Weekend Roundup: Musings on the first half of Daredevil season 2


My hubby and I usually would spend 15-20 minutes just browsing iTunes and Netflix and agonize over what to watch. So we’re sure glad Daredevil Season 2 dropped on Netflix last Friday, as we know what we’ll be bingeing on all weekend. But our extent of ‘binging’ is actually just 3 episodes a day, so we’re only about halfway through season 2 with 7 episodes in, but that’s not bad considering it took us nearly 3 months to finish Jessica Jones!

I don’t usually blog about Netflix stuff but that seems to be the case the past couple of weeks. It’s a coincidence really, but hey, they do churn out quality stuff and this season of Daredevil sure is another winner in my book. As I mentioned in my Jessica Jones‘ post that it took a while for me to warm up to the character and the show. Well, not so w/ Daredevil as the same with season 1, I was immediately hooked. Once one episode ended, we couldn’t wait for another one!

Since I haven’t finished the entire season yet, I’ll just briefly list some of my favorite things about what I’ve seen so far, without revealing any spoiler (if I do, I’ll be sure to warn you).

What I’m liking so far:

The Punisher. Boy, Jon Bernthal‘s casting is just brilliant. There’s a lot of hype about his character but he did NOT disappoint. He fit the character like a glove and he’s the quintessential antihero, someone I sympathize with despite his obvious flaws. I have to say I don’t miss Wilson Fisk at all this season, and in terms of both having a rather tragic past, I think Punisher is far more compelling. At least so far anyways.


I can’t wait to see more of his backstory revealed, which only makes me want to see an entire season on him. That’s saying something given that I’ve never been all that interested in this character before and have skipped all of the cinematic adaptations so far. I’d even watch a movie of The Punisher w/ Jon Bernthal in the role!


I’ve always liked Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) since season 1 but I love her even more this time around. She’s acting like a investigative journalist here, as she gets dragged deeper into about Frank’s story. This girl’s got some chutzpah! I mean she has no superpower but she’d readily walk into things that’d likely get her in trouble. I absolutely admire her and I’m glad to see Karen gets more screen time this season.


The key member of Nelson & Murdock, as well as Matt’s indispensable BFF, is the extremely affable Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson). He’s rather underused in first season so I’m thrilled he’s also got more screen time and Henson got a few chances to shine in the role. I love how much he genuinely cares for his BFF and he’s not afraid to get in his face if he thinks Matt’s in over his head (which is quite often). I also love the fact that they utilized his legal training, as well as an admirable oratory skills, to good use. I’m not going to mention which scene, but when you see it, you’d want to stand and clap. Well done Foggy!!


Now, I haven’t decided how I feel about Elodie Young as Elektra Natchios yet at this point. So far her character arc is a rich, spoiled brat who’s pretty persuasive to get men (including Matt) to do her bidding. Well, the French actress certainly fits the femme fatale role well, though at times she seems to try to be too sexy that it’s irritating. I do like the playfulness of her banter with Matt, it actually gives a nice contrast to the unrelentingly-dark storyline of the Punisher.


Of course, Charlie Cox himself is still awesome as the title character. He’s even more comfortable in the role and it’s great to see his character grow and evolve. His concern for Hell’s Kitchen is unmistakable, but he’s a bit more world-weary (naturally so) and still ravaged by guilt. He’s also more careful about getting involved romantically, for fear that he’d mess things up.

And for a show called Daredevil, we expect some awesome fight scenes. The fight scenes between Daredevil and The Punisher sure is a highlight. The rooftop scene between the two are fantastically-done because it isn’t just fight, fight, fight but there’s plenty of conversations between them. I LOVE that Netflix doesn’t skimp on character development. (spoiler alert!) As you would see on ep. 4, Bernthal has one long emotional monologue at the cemetery that’s wonderful to watch.


But Daredevil also got plenty of opportunities beating up goons and hooligans from one episode to the next. The hallway fight scene below is pretty darn cool! I wonder if the director(s) got some inspiration from The Raid movies for this scene in particular.

Thanks hypeable.com for this awesome gif

But as cool as those fight scenes are, without a truly compelling story, I wouldn’t be inclined to keep watching. The morality tale of Daredevil is well-written and the inner conflict of the masked hero is what makes him intriguing to watch. With the arrival of Punisher who’s got his own brand of justice, that moral dilemma is even more palpable. Like Batman, Daredevil is a vigilante who doesn’t believe he has the right to take a life, no matter how bad the crime the villain has committed. The difference is that Daredevil is depicted as being a devout Catholic. Season 2 doesn’t shy away from the faith aspect and whether you agree or not with his views, it’s certainly make for a thought-provoking discussion.


As I’ve just finished episode 7 within an hour I posted this, I think season 2 is just as strong as the first one. At least based on what I’ve seen so far. Interesting that based on Rotten Tomatoes score, season 2 is a step down, and the critics consensus said ‘… the additions of Punisher and Elektra can’t quite fill the void left by Wilson Fisk’ Huh? Ok so maybe so about Elektra, but I definitely LOVE the Punisher character more than Fisk. Heh, that goes to show why I don’t always trust the professional critics.

Anyhoo, can’t wait to catch up w/ the rest of the season. Hopefully I’ll be done by next weekend!

So what did you watch this weekend? If you also binged on Daredevil season 2, I’d love to hear what YOU think!

36 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: Musings on the first half of Daredevil season 2

  1. The only thing I saw this weekend were re-watches of Soapdish and Bad Santa while today, I saw a BBC documentary on the Iranian revolution and earlier today, Knight of Cups.

  2. Loved it! Started on Friday and binged through to this morning to finish it. Wonderful. They’ve built an extraordinary cast and storyline. Now, I can’t wait for Luke Cage!

    1. Wow, good for you Michael! I can’t wait to see more later this week. So since you’ve seen both seasons now, you think this season is as strong as the first? I’m surprised the reviews aren’t as good as I love what I’ve seen so far. And yes, bring on Luke Cage!

  3. I actually wasn’t home during the weekend, else I would have surely watched quite a lot. But had a great time going to a concert on Friday and to Belgium with my wife for the rest of weekend, had a good time.

    1. Hey, your weekend in Belgium sounds lovely! I’d rather be doing that than bingeing on a tv show if I had the choice 🙂 That said, this is a great series to binge on, Nostra!

  4. Hmmm interesting again to read your thoughts Ruth. I don’t watch TV at all (apart from cartoons) but I might give this a try too, can’t hurt to see what I think.

    From what you have written so far, these two shows sound A LOT better than all these superhero movies that are all the same, which includes Deadpool IMO. The only superhero movie I have seen that made any impression on me at all was Watchmen – and that was a -long- time ago

    1. Hey Jordan! I barely watch any tv compared to most people, but I do like what Netflix’s been offering. It’s got some really intriguing, thought-provoking story that transcend the superhero genre I think, much like Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

      Yeah it’s much better than ‘Deadpool’ which isn’t something I’d watch again. I do like Watchmen, which is an unconventional superhero film that’s also quite dark.

  5. We were going to start this yesterday but man since I got pregnant my concentration span is gnat like so I bowed out based on the likelihood that I was going to fall asleep. I was right. It will definitely be happening soon though.

    1. Totally understand Abbi! Hey you have an excuse 🙂 Thankfully these shows did NOT put me asleep, very engrossing stuff, I can’t wait to watch more!

    1. I haven’t seen that one, but I’m not sure I’m interested. I am intrigued by Orphan Black which has a similar name but story-wise is very different.

  6. I’ve watched all of Season 2. I completely agree on Punisher and Karen. I mostly agree on Foggy. I thoroughly disliked the way they presented Elektra as a spoiled rich brat, but after the initial 3-4 episodes they do something different with her and she became, for me at least, more tolerable.

    One thing I was glad of this season is they appear to have taught Daredevil to fight. The first season could have been described as “a guy puts on a mask and goes out and gets beaten up every episode.” Hell, even an old lady kicked his ass in season 1. Now he is routinely holding his own against multiple, skilled combatants. And I can think of at least three different scenes where they are obviously trying to outdo the hallway scene from season 1.

    As I was reading your post I couldn’t help but wonder how different it might have been if you had written it after episode 8 and not episode 7. Something happens at the end of 8 that got a strong, positive reaction from me, but it does change the complexion of things.

    1. Hi Chip! Very cool that you’ve finished season 2 already, man people are good at bingeing tv series. Even getting to half a season in a single weekend is unusual for me. Yeah, Daredevil sure fights more confidently this time around. That fight scene between him and Punisher is super cool, but I enjoy their conversations more.

      Ah man, you got me even more intrigued by episode 8 now, which we’ll watch tonight. Hopefully we’ll get to ep. 9 as well.

    1. Hi Cindy! Isn’t Hell on Wheels pretty violent also? Oh I like Sherlock, can’t wait to see the Victorian episode. Awww, you should give at least one episode of Daredevil a shot, it’s also more like a noir, who knows you might be hooked 😉

    1. Hey Allie! I’m not quite in love w/ Bernthal the way I am w/ Sam Riley but he is impressive!! I thought I’d miss Fisk but I don’t even remember him whenever Bernthal’s on screen.

  7. Ruth! I’m impressed as that drilling in the foot/shotgun blast to the face in episode 4 almost got me! That was some brutal stuff. I’m on episode 5 but the show is still a bit hit and miss for me – Daredevil completely lost that rooftop argument with Punisher who is so right that some people just shouldn’t be given a chance. And what the hell happened to that dog?! They just got out to the graveyard and forgot the dog!!!!!!!

    Punisher is so good he makes everything else kinda boring in comparison, much like The Joker in TDK

    1. He..he.. I really don’t know how I could handle it, to be honest. But I’ve become quite good at predicting when the really brutal scene is coming, so I hide behind a huge blanket right before it happens. Like that scene when a guy stabs a guy in the eye w/ the ice picker, I knew something bad’s about to go down so I immediately looked away and sure enough, from my hubby’s reaction I knew it was brutal. But I did see part of the foot drilling, MY GOODNESS, I almost fainted!! Yeah, I find myself siding w/ Punisher a lot, like Karen does. Oh yeah, I was hoping they didn’t drill the dog, glad that didn’t happen but I hate it when the filmmaker just forgot about something like that, it’s just clumsy directing!

      Agreed the Punisher is nearly the same league as The Joker in TDK!! Can’t wait to see the Punisher standalone series!!

  8. I was going to wait until I get a new projector to watch it but I was bored over the weekend, so I watched the whole season, finished it late last night around 1am, ha ha! I was kind of underwhelmed by how The Punisher was introduced BUT The Punisher I was expecting to see finally shows up in ep. 9, won’t ruin it for you but I was satisfied. And this Punisher is the best interpretation on the screen for sure.

    Overall though I thought this season was sort of a hit and miss, the whole episode of how Murdock met Electra bored me and not really showed much about their relationship. In fact, I think they should’ve just focus on the storyline between DareDevil and The Punisher and bring Electra in for next season. Also, this season doesn’t have a central villain so it’s uneven to me, I mean they’re bringing elements from the comic books to the screen by introducing more supernatural stuff. I thought the first season was great because it’s more grounded.

    BTW, the hall way fight scene was actually made famous in the film Oldboy and after that, every director tried to copy it.

    1. Hi Ted! I just finished ep 9 last night. Yeah I think I know why you love Punisher in that episode 😉 But for me, I’ve always liked him from the first time he’s introduced. I like the fact that there are plenty of dialog between him and Daredevil, I like the conversations as much as all the fight scenes. Ahah, funny how you’re underwhelmed by him initially, not violent enough for you even after he ambushed the Irish gang?? Wow! I thought he lived up to his Punisher moniker right away, they didn’t waste any time making him a hyper violent character, but that’s me.

      As for whether season 2 is better than season 1, I guess I can’t say yet until I finish the entire season. But I don’t see the lack of central villain as a weakness. I think it increases the complexity of the series, that life is decidedly more convoluted for Matt who’s pulled into so many different directions. Yeah some of the scenes between him and Elektra isn’t as compelling as I’d have liked, but there are still good things to appreciate, and the arrival of Stick sure adds another layer of mystery that I can’t wait to uncover!

      Btw, after seeing Ep 9, I’m even more convinced I do NOT miss Wilson Fisk. I think Vincent D’Onofrio overacted quite a bit which I find irritating. I like the understated style of Bernthal’s performance, he’s definitely a lot more watchable for me as an actor.

      1. The Punisher and Batman were the only two comic characters that I read when I was younger, heck I still remember how much I love playing The Punisher video back in like 8 or 9th grade. I understand what they’re doing here in the show is to humanize him but I’ve always think of him as a killing machine like Rambo. Which is why I don’t think a standalone film about him will ever work, he needs to part of a group like The Hulk. But if they’re going to do another film or tv show about him, then I’m all board.

        They finally introduced a sort of central villain in later episodes, again they’re going into more of the fantasy element from comic books, which is the reason why I thought this season was kind of a letdown.

        Oh yeah, looks like D’Onofrio really hammy up his comic book character now. I don’t know if he’s been told by the show runners to do that or just the way he wants the character to be now.

        I’m still excited for next season, can’t believe we have to wait over a year to see it!

  9. I started watching this on Saturday night. I was planning only finishing up the first episode, but I got hooked and had to find out what happened next. Ended up watching the first 3 episodes that night. But I haven’t had time to continue on. I loved all the fight scenes especially the amazing fight in episode 3.

    1. Hey Eddie! This show is quite addictive isn’t it? I can’t wait to read your posts on this series on Jaccendo. Trust me, this season just gets better w/ each episode!

      1. I love how each episode flows into the next. Perfect for binging … even though I’m still at episode 3 haha. I hope to whip up a post for Jaccendo in the future and appreciate all the views I can get over there. 😀

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