Five movies everyone seem to love that leave me cold

RonSwansonBannerThis list has been on my draft folder for some time. Well, now seems as good a time as any to counter all the the applause for movies as one award after another is getting announced. This post is inspired by Abbi’s list, as well as Kristin’s who posted her own list. Now, I don’t totally abhor all of these films, but like Abbi said, I really don’t get all the praise and for me at least, it did NOT live up to the hype.

I use IMDb rating and Rotten Tomatoes score just to show how critically-acclaimed these films are. Two of the classic films listed here are even considered iconic masterpieces which is even more baffling to me. If you happen to LOVE these movies, well I wish I could say the same but I think they’re awful, sorry!

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)


IMDB rating: 7.1 | RT Score: 87%

I actually enjoyed the first Hellboy and that’s the reason why I was excited to see the second one but heh, my hubby and I actually turned it off after less than a half hour. For some reason I just couldn’t figure out why we liked the first one but this sequel is so boring. All the peculiar creatures and fantastical setting we found amusing the first time around just feels derivative, it feels like a studio obligation instead of a passion project from Guillermo Del Toro perhaps because that’s really the case here. I like Ron Perlman in the role though, but I’d rather just watch the first movie again.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)


IMDB rating: 8.0 | RT Score: 79%

Just like Transformers, a string of horror series and young adult adaptations, I never get the appeal of Pirates of the Caribbean from the get go. Johnny Depp‘s flamboyant, Keith-Richard-inspired Jack Sparrow is amusing for maybe a half hour tops, but for some reason people just can’t get enough of it that the fifth movie is now in the works [face palm]. Alas Depp can’t seem to shake that role either now, it’s as if Sparrow became his acting *curse.* I haven’t bothered watching the sequels, though I had to endure the second one (or was it the third??) when I was at a friend’s house and it just reminded me how awful this franchise is. I wince every time Geoffrey Rush show up, but I suppose a big paycheck from this type of drivels allow him to do something worthy of his talents. As if these movies aren’t unbearable already, we also have to endure watching Orlando Bloom doing poor imitations of Errol Flynn!

Spartacus (1960)


IMDB rating: 8.0 | RT Score: 96%

Spartacus_romanceMy jaw dropped when I found out just how high the score is after seeing the film. I saw this a few years ago and I could barely made it to the end. Now, I LOVE LOVE Ben-Hur which I have seen time and again over the years and it still held up, and as a fan of swords & sandal genre, I thought I’d enjoy this too. But heck, I find it corny, dull and boring. I don’t buy Kirk Douglas as a gladiator slave for a second. He just isn’t tough nor ruthless enough I’d imagine the character to be. Sure some might’ve called Charlton Heston a wooden actor, but he at least look the part as Ben-Hur and he made me root for his character. Not so with Douglas, and the romance with Jean Simmons have zero chemistry and the backdrop wallpaper they used for the scene is so awfully fake looking I couldn’t stop laughing!

So apparently Douglas did this movie to show William Wyler that he could do a Roman epic of his own, as he didn’t get the Judah Ben-Hur role he wanted. Per IMDb trivia, he was actually offered the role of Messala but he refused to play second banana. Heh, I thank the Lord he’s NOT part of Ben-Hur, I doubt he could do a better job than Stephen Boyd as Messala, let alone the lead role!! I also think Tony Curtis is completely miscast here as well.

Stanley Kubrick apparently disowned this project as he didn’t have complete creative control over it, well that explained it. Seems that this movie resulted from *too many cooks spoil the broth* syndrome.

The Getaway (1972)


IMDb rating: 7.5 | RT Score: 85%

This was my intro to Sam Peckinpah as my pal Ted S. LOVES his work. Sorry Ted, but I really don’t like this film, like AT ALL. It’s also my intro into Steve McQueen who’s supposed to be this suave and cool hero, but meh, I find him to be blank and stiff. I saw some clips of him in Bullit and he’s pretty much acting the exact same way. Now, I like a tough, brooding hero as much as the next gal, but there doesn’t seem to be much going on internally in his character to make me care. Same with Ali MacGraw who’s gorgeous but doesn’t really have much going on otherwise, and the romance is as lifeless as a dead fish.

TheGetawaySlappingSceneThis film is labeled a thriller but I don’t find it suspenseful at all. Even the shootout from a supposedly celebrated violent action director is so lackluster and on a few occasion it made me laugh! The color of the blood here looks so obviously fake too which doesn’t help matters. Al Lettieri did look menacing as the villain but for the most part he’s more annoying than scary. Plus the whole creepy sex scene with Sally Struthers, forcing her own husband to watch her cheat with a criminal is just plain revolting. What bothers me most here is the violence against women by not just the villain but the hero, as there’s a scene where McQueen slaps MacGraw several times and I read that he actually did it spontaneously so her reaction looked real. Heh, there’s nothing cool or ‘macho’ about assault of any kind and it’s even more shocking that this film is rated PG!!

Interestingly enough, this is yet another movie disowned by the director himself, as apparently he butted heads with McQueen who wanted a different version of the story and the studio backed the actor.

To Catch A Thief (1955)

ToCatchAThiefPosterIMDb rating: 7.5 | RT Score: 95%

The poster promises ‘shocking suspense and sizzling romance’ but we’ve got neither. Apart from the gorgeous cinematography of the French Riviera – as well as Grace Kelly’s exquisite beauty – this film hasn’t got much to offer. Kelly’s soooo beautiful here that it’s actually distracting, and I was  also distracted by how tanned Cary Grant is in this movie, especially compared to his alabaster co-star. It feels more like a rom-com than a mystery romance, as it lacks any real suspense or even believable chemistry between the two leads. Perhaps the fact that Grant was 50 playing a guy in his mid 30s have something to do with that. It’s almost as tedious as Torn Curtain, another disappointing film from ‘the master of suspense’ director Alfred Hitchcock.

The premise sounds promising on paper and you’d think with this cast, this could’ve been far more entertaining. By the time the twist was revealed, I no longer cared who did what to whom. I suppose this film is worth seeing for the lush scenery and glamorous costumes (done by Edith Head, natch!), but as a film, it’s more window dressing than an intriguing piece.

Well, those are five movies that everyone seem to love but me. What do you think? Let’s hear it!

85 thoughts on “Five movies everyone seem to love that leave me cold

  1. OK, I haven’t seen To Catch a Thief while I’ve only seen parts of The Getaway as I’m more familiar with the 1994 remake. Hellboy II and Spartacus I definitely enjoy while Pirates of the Caribbean is a film I’m starting to enjoy less now due to Johnny Depp just playing that character over and over again.

    1. I have no interest in seeing The Getaway remake, that’s the one w/ former couple Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger right? POTC is one of those franchises I wish would go away, alas …

  2. I did a variation of this post a year old so ago. It’s fun to evaluate popular films in this light. Of the ones you mention Hellboy 2 really sticks out. I can’t imagine it being very well liked. I struggled to make it through it.

    A couple of movies that would be included on my list – Apocalypse Now and Easy Rider. Beloved films but ones that don’t work for me.

    1. Hi Keith! Do you still have a link to your post? As for Hellboy II, well it seems that most people I talked to loved it, but I couldn’t sit through it either. I did like the first one though. I haven’t seen Apocalypse Now and Easy Rider but yeah I knew they’re both beloved.

  3. I sigh, shake my head and remember that I have films I don’t care for either, that others love. All of your choices make me sad (except Hellboy ‘ll, which was fine but not great). Nashville, Fight Club, Avatar, Five Easy Pieces, and Platoon are five I thought of that leave me flat.

    1. Hey don’t be sad, we all respond to films differently 🙂 I actually don’t mind Avatar, though I get why people trash it. I enjoyed the visuals and the simplistic Pocahontas story actually has its charm.

  4. Nothing special in that group Ruth. Kubrick was basically a director-for-hire as Anthony Mann was fired after the first week of shooting. Douglas hired Kubrick because they worked on Path Of Glory.

    Hmmm… some films that leave me cold. The Deer Hunter. Other than the Russian Roulette scene I always thought this was overrated. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Love Fincher but this just bored me to tears. A Beautiful Mind. They just played too fast and loose with the facts here for me to care about the man. Eyes Wide Shut. Kubrick was just past his prime here and then there’s Tom Cruise whom I just can’t watch anymore. Gladiator. Ridley Scott wowed with Alien and Blade Runner but this soldiers and sandals epic just didn’t do anything for me. The last film that impressed me was 2001’s Black Hawk Down. What has he really done since then? A Good Year? A Body Of Lies? Exodus?

    1. Ted S.

      I’m with you on The Deer Hunter, I hate to use the term overrated but that film maybe a good example of it. Same with Benjamin Button and A Beautiful Mind. Even though I enjoyed most of Gladiator, I still couldn’t understand why it won Best Picture as the Oscars! To me Scott’s last great film was The Matchstick Men. I didn’t care for Body of Lies and A Good Year bored me. As for Exodus, well you’ll have to come back and read my review later. 🙂

      1. I’ve never seen Matchstick Men so I will have check it out. I wasn’t diggin’ Nic Cage there for a while. Had to look up and see what Alison Lohman’s been doing. Guess she gave up acting in ’09 after having a child.

        Curious what you didn’t like about Shawshank. I loved the “Aria” scene where Andy plays Mozart over the loudspeakers to the dismay of the warden. Bob Gunton, as the warden, made a great villian. Also no one is better at adapting Steven King than Darabont. From a novella yet. Throw Thomas Newman’s score in there and Roger Deakins lush cinematography and it’s a winner in my book. I mean come on Ted, you’ve even got Morgan “the voice of god’ Freeman narrating! LOL. C’mon!

        Ted just curious which cut of Leon you saw? The theatrical or the international version. Personality I liked the international version. I guess it was too ‘risque’ for American audiences. Those crazy Frenchmen. Of course Gary Oldman overacted to perfection in both cuts. So there’s that.

        1. Ted S.

          Funny story, back in the fall of 1994, three films I was most look forward to, The Shawshank Redemtion, The Professional and Pulp Fiction. I remember I went to see both Shawshank and The Professional on opening weekend and there were only like 10 people in theater. Sadly I was very disappointed with both films. Also, I didn’t really care for Pulp Fiction when I finally saw it, I didn’t fall in love with it until years later, I can’t say the same about Shawshank and Leo: The Professional though. And I saw both the theatrical and international cuts of Leon, still don’t think it’s that great of a film.

    2. Hey Dave! Yeah that sounds like Kubrick didn’t have much say in the film, no wonder it was awful as it’s a result of studio meddling and a cocky lead actor!

      Never seen The Deer Hunter, but still curious to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button despite Pitt (can’t stand him) as I love Blanchett! I heard it was boring though, but can’t imagine it’d be more tedious than Meet Joe Black??

      Awww, I do love Gladiator though, I always have a soft spot for that one and all the characters in it. But seems that Ridley’s lost his mojo!

      1. Funny you should bring up Meet Joe Black. I read a review back when it came out that said you’ll be watching how Brad’s hair changes from shot to shot midway through the movie from boredom. Well my girlfriend wanted to go so… that’s exactly what happened. She hated it too and gave up her movie choosing duties from then on. LOL.

        To this day I can’t even stand Claire Forlani in those stupid, pretentious Dewar’s Scotch Whisky commercials. I spit up in my mouth a little every time I see ’em.

        Gladiator was well done but Crowe is such an ass in real life that it’s real hard to tolerate him on the big screen. The Insider and L.A. Confidential is about all I can stomach from that guy.

        The Deer Hunter wasn’t bad… just overrated. It was the first of the big Vietnam movies to come out predating Apocalypse Now by 2 years. The wedding scene goes on way to long. It doesn’t really pick up until they get to Vietnam. On the flip side it has De Niro and Walken in their prime and Streep who’s unbelievably still in her prime.

  5. I can’t really speak to the other films listed here, but I actually really like the first Pirates movie. Not so much its sequels, however. Though I’m no stranger to disliking popular movies (and vice versa 😉 ), and I can’t exactly claim to LOVE the movie or anything, so by all means have at it, Ruth! XD

    1. Hi Chris! The first POTC movie is perhaps the best of the lot but it doesn’t mean it’s a *good* movie, ahah. I can’t believe they’re still making ’em!

  6. Cool post! To Catch a Thief was so fluffy and boring! I haven’t seen the other ones, except for Pirates. Granted. I’ve grown sick of Depp by now and I agree that Sparrow is his acting curse, but that first movie was pretty good, in my opinion. Orlando Bloom is terrible, though. I’ll definitely give you that.

    1. Fluffy and boring is right Fernando! It’s too bad given the star wattage of the two leads. But it seems more like a vanity piece than anything with some meat on them, y’know. I guess the first POTC movie was ok compared to the abomination of the rest, but I still think the entire franchise is so unnecessary. Bloom is only good as Legolas it seems.

    1. Hi Rob! I’ve only seen Fight Club and Chicago, definitely agreed on the latter. Fight Club does have its moments but I’m not IN LOVE with it as others do.

  7. I usually agree with the general opinion on movies but I have a few films that I didn’t respond to. Hitchcock’s Notorious came to mind. While the romance is present and very much alive, it disappointed me as a thriller. The ending was abrupt and the suspense was not present. I wanted to like it but it just didn’t connect with me. I should watch it again to make sure.

    Another one that come to mind is The Cider House Rules. This is a film that got positive reviews so I guess it counts as a well regarded film that I didn’t like. What I hated was the story and the roles. Just couldn’t stand it.

    Regarding your choices I thought Hellboy was very stylish and liked the creatures that Del Toro created. Shame you didn’t like it.

    I don’t get the appeal of Pirates either. I agree with you on Jack Sparrow being funny only for a short time. I am surprised people keep coming back to him. Many of my friends love this character while I just got sick of him quickly. I’m not a big fan of those movies to begin with.

    You are right about To Catch A Thief. There isn’t much of a story here but I still found it entertaining. I consider it light Hitchcock. It’s a nice summer flick if you let go of the expectations of a Hitchcock film. And yes,Grace Kelly looks like an angel here and Cary Grant is so tanned it’s distracting.

    Haven’t seen The Getaway or Spartacus so I can’t comment on those.

    Have a nice week!

    1. Ahah yeah I remember how much you disliked Frozen Nov. I haven’t seen Once yet but I did see the follow up from that director, Begin Again, which I adore!

  8. Hellboy II was great for me! It’s not better than the first, but still, it’s a great sequel.
    But, I agree with you that Pirates of the Carribean II is overhyped, don’t like it.
    I haven’t seen the rest of the list, so I guess I need to see them too to make sure which side I support. Lol.

    1. Hi Paskalis, I was really hoping I’d enjoy Hellboy II as I like the first but sadly neither my hubby & I could get past 20 min of it. Ha..ha.. yes do see the rest and let me know what you think of them 🙂

    1. Hey Drew! Glad to hear you’re in my camp in regards to those two *beloved* classics. Serviceable is the word, but I’d say Spartacus is darn awful!!

  9. Ruth, I don’t really have a lot of criticism. To Catch a Thief is a beautiful film and much like ‘The Bird’ in that not much happens in long segments. No problem dismissing ‘Pirates’ and ‘Hellboy’. Have you seen ‘Papillion’ or ‘The Great Escape’? Much better Steve McQueen films. Let’s see. For me–some mentioned ‘Frozen’ and ‘Avatar’ those two did not impress me like the rest of the planet.

    1. Hello Cindy! Y’know, after seeing The Getaway, I kind of soured on McQueen, but maybe if he’s done a dramatic role where his character is tender/vulnerable I’m curious to see that. But I don’t know, has he done a role like that? I like men who can be both tough and sensitive, most of my fave actors, even those known for playing bad ass warrior like Gerry Butler, can display the most tender emotion on screen.

  10. Great post! I liked the first Pirates of the Caribbean, but the other two films definitely didn’t impress me. So many movie franchises just don’t have enough of a story to sustain multiples movies. Love this topic — I may give it a go.

  11. Abbi

    I have to admit I have only seen two of these. I agree on Hellboy but disagree on Pirates of the Caribbean. The sequels are horrendous but the first one was so much fun! Lol!

    1. Hi Abbi! Ok I suppose the first POTC was the most fun out of the rest of the franchise, but still I was flabbergasted by how high the rating is. I guess we shouldn’t have encouraged Gore Verbinski to make more of those, ahah.

  12. I’ve seen Spartacus, PotC, and the Hellboy sequel. Of these, I like Pirates best by a long shot. I just think its a fun flick. I actually thought the other two were decent, but nothing special.

    Some that don’t do it for me, like they do everyone else:

    2001 (boring and pretentious)
    The Tree of Life (see 2001)
    The Fault in Our Stars (cheesy, cloying, overly manipulative)
    Avatar (pretty, but corny and heavy handed)
    Frozen (same ol Disney)

    1. Hey Wendell, I actually haven’t seen 2001 and I kind of dreaded it as I might very well fall in your camp. I actually enjoyed Avatar w/ all the flaws and Frozen has its moments, but Tree of Life is one of those movies I appreciate but not love. Not sure I want to see The Fault in Our Stars though.

  13. Cool post! I might do one of my own one of these days because I have a lot of films that fit into this category…
    Haven’t seen any of the Hellboy movies, or The Getaway. I’ve seen The Wild Bunch (also by Peckinpaw) and recognized it as a good movie but enjoyed it not at all. From what I’ve read his films are usually pretty violent and depraved.
    I do enjoy the pirate movies. They’re not a crowning achievement of cinema or anything but I think they’re fun. The first one is definitely the best though, so if I were you I’d definitely stay away from the sequels.
    I actually quite enjoy Spartacus, but this is mostly due to Olivier (I usually am not a fan so that’s weird for me to say) and Laughton. All the slave rebels in the movie are pretty bland, I have to agree with that. I’m surprised that the RT score is that high, I think I gave it 3/4 and I felt I was being generous.
    I’m with you on To Catch a Thief. “The poster promises ‘shocking suspense and sizzling romance’ but we’ve got neither.” That just about sums it for me too, along with the fact that I figured out who the thief was in the first half of the movie, which is unusual for me.

    1. Hi Melissa! Definitely do your own list, esp as you’ve likely seen far more classic films than I do.

      I don’t mind silly movies but POTC just wasn’t even THAT entertaining and Depp’s Sparrow was amusing for maybe about 15 minutes!

      I don’t even remember Olivier in Spartacus, I guess I was so distracted by how much I loathed Douglas and those fake backgrounds! I was thinking of reviewing it at one point but then I’d have to sit and think about it and I just couldn’t do it!! 🙂

      I expected so much more from To Catch a Thief but it was just ‘style over substance.’ But at least it didn’t aggravate as much as Spartacus did.

  14. Dan Heaton

    No! Hellboy 2 is amazing! That said, I totally recognize that everyone has their own feelings about movies. That’s what makes it great, so no worries on that front.

    1. I really wish I could say that about Hellboy II as I really like the first one. I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the classic films Dan, surely you’ve seen them?

  15. Ted S.

    It’s always fun to read this kind of post Ruth! I might have to send you my own list but mine will probably be considered more “controversial” since it will include more popular movies such as Avatar, Gladiator, Leon: The Professional, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemtion and Crash. 🙂

    I don’t disagree with many of your list there, I’ve never seen To Catch A Thief so no opinion on that one. I enjoyed the first Pirates film but the sequels were junk. I enjoyed both of the Hellboy movies but they’re not the kind of movies I’d over and over again. I only remember bits and pieces of Spartacus, I only watched it because it’s directed Kubrick but when I read afterwards that he disowned the film, I pretty much never wanted to see it again.

    As for The Getaway, I didn’t realized it’s so highly rated on IMDB, I always thought it’s one of the more forgotten work of Peckinpah’s. True that the action scenes might look lame to the modern audiences but it’s been imitated by many famous directors years after the film came out. Tarantino, John Woo, Walter Hill and a bunch of other action directors has basically copied Peckinpah’s style of on screen violence in their films. Yeah the blood looked fake but if you watch any of the so called violent films from that decade, they all looked pretty fake compare to today’s violent films. Just watch the “violent” scenes in Taxi Driver, The Godfather, Dirty Harry and so on. The reason why I loved the film was because it’s about the low lives of society which Tarantino made popular decades later in Pulp Fiction. McQueen’s character in the film is quite despicable, he’s selfish and not very likable but somehow I cheered for him.

    It’s based on weird novel that’s written in the 50s and I thought Peckinpah improved it for the screen version. Not sure where you read about him disowned the film though, I read in an interview where he said there were faults reports of him hating the film because the studio forced him to edit down the violence to get a PG rating. But Peckinpah said he edited out the violence himself so the film could be successful because he needed a box office hit. Sure he and McQueen butt heads during the shoot but fought with all of the leading actors he worked it.

    Sorry didn’t mean to sound like I was lecturing but needed to point out why I thought the film’s great.

    1. Hey Ted, sorry but I can’t cheer for someone like McQueen’s character in that film. I mean I’ve loved some not-so-good guys but he isn’t even all that charming or cool to me, like AT ALL. I think the same about Ryan Gosling whom I can’t figure out just what’s so special about him. There’s cool and there’s smug/self-satisfied, huge difference and I feel that both McQueen and Gosling fit in the latter category to me.

      I think me being a woman I have my reasons why I find McQueen’s character so despicable, there are even villains who treat women better than him, yet he’s somehow regarded as a hero?? In any case, I guess I read in several articles that Peckinpah disowned it, but maybe I’m mistaken. Here are the articles where I got that info from:,, but it seems that it’s common knowledge that McQueen and Peckinpah butted heads during filming.

      1. Ted S.

        You know I totally understand how you feel about McQueen’s character in that film, in fact Peckinpah was well known as some kind of a sexist back then, which explains why no big named actress ever worked with him.

        Hmm I wouldn’t trust whoever wrote that review of the film saying Peckinpah disowned it, especially when Peckinpah himself said there were so many fault reports of him hating the film. 🙂 It’s his only box office hit in his career so I think he’s kind of proud of it.

        1. He’s known as being sexist? Well that explains it 🙂

          I didn’t know it’s his only box office hit in his career, I thought he’s popular because a lot of his movies were hits. Yeah maybe he didn’t disown it but regardless, it doesn’t change one way or the other how I feel about it.

          1. Ted S.

            Oh no, with the exception of The Getaway, none of Peckinpah’s films were hits. He’s hated throughout the film industry but many respected him, including well known film critics back then. I think I mentioned this already but Warner Bros. considered hiring him to direct the original Superman movie but apparently he showed up to the interview drunk and had a pistol with him. His reputation grew even more in the 90s when Tarantino couldn’t stop talking about his films, that’s how I found out about his work.

  16. Hey Ruth, I haven’t seen Hellboy or Pirates of the Caribbean but I’m with you to a certain extent on the other 3. I remember crying at the end of Spartacus when I watched it as a young child, I don’t think I could sit through it all the way now.
    I didn’t much care for the Getaway, which is surprising because I like a lot of Peckinpah and McQueen films. Their collaboration on Junior Bonner resulted in one of my favourite movies. Al Lettieri was always good value though, he’s almost as much fun in this as he was opposite Charles Bronson in Mr Majestyk.
    As for To Catch a Thief, it’s one of my favourite lazy Sunday movies. A sumptuous treat for tired eyes and mind.

    1. Hi Paul! Y’know I’d rather see Ben-Hur on rotation for 72 hrs straight than sitting through Spartacus again. I really dislike that one, which is a shame as I like that genre. Glad you didn’t like The Getaway either.

      I guess To Catch A Thief might be ok if you just want something very pretty to watch and not have to worry about understanding the plot, ahah.

  17. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Can’t argue about ‘Hellboy II’ or ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Way too much misused and blurred CGI for my tastes!

    Douglas bought he rights for ‘Spartacus’ and chose Kubrick after their earlier team up in the latter’s ‘Paths of Glory’. A lot works in the film and some just doesn’t. More of an experiment to watch the technique and style of Kubrick developing as a director. Than Kirk Douglas in a very early vanity piece.

    Peckinpah never made a film the studio and its money men loved. A decent enough McQueen film that has too many plot holes. And sick hired help those who finance large send out after the score goes bad.

    ‘To Catch A Thief’ would have better if there was actually some crime involved. Very glamorous to look at. Just not a lot of story there.

    1. Hi Kevin! I’m glad you aren’t crazy about those classic films either, I was rather worried that you’d be disappointed that I didn’t like Spartacus or The Getaway, ahah. I guess studio meddling still pretty much caused havoc back then as it is now. Interesting trivia about Peckinpah, yeah Ted pretty much said the same thing that his films don’t make money.

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Ruth:

        I’m just pleased and impressed that you stuck to your convictions and saw a Peckinpah film! He’s not for everyone. And you chose a good title. Peckinpah made three exceptional Westerns. ‘Ride The High Country’, ‘The Wild Bunch’ and ‘Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid’. With the last two near equal and way up in the stratosphere, but for very different reasons..

        If you want to take another look at McQueen. Give ‘Junior Bonner’ a try. A different kind of take on a contemporary West Texas father/son rodeo film.

  18. Haha, I like ALL of these films. 🙂 Though, I’ve only seen To Catch a Thief a couple of times, and I’ll probably never watch either Hellboy film again. I’d call Spartacus good, but not great. The Getaway is a lot of fun, and I love McQueen’s screen presence. Admittedly, I LOVE Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s a blast from start to finish, and I even like (to a much lesser extent) the sequels. They’re nonsense, but fun nonsense. I’ll even see the fifth film!

    1. Ahah sorry Josh! You obviously are more tolerant than me, he..he.. As for McQueen’s screen presence, obviously I’m in the minority as most people love him. I was a bit wary I’d feel the same way about the beloved James Dean but I’m glad to say I quite like him after seeing him in Rebel Without A Cause.

  19. Brittani

    Nice list! I love these sort of things. The only one I really loved was Hellboy 2. I enjoyed Pirates, but they’re definitely not masterpieces IMO.

    1. Hi Brittani! No, not masterpieces by any means. I rate the POTC movies the same as Transformers, basically money-making machines for the studios… and the actors.

  20. Hey, thanks for the link, Ruth! Glad to see you make your own list. I was so caught up in your latest Five for the Fifth post, I almost forgot to comment on this one.

    OK, so I’ve seen the first Hellboy, but not the second. I wasn’t overly impressed with the first one, but I didn’t think it was too bad! Definitely an interesting idea. I’ll have to see the second one before I can comment.

    As for the POTC, I actually loved the first film. I think they made the mistake of making multiple sequels, much less ANY sequel, afterwards. It seems like the character of Jack Sparrow was well established and scored plenty of laughs, that he made a name of himself just for the first film. Of course, it seemed to me more like a cash grab to continue to make films in it, although I wouldn’t call the second one terrible. But after that, I don’t even bother. It’s too bad, because I feel like there are quite a few movies out there would be best if they were standalone films. Anyways, sorry for all the babbling there . . . I totally understand why this made your list, despite how much I enjoyed the first one!

    1. My pleasure! I was inspired by your list, too 🙂

      I might give Hellboy II another go, not sure when though as there are others I still need to catch up on.

      Yeah maybe I wouldn’t be as hard as the first POTC if there aren’t SO MANY of those drivels now. I actually watched either the 3rd or 4th one, can’t remember which, at a friend’s house and man it was just awful!! Unfortunately, just like Transformers, Hollywood won’t stop making ’em as they make money 😦

  21. Perfectly understandable, Ruth. I’ve a deep affection to Spartacus, as you might remember, but not everything works for everyone. Hey, I absolutely HATE Fight Club, American Beauty, and The English Patient, but there are many who feel the opposite, for some strange reason 😉

    1. Sorry about Spartacus, Michael. As you know I love swords & sandals movie, but maybe I’m just not fond of Kirk Douglas, ahah. I didn’t know you hated Fight Club. I won’t defend any of those movies though, as I could see why some people didn’t connect w/ it. I for one would rather give the Oscar to Russell Crowe for The Insider than Spacey in American Beauty that year.

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  23. Interesting choices. Can’t say I’m with you on Hellboy 2 or POTC – really enjoyed the heck out of both of them! Sadly not seen the other three. One that always comes to mind for me is It’s a Wonderful Life. Never have been able to see what’s so special about that one. The Help and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are another couple of blah ones for me. They’re fine, but nothing stands out about them for me.

    1. Hi Jania! Yeah I figure those two have a lot of fans, wish I could count myself among them. Haven’t seen Benjamin Button but I’m only curious because of Blanchett, hope it’s not as boring as Meet Joe Black that also has Pitt in it.

    1. Hey, glad you didn’t care for Pirates too! I didn’t really hate To Catch A Thief, it’s just that I expected something w/ more mystery instead of just pretty people in pretty outfits 🙂

  24. I love Pirates of the Carribbean, I mean up till the end of Part 3…On Stranger Tides was just so bad and now you’re telling me there’s a fifth one?
    As for Hellboy, never was a huge fan of that one. I think I saw The Golden Army but I don’t really remember it. Haha!

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