Music Break: Disney’s Animated Classic CINDERELLA (1950)

CinderellaPrince_posterOne of the screenings I’ll be going to later this week is the live-action adaptation of Cinderella. Now, I mentioned in this post that having grown up watching all those Disney Princess movies, naturally I’m curious to check it out.

I know what you’re thinking. Do we have to have a live action version of this? Probably not, but whether we like it or not, that’s the trend we have here. We’ve seen a live-action reimagining of Snow White, so you know other Princesses would soon follow. I have a feeling I’d enjoy this one, especially with Kenneth Branagh directing, Helena Bonham Carter as fairy godmother and Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother, not to mention the eye candy factor with the dashing Glaswegian Richard Madden as Prince Charming. You know I have a thing for the Scots πŸ˜‰

I doubt that it’d ever replace the animated classic as my favorite though, so in light of the new movie, I thought I’d highlight the wonderful music by Paul J. Smith and Oliver Wallace. Even sixty five years after its release, this quintessential classic fairy tale still retains its magical charm. To this day I still fondly remember the songs and would often find myself humming to them, even though it’s been years since I saw the movie.


Now I’m not exactly fond of this silly mice voice singing, but this scene is just so darn cute and heartwarming. It’s so quintessentially Disney but I can’t help being swept away by Cinderelly’s adorable creature friends πŸ˜‰

Now here’s the new Cinderella‘s trailer music by Nick Murray which is quite pleasing to the ear, but I can’t wait to hear the official soundtrack by Branagh’s longtime collaborator Patrick Doyle. I LOVE Doyle’s work as he made one of my favorite soundtrack ever, Sense & Sensibility.

Hope you enjoy this Music Break. Have you seen this Disney classic?

21 thoughts on “Music Break: Disney’s Animated Classic CINDERELLA (1950)

  1. My kids are freaking out about seeing this, so I am excited for them, and I love Blanchett…so I’m hoping that this is good…but I’m skeptical. The original is such a classic, and the music that you posted here is just one of the many reasons why!

    1. Yeah I’m the same way as you really can’t top the original, and I don’t think it will. But I think it’ll still be entertaining, I mean I love Branagh and Blanchett, and Bonham Carter should be a hoot as fairy godmother!

    1. I thought Maleficent was interesting twist as it’s from the perspective of the villain, wish the movie were better though. The animated classic is a must-see Mark, the hand-drawn animation is so darn charming!

  2. Have I seen it? Ha Ha. It’s the one film I most identify. I’ve seen it so many times–Gus picking up the corn kernels–that’s me, too. Always trying to take on too much and looking comedic doing it. Cinderella. It’s my favorite tale. I even love the cheezy 1967 Roger and Hammerstein version. I was four and remember sitting in a winged back chair alone in the room while this appeared on television. It enchanted me.

    1. Hi ya Cindy! Glad to hear you’re a big fan of Cinderella! Ahah no I haven’t even heard of the Roger and Hammerstein version. Well suffice to say this new adaptation certainly has made lots of improvements at least visually πŸ˜‰

  3. Very cool post! One of Disney’s finest classics and it features some of the most recognizable, memorable songs! Looking forward to the new version, mainly because of Cate Blanchett.

    1. Thanks Fernando! Woo hoo! Glad to see another Cinderella fan. Yeah Blanchett is the main draw for me too, but I also like Branagh as director.

  4. Abbi

    I actually can’t remember if I have seen this or not but all of it looks so familiar because I had a picture book of it as a little girl.

    1. I’m sure you’ve seen at least some clips of this movie Abbi, it’s such an iconic movie. No matter how old I am I always have fond memories of Disney princesses πŸ˜‰

  5. I know my sister is taking my niece and her friends to see this movie, of course it’s not something I would want to see. I do remember watching the cartoon version when I was very young and I think I enjoyed it, that’s a long time ago though. haha.

    1. He..he.. I get that Ted, I didn’t think this is for you. I think Pixar has done more stuff that appeal to both genders though, and I love those too, but I’ll always love the classic Disney stuff for nostalgia sake.

  6. Of course I saw the Cinderella, Disney classic. I think I actually watched it a few years ago when it was released from the vault. Love the music. The mice Working Song is adorable. So This Is Love is so romantic and Bippity Boppity Boo is so magical πŸ™‚ Totally love the music in the classic!

    I seriously can’t wait to see the live adaptation! πŸ™‚ I’m a sucker for any Cinderelly-based adaptation and there’s been a ton of them over the years.

    1. Hey Kim! There are sooo many great songs in Cinderella, I wish I had bought the BD when it came out in Diamond edition. Disney is so weird about releasing the classic stuff. So have you seen the new Cinderella yet? I think you’d enjoy it. I just started w/ my review but it’ll be a positive one!

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