A trio of casting/directing news I’m excited about


A trio of casting/directing news piqued my interest this past few days that I thought I’d blog about it. I’m supposed to be doing this casting news roundup every month but obviously I’ve dropped the ball a few times 😛

Rebecca Ferguson joins Emily Blunt for


YES! Another female-centric thriller based on a female author is getting a cinematic adaptation. The Girl on The Train is based on Paula Hawkins’ best-selling novel.

The story follows Rachel, a woman devastated by her recent divorce who spends her commute fantasizing about a seemingly perfect couple who lives in a house that her train passes every day. One morning, she sees something shocking there and becomes entangled in a mystery.

Naturally there’s the Gone Girl comparison given the unreliable narrator and marital dysfunction storyline. Emily Blunt was already cast as Rachel and Rebecca Ferguson apparently will be playing the role of Anna, the wife of Rachel’s ex-husband. There are apparently three prominent female characters in the novel.

In any case, I LOVE this casting bit! I’m a huge fan of miss Blunt and so I was already excited for this film for her, but given how Ferguson is my new girl crush thanks to MI: Rogue Nation, this has shot up to my must-see list for 2016! Well, I hope it’ll be released next year anyway. I’m glad that Ferguson passed on playing Channing Tatum’s love interest in Gambit according to Deadline. Ugh, she’s WAY too good for that role anyway. This sounds like two juicy roles for both talented actresses.

Now of course it’ll be interesting to see who’d be cast as Tom. He’s a douchebag so we’d need an actor who’s charismatic enough to go against these two. Maybe Jake Gyllenhaal or if they want someone older [who’s still smoldering], how about Clive Owen? He needs a REALLY memorable role right now, pronto!

Christian Bale to star in Michael Mann’s Ferrari Biopic

Apparently this film has been a passion project for Mann for the last 15 years. Per Deadline, the he even partnered with the late director Sydney Pollack to bring the story of the Italian auto magnate to life. Apparently the film’s being packaged to be sold at the upcoming Telluride, Toronto and Venice Film Festivals and I can’t imagine this NOT being a lucrative project.


The film takes place in 1957, a year where passion, failure, success and death and life all collided. I’m not familiar with Ferrari’s life, but a quick check on Biography Channel tells the story that in 1957, a Ferrari car driven by Alfonso de Portago blew a tire and crashed into the roadside crash at the Mille Miglia. The driver, co-driver and nine spectator including five children were killed. In response, Ferrari and tyre manufacturer Englebert were charged with manslaughter as they chose to let the car continue for an extra stage rather than stop for a tire change. It was dismissed in 1961.

EnzoFerrariPer THR, the project adapts the 1991 book Enzo Ferrari: The Man, The Cars, The Races, The Machine, which details the rise of the auto mogul. Now, Bale’s casting definitely piqued my interest. He’s worked with Mann in Public Enemies, which I wasn’t crazy about, but hopefully this would be a more intriguing film. As disappointed as I was with Mann’s Blackhat, I still consider him one of my fave directors. Plus Bale is a heck of a lot better actor than Chris Hemsworth so even though he looks nothing like the real Enzo Ferrari, I think he could do this role justice.

Speaking of Hemsworth though, the last film involving car racing was RUSH which I think was pretty good. I grew up with a brother who’s a huge car fan so I’ve always loved watching car scenes in movies.

George Miller in talks to direct Man of Steel 2?

Now, file this under rumor that I wish were true! I hadn’t even been remotely excited for Man of Steel 2, nor that I thought it was still in the works. But with Mad Max creator George Miller’s involvement, color me intrigued!


If you’re into comic book adaptations, you probably are familiar that Miller was at one point going to direct a Justice League film with Armie Hammer as Batman and D.J. Cotrona [who resembles Henry Cavill a bit] as Superman back in 2007. It’s perhaps best that the project never came to fruition, but obviously Miller is interested in doing a comic-book film. Given the success of Mad Max: Fury Road, I’d think he’s in Warner Bros good graces to come back to the DC world.

Of course even if there’s a remote chance of this project happening with Miller, it’s still a loooong way off as Man of Steel 2 isn’t part of WB superhero slate until 2020. Per EW, what we can expect include movies like Shazam and Cyborg [??] Heh, I tend to agree with Rich in this article that perhaps some comic-book movies should NOT be movies.

Well, any thoughts about any of these news?


28 thoughts on “A trio of casting/directing news I’m excited about

    1. Yeah, I’ve been hearing great things about that novel but w/ these two actresses, I’m even more excited about it.

      Yep, Miller is more than capable to direct a big budget superhero film. I hope that happens!

    1. Hi Cindy! Me too!! He can really do any role, and this sounds like a cool one. Do you like Michael Mann? I reckon you do, esp. Last of Mohicans, The Insider, Heat, etc.

      1. The Insider and Collateral. He has the male chemistry thing down pat. Although Public Enemy was a disappointment to many, I really loved the costumes and the setting. His films are dark but they suck you in. I’m game!

  1. The first two casting news got my interest, although I think they need to find a very talented director to direct THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, otherwise it would be just another TV of the week movie. As I said many times, GONE GIRL would’ve been a TV movie of the week had it directed by another director, with Fincher’s touch it became a great film.

    I’m quite sure Bale would transform himself to look as close to Ferrari as possible. Also, Michael Mann needs to prove he’s still has the mojo to make good movies again. It’s been close to ten years since he made a really good movie. I have yet to see BLACKHAT and with so many negative reviews, I’m not sure I want to sit through it.

    I’m so not into what Warner Bros and DC are doing with their superhero flicks post Nolan that I can’t get excited for Superman 2, even with Miller as a director. Ever since they cast Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, I just can’t get excited about what they’re doing at all.

    1. You’re absolutely right Ted, let’s hope Tate Taylor can do this adaptation justice. He directed The Help which was good and also a female-driven film.

      Blackhat is awful, I was so disappointed as I generally like Michael Mann’s work. But the casting of Hemsworth already worried me from the get go. With Bale as the lead, hopefully Ferrari will be a better film.

      Well at this point, I’m not excited for Man of Steel 2 until this rumor about Miller possibly directing. I’m already so bored w/ Cavill in general.

    1. I hope that Miller news actually happens Mark! It’s just a rumor at this point. And yes, LOVE LOVE Ferguson in MI5. Just rewatched ROGUE NATION again last night at IMAX and still loved that movie!

  2. Tom

    This is the first I am hearing about The Girl on the Train but that sounds pretty good to me.

    And I’m all in for a Ferrari movie. I’m actually surprised nothing major has been made about the man already. What an icon.

    1. Yeah, the casting alone for Girl on the Train sold me, but the story sounds pretty darn good as well.

      Very true about the Ferrari movie and w/ Bale + Mann on board, it’s VERY promising indeed.

  3. All are 100% okay with me. In fact I find them all pretty exciting. I heard the Miller rumor over the weekend and immediately started visualizing what he could bring to the table. It would be pretty exciting.

    1. Yeah I hope Miller ends up getting the job. I mean, Snyder can’t be responsible for ALL of DC’s major superheroes. But Miller’s super busy now after Fury Road!

  4. I’m thrilled Rebecca is gonna be playing Anna, it seems her career is taking off which is great because she is seriously talented and charismatic. I think her and Blunt are gonna be great on the screen together

    1. Yes you and me both!! I still need to see The White Queen which has been recommended to me for ages. I heard that Rebecca was very good in the lead role there. Yes, I do think she & Blunt would be sensational, let’s hope the film itself would be good!!

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  6. YES to the Ferguson and Bale news. Both of these projects sound very promising, especially The Girl on the Train. However, I’d rather George Miller get back to work on another Mad Max film instead of Man of Steel 2.

    1. Hi Fernando! Unfortunately I don’t think the Miller rumor is happening as they put Man of Steel 2 on hold. But yeah, super excited for Girl on A Train, I LOVE both Blunt and Ferguson is my current girl crush!

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