Everybody’s Chattin’ + Quick thoughts on ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ + Bloggin’ Break


Happy Thursday everyone! What a week it’s been. I went to the Christopher Nolan lecture at the Walker Art Museum on Tuesday and last night was the Far for the Madding Crowd screening. My post on both of those would have to wait until I’m back from vacation. But I have to share my first reaction about the latest Thomas Hardy’s cinematic adaptation:

In the novel, Troy is described as “handsome, vain, young, and irresponsible,” he is to be Bathsheba’s sexual awakening, but from the second Troy’s introduced on screen (played by Tom Sturridge), he just did NOT fit my idea of such a character. SPOILER ALERT [if you don’t want to know the plot, don’t read below the photo]

He looks more like someone from some boy band like One Direction with his full head of hair and effeminate-looking face and body. The swordsmanship scene is well-directed but Troy himself didn’t leave me breathless… and naturally the sex scene lacks passion. My girlfriend asked me as we walked out the theater if Troy is supposed to be some soldier wanna-be or something as he just doesn’t have that strapping look of a military man. Heh, I haven’t seen the 1967 version but Terence Stamp looked far more convincing as Troy. It’s a pity because I have no problem with other two male actors (Matthias Schoenaerts and Michael Sheen), and I adore Carey Mulligan as the heroine Bathsheba.

Bathsheba_Troy_MaddingCrowdYou may accuse me of being biased given how I feel about Stanley Weber these days, but seriously, if only I had been a casting agent for the film, I’d cast him as Troy in a heartbeat. He’s played a charming, sexy bad boy with aplomb as Juan Borgia, someone SO devilishly bad but oh-so-irresistible. I’m sure he can work on perfecting a British accent, but charisma, especially of a sexual nature, is not something an actor can train for.

Now that I got that out of the way… let’s get to those great links, shall we?

Josh did his May Oscar predictions whilst Andrew posted his 4 Ways a Best Picture roundtable. Never too early to talk about awards I guess.

Tom and Mark are hosting the Decades Blogathon. Spots are filling up fast!

Andina just posted her top 10 fave movies of 2014, glad we agree on the #1 pick!

Speaking of top 10, Chris got me all nostalgic in this post of top 10 Janet Jackson songs

To celebrate her 5th blogaversarry, Mettel Ray have been posting a bunch of top 5 lists, the latest one being Top 5 Trios

Over at Dan’s Top 10 Films blog, Rodney posted his top 10 Films of cinematographer Andrew Lesnie who just passed away

On to reviews…

Margaret, Sidekick Reviews and Melissa did a recap of the latest Game of Thrones episodes

Lots of foreign movie reviews that have been popping up this week, which is interesting as I’ve been watching a ton of French movies and videos 😉

Jordan reviewed this Spanish/Danish film Jauja

Steven reviewed Au Revoir Les Enfants (Goodbye Children)

Keith reviewed L’avventura

And last but not least, Jay posted some mini reviews including some terrible movies you should avoid!

Time for a Blog Break!

Well my hubby and I be going on a week-long vacation to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We’re going to Tampa for a few days and then Orlando to visit…

WizardingWorldHPWizardingWorldHP2I’ve been wanting to check out the Harry Potter theme park for some time. I always enjoy going to these type of stuff, makes me feel young again 😉 But I’m also looking forward for some r&r at some of the best beaches in the area, like Clearwater Beach, visit Greek town Tarpon Springs and maybe head south to Sanibel Island!

So see you in about a week, folks! If you have any travel tips for the Orlando/Tampa area, please do let me know.

48 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ + Quick thoughts on ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ + Bloggin’ Break

  1. Whoa how fun, a wedding anniversary trip! Looking forward for your review of Far From the madding crowd. And also, Thank you for the link!

    1. Well I kinda did give a brief review of ‘Madding Crowd.’ Casting is so crucial and miscasting in this case kinda ruined the film a bit for me.

    1. Hi Vony! I didn’t even know there’s the 1998 version, thanks for letting me know. I like Nathaniel Parker, he’d be swoony as Gabriel Oak.

      Btw, you MUST watch Not Another Happy Ending. It’s on Netflix streaming as well as free on HULU. I’m in love w/ the Frenchman in that movie 😛

      1. I did watch the Not Another Happy Ending.. Haaaa… Yup, I like the Frenchman in that movie. Another one that you don’t want to miss is North and South, goodness I didn’t realize that Richard Armitage was in that…😁😁😁😁😁

        1. Hi Von! Funny you mentioned Richard Armitage as he’s like my two crushes a go, ha ha! I used to love him before I fell for Toby Stephens. It was N & S that made me fall for him, ooooh Mr Thornton 😍 But now I’m head over heels for Stanley Weber. Sooooo hot, and the accent is irresistible… but he’s only 28 😁 Guess what, they are both filming a movie together in Northern Ireland now as we speak!

          1. Haaaaa.. That’s way too funny, I was actually also really like Toby Stephens,ever since he played so convincingly evil as Prince John, in Robin Hood.. 😝😝😝

          2. Ruth, Happy Anniversary.. Can’t believe it’s been 12 years?? 😉
            Glad you enjoy your vacation. I didn’t forget your birthday and Ivan either, I have your gift sitting on in my closet since February.. Let’s have lunch or dinner soon.. 😀

            1. Hey Von, are you able to do coffee just you n I? I just haven’t chatted with you for so long. Of course we can do dinner w/ everyone as well.

  2. Casting is SO CRUCIAL. I’m sad they dropped that ball, but glad to hear the rest of the cast works so well.

    Have fun on vacation!

    Small adjustment though…I did not team up with Josh this month. Those are solely his predictions. I’ve been too busy with 4 Ways a Best Picture to compile my personal predictions.

    1. Ooops sorry! I thought I saw your name on the post… my mistake. I’ll fix that now.

      Yeah I basically swapped Sturridge w/ Stanley Weber in my mind when Troy’s seducing Bathsheba and that made me blush! 😉

  3. Thanks for the infusion Ruth and I hope you guys have a GREAT time. So much to do down there and its a great time of the year for it.

    Safe travels!!!!

  4. OH! Harry Potter world! I hope you have fun there. Say hi to Hagrid for me.

    I’ve seen Tom Sturridge in a few films and I’m not really impressed. I haven’t seen Far from the Madding Crowd (but I want to) as I’m sure he is miscast.

    1. I’ve only seen Sturridge in the Boat That Rocks and he’s ok in there as he fits the character. Here he’s supposed to be a strapping young officer who’s devilishly charming, so DEFINITELY miscast.

  5. Harry Potter world looks so much fun, ahh so jealous. 😉 Never been a huge Carey Mulligan fan and you know I don’t get excited for period dramas … but I did watch Belle and the lead actress is perfectly cast. Big thanks for the shout out!

    1. Hi Eddie! You don’t like Carey Mulligan? I think she’d one of the best actresses working today, I like her the most out of the young British actresses working in Hollywood now. Ooooh glad you love BELLE, that’s one of my fave period dramas and miss Mbatha-Raw should get more leading roles!

  6. Thanks for the link! Enjoy your vacation, Ruth. I’d like to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter one day myself. 🙂

  7. What an awesome way to celebrate anniversary, hope you’ll have fun and thanks so much for the link! I’m definitely gonna see that movie for Michael Sheen.

    1. Hi Margaret! Since we both love HP, we thought it’d be fun to feel like a kid again in an amusement park 😀

      Michael Sheen is perhaps my fave of the three male actors as Carey’s suitors. Y’know, I could see Dillane in that role too. Heh Sturridge is just so terribly miscast!! I basically just picture Stanley as the devilishly charming young officer wooing Bathsheba… now THAT would be such a turn on 😉

  8. abbiosbiston

    I am so jel that you are going to Harry Potter World! One of my friends actually went for her honeymoon.

    As for Far From the Madding Crowd… what a load of cobblers.

    1. Hope one day you’ll get to see it too Abbi!

      Ahah, not a fan of ‘Madding Crowd’ eh? Did you read the book? I think the story is quite predictable, but I enjoyed it apart from Sturridge’s miscasting.

      1. abbiosbiston

        I haven’t read the book. While I am generally quite a big fan of Victorian literature the only Hardy I’ve managed so far is Tess of the D’Ubervilles. Bathsheba was just such a massive twat though and it went on forever! And the bloody sheep were just too much!

  9. Really want to see Far From the Madding Crowd. Looking forward to checking out Carey and Matthias in that.

    Oh, and I’m so jealous you’re going to the Wizarding World of HP. So cool! Can’t wait for it to open in California! Have lots of fun on your holiday, Ruth!

  10. Tom

    Have a blast down South Ruth! The park sounds great and so do the beaches, actually . . . hmm. . . .perhaps it’s time for a break for me too. 😉

    And yes ,sorry I didn’t respond to your comments on Mark’s post earlier — thank you for your interest in the Decades blogathon. Too bad you’ll have to miss it this time. We’ll be running it again in the future, I’m sure though.

    1. Hi Tom! Just back to work today, still quite tired from the trip. The beaches are awesome, esp Clearwater Beach w/ the gorgeous white sands.

      Hey sounds like you have tons of participants in that blogathon, I look forward to reading ’em.

      1. Tom

        Yeah I and a couple friends take an engineering co-op down in Clearwater and we went and visited them during spring break my sophomore year in college. It’s a beautiful area. Did you get to check out Fort DeSoto?

        1. Clearwater beach was tremendously beautiful!!! It was packed and super hot but glad I made it there, the white sand felt so good on my bare feet 😛 No I didn’t go to Fort DeSoto but I did visit the tiny Greek town Tarpon Springs, worth a look when you’re in that area Tom!

  11. Have a great holiday Ruth! I would love to visit the Harry Potter theme park, wow! I’ve skipped over your thoughts on Far From The Madding Crowd as I’m still finishing the book. Can’t wait to check out the movie.

    1. Hi Natalie! The Harry Potter theme park is awesome! It was packed tho, looong wait to get on the Gringot ride but it was well worth it! Curious to hear what you think of Far From The Madding Crowd since you’ve read the book, esp in regards to Sgt. Troy.

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