My entry to the Five Senses Blogathon

FiveSensesBlogathonIn association with Dutch moviepodcasters MovieInsiders (who inspired this blogathon) and Karamel Kinema, who did the stunning logo, Nostra of My Film Views spearheaded The Five Senses blogathon.

Here’s the idea in his own words:

As you know the body has five senses (although some movies might suggest there is a sixth one): Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell and Touch.

So what’s the idea behind this blogathon? For each of these senses you will have to describe the movie related association you have with it. This can be a particular movie or even a scene, but also something having to do with the movie going experience (so for example the smell of popcorn in the theater).

So here are my pick of movies/movie related things I associate with each of the senses?




Despite the lack of original story and other quibbles I have about this film, when it comes to visual effects, it’s tough to beat this one. I remember back in 2009 I got one of those advanced previews dubbed Avatar Day to see this and I was so excited! Seeing Pandora for the first time on the big screen was quite a thrill, but not until I saw the full film that my jaw was on the floor. I remember ooh-aahing during the chopper scene through those flying mountains… the reaction of Jake & his friend pretty much echo how we all felt in the movie theater.

But the most breathtakingly-beautiful scene of all, that remains a visual marvel to this day, has got to be all the night scenes in Pandora…

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Jurassic Park

It’s no surprise this Spielberg film won two Oscars for Best Sound Editing AND Best Sound Mixing. The sound truly made the experience and I’ll never forget the first time the T-Rex made an appearance when the park’s electricity went kaput. Starting with vibrating water scene in the car, the mysterious thumping that gets more and more pronounced… all the way to that first roar. OH MY, that’s quite an adrenaline rush unlike any other.

The sound work in the kitchen scene is incredible as well. It REALLY made you feel as if you’re there with these poor kids! It’s hilarious but terrifying at the same time.



The Hundred-Foot Journey

Naturally I pick a scene from a film about food, but I have to pick this under-appreciated one I saw recently. I LOVE breakfast food, especially Omelet, so I could practically taste the yummy-ness of this very scene.

HundredFootJourneyOmeletSceneI love Helen Mirren’s expression after she took the first bite, oh man, I was salivating as I was watching this!



Hand-touching scenes in period dramas

I’m such a hopeless romantic. There’s something about hand scenes in period dramas that always gets me. Given how restrictive the customs in those days was, even the smallest physical expression means SO much. I felt a tingle in my own hands whenever I watched each of these scenes…

The first time Margaret & John’s fingers touch ever so briefly when she handed him the tea cup…

When Marianne’s and Willoughby’s fingers brush lightly against each other’s as they went up the stairs…

I’ve mentioned the ‘Mansfield Park’ one in this list, but it bears mentioning again because it’s just such a beautiful & emotional scene. Neither Fanny nor Edmund could speak of how they feel about each other, but a simple touch speaks more than a thousand words…

Of course the finale of ‘Pride & Prejudice’ has to be mentioned here… I love Darcy’s reaction when Lizzie took his hand and kisses it… no words need to be spoken to say how she feels about him.



Coco Before Chanel

chanelno5I have to admit I struggled a bit to come up with this one, but for some reason I kept going back to this. As I was watching the film starring Audrey Tautou, I reminisced on the first perfume I was ever given. My globe-trotting auntie gave me a CHANEL No. 5 mini perfume when I was about 14 and it was the first perfume I ever owned. My late mother was a big CHANEL perfume fan and I still remember quite vividly how much I love the scent. I guess smell is such a sentimental thing, as it could really take you back to a certain time and place.

CocoBeforeChanelI’ve used many different perfumes since then, but this classic Chanel perfume will always have a special place in my heart. I even dedicated a post for the exquisite Chanel No.5 ads, inspired by the film.


Well, that’s my picks for the Five Senses Blogathon, what do you think?

40 thoughts on “My entry to the Five Senses Blogathon

  1. Great choices Ruth. I’m a huge fan of period dramas but my favourite on this list has to be the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park. So much is achieved with the simple sound of metal utensils dropping to the floor. Such a great movie,

    1. Thanks Natalie! Jurassic Park is simply phenomenal in sound work and I forgot to mention how the soundtrack also adds so much to the experience.

    1. Hi Dell, long time no see 🙂 Yeah I figure I’d find something personal for the smell one as I honestly can’t think of anything else.

    1. Thanks Cindy! Y’know I’d think the same about Chocolat if I loved chocolate, but believe it or not I’m actually not a fan of them. I don’t mind the ones w/ rice crisps in it though. But yeah I do love that movie!

  2. OMG, hand touching…UGH…Bright Star!!!!! I really need to crack down and do this, but all I keep thinking is ‘Gravity for all senses’…you know…except taste…and yet…breathing in the lack of air is totally a ‘taste’.

    1. It’s weird but I actually didn’t like Bright Star initially, but the more I think about it the more I like it. Hey, I think Gravity DOES fit all five categories, I think when she first came back to earth she could practically taste oxygen again so that’d work!!

  3. Cool idea for a blogathon, I’d be racking my brain if I had to pick especially the smell sense haha. That’s so true how smell can bring us back to a certain time and place, I really like that your choice has a personal connection. As visuals goes Avatar is amazing, I was also impressesed with the 3D effects in that. 😀

    1. The smell one is really, really hard! But thankfully I thought about that Chanel perfume because I did think of that when I saw the film. I actually have the 3D Bluray of Avatar, I just need to watch it!

  4. Definitely agree with you on Avatar, just for the visual part, don’t care for the movie itself. And of course the sound of Jurassic Park was awesome, especially when I’ve just re-watched recently. For me, the visual and sound I’d go with The Dark Knight, the first time I saw it on IMAX, it just blew me away. Seeing and hearing the big picture and sound, nothing came close to that experience until recently when Nolan outdid himself with Interstellar.

    1. Hi Ted! I’m not as harsh about Avatar as most ppl as the visuals are so breathtakingly beautiful. Yes so it’s Pocahontas in space but man, those aerial flying sequences, etc are amazingly-done. TDK was beautiful too, but not as jaw-dropping as Avatar was when I saw it for the first time.

      1. I actually don’t have problems with Avatar being similar to other stories that’s been before, I just thought it’s badly written, the dialogues were awful and the characters were all one dimensional. I recently watched the 3D disc and I just had laugh at how awful the writing was. I totally agree that the visual is top notch but I think Cameron should’ve focus on the writing part too; hopefully he’ll fix that issue for the sequels.

        The first time I saw The Dark Knight was on a regular theater but then when I saw on IMAX the next weekend, I was blown away. I’ve seen other movies on IMAX but never seen one where the picture filled up the whole screen and sound just surround the theater; it’s pretty awesome!

  5. I like your idea about touch in period dramas; it’s very original and definitely amazing. And about Avatar, I agree with you with its ample of visual spectacle that always bedazzles us, to be honest.

    1. I think given the confining customs of the day, the subtle touches in period dramas are far more meaningful. Yeah, I can’t wait to see Avatar 2 esp w/ the promise of underwater scenes. Cameron did a smashing job w/ that in The Abyss but now the technology is even more advanced.

  6. Great choices Ruth. I tried thinking of my own choices but this turned out to be harder than I expected. So many different movies swirling around in my head.

    1. It was quite challenging for me too! Esp the touch and smell, that’s why I had to go w/ a more personal route for smell. What ideas do you have in mind for some of the senses? I’m curious!

  7. Great entry to the blogathon and thanks for joining Ruth. Love your choices and really like the touch one covering several movies. Interesting choice for smell, which I also found to be the hardest to pick.

    1. Hey I’m glad I could take part! It took me a looong time to finally come up w/ the one for Smell but in the end I’m happy w/ my pick 😀

    1. Glad you agree! Avatar was an easy one for me in terms of visuals but that ‘TOUCH’ one took a while to come up with, but I do love the subtle gestures in period dramas!

  8. Tom

    That’s a nice call there with the Chanel for the ‘Smell’ sense. That seems far and away the hardest ‘sense’ to describe when it comes to movies (without of course describing popcorn or theater-related scents haha!)

    I think this blogathon idea is really outstanding. I might take part in it at some point. For right now I’m pretty busy filling my content for the month but I’ll def keep this in mind.

    1. Hi Tom! I think the popcorn one is the obvious pick, but it wouldn’t be a personal one.

      Hey, do take part in this, I’d love to see your picks!

  9. Great picks! I love your inclusion of touch from period films. The scene between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice is so simple but memorable.

  10. Interesting list Ruth 🙂

    I think I first saw this blogathon in Andina’s blog. Agree on Avatar!! It was really great in term of visual tho the story was dead flat.

    I can’t think of any movie to smell, taste, and touch

  11. Tough to do, but you represented them all very well. I’ve never seen Avatar so I can’t relate to that one, but all the others gave me sense memories.

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