Interview with Black Sails’ actor Sean Cameron Michael (aka Richard Guthrie)

FCInterviewBannerChattinWithSCMAs most of you know, I’m a big fan of Starz’s latest flagship show Black Sails, which has been renewed for a second (possibly third?) season before its initial season was done, yay! I was fortunate enough to chat via email with one of the cast members, Sean Cameron Michael, a South African-based actor who played Richard Guthrie in the series.


I think he’s one of the strongest performers on the show and I love his character arc as the richest black marketer in Nassau where the story takes place. I’m particularly intrigued by how his character would affect the fate of the series’ protagonist Captain James Flint, as well as his lover Miranda Barlow. Check out the interview below:

1. How did you end up working on Black Sails? Was there an audition process that you had to go through?

I believe that they had worldwide auditions for the show back in 2012. I was in Johannesburg, South Africa at the time shooting a movie called The Challenger Disaster with Oscar-winner William Hurt. I had also just wrapped on the popular Strike Back TV series working opposite Game of Thrones’ Charles Dance, so it was a very exciting time for me in my career.  

The opportunity to audition for Michael Bay’s first venture into cable television was exhilarating and knowing that this was Starz Entertainment’s next big original series (having been responsible for the amazing Spartacus franchise) was an added bonus.  I had two auditions for the show before I was confirmed as Richard Guthrie.

2. Please tell us how you prepare for your character Richard Guthrie. Did you read Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island before?

Although the story of Black Sails takes place about 20 years prior to Stevenson’s Treasure Island, I did read his book and watch the 1950’s Bobby Driscoll film, as well as the 2012 Eddie Izzard movie.  I also referenced a couple of other books based on the time period, including Colin Woodard’s The Republic of Pirates and George Woodbury 1951 edition of The Great Days of Piracy.

I watched the Spartacus series again to get a feel for the style of TV drama that Starz has a clear niche in, as well as shows like Downton Abbey to see what kind of accent Mr. Guthrie might have. We worked with wonderful dialect coaches, as well as top hair & make-up artists and costume designers to ensure that the look and feel and sound of these characters would be spot on. As an actor, you take all that information and reference material, and kind of let it settle in the background and try to just “be in the moment”. Of course we were also fortunate to work with some of the best writers, directors and producers in the industry today, so the amount of input and support is incredible.

3. What’s your favorite filming experience in South Africa? The set with the giant Walrus ship looks incredible, that must be a treat working on such an intricate set.

Once you’ve read the detailed scripts and walk onto the most amazing sets, you are automatically transported to that period in history. It all just falls into place quite perfectly and as the cameras roll, you just breathe, smile and be as honest and as real as possible. It’s all quite a mind-boggling and exciting experience. Unfortunately my character didn’t get to spend much time on the awe-inspiring ships, but yes, it is quite breathtaking to behold and there were moments when I felt like a kid again, taking it all in and thinking “Gee wiz, this is a cool experience. I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”  The sets constructed at the Cape Town Film Studios are certainly world-class and easily compete with anything found in the US and Europe today.

4. You had quite a few scenes with Toby Stephens who played Captain Flint. Could you share your experience working with him?

Working with Toby was an absolute treat. Besides being a consummate professional and certainly one of the UK’s finest and underrated actors, he also happens to be very down-to-earth, friendly and funny in person, continually making jokes. When actors meet and do a scene together for the first time, we’re very often testing and perhaps challenging one another, to get a feel for what sort of level in performance we can expect from one another. Toby is a very passionate and giving actor, and I thoroughly enjoyed working on some truly intense and hopefully captivating and entertaining scenes with him.

5. How’s filming Season 2 different than filming the first one? Any tidbits about Season 2 you could share with us?

Before we started shooting season 2, we had the opportunity to watch season 1 in it’s entirety prior to it’s premiere screening around the world. When my scenes were originally filmed for season 1, they were obviously shot out of continuity with the rest of the story. So to finally see these scenes, intertwined with the rest of the intricate story and it’s characters, was helpful and informed me where I needed to go with Richard Guthrie in the next season.  

As an actor, you prepare and then film your scenes under great direction, delivering your best possible performance, but it’s only after the entire show is edited together and you watch the final cut of the episodes months later, that you are able to truly experience first-hand what you hoped to create on set at the time. I believe in season 2 I was able to delve even deeper and get closer to the true essence and heart of what makes Richard Guthrie tick and what drives him as a man in a once very powerful position, but also as a father to his daughter Eleanor. I could not be prouder of my work on season 2 and I cannot wait for audiences to experience what I have dedicated the past year of my life to.

Here’s the trailer for Season 2:

6. Lastly, what other project(s) are you working on right now?

TheSalvationPosterMy latest feature film The Salvation premiered in May this year at the Cannes Film Festival to a six-minute standing ovation.  It’s currently screening all over Europe and due for release in the States in the coming months. I was fortunate to work opposite Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen which was a fantastic experience.

The movie also stars Eva Green, Michael Raymond-James and Jonathan Pryce [as well as Jeffrey Dean Morgan – ed]. I’m currently filming a new South African TV series based on the atrocities of apartheid in the mid-eighties, as well as a short sci-fi film to be released on the festival circuit.

Here’s the full synopsis of The Salvation:

In 1870s America, a peaceful American settler kills his family’s murderer which unleashes the fury of a notorious gang leader. His cowardly fellow townspeople then betray him, forcing him to hunt down the outlaws alone.

And you can watch the trailer on youtube.


Thanks so much Sean for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me.
Can’t wait to see season 2 of Black Sails!

Follow Sean on Twitter   and check out his 2014 Actor Reel on Vimeo

Hope you enjoyed the interview. Have you seen Black Sails? Are you as excited for Season 2 as I am? 

28 thoughts on “Interview with Black Sails’ actor Sean Cameron Michael (aka Richard Guthrie)

  1. Ted S.

    Nice interview Ruth. I’ve never seen this actor in anything but looking forward to Salvation, saw the trailer a few months back and it looks good. But I’m a sucker for violent westerns so it’s an easy sell to me.

  2. Great post Ruth. He sounds like a really professional and overall nice guy, that is always nice to find out. I like how he gave Downton a shout out! (woot woot) And good to hear that your man Toby was a treat to work with and he is so right about him being underrated. Can’t wait for Season 2 and that Salvation movie looks pretty awesome! Mads and Eva I am so in!

    1. Hello Queen Mel! Yeah Sean is such a lovely man and a great actor, obviously 🙂 Ha..ha.. yeah I thought of you when I read that reference to Downton, very cool indeed. I love it when actors do their research properly like that. And yes, of course I LOVE what Sean said about Toby and I believe it to be 100% true 😛 That’s cool that even a fellow actor thinks he is underrated.

      Season 2 can’t come soon enough! I’m glad he was involved in The Salvation, man what a fabulous cast. I love Mads, Eva AND Jeffrey Dean Morgan so I’m so there!

      1. Lady Ruth, yes he sounds like a really cool guy and I will totally be looking forward to his scenes next season. I know right, him researching Downton, I sorta love that. And come on you had to get a Toby question in there, if you had not I would have been sad. You should have been like Sean, can you please pass Toby this special note and you send him a handwritten letter. hahaha! Now that is something a Tobette would do. 🙂

        Yes cannot wait! Woo hoo thank you for putting this together, really cool.

        1. I think Sean did his research right as I wouldn’t have known he was South African, I thought he was a Brit! Ha..ha.. well I’d feel bad asking any actor for something from another actor, ahah. Besides, I think my love letter to Toby is already plastered all over my blog and Tumblr so all Toby has to do is look 😛

          Thank you for reading… and especially thanks to Sean for being so kind to answers all my questions 😀

    1. Thanks to Twitter and kind, wonderful actor such as Mr. Michael! 😛 Yes it’s lovely to hear such great things about Toby from his fellow actor, and I believe every word to be true!

      Denis Lawson from The Machine also said in the Special Features how funny Toby was, man if only I could find that out for myself one day 😉

  3. Great interview, Ruth. I’m a fan of Black Sails as well, and looking forward to season 2. Noticed he mentioned another fantastic Starz show as well, Spartacus. Have you seen that? Although I have a feeling it may be too violent for your tastes.

    1. Hey, glad to see a fellow Black Sails fan! I’ve heard good things about Spartacus but yeah, that’d be too violent for me. I had to cover my eyes a lot watching Black Sails already, but I endured it as I LOVE Toby Stephens 😉

  4. PrairieGirl

    Hey Flixy, really great interview! I like how much research he did on the time period and his role. I’ll be watching Season 2 with renewed interest!

    1. Thanks Becky! Yeah, that’s a sign of a dedicated actor when he went and researched extensively for a role! Hey we should watch Black Sails 2 together like the first one 😉

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  6. Great interview! I love his detailed answers, especially about his preparation. I’d like to watch the show eventually, but it’ll probably be off the air when I finally do. 😉

  7. Hi, i stumbled your tumblr and I happen saw one of your post on Toby Stephens and Zach McGowan’s interview on Better TV Shows. Sadly the link to website are broken and I couldn’t watch it. I’m wondering if you does have links where we can find and watch it? That would be great if you do have video too.

    Thanks! Hopefully I will able ro receive email from yours

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