Five for the Fifth: JUNE 2015 Edition


Welcome to FlixChatter’s primary blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Well, gotta start with the most exciting casting news I’ve heard in a good long while. My dahling Stanley Weber has just been cast in Outlander season 2 – Dragonfly in Amber! Yippeeeeeeeee!!! [happy dance]


Apparently a great deal of the second book takes place in Paris during King Louis XV era, which is interesting considering Stanley’s played the French monarch in the Le Soleil Noir documentary. His character is called Le Comte St. Germain, dayum even his character’s name is sexy. Now, I don’t read the books, but per Outlander Wiki, Le Comte is a French nobleman who seeks retribution against Claire after she costs him an entire shipload of goods, and who may be involved with even more sinister activities. I wonder if he’ll be speaking in his native tongue or French-accented English, which hardly matters as he’s swoon-worthy no matter what language he’s speaking.

I’m so over the moon for this casting and you can bet I’ll be watching season 2 religiously! I just hope now that he’s noticed by a major US TV series this will lead to more prominent roles here in the States.

So what TV/film casting news excited you lately? 


2. On related news, well I think 2015 just might be the year we say sayonara to cable subscription as more channels are offering stand-alone services. I know one of my co-workers has just canceled his cable and got the HBO streaming service for $15 bucks/month.


Well, Showtime will offer its programming over the Internet via a standalone service starting in July for 4 dollars less, $10.99. No doubt other premium cable service will follow suit. I’m just waiting for Starz to do the same, hopefully soon so by the time Outlander Season 2 comes out I can definitely watch it on its premiere day!! Not sure why it hasn’t happened yet as they’ve been reporting about it as far back as October of last year.

What are your thoughts about this a la carte premium channel? Have you gotten rid of your cable subscription recently?


3. A couple of brand new trailers caught my attention this week. First one is this upcoming British drama SUFFRAGETTE starring Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep and Anne-Marie Duff

The foot soldiers of the early feminist movement, women who were forced underground to pursue a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an increasingly brutal State.

The trailer gives me all the feeeels. But seriously, it’s such an important story to be told and we’ve got an amazing female-led cast to bring it to life. It’s definitely got Oscars written all over it with Meryl’s involvement, but I’d love to see more attention for Mulligan, as Drew would agree. Anne-Marie Duff is an underrated actress as well. Duff was good in Nowhere Boy and The Last Station where she shared some scenes with her hubby James McAvoy.

Speaking of films I’d watch just for the cast, this one just hit less than 24 hours ago: EVEREST. That’s quite an ensemble!


Per IMDb, this movie is based on the worst disaster to ever occur in the Mount Everest region in Nepal but a striking coincidence occurred when this movie was being shot in Nepal. An avalanche on April 18, 2014 killed 16 people on Everest and the casualty was higher than the 1996 disaster which this movie is based on. The shooting had to be postponed and the disaster took the most lives ever taken in an Everest Disaster mostly Sherpas (all Nepalese) who were preparing ground work for the upcoming climbing season.

What’s your initial thoughts of Suffragate and Everest?

4. Ok I’ve sort of been tuning out all the Star Wars news because well, there are just too many of them. Well, the one rumor that’s now swirling around again is one involving Ewan McGregor reprising his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in not just one movie but a trilogy.


Per Cinemablend, “the Scottish actor is reportedly in talks with Disney for an unknown project… the discussions are specifically about him reprising his role as the venerable Jedi Knight… A trilogy of films like this could serve to fill in some knowledge gaps in the franchise, which is something many of the new Star Wars properties seek to accomplish, as well as give fans more from one of their favorite characters.”

Well, I honestly don’t really have an opinion personally, as I’m not really into Star Wars generally. I just think they’re just milking this franchise for all its worth, but I suppose if they can find an audience, there’s always money to be made.

What are your thoughts about this Obi-Wan spin-off trilogy rumor?

5. This month’s Five for the Fifth’s guest is Chris from Movies and Song 365 blog!


The Australian action series Mad Max just got rebooted with Mad Max: Fury Road. The movie’s made $285 million worldwide so far, and I think George Miller has promised more Mad Max films, yay!

So in Mad Max honor, which is your favorite Aussie movie?

Well, that’s it for the June 2015 edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

58 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: JUNE 2015 Edition

  1. 1. I don’t know. I haven’t really caught up on any casting news although I did hear about Anne Hathaway doing a film with Joe Wright. That might be good.

    2. I’m on a digital cable service that has HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Encore so there’s really no need to cancel my subscription.

    3. Two trailers of films that look pretty damn good. Suffragette maybe an Oscar-bait film but it’s got a cast of ladies I like to see. Everest looks interesting largely because of it’s cast. I hope Sam Worthington is the first to die. He sucks.

    4. This is something I haven’t heard about. Maybe he’s appearing in the new film as Obi-Wan to consult with Luke and Leia since they do have the Force.

    5. Right now, I would definitely say Mad Max: Fury Road. Before that, The Proposition.

    1. Hi Steven! I like Joe Wright but not crazy about Hathaway in general. Depends on the project I suppose.

      Wow, so you must watch a LOT of TV!

      Ahah, seems that anything w/ Meryl would feel like an Oscar bait but I’m hoping the attention is on Carey Mulligan this time. Ahah, I hear ya about Sam Worthington. I just saw a movie w/ him & Keira Knightley, Eva Mendez and Guillaume Canet and he’s definitely the worst of the bunch.

      Glad to bring you SW news you haven’t heard of. Yeah I’m curious if Ewan will have a cameo in the next movie.

      Fury Road is probably a lot of people’s fave now, and rightly so!

  2. 1. The one I’ve been following the most would probably be either Heroes Reborn which is bringing back a lot of great cast members aside from three of the big ones. Another one is AKA Jessica Jones, love Krystin Ritter, really looking forward to that one.

    2. It’s good and bad, it helps if you only watch a couple channels, but when you start buying them one by one it would add up pretty quickly at those prices.

    5. My go-to is The Return of Captain Invincible, it’s an older superhero musical starring a young Alan Arkin and Christopher Lee. Not a great film overall, but it has a lot of silly fun moments.

    1. Well hello Nathan! Is this a continuation of the HEROES series? I used to love that show but then it was gone abruptly.

      Yeah I think I’d only get one premium channel as I barely have time to watch much TV.

      Haven’t heard of ‘The Return of Captain Invincible’ I have to google that!

  3. 1. Haven’t heard any new casting news that I’m excited about. I’m looking forward to seeing Richard Armitage as The Red Dragon in Hannibal season three though. I’m excited to see how they’re going to change up the storyline from the book and previous films.

    2. Of course streaming services are very popular these days but I don’t see it overtaken cable or satellite services anytime soon. I know I won’t be canceling my subscription to DirecTV at all, there too many shows I watch on TV that aren’t available to stream. Of course live football games are much better when watching a big screen. I know the NFL is already streaming the games but as of now I’m happy with my satellite service.

    3. EVEREST looks interesting, probably a rental though.

    4. This is what I was afraid of, Disney will saturate the market with endless Star Wars films. But if these films are good then I don’t mind seeing them on the big screen. And I do like Obi Wan, if they can come up with a good storyline about his adventures then I’m in.

    5. The Road Warrior, The Proposition, Gallipoli and of course Fury Road.

    1. So did you see HANNIBAL premiere last night? It’s not my cup of tea so I won’t watch even w/ Richard in it, but I’m sure he’s great in the role.

      Oh yeah I think if you like sports it’s worth having the subscription.

      I still haven’t seen Gallipoli, but I just read a review of it, I should get to that soon!

      1. Not yet, it’s sitting on my DVR. I usually watch TV shows on the weekend, I’ve avoid any mentions of Hannibal online. Yeah I don’t think you’ll like the show, it’s quite bloody and intense, it’s actually more brutal than the films. Much closer to the books.

        Gallipoli is very underrated, I know you’re a fan of Peter Weir so you’ll like it. It’s a war film but not graphic at all.

        1. A war film that isn’t graphic, that’s the way I like it! I like Mel too and it’s got Anthony Hopkins so I’m so gonna watch Gallipolli soon!

  4. 1. Well I wasn’t aware of the Everest cast until I saw your post. That looks quite good on paper!

    3. That said…I can’t answer this one as I’m trying to avoid all trailers as an experiment!

    4. I think this kind of thing is inevitable. I’m a big Star Wars fan but I do worry about Disney making too many films (especially spin offs).

    5. I would probably go for Mad Max (the original) or something like Picnic At Hanging Rock. In recent years Animal Kingdom, Lantana and The Proposition have all impressed.

    1. Hi Stu! I wasn’t either until I saw that poster. I like most of them, esp Jason Clarke and Jake Gyllenhaal.

      Ah, avoiding trailers eh? I don’t think I have that discipline 🙂

      Yep, it’s always a put off when studios are SO greedy, but what am I talking about?? ALL Hollywood studios ARE greedy!

      I have to see Animal Kingdom soon! And you’ve got me intrigued about Picnic At Hanging Rock!

      1. Well I have to admit I’m not avoiding trailers completely. In fact I just saw one for Legend, starring Tom Hardy (and Tom Hardy) which looks good.

  5. 1) There isn’t anything this fall on TV that interest me casting wise. Actually I’m more looking forward to the shows that they are bringing back with their original casts. Mr. Show with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, The X-files, Twin Peaks with Lynch at the helm, Arrested Development, Ash vs. Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell. Not so much with Fuller House though. LOL.

    3) The trailer for Suffragette looks good. I really like the song playing over it.

    Everest looks interesting especially with the cast. The book it’s based on, Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, is a fantastic read but ultimately sad. Skip the TV movie from ’97 with Peter Horton and check out these gripping mountain climbing docs/docudramas on Netflix.

    The Summit:

    Touching The Void:

    4) Avoiding Star Wars like the plague until it comes out. Won’t even watch the last three films.

    5) Going to see Mad Max this weekend. Woohoo! My favorite Aussie film would be an obscure film called Bliss (’85). Good luck finding it though. The director, Ray Lawrence, later went on to direct Lantana with Barbara Hershey, Geoffrey Rush and Anthony LaPaglia. I could put Chopper (Eric Bana’s breakout film), Bad Boy Bubby, the Peter Weir directed Picnic at Hanging Rock or Gallipoli and last but not least the true story, Breaker Morant (Edward Woodward, Bryan Brown) that rivals Kubrick’s Paths of Glory for military courtroom dramas.

    1. Hey ya Dave! Ahahaha, I don’t know anyone excited for Fuller House, not even the Olsen twins care about it!

      Yeah, the song in Suffragette trailer sounds lovely, but the story is what appeals to me. Thanks for the recommendations on Everest, it certainly isn’t for the faint of hearts!

      Ahah, so you haven’t seen the last three? Well sounds like you’re not even missing anything.

      Oh cool! I think you’ll enjoy Fury Road Dave! So far I haven’t talked to anyone who didn’t like it! Peter Weir directed Picnic at Hanging Rock & Gallipoli? I love his work so I should see those two pronto!

      1. Found out that song in the Suffragette trailer is a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”.

        Well when you’re worth $300 million like the Olsen Twins I imagine you might have other interests like their fashion line, etc.

  6. 1. The news that they’re remaking Escape From New York fills me with joy. I mean, the original film was just sooo total crap, right? Right? Anybody?

    2. I rarely watch television “live” any more, other than my weekly sport fix. Streaming is the way of the future.

    3. Did you catch the Z For Zacharia trailer? Looks the goods. Plus, I hope ol’ Streep can catch the Oscar they’ll hurl at her after Suffragette.

    4. I’m all over any Star Wars. I didn’t think mcGregor was the worst part of those abominable prequels, but we wasn’t the best, either. if they give him more to do other than just stand, watch, walk and look, I’ll be happier.

    5. I haven’t seen Mad Max yet. But to-date, nothing beats Moulin Rouge.

    1. Hi Rodney!

      I thought they’re gonna make ‘Escape from NY’ years ago but seems to be in development hell.

      I hardly ever watch live TV these days, you’re right streaming is the way of the future. But next year I’m definitely gonna be watching Outlander season 2!

      Yeah, someone already gave me a Sundance review of Z For Zachariah, looks good!

      Go see Fury Road soon man, I mean as an Aussie it’s a must!! 😀 But yeah, Moulin Rouge is awesome indeed.

    2. Sorry Rodney, I thought the original was very good, it just lacked the technology and budget it needed to be great. But I am excited to see remake, hopefully they’ll make it right since the original has much potential. Now since the proposed remake has been passed around so many studios, I don’t know if we’ll ever get to see it. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tom Hardy playing another early 80s action character, he’s pretty good as Mad Max, why not get him to play Snake Plissken.

  7. 2.) TV/film casting news. The fact David Lynch is back on for Twin Peaks, and it looks like several members of the original cast will be returning too.

    3.) Everst looks like something to see on as big a screen as possible!

    4.) I thought Ewan McGregor was bland as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequels. To be honest not that excited about a trilogy with him in. I’ll watch Episode 7.

    5.) Thanks for letting me contribute! My two favorite Aussie movies are Picnic at Hanging Rock and Crocodile Dundee. Both hold up well to rewatching.

  8. I’m looking forward to Everest–the cast looks awesome. I love Ewan, but I’m not thrilled about his spin-off. Your cutie-pie Stanley Weber is as cute as Jude Law. What a pretty boy! I haven’t seen him in anything.

    1. Hi Cindy! Yep, same w/ you about Ewan, I’m more interested in his other films besides SW.

      I think my Stanley is waaaaay hotter than Jude Law, IMHO anyway. Plus he’s TALL, I LOVE tall guys… anyone over 6’2″ and lanky always gets me weak in the knees, especially with THAT face! I’m beyond obsessed!

        1. He..he.. yes Stanley made me feel like a teenager again! But he’s been inspiring me to do other positive things too, I think having a crush is fun as it adds an extra spring in your step 😀

  9. 1) Eek…I really need to watch TV!

    2) I plan on getting rid of my cable subscription once I watch everything on my DVR 😛

    3) Suffragette, as you know, is a film I expect to rake in the awards this year, so I’m all eyes on that one. It doesn’t hurt that it also looks exceptional, and that cast! Everest looks like fun, but it also looks like a standard adventure flick with polished visuals.

    4) Is that the same project that got canceled like a day ago? I read something about the director pulling out due to all the immediate backlash from fans of the franchise.

    5) Off the top of my head, Heavenly Creatures (which is technically Aussie, right?)

    1. Unfortunately Heavenly Creatures, directed by kiwi Peter Jackson, is a New Zealand production. Great film though. Fellow kiwi Melanie Lynskey broke out, with Kate Winslet, in their very first roles.

      Fun fact: In Kate’s and Melanie’s biggest roles they were both named Rose. Titanic and Two and a Half Men respectively.

    2. Hey ya Drew! Ahah well I don’t watch as many TV either man, needs a certain motivation for me to watch something 😉

      Cable subscription is so darn expensive, who can afford hundreds of dollars for TV. I only have Netflix streaming and Amazon Prime.

      Hmmm, I just read about this news about Obi Wan yesterday so not sure about the cancelation, but yeah I could see there’d be backlash.

  10. Interesting questions as always 🙂
    1. I have no exciting casting news lately…BUT I am super excited about The X Files next year. I am currently rewatching season 1 and will be writing about it soon. I am going to rewatch them all till the new season is aired.
    2. I am going to pass on this one 😉
    3. I really want to see Everest (rather than the other one) as I have been reliving my old hobby of hiking and trekking. Everest would be a very suitable movie for me.
    4. I would like to see a spinoff of Han Solo than Obi-Wan
    5. pass

    1. Hello Nov!

      No casting news for Cillian? He seems to be under the radar lately. I think my crushing over Stanley is getting to be on the level of you & Cillian, ahah.

      Oh I think since you love hiking you’d enjoy films like EVEREST. If you like documentaries, the ones Dave recommended in the comments here sound good too!

      Y’know, I like Han Solo more than Obi-Wan too but Harrison Ford isn’t exactly young anymore to do a trilogy, ahah.

  11. 1. Casting news? I’m not sure but I saw something on twitter about Emily Blunt being in something, which is always good. A ways back (like months ago) I read that Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams are probably going to be in a movie together which is super exciting because I love them both.
    2. Being a broke college student, I don’t subscribe to anything ha ha! But I’ll probably have to get showtime once twin peaks comes back next year (so I’m glad it’ll be more affordable and convenient, as I don’t even have a tv or cable).
    3. Everest is not really my type of movie but I’ll see it for Gyllenhaal. Was kind of hoping he’d be in it more tho. Suffragette looks really good, I’m more excited for that one.
    4. I’m all for more Ewan McGregor but I don’t know about all this star wars. Hopefully I’ll be changing my tune once the next one comes out in December, but as of right now I kind of just want them to let well enough alone.
    5. Favorite aussie movie? Probably Fury Road ha ha! 🙂 I really want to see The Babadook I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I wouldn’t count myself as a fan of Baz Luhrman per se, but I do think he’s interesting.

    1. Hi Melissa!

      Oh I like miss Blunt too, so any casting news w/ her sounds good to me!

      I don’t subscribe to anything either, haven’t been for the last 5+ yrs. My hubby and I only have Netflix streaming, that’s it! But I might pay for Starz for Outlander 2!

      I’m warming up to Gyllenhaal more and more, funny but I wasn’t fond of him before. He’s so good in Nightcrawler though.

      Yeah I’m more interested in Ewan’s other works, too many Star Wars movies as it is!

  12. 1. Apparently rumor has it Statham is gonna be Bullseye in next season of Daredevil so I’m psyched. Are you gonna watch Outlander? From what I gathered it’s very….graphic
    2. I basically don’t watch TV so I have nothing to contribute, if it wasn’t for online streaming I’d not see anything 🙂
    3. The both look good, especially Suffragette, looks like something that can be big in the Oscar season
    4. I don’t care about SW at all….Marvel is becoming pretty tiresome too…I’m becoming one of this people who hates franchises
    5. Oh man…Fury Road probably, I gave it 9,9/10 🙂

    1. Oooh that’s awesome casting about Statham, hope that happens! LOVE all the Brits in American TV, ahah. YES YES YES I will definitely watch Outlander! It probably as graphic as GoT, but I did watch BORGIA where Stanley played a sadistic psychopath & they showed this incredibly graphic Medieval torture scene for like 5 minutes!! I had to avert my eyes during that scene. I sure hope he would play a slightly nicer guy in Outlander, though regardless I’d watch him in ANYTHING!

      Ahah yeah I think a lot of my friends in Asia also do the same as you, which online streaming do you use if you don’t mind me asking?

      I’m really hoping Mulligan would get some love come award season instead of Meryl getting nominated again.

      I’m with you about this franchises… seriously! I know movie studios are greedy, but this is getting overboard even for them.

      I can’t wait to rewatch Fury Road again!

  13. We pay for Netflix streaming, but we don’t subscribe to cable. We’re on a tight budget, so $60+ for something unnecessary doesn’t sit well with us. Plus there isn’t enough good stuff on T.V. to justify the expense. I would definitely consider an a la carte service though.

    I definitely want to see Suffragette. I am undecided about Everest, but it has a terrific cast.

    1. Hi Irene, same here, Netflix streaming is enough for us, with occasional rental via iTunes. I can’t fathom paying more than $50 bucks monthly for entertainment either, still a lot even tho we have no kids. I might shell out $12 bucks next year during Outlander season 2 though.

  14. I read yesterday that Emily Blunt – who’s bloody brilliant – is in line to star in a movie adaptation of The Girl on the Train. Haven’t read the book, but it’s apparently held in high regard and the plot sounds interesting.

    Also a sucker for anything Star Wars-related, and I thought Ewan McGregor was a real highlight in those prequel films.

    That Everest cast is insane!


    1. Hi Adam, yes miss Blunt is brilliant indeed so any casting news w/ her is awesome. Ahah, big fan of SW eh, so you’ll be happy then that Disney will continue to make tons of movies/spin-offs 🙂

        1. Yeah, Disney owns practically EVERYTHING now, it’s crazy! Even going to a Disney store we’re bombarded w/ SW and Marvel merchandise now 😦

  15. I just install cable last year, and changed to a full package cable + internet. Hubby needs a hi-speed internet and I’m happy with all the HBO and other channels! Didn’t know you have to subscribe individual channel there, sounds expensive

    1. Hi Andina, oh we do have the packaged cable + internet stuff here too, well we have any kind of package you can imagine. But this a la carte stuff where you can subscribe to just ONE premium cable service is relatively new, but I think there’s a demand for it.

  16. abbiosbiston

    We cancelled our cable when we moved into our new flat two years ago. We don’t have any live TV anymore but we subscribe to three streaming services and we use the free ones for our terrestrial TV channels. I don’t miss the cable at all and it’s about 1/4 of the price.

    I am definitely looking forward to Suffragette. I hope it will make more women realise how much our forebears sacrificed for us to be able to vote.

    1. Sounds like a wise move there Abbi. Yeah I’m liking this a la carte cable service, I just think most people don’t have time to see SO may shows on TV.

      AMEN on what you said on Suffragette. We have come a long way but yet still not far enough.

  17. 1. I’m still super excited for the cast of season 2 of True Detective. Really looking forward to June 21!

    3. Really want to see both. I hope it does well for Meryl but also for Carey Mulligan, anothe rof my favorite actresses and quite underrated, I think. Both casts are pretty impressive!

    4. Please no.

    1. Hi Fernando! Yeah, TD2 does have a great cast, I might tune in even though I didn’t see season 1.

      Yeah, I love that Suffragette feature mostly female cast and Everest is mostly male, I didn’t plan it that way, just realize that now, ahah.

      I’m w/ you on question #4.

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  19. 1. I’m still excited about another Mad Max movie on the way! 😀

    2. I like the idea, especially if it’s cheaper. Not sure I’d subscribe to any though, since I don’t watch many TV shows.

    3. Both look interesting, but I’m more excited about Suffragette. Hopefully, Carey Mulligan will at least get another Oscar nom, or even win!

    4. Yes please! I’d totally see it. It’s Ewan McGregor and Star Wars for crayin’ out loud. 😉

    5. The Proposition. It’s a masterful western that more people should check out.

    1. Hi Josh! Yeah, let’s hope for even more Mad Max movies, so long as George Miller is involved of course.

      Yes I hope miss Mulligan will get another Oscar nom, she’s soooo freakishly talented!

      Ahah, I didn’t know you’re such a huge SW and Obi Wan fan, Josh 😀

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