Music Break: Not Another Happy Ending (2012)


I’ve been wanting to do this post for over a month now. In fact, if I had my way I’d just be blogging about this movie and Stanley Weber until my fingers bleed. But that’s what Tumblr is for 😉

Ok so you probably know by now I’ve been obsessed with this Scottish rom-com for some time. I’m gonna do a massive post on it when I can get my act together but one of the things I’m obsessing about is the songs! I love that the producers/filmmakers feature Scottish musicians which fit perfectly with the tone of the movie and the Glasgow setting.


Thanks to NAHE for introducing me to Sandi Thom. I really like her pop/folk/rock style, so definitely an artist to watch for.

I also love the instrumental score by Scottish composer Lorne Balfe.

There’s a certain Scottish charm in this song by TeenCanteen. It fits the rather neurotic personality of Karen Gillan‘s character perfectly! I love how their thick Scottish brogue is audible in the song, too.


Another track by Sandi Thom, a melancholy ballad that always gives me all the feels whenever I think of the male lead in the movie, ehm.

This one is a beautiful ballad from Scottish R&B artist Emeli Sandé. I absolutely adore this song, it’s become my daily routine to listen to it.


Now I especially love these two songs because the scenes they appear in are my favorites in the film. If you’ve seen the movie, I think you’ll know why 😛 But seriously, these songs are so awesome I’m glad I came across The Proclaimers and Twin Atlantic. Boy, the Scottish music scene must be quite spectacular!


Hope you enjoy this music break! Are you familiar w/ any of the songs/artists featured here?

19 thoughts on “Music Break: Not Another Happy Ending (2012)

  1. You are so good at finding the hidden Scottish gems in the world. Remember DEAR FRANKIE? I will have to check this out. Fun fact: Iain de Caestecker played the lead in Detroit-shot LOST RIVER (Ryan Gosling’s debut feature).

    1. Hi Paula! Funny that even though pretty much EVERYTHING about this movie is Scottish, I ended up falling for the French guy. But he’s soooooo beautiful, I’ve fallen madly in love, can’t you tell? 😉 Oh yeah I knew about Ian, but I’m not fond of Gosling at all, so I probably rent it on a slow night, ahah.

      1. I had that impression. Lol! He is quite handsome though so it’s understandable. Gosling isn’t in the movie…it’s an interesting film with great cinematography. I liked it but it definitely got very mixed reviews.

  2. I’m always game for a charming rom-com, so I should check this out. LOVE Emeli Sande, and “Clown” is a beautiful song, indeed.

    1. It’s really worth your time Josh, rare to see a Scottish rom-com actually set over there. Way better than most Hollywood movies in this genre. I’m absolutely in love w/ that ‘Clown’ song!

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  4. I’d never heard of Sandi Thom before, she has a nice singing voice.
    I’m not familiar with the Scottish music scene, although I know they are famous for the bagpipes 🙂

    1. Hi Chris! I haven’t either but I’m following her on Twitter now and will watch out for her next projects. But my fave here is the ballad from Emeli Sandé, and her voice is incredible! I actually like a lot of Scottish bands, i.e. Snow Patrol, The Proclaimers, and this film have introduced me to a lot more great ones!

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