutely perfect and unforgettable scene. This is the first time Bruce Wayne discovers the ‘symbol’ he later chooses to become, and the scene always gives me goosebumps! So beautifully shot and “It’s time my enemy shares my dread.”

Now, I know this scene doesn’t exactly show the heroics of the caped crusader, but that’s just it. It’s a lighthearted moment that gives us a bit of rest from all the dark stuff our hero is going through. And who doesn’t love that practically orgasmic look on Bruce Wayne’s face as he quipped, ‘does it come in black?’

The Dark Knight

I have dedicated a post for this interrogation scene, as it showcased such tremendous acting from both Christian Bale and Heath Ledger. It’s one of those rare superhero film that can be considered a masterpiece but I don’t think it’d be a hyperbole to consider The Dark Knight as one, and Ledger’s post-humous Oscar is absolutely well-deserved.

There are many many great action scenes in the Dark Knight trilogy but I think THIS one is the best and most feverishly entertaining sequence. Batman’s got such awesome rides and he sure knows how to use it! I get so giddy watching his cape billowing in the air as he rides that bat-pod and that spectacular wall flip after he er, flipped Joker’s truck, it’s nothing short of epic!! It was quite a feat to pull off technically but my gosh was it well worth it as we can appreciate it for years to come!

The Dark Knight Rises

Just like James Bond, Bruce Wayne’s got some awesome gadgets and in this Batman vs Gotham Police scene, he’s certainly got the upper hand. The moment the BatPlane came out of that alley was pure geekgasm stuff! I also love that the whole time Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) was in the car w/ Deputy commissioner Foley, he’s defending Batman.

The first mano a mano between Batman and Bane is definitely a highlight. It sent me chills down my spine when Bane said, ” I was wondering what would break first: Your spirit, or your body.” It was tough to hear Tom Hardy‘s mumbling at times but when you can make out what he’s saying, it’s pretty darn scary.

I wonder which scene(s) I’d include from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice months down the line, but I’m guessing it’d involve Wonder Woman 😉

Hope you enjoy a bit of walk down memory lane with the two DC superheroes. Which Batman & Superman scenes from past movies are YOUR favorites?

20 thoughts on “Throwback Tuesday: Reminiscing on great scenes from my fave Batman & Superman films of all time

  1. I have to say Ruth, you have exquisite taste. Superman 2 is my favourite Supes movie and I totally love Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The interrogation scene is a masterpiece and Heath Ledger completely inhabits the character. And I loved Bane, his voice was so cool, just a shame he went out like a pussy!

    1. Wahoo!! I’m thrilled you love these movies, Mikey! I remember watching Superman II so much that my uncle ended up buying me the VHS! I’m so old that at the time we still had the brick & mortar video store and I’d rent it over and over again! I think TDK can be considered a masterpiece thanks to Ledger. Bane’s voice is cool, if only I could understand half of what he said though, ahah.

    1. Oh I LOVE that one too Mark, epic intro indeed. There’s also one where he dropped from the top floor and the camera is set low so we see his bat cape fills up the screen. Great stuff!!

  2. Oh yeah I love that Superman saves Lois scene, Margot Kidder is still my favorite Lois Lane. I remember I had such a huge crush on her when I first saw the film. I know that many people considers the 2nd Superman film to be the best but I couldn’t remember much of it. I might have to watch it again soon.

    Love the Batcave and Tumbler introduction scenes too, in fact I usually play those scenes to show off my surround sound home theater system, lol. Also, I love the scene where Ducard/Ra trains Bruce how to fight on the frozen lake. I’ve watched that chase scene in The Dark Knight countless times, again to show off my home system and because I couldn’t enough of it. I remember I got goosebumps when I first saw it on the huge IMAX screen. When the Batpod was introduced, I had a huge smile on my face. Same with The Dark Knight Rises scenes, when Batman finally shows up, it’s pretty awesome to have seen it on the huge IMAX screen.

    Well hopefully Batman vs. Superman will turn out to be good but I’ll wait to read your review and others before I go see it. For sure it will sound great in Dolby Atmos!

    1. I think as much as Chris Reeve was an iconic Supes, Margot Kidder is an iconic Lois Lane too. I should do a post on her soon, she’s got such great chemistry w/ Reeve.

      That frozen lake is great too, boy there are really a ton of memorable scenes in BB. I think the whole trilogy is just superb, but I do have a soft spot for Batman Begins.

      BVS is shown at the *fake* IMAX at Southdale, hopefully the movie itself is good!!

      1. Yeah you should do a post on her! It’s too bad though that Kidder’s career never took off after the first Superman film. I read somewhere that she never plays the Hollywood game and was too honest and it’s the reason she couldn’t get more roles in other films.

        I’m going to see Batman vs. Supe at the Icon theater since it’s in Dolby Atmos. If I like it then I’ll see it again at the IMAX at the zoo; I don’t consider it a true IMAX theater there anymore because they switched to digital but the screen is still bigger than the one at the Southdale one.

    1. Oh yeah, definitely a memorable moment, but I’m choosing scenes featuring the hero in it as well 😉 Glad to hear u love Superman 2!

  3. In the first Superman, the scene where catches Lois as it’s just a great moment in film as well as doing his duty on that day where a thief tries to hit him with a crowbar and Superman was like “seriously? You gonna hit me with that?” In Superman II that moment where Superman breaks Zod’s hand.

    Ah, the Dark Knight trilogy. I do love that trilogy as the moments you mentioned are awesome while I want to express my love for Tim Burton’s 1989 version as I do think Michael Keaton did a great job. Especially in that scene where Bruce Wayne confronts the Joker where he says “Do you wanna get nuts? Come on! Let’s get nuts!”

    1. Ahah yeah that scene w/ the crowbar is hilarious. I think the Zod scene is iconic as it’s so unexpected, and Stamp’s reaction is just priceless.

      I do like Keaton’s Batman, but the movie itself is too circus-y for me.

  4. eclecticscribe66

    Although it’s just dumb and goofy, I used to get a kick out of the scene in which Jack Nicholson’s joker vandalizes the art gallery. That was definitely a lighter, fluffier Batman than Nolan’s version, and probably weaker films, but as someone who loved that awful old Batman series back in the 70s, I appreciated that. Villains who are just crazy, goofy malevolent kids.

    1. Boy I alreadt forgot much of Nicholson’s Joker. I think it was fine for the time but I’m glad we have a darker, more compelling versions from Nolan. Ledger’s Joker is so sinister but still fun to watch.

  5. I actually haven’t seen the old Superman movies *hides* I do like all the Batman ones you picked but the most iconic scene ever from any Batman movie for me is Catwoman making her costume in Batman Returns. but as for the one featuring Batman I love the one in Batman Begins when he throws in some sort of a device that attracts the bats and they fly in just as he jumps down from several stories high. It was awesome, actually all the scenes featuring actual bats were so well made

    1. Oh nooooooo!!! You should at least check out Superman I & II, Margaret, I mean, Christopher Reeve’s Superman is so iconic that NO OTHER ACTOR could ever come close to his performance, try as they might.

      Oooh I LOVE that scene of Catwoman making her costume, boy she’s the scene stealer in Batman Returns! And I just mentioned that very scene you mentioned about Batman jumping down from top floor, and his cape fills the screen, that’s so iconic. Yeah that must be quite a feat working w/ real bats in the movie!

  6. Great choices. My favourite for Begins is the final scene. I still get goosebumps as he flips over The Joker card. Awesome scene.

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