My entry to the Movie Roulette Blogathon

movie-roulette-posterWhen I saw this blogathon that Getter over at Mettel Ray Blog is hosting, I simply had to participate! What an awesome idea, and original one at that. It must’ve taken her ages to made five of those gifs.

Here are the rules:
1. There are 25 facts, you have to pick 5 or more and for each, you drag out a movie as an answer! *Click on the gif, hold it and drag out a single movie*
2. You can only drag out one movie for each statement, no do overs,
3. Write down your answers and feel free to comment whether they make sense or not.
4. Link back to this announcement, and link to the Movie Roulette Ultimate Gif Set as well!
5. Last but not least, have fun!

This proves to be quite fun to do, though I have to admit sometimes I pick the movie first then look at the facts [hope that’s ok Getter!] 😀 Ok, here goes:

1. This movie describes my mood in the mornings the best

You’ve Got Mail

Every morning, first thing I check is my iPad for email/twitter/tumblr, etc. In a way, my online connection is what fuels my day 😛

2. I hate the main [male] characters of this movie, but I think they [are] still very hot

This Means War

I abhor the daft idea of this movie but I still watched it [on the plane] for these two guys. I mean Tom Hardy AND Chris Pine looking every bit as gorgeous in every scene? Heck yeah!

3. I would make love to this movie’s plot, it’s amazing


Glad I saw this on the big screen, thanks to TCM Rerelease! One of the best stories about unrequited love… beautifully done all around.

4. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night thinking about this movie… it’s so good!

The Dark Knight

As I just happened to see this interrogation scene during Christopher Nolan’s lecture earlier this month, I remember thinking about how good this scene is. It’s so well-constructed and the two actors are absolutely perfect. It was mesmerizing and it really riled me up.

5. When I think of my childhood, I think of this movie

Superman: The Movie

Well naturally. I saw this when I was a wee girl, probably 4-5, and even at that age, I immediately fell for Christopher Reeve. Yep, he set the bar VERY high for my future crushes.

6. Every time this movie is on TV, I turn it off and sit in complete silence instead

Friends with Benefits

This movie actually never came on TV as I barely watch any TV. But if it were, I’d rather sit in silence or watch paint dry than watch this.

7. This movie makes me so emotional I even cried while watching it


I saw this in a nearly empty cinema and I’m glad there was nobody sitting near me as I was bailing my eyes out in some scenes. It struck me hard emotionally… it was a beautiful experience.

8. If I ever made a movie, it would be something similar to this movie

Notting Hill

I’m referring to the basic idea of this film, and I’ve been toying w/ the idea for some time. In fact, this inspires me to resurrect the Fantasy Movie Pitch blogathon that a now-defunct blog used to do a few years ago.

10. I always wanted to punch this movie’s main character(s) in the face


I don’t usually get such a violent reaction whilst seeing a movie but can you blame me? I actually watched some clips of this as it’s now on Netflix Streaming [not sure why since I hated it the first time]. I had such a strong reaction wanting to punch these two silly that I simply turned it off.

10. I’m going to recommend this movie to the next person who asks me to recommend them a movie! (Challenge accepted!)


I’ve actually been recommending this to people who haven’t seen it, and will continue to do so!

Well that’s been tricky but fun! What do you think of my picks?

39 thoughts on “My entry to the Movie Roulette Blogathon

  1. That’s a fun blogathon. I don’t know if i can answer all of them myself. Definitely agree on #1 and #5. I have yet to see HER, I’ll have to rent that soon since I missed it in a theater. I really liked NIGHTCRAWLER but I thought the film was too safe, I wanted to see him do some even more sinister things to get his “news” footage.

    1. Hi Ted! Glad we have something in common. Oh HER is fantastic, it’s a slow film but an intriguing sci-fi. Ahah, Nightcrawler too safe? Well I think he’s pretty darn sinister to me, especially that ending!

      1. I think Nightcrawler should’ve been even longer, maybe include a storyline of how Renee Russo’s character gets involve with his “news” creation and both of them would do some really nasty things to get ratings. I love the concept of how people today gets off on watching “dramas” on the news. I would’ve liked to see him do more sinister stuff like what he did to Bill Paxton’s character. He’s a very smart yet unstable person and Russo’s character just wants to keep her job.

        1. Yes please!!! He’s the worst of the bunch. At least Stewart & Pattinson have moved on to better things and can actually act.

    1. I have no desire to see that dumb thing. The premise repulses me and I’m not fond of Justin Timberlake, he’s ok in small supporting roles but not as lead.

  2. Cool choices! totally share You’ve got Mail and Notting Hill thing ^^

    Also – you cheated! The rest of us have such embarrassing answers 😛

    1. Hi Sati! Ahah well I kept getting ones I haven’t seen yet but for the most part I didn’t cheat 😛 I finally picked one of a movie I haven’t seen anyway (#6), I don’t think I ever will.

    1. I’m glad I picked those and there were answers that’d match 😛 The interrogation scene in TDK gets me every time, sooo good!

  3. I agree with Twilight.. Can I join you on that ? #5, made me really think of my childhood. And now to thing about it there’s 2 movie, ET and Back To The Future.. 😀

      1. Ha.. Stupid auto correct on my IPad, what I meant is not ‘to thing’.. But ‘to think”. Well, yes, Tom and I always comparing the new superman with Christopher Reeve, HE was THE Superman.. By the way, speaking of Reeve, if you remember the show Frasier, whenever someone called on his radio show, some of them were Christopher Reeve’s voice, acting as radio listener….

  4. Looks like a tough blogathon. Nice to read all your answers.

    Ah…I have seen Her and sorry to say I didn’t feel the same way as yours. I will write my review once I found another movie to pair it

  5. To be honest I didn’t understand the blogathon, but looking at your answers I now get it. If I find the time I might hop onto this one as well.

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