My entry to the Dream Vacation Blogathon


When I found out that Katy over at Girl Meets Cinema is hosting this awesome blogathon, I knew I had to participate! I LOVE travel, it’s really one of the best things in life to be able to see different parts of the world and experience other cultures, it enriches you in ways nothing else could. So here’s the gist of the blogathon:

If you could travel to any place in the film universe with any of your favorite characters or love-to-hate villains, what kind of a vacation would you take? Post your choice(s) of a destination(s), and at least three characters who would tag along.

I’m blessed that I have an awesome travel buddy that is my dear hubby, but of course we’re talking about a dream vacation here so why not indulge in our fantasy a bit, right? 😉

I was going to pick a totally fantastical place like Aasgard [with Loki as my travel companion of course] but in the end I decided to go with real places, two of which I have visited before but would return in a heart beat. Oh how I wish I could be transported to one of these places right about now…

Not Another Happy Ending – Glasgow

Certainly you can’t be surprised by this. I’ve always been obsessed with all things Scottish and then THIS movie happens. I fell in love with two things from this movie, the French Adonis that is Stanley Weber… AND the city of Glasgow, which was beautifully-captured here. I wish more movies would be set in Scotland’s largest city as it’s really as picturesque as London, which is such a popular city used in movies.

Glasgow during the day… [click image to see a larger version]

Glasgow in the night time…

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Three characters I’d invite to tag along…

Tom Duval – the publisher

Obviously I’d want Tom Duval, the French publisher, to be my travel companion. As he’s not a Scottish native, there might be areas of Glasgow we both can discover together. Plus, he can help me refine my novel and later publish it… nothing like a gorgeous man who loves books 😉 He practically looks like a rugged French Clark Kent [swoon]

TomRoddy_NAHE1NAHE_TomRoddy1Ideally it’d just be me and Tom spending a whole day [or year] together in Glasgow, but Roddy is Tom’s BFF and he’s such a hoot! I love watching these two goofing off with each other.


I’ll invite Anne, Tom’s business advisor, along for the ride too, it’s be nice to have a gal pal to gush about Tom with 😉 And Darsie is technically an imaginary character but she’s a lot of fun so she’s welcome to show up anytime to spice things up!

Notting Hill (1999) – London

There are a bunch of great movies set in London but this is one of the first ones I saw that made me totally in love with the city of London. Notting Hill itself is a district in central London, a cosmopolitan neighborhood that host the famous Portobello Road Market. My husband and I went there in 2010 but I’ve always wanted to return to this charming city!


I didn’t get a chance to ride those iconic red double-decker bus as we rode the tube everywhere, but it’s gotta be fun to see the city above ground.

Three characters I’d invite to tag along…


I think William would just be preoccupied with Anna Scott so I’ll invite Bernie, Spike, and Honey to be my travel companion! Bernie has such a stressful job that I think he ought to have a little fun, something neither Spike nor Honey would have a problem with. I want to visit the posh stuff like Harrod’s and the Savoy Hotel where Anna was staying, but Honey would also take me to the off-the-beaten areas of London away from the tourists.

Sabrina (1995) – Paris

Aaaaah Paris… naturally I want Stanley Weber to be my own personal tour guide but he’s not exactly a film character 😉 I knew I had to include the City of Light and this is one of my favorite movies that made me fall for Paris every time I watch it.


“Paris is always a good idea.” – Sabrina

Indeed Sabrina… I’m right there with you. First time I visited Paris was when I was only 13, and I didn’t fully appreciate the beauty of the place until I returned last year with my husband. Needless to say, I fell in love with this city and seeing it on film always makes me feel so nostalgic.

Three characters I’d invite to tag along…


I’d take Sabrina and her two Parisian friends Louis and Irene. Every time I watch this movie, which is quite often, I enjoy seeing Sabrina’s interactions with both of them. They’re her first real friends who took her under her wings, so to speak, when she’s just starting out.

I LOVE Fanny Ardant as Irene, Sabrina’s mentor at Vogue. I always remember her wise words to Sabrina, “You seem embarrassed by loneliness, it’s only a place to start.” and my personal favorite: “Illusions are dangerous people, they have no flaws.”


I kind of have a crush on Patrick Bruel as Louis, and his character as a fashion photographer is so affable and cool. I’d LOVE to have someone like him show me his Parisian hang out and give me some photography pointers while we’re at it.

So that’s my dream vacation based on some of my favorite movies. Where would YOU like to go on YOUR dream vacation?

32 thoughts on “My entry to the Dream Vacation Blogathon

  1. I have two which are at opposite ends of the planet. I fell in love with ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ when he was in Iceland–I’d love to do that road trip which goes around the island. AND/OR, I have always wanted to go to Tahiti or Fiji and cross some water in a Polynesian canoe. Snorkel. Hike. Pictures. Eat, drink and be merry. Fun post, Ruth.

    1. I haven’t seen ‘Walter Mitty’ but Iceland sounds like a great trip, I have a coworker going there in the Fall, so jealous!! It’s weird but I’m not really a beach person, but heck I’d go to Tahiti or Fiji any day! Btw, BALI has great beaches too [gotta support my home country :D]

        1. I guess I’m a bit biased as I’m from Indonesia, but Bali truly is a paradise… it felt like I’m in an entirely different country, so different from Jakarta where I’m from.

          I’ll rent Walter Mitty based on your recommendation! 😀

  2. This might be silly. But I went to see ‘Only You ” by myself, in 1994. And ever since that time, my dream vacation is exploring Tuscany, Italy. I went there in high school with my parents, but, the idea of backpacking through Tuscany, small cities, is always been my dream ever since I saw that movie.

    1. Hi Vony! Oh it’s not silly at all. I’d love to go to Tuscany too, not sure about backpacking though, I’d rather stay in a nice hotel, ha!

  3. abbiosbiston

    Despite the fact that Glasgow isn’t generally seen as a tourist destination I’m a big fan.

    I would love to go to the Ukraine with Jonathan, Aleksandr and Grandfather from Everything is Illuminated.

    1. It’s a shame Glasgow isn’t a big tourist destination, it looks spectacular in this film and I’m sure it’s even more gorgeous in real life. I can’t wait to visit there one day.

      Ah yeah, I have a feeling Everything is Illuminated will be your answer 🙂

  4. I too love to travel and wish I get to see the rest of the world before my time ends here on earth. I was fortunate enough to have seen many countries throughout my life but I want to see more, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Beijin, Hong Kong, Tai Wan are some of the main places I have yet to visit.

    As for fantasy places I want to see? I’ll go with Coruscant and Cloud City in the Star Wars world. The fantasy version of New York City in YOU’VE GOT MAIL, seriously I wish that version of NYC do exists, it would be perfect city to live in, ha ha! Also, I’d love to live in San Angeles in DEMOLITION MAN, such a beautiful city but minus the ruling of Dr. Cocteau though. I like to eat meat and enjoy my self, no restrictions like in the film!

    1. Hey Ted! Hey, so long as you have breath you can still travel, never too late!

      Ahah yeah, NYC always look extra charming in the movies. I’d love to hang out w/ Meg Ryan’s character in You’ve Got Mail too. Ahah, I hear ya, I wouldn’t want to live in a place w/ food restrictions either.

  5. Brittani

    Great post! I still have to do mine. I threw Not Another Happy Ending in my Netflix queue. I love Iain DeCaestecker, this sounds like something I would like. And Glasglow looks gorgeous.

    1. Hey I look forward to seeing your post! Glasgow is practically a character in NAHE, and Ian is adorable!! But for me it’s all about Stanley Weber… [swoon]

    1. Yes wouldn’t that be nice!! Well my dream is to find a publisher who looks like Tom Duval in Not Another Happy Ending 😉 And if that’s made into a movie, then I’ll hire YOU as a location scout!

  6. Great picks, Ruth! Thank you for participating in my blogathon! I’ve always wanted to travel to London and Paris. Those are wonderful choices! Hugh Grant is wonderful in Notting Hill.

    1. Hi Katy, great idea for a blogathon, it was fun to take part! You should check out Not Another Happy Ending, I think you’ll enjoy it. Notting Hill is one of my fave Hugh Grant roles but I love the supporting cast in that one.

  7. This is a fun blogathon! I wish I have time to do this too.
    Japan and London would definitely be in the list…just need to find the right movie for those places

  8. Nicely done! I’ve no idea what my choice would be. Maybe I’d go to Paris (from the second film) with Danny, Rusty, and Basher from the Ocean’s 11 trilogy.

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