[Slow] Weekend Roundup, X-Men 2 & Musings on Expendables 3

It’s been a slow weekend for me in terms of movie watching but a hectic one otherwise. My hubby & I hosted a potluck Saturday night which was a ton of fun. There was a ton of food as well, three different kinds of curry dishes, a Kim-chee dish, coconut rice, tofu w/ peanut sauce, etc. and I haven’t even talked about desert yet 😀

Sunday afternoon I went to the second staff meeting for the fifth annual Twin Cities Film Fest! It’s coming up in less than two months (October 16!) and I’m waiting with bated breath which movies we’ll be getting this year! Film fans who live in the area, please consider supporting this amazing event tailored for cinephiles like you. We’ve got a special Member Drive where you can catch a sneak preview into films premiering at TCFF, see info below or click the graphic for more info.


So this weekend I didn’t go to the cinema at all. In fact I only saw one movie and that’s a rewatch of X-Men 2. I was inspired by this Superhero Blog Relay last week, and the fact that it’s perhaps my favorite from the franchise before X-Men: Days of Future Past came along. I still loved it as much as I did before, perhaps one day I might do a full review of it.


My favorite scenes are the Magneto prison escape, anything with Brian Cox as the villain William Stryker, and that awesome finale with Jean Grey turning into Phoenix. After seeing this, my hubby said how much he hated Brett Ratner for ruining her character in X-Men 3, especially after such a breathtaking cliffhanger!  There’s so much potential for her character arc that wasn’t explored well at all by that hack director. Heh, I sure hope he won’t ever be back working on another X-Men movie ever again… or any good franchise for that matter.

Quick notes on this weekend’s box office. WOW, the power of Bayhem is really something! Those Ninja Turtles won again, practically beating every new movies opening this week. Even those Geriatric action heroes in Expendables 3 can’t overpower those ninja turtles?! Only the Guardians of the Galaxy in its third week was a close match!

1. Ninja Turtles $28,400,000
2. Guardians of the Galaxy $24,735,000
3. Let’s Be Cops $17,700,000

Earlier this year, I asked if people still love geriatric movie stars blowing stuff up in action flicks. Majority of the commenters said yes, they still do love ’em aging stars, but maybe not enough to see ’em on the big screen?


Expendables 3 made only $16 mil, which was only about half of what the second movie made two years ago. Hmmm, so maybe this franchise is on its last leg eh? Same could be said about most of the cast anyway. Really, Sly should stop now anyway, I mean stretching this bombastic shoot-em-up party to a trilogy is already well, quite a stretch as it is. But what I didn’t know until an hour ago was that apparently the entire movie got leaked online three weeks before its release. According to Variety, as of July 27, there’s been 1.13 million illegal downloads of Expendables 3 worldwide!!

Though I hated the first movie, and I’ve only seen the Chuck Norris part of the 2nd movie, part of me actually still curious to check this one. So *maybe* I’ll go to a matinee showing 😉 After all Wesley Snipes is back! I’m curious to see this just for him, plus we’ve got Harrison Ford & Mel Gibson!

This week I’ll be going to Sin City 2: Dame to Kill For screening on Tuesday. Boy it’s been almost a decade since the first movie was released. I barely remember what it’s all about but I do remember liking the visual style.

So that’s it for the roundup. What did YOU see? Anything good?

19 thoughts on “[Slow] Weekend Roundup, X-Men 2 & Musings on Expendables 3

  1. Well, I finally saw The Fisher King on Friday which is amazing as I also watched Ingmar Bergman’s The Silence on Saturday and earlier today, Boyhood which is a must-see. Oh, and just now. Brock Lesnar destroying John Cena at SummerSlam to become the new WWE champion as we real wrestling fans can now rejoice. Today’s a good day.

    1. Hi Steven! It seems that everyone but me has seen Boyhood, ahah. I have no idea who those wrestlers are but hey, glad you’re happy w/ the result 😀

  2. Ted S.

    Sounds like you guys had a delicious potluck, I’ve been on a strict diet the last couple of months, lost 30lbs so far and I couldn’t eat any good food. Once I reach my goal weight, I can eat the good foods again.

    Can’t believe it’s almost time for another TCFF! Time sure do fly by fast. I’ll try to make more showings this time. Was Jatin at the meeting? Since he’s now a new father, I wasn’t sure if he was there.

    Didn’t see anything new over weekend, just hung out with some friends and my girlfriend. X-2 used to be my favorite comic book film until Nolan’s Batman Begins came out, it’s still a great flick but Days of Future Past is a much better film. I still blame both Singer and Fox for the fiasco that was X-Men Last Stand, sure Ratner was mostly responsible for that mess of a film but they could’ve avoided it by coming to terms with each other but of course that didn’t happen. Had they did, we would’ve gotten a great story involving The Phoenix, I was excited too at the end of X-2 when they showed The Phoenix’s sign, I loved that storyline in the cartoon series. Ratner was just hired to get the film finished on time and beat Singer’s Superman Returns, which it did.

    As for The Expendables 3, I don’t think anyone was surprised that it tanked and the piracy had nothing to do with that. In fact, I think that so called “leaked” was the studio trying to get the buzz out to people about the movie since not too many really care about it. Of course it didn’t work. Stallone’s mini comeback is pretty much over with now, his last few flicks were huge bombs so he’s going to have a hard time getting Rambo 5 off the ground.

    1. Hey, hang in there Ted! That’s great that you’ve lost 30 pounds, man dieting is tough, I don’t think I could do it. Ivan and I have started using Nutribullet to make veggie/fruit smoothies every morning, that’s worked wonders for us.

      Yeah, TCFF is on the corner once again. Hope you can see some of the movies. Speaking of which, I’m gonna invite you to the Member Drive on Sept 5. Jatin was at the hospital whilst we’re at the meeting 😉

      Yep, after seeing X-2 again I was reminded again how bad The Last Stand was. The Phoenix is such a great character that has sooo much potential.

      Ahah yeah I think Sly should quit now, I mean it’s 3 unnecessary movies that was basically just a big full-action party! Oh man, I can’t believe he’s still hoping for Rambo 5 [face palm]

      1. Ted S.

        Oh yeah it’s not fun dieting but seeing the pounds come off keeps me going. I’m planning a trip to Vegas in the fall so I’m going to be eating lots of good foods when I’m finally reach my goal weight. LOL.

        I don’t think I have anything going on in September, I hope to find a new house by then. But yeah send me the invite to that drive.

        I think Stallone was going to make Rambo 5 before the first Expendables film but he couldn’t find the right script for it. Then the studio greenlit The Expendables and he put Rambo 5 in the back burner. Now that his box office power is fading again, he’s going to have a hard time getting money to do another Rambo flick

  3. Ratner may get a bit more of a bad rap for X3 than he deserves. He wasn’t a writer, so he’s not to blame for the way that the Phoenix character was written, and the film was already well into production before he was brought on board as essentially a “for hire” director. Quite frankly, he was already walking onto a problematic movie from the get go. Sure, it’s one of the weaker entries, but it’s not nearly as terrible as so many make it out to be, IMO. Especially considering how many hiccups it had with actors and such walking out, I thought it turned out decently enough. But really, if anyone’s to blame for that movie’s lack of quality, I’d point the blame squarely on Brian Singer’s shoulders for abandoning ship the way he did.

    Anyways, I’ll be seeing the new Expendables tonight. I enjoyed the first two, and though this new one doesn’t look too interesting to me, I do expect more of the same here, so it should at least be enjoyable itself as well if nothing else. 🙂

    1. You made a good point there Chris but I still put part of the blame on Ratner as well, he’s just a terrible director, ahah. But yeah, I wish Singer hadn’t left. It’s interesting that Singer ended up coming back to the franchise anyway as we all know Superman Returns tanked big time, tho I also don’t think that movie was as terrible as ppl made it to be.

      Hope you enjoy Expendables 3. Somehow I was mildly more interested in this one because of Snipes, Ford & Gibson 😀

  4. Haven’t seen Expendables (don’t really care about that franchise) but I’m intrigued about Expendabelles.

    Looking forward to your TCFF coverage, and of course, the long-awaited sequel to Sin City, which I absolutely adored when it came out!

    This weekend I didn’t watch anything new, only re-watched Nine and Midnight in Paris.

    1. Is Expendabelles actually being made? I heard Sigourney Weaver just bailed, but yeah that’d be cool to see the female bad ass version!

      So have you seen Sin City 2 yet Fernando? Unfortunately I think it was pretty bad, visually stunning but the plot is predictable and cliched. So are you doing a Marion Cotillard marathon? 😉

      1. I think I read somewhere that it is being made, but it’s in a very early stage.

        No, haven’t seen Sin City 2 yet. Hasn’t opened here. Bummer that it isn’t very good 😦

        And yeah, I had an unintentional Marion marathon back there for a while hehe

  5. Abbi

    My husband wants me to see Turtles with him and I literally can’t think of anything worse. I saw The Inbetweeners 2 and Hercules. Both were pretty crap.

    1. Oh no, I don’t think I could see that Turtles movie either, it sounds like torture to me to have to watch such a stinker. I still might see Hercules tho, only for Rufus Sewell 😉

    1. Oh cool Adam! Glad you enjoyed it on first time viewing. Yeah, it’d be interesting to see all the X-Men movies in a row as the timelines are all over the place so there’s really no continuity in the franchise.

  6. I kind of want to rewatch the original X-Men trilogy, as it’s been so long since I watched them. The second one is definitely the best.

    I liked the first Expendables movie, but I’m not sure I’ll ever get to the others.

    Aside from some ’91 titles for my CinSpec post, I saw Boyhood, What If and Guardians of the Galaxy. Really liked the last two, but I LOVED Boyhood. 🙂

    1. Hello Josh! The second one is still my fave of the trilogy, heh it actually made the third one even more disappointing as it ended on such a high note. Wow you like the first Expendables??! I think that was one of the very few movies I nearly walked out on. Man I really need to see Boyhood soon just to see what all the fuss is about!

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