Everybody’s Chattin’ & SPECTRE Honest Trailer


It’s almost Friday everybody!! Woot woot! It’s only a four-day work week for me but it felt like time was ticking so s-l-o-w-l-y I felt like I had worked a 6-day week already!

What’s happening in your world? Well for me, it’s just two words: SAM. RILEY. I’m falling even deeper under his spell after seeing the rock biopic Control.

I’m going to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies again this weekend before it’s yanked from theaters and I can’t freakin’ wait!!!! I’ve been collecting all kinds of stuff for my Sam Riley tribute but now I’ve waaaay too many articles I have no idea where to start!

In any case, let’s get to those fine links now shall we?

Margaret has been making fabulous top 10 lists this week, check out this one on 15 Best shots of 2015 

Wendell just put together The Acting Black Blogathon to coincide w/ Black History Month of February. Check out the latest links from Day 3

Chris is continuing his list of Best 80s songs, all the way to Part 12! Speaking of great music, Andrew continues his Tuesday Tunes Tastings series by reviewing a set of four new albums w/ an awesomely creative rating system!

Steven reviewed Cabaret (1972), Nostra reviewed Season 1 of Jessica Jones, and Top 10 Films UK posted a review of Anton Corbijn’s Life.

Last but not least, my dear friend Paula is hosting 31 Days of Oscars Blogathon again this year. I’m unable to take part but check out the links from a bunch of fine bloggers!


SPECTRE’s Honest Trailer

Boy, the Screen Junkies folks absolutely nailed everything I hated about Spectre. Heh, now that I think about it, my 2.5/5 rating seems far too generous for this poorly-written and lazily-acted movie.

It’s really embarrassing that in a year where there are at least four good spy-themed movies, the granddaddy of this genre is the worst one of the lot. I LOVE that bit about re-watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier instead. I didn’t realize their plots are pretty much identical, but The Winter Soldier actually has genuine character arc AND a compelling story. I for one am ready for a new Bond so I hope this rumor that he’s quitting 007 is true!


So what are you gonna be watching this weekend, folks?

31 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ & SPECTRE Honest Trailer

  1. I wish Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was playing down here. Looks like a ton of fun.

    This weekend I have Bone Tomahawk, Spotlight and The Big Short to catch. Maybe Carol if I find the time

    1. Hi Jordan! Methinks you might enjoy PPZmovie, maybe rent it when it’s out on VOD?

      I heard Bone Tomahawk is VERY gory & scary, so not for me. But I LOVE Spotlight and The Big Short, both are on my top 10 list!

    1. Hi Chris! I will check out your 80s music posts, I haven’t got around to it yet. I LOVE Control, it’s so haunting. I will try to review it, but not sure if I can do it justice.

  2. Lots of fun watching the Bond honest trailer. A hoot. This weekend? Hoping to catch some Oscar contenders like Room and The Big Short. Assassin just came in the mail from Netflix. I’d be happy to get a review out for that. I have a bad cold, so I don’t know how far I’ll get. Everything’s a fog.

    1. Hi Cindy! That Spectre trailer is a hoot indeed. Room and The Big Short are excellent. Y’know, I have to say my hubby and I almost fell asleep watching Assassin, so be sure you’re not the least bit sleepy when you see it because it’s really s-l-o-w. Hope you get over your cold soon, my friend!

  3. The Spectre trailer is hilarious! Even though I still don’t mind the film for being a bit pretentiously up its own ass, there really was something off about Bond this time out. While I’m *not* sick of Daniel Craig as Bond and would love to see him go out on a high with the next film, if he decides to pull the plug that’s understandable. He leaves us with three great Bond films and one mediocre (yes, Quantum of Solace isn’t as bad as people pretend it is), not a bad effort considering.

    1. Hi Rodney! I’ve seen it five times since I found it yesterday, it’s sooo funny and spot on! It’s just boring and badly-written it’s embarrassing. I’m tired of Craig already, and also Sam Mendes’ direction, I hope they’ll find a fresh actor AND director, just like Marvel always seems to do.

    1. Well hello Steven, welcome to FC & thanks for the kind words. I was skeptical about RISEN but heard good things about it. As a believer I wasn’t sure if this is just another Hollywood misinterpretation of Christianity, but I am intrigued.

      Hope to see you around more often on the blog! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for the link, Ruth! I looooove Honest Trailers, I’ve seen all of them. I think Godzilla one which makes fun of Ken Watanabe staring at things is my favorite one. I’m definitely gonna see something with Harrison this weekend, just not sure what yet 🙂

    1. My pleasure Margaret, love those top 10s! Yeah, a lot of these Honest Trailers are more entertaining than the actual movie. I love the Jurassic World one too, I think if I didn’t care for the movie the more I like the trailers, ahah. I remember the Godzilla one and very true what they said about Ken, too funny!

      Ahah, well we’ll be watching the movies of our respective crushes then 🙂

  5. Thanks for the link. As for I will be watching tonight, I have no idea, but going to a festival on Sunday. Will be seeing Room, Brooklyn (both movies aren’t out yet over here), Demolition, A Bigger Splash and Land of Mine – Under Sandet. I go twice a year to this particular festival and almost always there is at least one movie which will end up on my end of year top 10. So very much looking forward to it, especially Demolition as it start Gyllenhaal.

    1. Ooooh I can’t wait to see Demolition! I’ve started to become a bigger fan of Gyllenhaal since Nightcrawler and that one looks great! A Bigger Splash too w/ that cast! So is this a Dutch Film Festival or something?

      1. It’s a festival held by one of the biggest cinema chains in the country and they do it at a couple of their locations. Nice day, with a film quiz to keep you busy in between movies. It’s intense though, five movies in one day…starts around 10:00 I think and ends somewhere around 23:30

  6. Thanks for the link Ruth – always appreciated.

    I didn’t love Spectre nor did I hate it. I suppose in many ways it had a tough task trying to live up to Skyfall which was so good. I guess this is a good time for Daniel Craig to hang up his license to kill and let someone else have a go. Who will it be though?

    1. My pleasure Dan! I think the more I think about Spectre the more I dislike it. The honest trailer is spot on in that it didn’t add anything to the genre and it’s really quite boring, just like Craig seems to be making it!

  7. Thanks so much for the link love, Ruth! That Honest Trailer cracked me up. “Popular on Tumblr” hahahaha. I was curious about SPECTRE, but… maybe I can wait a little longer 😉

    1. Of course doll! Sorry I can’t participate this year but I enjoy perusing the Oscar posts. Ahah yeah, poor Ben Whishaw, but I suppose he is popular on Tumblr 😀 Yeah, just rent Spectre later, it’s really nothing special.

  8. I don’t think I’m going to see any movie this weekend, still without my projector so still no home movie viewing. I’ve already seen all the films that I wanted to see at theater.

    Even though it’s funny I thought those honest trailer guys were slacking for Spectre’s honest trailer, I would’ve pointed out even more sloppy things and made fun of it. But I’m still a fan of the film, I think Mendes tried too hard with the throwbacks to older Bond films from the 70s. Still an entertaining Bond flick, not in the same class the best Bond films but definitely not on the same awful level as Die Another Day, The World is Not Enough, Moonraker, Never Say Never Again, A View to A Kill, You Only Live Twice or Diamonds Are Forever. I agree though that we need a new Bond and director. Craig looks like he’s too bored and I think they should lighten up for the next Bond flick; the dark and gritty tone are way overdone now.

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