Five for the Fifth: JUNE 2014 Edition


Welcome to FlixChatter’s primary blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Happy June everybody! So Summer Movie Season is officially underway now, starting with one of the biggest blockbusters of the year X-Men: Days of Future Past. It’s one of my most anticipated films of 2014 and I’m glad to say I LOVED it! I reviewed it just before I left for holiday, you can read it here in case you missed it.


Just looking at June, here are some of the films that are coming out this month:

  • The Fault in Our Stars (June 6)
  • Edge of Tomorrow (June 6)
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 (June 13)
  • The Rover (June 13)
  • Jersey Boys (June 20)
  • Snowpiercer (June 27)
  • Transformers: Age of Extinction (June 27)

Now, Keith has given you his take on what to flaunt or flush from the Summer movies. As for me, another highly-anticipated movie out this month would be Snowpiercer! Seriously I’ve blogged about that one since August 2013 and it seems like we in the US are the last to catch this apocalypse thriller after the whole editing debacle (heh, thanks Harvey Weinstein!). I can’t freakin’ wait to finally see it and hopefully the Bong Joon-ho’s original version. They just released a new trailer, see below:

So which June movie(s) are you most anticipating?

2. Yesterday (June 4) is Angelina Jolie‘s birthday, she’s born the same year as moi. The year has been kind to miss Jolie, she seems to get even better with age, looking even more stunning now than ever.


I first saw her in Gia (1998), as the tragic 70s supermodel Gia Carangi who died of AIDS at the age of 26. It was such a raw performance from Jolie, and she seemed to have embodied the role so well for a while I feared she might’ve ended up as messed up as the character she portrayed. Thankfully that’s not the case and she seemed to have blossomed since then to become not only a good actress but a philanthropist and humanitarian. Jolie is quite a force to be reckoned with in the industry, I admire her even if I don’t always like her movies. I haven’t seen her directorial efforts yet, but of the movies she’s starred in, I think my favorite would be Beyond Borders, heck I even like her as bad ass Lara Croft & an assassin in Wanted. The absolute worst would be The Tourist as she treated the movie like a fashion photoshoot!

What’s your favorite Angelina Jolie’s film (whether it’s the one she directed or star in)?

3. I just stumbled upon this new poster and trailer for Song of the Sea and I knew I had to share. It’s from the same filmmakers as The Secret of Kells which I adore. It was nominated for an Oscar in 2010, along with Up (which took home the award), Fantastic Mr Fox, Coraline and The Princess and the Frog.


Saoirse is a child who is the last of the selkies, women in Irish and Scottish legends who transform from seals into people. She escapes from her grandmother’s home to journey to the sea and free fairy creatures trapped in the modern world.

Directed by Tomm Moore, the voice cast includes Brendan Gleeson (who was also in The Secret of Kells), Fionnula Flanagan, David Rawle, Pat Shortt.

The trailer is just so gorgeous, the visuals and animation is so unique and fresh, unlike anything done by Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks. I think it’s more akin to Studio Ghibli’s style.  I like the fantastical and ethereal quality of the story, check out the trailer below:

My question is two fold: Have you seen The Secret of Kells? What do you think about this new movie?

4. Quite a few casting news I read the past couple of days, but I’m focusing the ones with actors re-teaming for a new project. At the top of the list is two Brits I love who’s got legions of fans: Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston. Based on this Radiotimes article, the two talented Brits are rumored to star in Journey’s End, based on R.C Sherriff’s 1928 play about a group of officers in the last year of WWI. Cumberbatch is rumored for the role of Captain Stanhope whilst Hiddles could be playing Lieutenant Osborne. I’d love it if the two are collaborating again, as their screen time together is way too short in Spielberg’s War Horse. If this happens, I sure hope there’d be lots of dialog as I can listen to these two for hours!



Another duo who might be working together again are Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio in a 19th century period thriller The Revenant (per FirstShowing) and Mark Wahlberg with Will Ferrell in what looks to be an R-rated comedy, Daddy’s Home (per Deadline). I love Hardy so any casting news with him sounds good to me, he’d probably steal scenes again from Leo like he did in Inception, ahah. As for Wahlberg/Ferrell, well I loved them both in The Other Guys so yeah, that project sounds like it could be fun.

Which two actors do you wish would collaborate again, either for TV or movies?

5. This month Five for the Fifth’s guest is Michael from It Rains… You Get Wet.

TCM last night broadcasted something different than their usual fare. Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic of sci-fi/horror, Alien.


Michael has seen it a half a dozen times but this is one of those movies that seem to retain its impact even with multiple viewings. I saw it on video years ago, but I still remember it being so terrifying. And who could forget THAT stomach-bursting scene with John Hurt?

With that in mind, what was last film, near or far, at home or at the cinema, that caused you to literally toss your popcorn?

Well, that’s it for the JUNE 2014 edition of Five for the Fifth, folks.

Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

96 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: JUNE 2014 Edition

  1. The Secret of Kells crew is making another movie that looks just as gorgeous? Count me in! Kells is such a beautiful movie and one of my daughter’s favorites for a while. We even commissioned an Aisling doll for her since there’s not really any merchandising for that movie.

    1. Hi Nathan! Oh glad you’re a fan of Secret of Kells too. It’s such a beautiful movie, I like the spiritual aspect of it as well. That’s awesome you commissioned an Aisling doll for your daughter!

  2. Ted S.

    Welcome back Ruth! Hope it’s a fun trip.

    1. I’ll probably just rent Snowpiercer, I’m getting tire of this futuristic concept of the rich and poor fighting. But Bong Joon-ho’s last movie, Mother, was pretty good so I’ll give it a watch. Hopefully it’s not as preachy as Elysium. As for my most anticipated film for the rest of the summer? I don’t think I have any since I already saw Days of Future Past twice. Dawn of the Apes looks good but the latest trailer didn’t do much for me. Maybe that’s a good thing since I didn’t think I was going to like Rise of the Apes and I ended up liking it a lot.

    2. You know I’ve seen a lot her films but I don’t think I have a favorite, maybe Mr. & Mrs. Smith since that was a lot of fun.

    3. You know me, I’m not a huge fan of animation so I don’t think I’m that interested in this movie.

    4. I’m gonna go old school and wish Paul Newman and Robert Redford had teamed up in another movie. Since another Die Hard film is happening, why not bring back Zeus and have him help John McClane again. Then they can get rid of the stink that was Die Hard 5.

    5. Hmm, this is a good question. It wasn’t a scary movie but I remember I jumped, as everyone else in the theater were, from that scene in the first Mission: Impossible when the car blew up. The theater I saw the film at just installed a new digital surround sound and when that BMW blew up, it was so loud everyone jumped. If you remember the scene, there were no sound except you hear Ethan Hunt foot steps as he was running and then BOOM!

    1. Ted S.

      Oops! Sorry I read #1 question incorrectly, guess I don’t have any anticipated movie in June at all. Maybe 22 Jump Street since I enjoyed the first one.

    2. Hi there Ted!

      I hear ya about futuristic apocalypse, it does seem repetitive but I hope Joon-ho’s story and style would set this apart from the pack. Gosh it better be more interesting than Elysium!

      I think Mr. & Mrs. Smith was fun the first time around but I have no desire to see it again.

      Oh I thought I read somewhere they’re gonna bring back Sam Jackson again in the next Die Hard, now THAT I want to see!

      I can see why you jumped in that scene in MI, that was surprising to me too!

  3. 1. I’ve seen Snowpiercer – the original cut at a screening and I really liked it. Its EIFF month for me so I have loads of films I’m really looking forward to!

    2.When I think about it, Jolie hasn’t actually been in many good movies! Seriously, I can’t think of any off the top of my head!

    3. Haven’t seen the film but I’ve been to Kells. Does that count?!

    4. I’d like to see Christian Bale and Leo DiCaprio do something together. Especially a Chris Nolan film!

    5. Last film to make me toss my popcorn (it was actually a pint of beer) was The Conjuring

    1. Hi Mikey!! Whoa lucky you to have seen the original cut of Snowpiercer, hope we’ll get that version here too. Great coverage of EIFF dude!

      I don’t blame you that you can’t think of any Jolie film you like, I think her earlier works are more memorable to me.

      Ahah, sure! How pretty is Kells?

      Christian Bale and Leo DiCaprio? Hmmm I doubt it, I don’t think Bale is keen on DiCaprio after what happens w/ American Psycho. Btw the question is about a duo who have worked together before 😉

      Ouch, you spilled beer in a movie theater? That couldn’t have been fun.

  4. Tom

    Great stuff Ruth, I’m not sure but I think this is the first time coming across this feature, but I love it!!

    And I also love the way that Song of the Sea looks, gorgeous animation and a delightful story. Sign me right up!

    1. Hi ya Tom! Welcome to the first Five for the Fifth, the first of many hopefully 🙂

      I highly recommend Secret of Kells if you haven’t seen it, the animation is indeed gorgeous!

  5. 1. I’m probably the only person looking forward to Transformers hahaha. Many films are looking great, Snowpiercer and TFIOS especially.

    2. I love Jolie too, she was my favourite actress for years, and I loved The Tourist before I saw it even because it had her and Depp, my favourite actor, in it. Mmmmmmm. Honestly, I couldn’t pick my favourite film, she’s too great.

    4. Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston together???? You’ve got all my attention.

    5. I’m watching Alien soon and I HATE horror and all kinds of gore. I’m so afraid! It’s not hard to get me scared, that film was Prometheus, though The Shining got me scared in a whole other way, in a way where I just felt disgusted from how scary it was. I can’t explain it. But yeah, no, it was Prometheus. 😀

    Glad to see you back, Ruth, hope your trip was lovely!

    1. Hello Elina! Hey, if you’re looking fwd to Transformer, I’ll be interviewing two of its young stars Nicola Peltz & Jack Reynor this Sunday 🙂

      Ahah well can’t say I love The Tourist but the scenery is lovely there.

      Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston together would certainly sell a bunch of tickets!

      I don’t like gore and horror either, but yeah The Shining certainly is one of the scariest movies of all time. For me it’d be The Exorcist!

        1. Are you a fan of either of them? Yeah, it’s just been confirmed for Sunday afternoon, I’m particularly excited to see Jack Reynor as he’s going to be in Macbeth with Fassbender/Cotillard!

  6. Hey Ruth, great to see you back.

    1: I’d go as far to say that Snowpiercer is one I’ve had my eye on too and I’m looking forward to The Rover.

    2: I just seen Maleficent the other day and I have to say that Jolie was superb in it. It’s hard to pick a favourite film if her’s but I’d definitely say she was fantastic in Girl Interrupted.

    3: I’ve seen The Secret of Kells and liked it quite a but. Thought it was a little slow but the animation was wonderful. Can’t wait to see this new one.

    4: The are teaming of Hardy and DiCaprio sounds good but I’d quite like to see a damn DeNiro and Scorsese movie again. Does that count? 😉

    5: I don’t really scare easily so this is a tough one. I did however get a few chills from Villeneauve and Gyllenhaal’s Enemy.

    1. Hi Ruth: Can I tag along with Mark’s responses? Except for number 5 which I would say ‘The Exorcist’ has always left me nauseous, terrified, and psychologically damaged. 😉
      P.S. Glad you are back!

      1. Hello Cindy! Ahah, interesting that you have lots in common w/ Mark in your answers 🙂

        The Exorcist would be my answer too, even just seeing THAT face still made me jump!

    2. Hello there Mark! Good to be back 🙂

      I saw ads for The Rover all over Paris, but I heard it’s not for the faint of hearts so I might wait to rent it.

      Oh right, she’s good in Girl, Interrupted, I think she won an Oscar for her performance.

      I absolutely adore the visuals of The Secret of Kells, and this new one is based on Irish & Scottish folklore too, so I’m very curious about that.

      Oh yeah DeNiro and Scorsese definitely counts, though more likely DiCaprio + Scorsese.

      Gyllenhaal’s Enemy does sound very intriguing, I might rent it if I’m feeling up for it.

  7. Howdy Ruth! Welcome back! Really hope to hear more about your trip. I know it was amazing.

    1. I am so excited or Edge of Tomorrow and The Rover. They are two films high on my anticipation list (BTW thanks so much for include me in this section!).

    2. I know I’m alone here (and that certainly won’t be the first time) but I’ve never really understood the Jolie thing. She has shown instances of good acting but she’s also shown the other side as well. Plus I’ve also never found her as stunning as many others do. She just doesn’t excite me or draw me to any movie.

    3. I never saw Kells even though I heard so many good things. I just have this weird pickiness with animation. I can’t seem to get over it.

    5. It’s funny, I’m almost never scared during a movie. In fact, I can’t think of a single instance to share with you. Movies just don’t scare me. I do enjoy when they create tension. That’s what good horror movies do for me. They make me tense and a little on edge. That’s how I know they have done their job.

    1. Hi there Keith! I’ll do a post about my trip sometime next week when I get the pics sorted out 🙂

      You’re welcome, my friend. I might see Edge of Tomorrow this weekend. The Rover looks too intense for me tho.

      Y’know I don’t think you’re alone in your view of miss Jolie. I know a couple of guys who don’t think she’s attractive. Generally she’s not my fave actress either, I prefer the more relaxed actress like Emily Blunt who doesn’t take herself so seriously.

      Oh I hope you give Secret of Kells a shot despite not being into animation, you might like the spiritual aspect of the story.

      Wow, you must have nerves of steel Keith, I scare way too easily, ahah.

  8. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    I’m with you on Angelina Jolie and Gia . She performed damaged goods “chic” seamlessly. Also liked her opposite Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

    Team ups?: I really liked Ellen Page and Allison Janney in the daughter/movie mystique of Juno . Would also like to see a Tom Hardy/Damien Lewis (Band of Brothers) in any sort of illegal or extra legal competition film.

    I’d have to go back to the original B&W The House on Haunted Hill . And it’s one iconic “seat jumper” scene with the silent old crone scaring the Bejeebers out of the damsel in distress as she taps on a concrete wall searing for a hidden passageway.

    I know it’s there. I see it coming. And I am always shocked when it happens!

    1. Hi Kevin! Ahah, damaged goods chic, that’s a spot-on description of some of her roles!

      Y’know I’ve never seen Damian Lewis in anything. Funny how my Toby is always mistaken for Damian, tho for me I don’t think they look much alike apart from being a red head.

      Sometimes the classic b&w films actually do a better job at creating genuine scare. It’s all in the directing technique.

  9. 1. Edge of Tomorrow and Snowpiercer, for me. And if there was the sub-category of what I’m NOT anticipating, it’s Transformers: Age of Extinction!

    2. Angelina was fantastic in Gia. For the longest I tended to think she was hyped a tad too much early. No more after. I also loved her performance in Changeling. Of course, you know Mr. & Mrs is a special one for me 😉

    3. Haven’t seen The Secret of Kells, but I probably would, given a chance.

    4. Clint Eastwood and Sean Connery! Old or young, they would have been awesome together on film.

    5. There’s been a few of them, the one mentioned in Alien among the very best. Hmm…the last one for me would be Neil Marshall’s The Descent (2005) and that flying pole! Although, let me give a special shout-out to William Peter Blatty’s brilliant nurse station sequence in Exorcist III (1990)! Alien and this are probably tops for me.

    Thanks so much for letting me contribute a question for this series. It’s one I really love to read each month 🙂

    1. Hi Michael!

      Ahah, well I’m with you about Transformers, though I’ll be chatting w/ two of the younger cast this Sunday as one of them is doing some interesting projects.

      I still haven’t seen Changeling yet, that sounds interesting to me. You might like Beyond Borders too if you haven’t seen it.

      OMG, Clint Eastwood and Sean Connery! That’d be worth the price of admission just to see them even in supporting roles. Too bad Sean seems to be permanently retired now.

      Thanks for contributing a question this month Michael, a great one too!

  10. I always enjoy this five things 😉

    1. I have no anticipated movies in June. I am waiting for The Dawn of Planet of The Apes which I think in August.
    2. Not that keen of Jolie
    3. I SERIOUSLY never heard of this movie!! Just saw the trailer and loved it!! That you for sharing it…I am now looking forward to see it…and yes I agree with you, it has Ghibli vibe and I guess that’s why I like it instantly…and also I like the fact that it’s still using the old fashion animation (not all digital like nowadays animation…except anime from Japan)
    4. Well…Cillian Murphy and Tom hardy will be teaming up in Peaky Blinder 2…I look forward to that (for sure) 😉
    5. Toss popcorn because of gory scene?? Is that the question? Like that ever happens to me. I watched Arnie peeled his eyes off in terminator when I wasn’t even 12 years old…no gory scene after that can make me stop eating

    1. Hi Nov!

      Oh I think you’d enjoy Secret of Kells, that’s from the same director. The visual style and story is so different from most mainstream animated features.

      Wow, Cillian Murphy and Tom hardy together again, I like the sound of that!

      Ahah yeah I know you’re quite a brave girl, no wonder you like horror movies.

  11. Hmm, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston in a movie set during WWI (read: they’ll be in uniform)? God, it’s like Hollywood’s trying to kill me. (And yes, I’m fully aware I basically just described War Horse as well.)

    Now I’m not much for horror movies because quite frankly I’m a wuss, but Oculus (which is honestly one of the few good horror movies in recent memory) left me rather unnerved.

    1. Hi Anna! Ahah yeah, those two in uniform, yes please! 😉 I didn’t like Benedict’s mustache in War Horse tho, hope he won’t have that if he were cast here.

      Ahah I think I’m more of a wuss than you in terms of horror movies.

  12. Great work Ruth! Another enlightening read.

    1. Edge of Tomorrow came out last week here in the UK, and it doesn’t disappoint! Very much looking forward to The Rover, but we don’t get that until August. We do (finally) get Oculus though!

    2. I guess I’ll go for Wanted too, or The Bone Collector, which I vaguely remember being rather good.

    3. Haven’t seen The Secret of Kells myself, sadly.

    4. I’d quite like to see DiCaprio re-team with Tom Hanks. Big fan of both, and they were close to scintillating together in Catch Me As You Can all those years ago.

    5. I wasn’t eating any at the time, but I’m pretty sure Blue Ruin would’ve had my popcorn flying had I been gorging.

    1. Hello Adam, thank you!

      Just read your review of Edge of Tomorrow, hope to catch that this weekend. The Rover looks good but might be too intense for me, maybe for a rental.

      Wanted is quite bad ass, I enjoyed that one despite its inherent preposterous-ness, ahah.

      Oh you should see it then, it’s so adorable!

      I like Catch Me As You Can too, both were pretty darn good in that.

      Same w/ The Rover, Blue Ruin sounds way too intense for me when I saw the trailer. I just don’t have nerves of steel like most people.

  13. Exciting news about the Hiddleston/Cumberbatch collaboration! I actually haven’t seen War Horse yet, but those guys are fantastic!
    I also had recorded Alien off of TCM and watched it this morning. It’s not the scariest thing I’ve ever seen, but the part where the alien is “born” out of John Hurt and also the part when the cat watches Harry Dean Stanton get devoured always get me, and they got me this morning too. A film that never fails to freak me out is Black Swan. I was watching a making of thing a few weeks ago and even that was creeping me out a bit! Unfortunately I don’t have a better answer as I never really seem to watch scary movies!

    1. Hi Melissa! Well if you love Hiddleston/Cumberbatch, War Horse might be worth renting even for their brief appearance.

      Yep, the stomach bursting scene in Alien is always shocking to me, I jump even seeing a photo of it. Oh yeah and Black Swan, esp when her eyes turn red is really disturbing!

  14. No one listens to the cat in Alien! Remember when ‘Jones’ is unsettled and growling, when Riipley puts him into the sleep container, near the end while they’re in the escape shuttle? It’s a warning, and it’s missed!

  15. Great edition! 🙂 And welcome back 😉

    1. Having already seen X-Men and TFIOS, I’m really looking forward to Edge of Tomorrow (seeing it…well, tomorrow, haha), Snowpiercer and Jersey Boys.
    2. Love her in Girl, Interrupted; A Mighty Heart and Changeling.
    3. Haven’t seen The Secret of Kells yet but Song of the Sea looks so enchanting! Sign me up for that one.
    4. HUGE fan of Hiddles and Cumberbatch so I would LOVE seeing them together. Yay for that.
    I’m more of a fan of Wahlberg (who I think is terribly underrated) than Ferrell (hit-and-miss) but I would gladly see another collaboration between the two, even if I didn’t love The Other Guys. BUT, what has me more excited is a possible new collab between Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, directed by Alejandro González Inárritu, no less! My brain would explode!

    1. Thank you Fernando!

      Might see Edge of Tomorrow um, tomorrow as well, ahah. Snowpiercer opens this month in Mexico too right? Man it’s amazing how long it took for us in North America to finally see it!

      I forgot about A Mighty Heart, I still need to see it. Such a heartbreaking story!

      Oh my, I should’ve mentioned that the DiCaprio/Hardy possible project is by Inárritu! Yeah hope that happens!

      1. I actually have no idea when Snowpiercer will open here, but I hope it’s soon! We’ve certainly waited long enough!

        And yes. Very intense film and Jolie was very good in that one.

        I think if the Hardy/DiCaprio/González Iñárritu project is confirmed, my brain could explode!

                1. I might see the screening too. In fact I will be interviewing two of the younger cast members, especially interested in seeing Jack Reynor as he’s also in Macbeth w/ Cotillard and Fassbender!

  16. Nice work. I’m hoping there will be another De Niro/Pacino pairing. De Niro’s been talking about making The Irishman with Pesci also in and Scorsese directing; hopefully that gets made.

    1. Wow, that’s like a Goodfellas reunion if that happens. I’m sure lots of people would love to see that project come to life.

  17. 1. I saw Maleficent and X Men and they were both mediocre…I may see that stupid Tom Cruise movie for Emily Blunt 🙂

    2. Angie is actually looking really unhealthy lately, I hope she is all right :/ My fav movie of hers is Girl, Interrupted and performance – Gia

    3. I did see Secret of Kells and liked it so I may give this one a shot too, it look really beautiful

    4. Oooh Hiddles in military uniform again? Count me in. I know you don’t know who Michelle Fairley is but she played my fav female character on Thrones and she shared one scene with Stephen Dillane. I’d love to see romance/thriller movie with them. They are just amazing actors.

    5. I don’t know about popcorn but I was in a state of shock after last Thrones and I knew what’s gonna happen. I keep getting angry calls from my friends who didn’t read the book that I didn’t warn them 🙂

    1. No love for X-Men DOFP eh? I know you’re hugely anticipating Maleficent, sorry to hear it didn’t live up to your expectations, Sati. I might give it a rent later just to see Angie in the role.

      Yeah her arm is like a twig it’s so scary! I think she might be over-straining herself, being so busy filming and taking care of her huge family. She’s phenomenal in Gia, it’s almost that she became that character.

      Glad to hear another fan of Secret of Kells!

      Hiddles would look dapper in uniform, well in anything really 😉 Oh I know Michelle Fairley, she’s in one of the HP films and I saw her in Philomena as well. Well I hope the GoT alums like Dillane and Pedro Pascal will get more offers now that they’ve gained more visibility.

      Ahah, so your friends expect you to warn them?? Too funny! They can just read ’em on their own, ha..ha.. It is such a shocking scene that even if you knew what’d happen to the character. It could be one of the goriest death scene even for HBO, no?

      1. Ah, I gave up on Maleficent expectations a while back, it’s just one of those Disney cash grabs.

        There is nothing more awful than being a book reader when watching GoT. Every moronic change they make makes you love the show less and less. It’s the worst feeling :/
        I think it was the goriest, yes, I was shocked because I wasn’t sure they will actually show it.

        1. That’s really too bad, I thought Maleficent had potential to have some substance on top of just being visually striking.

          Yeah I could see being a book reader sucks if the TV writers aren’t loyal to the books. I still can’t get over Oberyn’s exploding head from your post!

  18. 1. Snowpiercer (hopefully in its uncut version)
    2. Changeling
    3. Unfortunately, I have not seen that film and that new film looks pretty damn good.
    4. Eric Roberts and Mickey Rourke. They had a great scene together in Spun which was a terrible film and from the scenes that I saw in The Pope of Greenwich Village, they had a blast together. Give them something good to work with and hopefully give Eric Roberts the boost that he needed.
    5. I don’t eat popcorn nor do I eat any kind of food when watching a film so I can’t really say.

    1. Amen about Snowpiercer! Fingers crossed.

      Boy I’ve sort of forgotten about Eric Roberts but that pairing w/ Rourke sounds good. I never saw ’em together before though.

      Ahah I think Michael meant being really surprised or shocked by a scene, not necessarily about popcorn or any type of food flying 😉

      1. OK then, I guess the scene that scared me recently was in… man, I really don’t know. I guess I don’t have an answer for the fifth question.

  19. Welcome back from your Euro vacation Ruth!

    1.) Snowpiercer and The Rover sound interesting. Couldn’t care less about Transformers 4, apparently it’s 157 min, what?

    2.) Angelina Jolie. “Girl, Interrupted” is up there for me. She’s also done a lot of mediocre stuff I haven’t bothered to watch. There’s oscar buzz surrounding her next directorial project Unbroken (2014)

    1. Hello Chris! Thanks, it’s good to be back 🙂

      Ahah yeah, me neither. I didn’t know Transformers 4 is THAT long!!

      I sure hope Unbroken does the real story justice. It’s such an incredible survival tale.

  20. Hey, Ruth. Sorry I have been incognito the last month. Not sure how much I’ll be around for the immediate future either, but I wanted to stop in, say hello and answer the five for the fifth questions anyway. (First on my absence: I haven’t seen a single film since the festival – I know, that’s a long time, and so my interest in blogging about movies has also decreased. I’ll be back to this blogging thing more consistently at some point though, once I start seeing more movies again.)

    Now to the questions.

    1. The Fault in Our Stars. No question. Not close.

    2. Girl Interrupted, both for her performance and the flick in general. Both she and Ryder are great, and the storyline is fascinating.

    3. Definitely a style reminiscent of Studio Ghibli. Haven’t seen the first one, but the new one looks quite interesting.

    4. Actors working together? Hmmmm. I’m not sure they have ever actually worked together, but I like to buck rules a little now and again. 🙂 I would love to see De Niro and DiCaprio work together, but only in a Scorcese film. Seeing that director merge his two most recognizable actors from the two different eras of his career . . . well, that would be quite a sight.

    5. I can’t say I have ever literally thrown popcorn at a movie. Though I probably came close during The Edge (1997), most likely when Anthony Hopkins was shouting that terrible dialogue, “What man can do . . . another man can do.” It helps that my friends and I were the only people in the theater. We were in high school and there were near a dozen of us, so we turned the viewing experience into our own Mystery Science Theater. 🙂

    1. Hi Josh!! Hey, don’t be sorry man, I kinda figured you’ve been preoccupied w/ other things in life. I just came back from holiday myself so I took a couple of weeks blogging break. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it!

      So are you seeing The Fault in Our Stars tonight? I got a guest review of that which praised the film.

      Oh I think DeNiro and DiCaprio have worked together in This Boy’s Life. I’m surprised they haven’t collaborated again since then though.

      Ahah, was The Edge the one w/ Ryan Gosling? I don’t know why I know that but that’s the one in Alaskan wilderness or something right?

      1. I hope to see it soon, but haven’t had the chance yet. Just every other movie released since early April. 😦

        I didn’t know about This Boy’s Life. I’ll check it out at some point. Mostly, I want to see them in the same Scorcese movie, though.

        And The Edge. No Gosling, that I recall. It’s from the late ’90s. Has Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins. It isn’t good.

  21. Edge of Tomorrow was pretty great. Also looking forward to TFIOS and Dragons from that list.

    And Benedict Cumbebatch and Tom Hiddleston together? Yes please! 😀

    1. So you’ve seen Edge of Tomorrow already? I’m going tonight, I hope it lives up to all the great reviews!

      I love those two Brits, I hope even if it’s not this project, Benedict & Hiddles would work together at some point.

  22. I saw V/H/S 2 on TV recently…that caused me to “toss the popcorn” a few times. Not the best film but some good scares in there.

    …Hmm…Fave Angelina Jolie film… I would go with Girl, Interrupted or A Mighty Heart. Although I do have soft spot for The Bone Collector.

    1. Hello Dan! As you know I don’t do horror, and I’d rather keep my popcorn if I had some, ahah.

      Wow I already forgotten Jolie was in The Bone Collector, was that the one w/ Morgan Freeman or Denzel? See I can’t even remember that!

        1. Ahah, thanks for the clarification Michael. Well I still can’t remember if I like that movie or not, ha..ha.. but usually I like Denzel in almost anything 🙂

  23. Hey girl!

    Glad your back. Hope you had an awesome trip!

    Not sure I’ll have time to put together a post for this this month, so I’ll answer here 😦

    1) Snowpiercer, easily! Although, I will say that I was not anticipating The Fault in Our Stars until the reviews and recent trailers came out and now I’m really excited.

    2) Jolie’s best performance, hands down, is Gia. Mr. and Mrs. Smith may be my favorite of her films, although I think Maleficent is actually quite good. She, regrettably, hasn’t starred in many amazing films (any?).

    3) I’m looking forward to this, although I haven’t seen Kells.

    4) Colin Farrell and Bruce Willis. I don’t know why, but they are the first that came to mind. They deserve something better than Hart’s War. I want to see them in a comedy like In Bruges.

    5) The rape scene in Boys Don’t Cry made me throw up. That’s what you meant, right? Toss your popcorn was another way of saying toss your cookies? Or did you mean actually throwing food? I don’t do that, food is too precious 😉

    1. Hi Andrew! Hey it’s totally ok to answer them here man, I’m just glad you take part 😀

      Yay for Snowpiercer, that last trailer just looked really good!

      I think Gia is still one of Jolie’s absolute best performance as she truly became that character, y’know. The film itself may not be amazing but her performance was unforgettable.

      Oh man, I’d LOVE to see Farrell & Willis in a dark comedy! That’d be awesome!

  24. Welcome back, Ruth!

    1) Edge of Tomorrow and Snowpiercer seem like they could be winners. None of the other blockbusters this month sound too appealing.

    2) I can’t say I have a favorite from Jolie. One of these days I should sit down and watch Gia though.

    3) I haven’t seen The Secret of Kells, but I think it’s in our Amazon Prime queue.

    4) Ahhh, I’m sure there are quite a few pairings I would love to see again, but I’m drawing a blank right now. :\

    5) Heh, that’s a good question. I don’t know if I have ever tossed popcorn, but The Descent had me on edge the entire time.

    1. Hi Eric, thanks! Still slow going w/ writing and visiting people’s blogs but I’m getting there 🙂

      I saw Edge of Tomorrow this weekend, not bad but I sure hope Snowpiercer has more substance that really lingers in the mind, y’know.

      Gia and Beyond Borders are really the only two I’ve been impressed with by Jolie, give those two a try, Eric.

      Yeah I think Secret of Kells is on Netflix Instant too if I’m not mistaken.

  25. Hey Ruth! Hope you had a great holiday!

    1. Definitely looking forward to Snowpiercer, been keeping my eye on that one. I just really hope it gets a release in my local cinema. Hopefully catching up with Edge of Tomorrow this week and I’m actually quite intrigued by The Rover too.

    2. I still think the best thing I’ve seen Angelina in is Girl, Interrupted. Although I do like her blonde dreadlocks in Gone in Sixty Seconds 🙂

    3. Haven’t seen The Secret of Kells but heard some very good things about it. I absolutely love the art style of that new one, it looks lovely.

    4. I know we’ve only just seen them in X-Men but I’d really like to see James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender team up in something a little more meaty.

    5. Good question Michael! Films don’t tend to make me toss my popcorn as I don’t jump a massive amount. Instead they make me crush the popcorn between my hands as I get really tense and apprehensive! I don’t watch a massive amount of horror so I guess the film that made me jump the most recently was probably The Conjuring.

    1. Hi Chris! I hope Snowpiercer gets released on my local cinema too but so far no press screening so I’m a bit worried. Edge of Tomorrow is pretty fun, hope you got to see it.

      Yeah, Angie’s best performance in Girl Interrupted definitely is Oscar worthy.

      The Secret of Kells looks very much similar to this new one, you should give it a watch.

      Hey, are you saying X-Men is not meaty? 😉 I know what you mean though, perhaps something non comic-book related in the future.

  26. Hardy and Dicaprio, that sounds fantastic! As well as Cumberbatch and Hiddleton. Song of the Sea looks so cute, love how those types of drawings look with small details and different color schemes than what Disney and the others tend to do. Love the questions that you put out there and reading what people give as their answers. Gosh I cannot think of a movie that made me jump, I really hate scary movies! Anything surrounding devils and exorcisms makes me freak out.

    PS I stayed home sick today and I am watching Jane Eyre… oh yeah baby! I am def a Toby fan now, he’s so feisty as Rochester.

    1. Y’know, now that I think about it, I’d love to see Toby reunite with Sean Bean again. They did a movie a long while a go called Sharpe’s Challenge. LOVE both of them and they’re both so underrated.

      Hey I LOVE that you too hate scary movies!! Yep, I’m so with you that I don’t care for movies about devils and the occult.

      I can’t tell you how much I LOVE LOVE this JE adaptation and I’ve seen quite a few of them. Toby’s now surpassed even my all time fave Rochester, Timothy Dalton. He’s feisty, sexy, passionate but also vulnerable. HIs puppy dog face when he talks to Jane is just to die for!!

      1. Oh yes the guy from Game of Thrones! That’s how I really know that actor, but yes I think they would be great together.

        I don’t mind violent, bloody flicks, but scary, horror movies, I just cant do it. I cannot even remember the last scary movie I saw, I am a serious wuss when it comes to that stuff.

        OMG I loved it! I binge watched it yesterday. It was so sweet and he was so sweet and nice in the movie. He went from feisty to adorable. I think I could totally watch that again too.

        1. Ahah yeah well Sean has been in a ton of movies and interestingly, both he and Sean have played Bond villain before 😀

          I’m not good w/ extreme violent scenes, like what happened to Pedro, oh my, I might pass out if I saw it. I agree tho I probably could handle it more than demonic movies.

          I rewatched JE again for the umpteenth time last night and I was thinking of you, I wonder if we saw it at the same time, ahah. I LOVE LOVE Toby as Rochester, he’s so darn gorgeous in a lot of the scenes, but esp in the proposal scene, the way he looked at Jane OMG, he has such a way of looking at a woman that makes me melt. Was the youtube quality adequate? I know for me I want it in the highest quality possible so I can see his face clearly, wish they released it in Bluray!

          1. Ugh that Oberyn scene was horrible. If I told you that I saw it 4 times would you think I was crazy. My husband kept asking me why I was torturing myself with re-watching it. I know I’m crazy!

            See I got you thinking about it and you had to see it again. Awww! He’s so freakin adorable and that scene where they almost got married broke my heart. YouTube quality sucked but I made it through. I had to lay down and position the computer in a weird way to get a good shot. LOL the things we do to watch our shows.

  27. 1. I’m most looking forward to The Rover, Venus in Fur and Third Person. I’m also curious about Transformers: AOE, since I loved Jack Reynor’s performance in What Richard Did last year.

    2. I’d probably say Girl, Interrupted, but I LOVE Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. She’s not in that much, though.

    3. Oh, I haven’t seen The Secret of Kells, but I want to see both of those films. 🙂

    4. I want to see Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy do another film together that doesn’t involve the X-Men universe. That would be interesting. I also really want Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to do another film. Maybe Affleck could even direct it.

    5. Hmm… the last one was probably the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake with Jessica Biel. It had some startling moments, for sure.

    1. Hi ya Josh!

      Btw I just interviewed Reynor this past Sunday for Transformers and I mentioned all the good reviews he got for What Richard Did. Curious to see him in Macbeth too w/ Fassbender/Cotillard.

      Oh right she was in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, I like the look of that film.

      Yes do see Secret of Kells, Josh!

      I have a feeling Fassbender & McAvoy might work together again, they seem to have a good rapport w/ each other. I like to see Affleck & Damon reteamed again too.

  28. The Fault In Our Stars was by far the June movie I was looking forward to most. Edge of Tomorrow is a close second, but I’m not quite sure if I’ll make it to theaters before it’s out.

    My favorite Angelina Jolie favorite role was Girl, Interrupted. Changeling is also something that I like but haven’t watched in a very long time. For as big as a star as she is, I feel like she doesn’t stand out enough in roles that are really suited for her.

    I haven’t seen The Secret of Kells but it looks really cute. The animated is nice and soft as opposed to more CGI films like How To Train Your Dragon. The music is gorgeous too; something to calm me down at night.

    It’s always great when McAvoy and Fassbender get together. Quinto and Pine from Star Trek are another bromance duo that I love. I’d love to see Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston together too. Those are the first two that come to mind….but I can’t really of any others.

    I watched The Wave on Netflix last night. And although I was a bit disappointed in the ending, there were two violent acts with gunshots that made me jump in my bed. I don’t think it was that they were necessarily scary but that my headphones were on too high and I didn’t expect the scene to take place the way that it did.

    1. I saw your review of TFIOS, glad to see that it lived up to your expectation Katy.

      Yeah when I made this post I realized how few films I actually really like her in. But she’s really good in GIA and Beyond Borders.

      I love the Celtic sounds of Secret of Kells, I agree it’s very soothing!

      Ahah, yeah the bromances are fun to watch, Sherlock & Watson are so popular in Tumblr.

      Haven’t heard of The Wave but yeah, I could see why such a scene would make you jump!

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