Five for the Fifth: MARCH 2014 Edition


Welcome to FlixChatter’s one and only blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

VeronicaMarsPoster1. With March here, it’s the start of Spring movie season. Well, one of the eagerly-anticipated movie this month is Veronica Mars. I never watched a single episode of the show nor do I know how massively popular it was until I read their record-breaking Kickstarter campaign! Per IMDb trivia, it was the fastest project to reach $1 million and then the fastest to reach $2 million! It also got the most project backers (91,585) of any project in Kickstarter history!

The film itself was shot in 23 days, exactly 11 months later after the Kickstarter campaign was launched. Apparently the Kickstarter idea came from the meeting between Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas, who was the executive producer of the series and now directed the film, and Warner Bros. WB gave their blessing to the project and agreed to help distribute the movie, apparently they said, “if you can show there’s enough fan interest to warrant a movie, we’re on board.” Well, they certainly did with $5,702,153 pledged of the $2,000,000 goal!

I’m curious which TV show’s Kickstarter project would you happily donate to?

2.  My hubby and I was catching up with trailers on our Apple TV and came across this indie thriller The Retrieval.


On the outskirts of the Civil War, a boy (Ashton Sanders) is sent by a bounty hunter gang to retrieve a wanted freedman (Tishuan Scott) and bring him back to the South, but as they begin to form an unexpected bond, the boy must face a gut-wrenching decision.

The trailer looked quite gripping, but I like that it’s not just an action film with shootouts and chase scenes, but there seems to be an emotional story between the boy and the man he’s supposed to retrieve. The film by Chris Eska has won several film festival awards (including the White Sands International Film Festival), and Tishuan Scott won Breakthrough Performance Award at SXSW Film Festival last year. Looks like the young boy also turned in a good performance. Check out Terrence’s review from WSIFF last year.

So what do you think folks, intrigued?

3. I’t been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on Batman vs Superman. To be honest, I kind of tuned it out after Ben Affleck was cast, seems like it was ages ago. The casting sparks one controversy after another. It almost seemed that poor Henry Cavill‘s been all but forgotten in his own project, I mean when was the last time the news actually involved him?? So the latest casting news was Jeremy Irons is cast as Alfred [though I’d have been thrilled to see Timothy Dalton in the role], and we’ve got The Fast & Furious Israeli actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and The Social Network‘s Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. I read this article that Kevin Spacey, who played Lex in Superman Returns, endorsed Eisenberg’s casting, “I think [Jesse Eisenberg] is a remarkable actor. He’s just going to f**king own it. I think it’s a great idea and I wish him the best with it.” Check out these fan art of the two of them in the role:


Now of course we don’t even know if Luthor would actually be bald in this movie, given that Zack Snyder‘s been quoted as saying this movie’s “…not as tied to the mythology” in this recent LA Times interview. In the beginning of the interview, he went all geeky about the Batsuit and the Superman suit, and really who wouldn’t be considering the historical significance that for the first time, Superman and Batman would actually exist in the same frame together in the movies. I know there’ll be a plethora of fan art/posters of this flick, probably more than any other comic-book adaptations out there. This is one of my favorites of the ones I’ve seen:


Back to the interview, this is how Snyder responded to the whole casting uproar: “… We know the material. Unfortunately, the fans don’t know the material. So, we’re casting according to what’s happening in the script … I understand the canon. I’m not crazy. I know what these characters need from a mythological standpoint.” 

Ok fine, the casting just might work fine, but this next quote is what really worries me: “[The movie] literally takes the “Man of Steel” and “Batman” universes and explodes them. You’re not as tied to the mythology.”

Heh, I sure hope he really does know what he’s talking about as right now, even as a huge Superman fan, I’m far less interested in seeing this flick as I ever was. I sure hope he doesn’t literally mean *exploding universes* the way he destroyed Metropolis to shreds in Man of Steel [face palm]. Apparently filming is supposed to start next month for this, so they’ve got about a year to shoot the film until it opens on May 6, 2016.

So what do you think about Zack’s latest quotes, are you still excited for this project?

4. Now what award season is over, I’ve got just one more *award* to talk about, but no worries this is a fun one that surely EVERYONE would have an opinion on. The 34th RAZZIE “Winners” have been unveiled!


Fortunately I haven’t seen a single movie from the Worst Picture nominees: After Earth, Grown Ups 2, The Lone Ranger, A Madea Christmas and Movie 43. But still I was aghast to learn that Adam Sandler didn’t *win* a single Razzie, what what??! I’m saddened to see Naomi Watts was one of the nominees for Diana AND Movie 43, oh no!! But y’know what, even without seeing the movie, I’m super glad that Will and Jaden Smith won multiple awards.

AfterEarthPosterJaden was named Worst Lead Actor, and the combination of father & son, described in the ceremony as being “stranded on Planet Nepotism”, took the award for Worst Screen Combo! [per Razzie Press Release]

Are you happy with the Razzie *winners*? Who do you think should have been nominated?

VeronicaRothDivergent5. Now last but not least. Tomorrow I’ll be interviewing Divergent‘s author Veronica Roth, as well as cast member Ansel Elgort, as part of their press tour to promote the film. I’ve never interviewed an author before so I’m very excited.

Who hasn’t dreamed of having their literary work not just published, but being adapted into a movie! It made me think of which other authors I’d love to have the chance to interview about their work. Right of the bat I think of Jane Austen as she’s the one author whose work I’m most familiar with. As far as living authors, perhaps J.K. Rowling or Stephen King just to find out what makes them tick.

Now, my last question is, which author (living or dead) do you wish to interview, and what would your question be?

Well, that’s it for the MARCH 2014 edition of Five for the Fifth, folks.

Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

76 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: MARCH 2014 Edition

  1. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Very nice ‘5 for the Fifth’!

    #1: Veronica Mars is a slightly mutated and expanded contemporary update on the tried and true ‘Nancy Drew’ series. With a lot more subtle baggage. Veronica has all the instincts of a good local reporter. Smart. Clever. Able to bend the truth to get more and better leads on a story.

    Though, I’d like to see an equally smart and clever guy as either a colleague or competition!
    The film kind of evolved the same way that ‘Firefly’ became ‘Serenity’ on the big screen. Through a fan base. Even if there are many more enthusiastic Brown coats.

    #3: Do not get me started on Jesse Eisenberg being given the nod to play Lex Luthor. When AMC’s “Heisenberg” from ‘Breaking Bad’ (Bryan Cranston) had first been given serious consideration!

    Great heroes need great villains. And Jesse Eisenberg isn’t !!!

    #5: Still do not have a clue as to why ‘Divergent’ was made. When there are so many better authors whose works would be more adult and adapted to the big screen more easily.

    1. Hi Jack! Thanks for being the FIRST to comment!

      I never read Nancy Drew but yeah, certainly it has lots of similarities. I’ve gotten to like Kristen Bell more over the years so I just might rent this movie at some point.

      Ahah yeah, I’m with you about Eisenberg. Oh I’d rather see Cranston being involved, but looks like they wanted a younger cast for this, who knows!

      As for Divergent, well I think the young adult market is quite lucrative. I’m gonna reserve my judgment until I see the film tonight. It looks pretty good from what I’ve seen in the trailer though.

    2. Actually…Cranston recently announced that he had never been approached/considered for the role of Lex Luthor to his knowledge. Fan wishes lead to, sometimes, the best rumors…but that’s all they are at times.

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Terrence:

        Jesse Eisenberg is still a terrible choice. I’ll wager that he doesn’t possess a frightening, contractually obligated “Mad Scientist/Super Villain Laugh”, either.

  2. Hey Ruth,

    1: I hadn’t even heard of this Veronica Mars deal. That’s very promising news for fans to get stuff off the ground. If I had to choose a series it would be Deadwood. Cut far too short, had a great feel to it and the performances were superb.

    2: I hadn’t heard of The Retrieval either but I am intrigued. It looks and sounds good.

    3: As you know in not a massive superhero fan. I will give this a look but I’ve still not seen Man of Steel yet. I actually dread superhero movies taking over the news and the cinemas. I really hate it.

    4: thankfully I’ve managed to avoid all those Razzie nominated films but I do love that “Stranded on planet nepotism” description. LOL! How apt! 🙂

    5: I’d love to interview crime writer James Ellroy. I wouldn’t know where to start on a particular question but I’d like to know how he finds it so easy to delve into the dark depths that he does and still manages to remain of sound mind.

    1. Hi ya Mark! Oh I heard Deadwood is excellent! That’s the one with Ian McShane right, I like that guy.

      I knew you’d be interested in The Retrieval, that sounds like something right up your alley.

      I hear ya Mark. I actually don’t mind them as I tune out the superhero news that I don’t really care for, but I understand that it seems like it’s ALL Hollywood talks about.

      Yeah, I haven’t seen most of the films/performances nominated either thankfully. Yeah, planet nepotism is right, I hated how Wil Smith wanted to make his son into a star, it’s soooo tacky!!

      Oooh James Ellroy is a good one!! Why didn’t I think of that. I read his interview in EMPIRE or Total Film and he’s a fascinating man. He’s not keen on Johnny Depp apparently, he hated Public Enemies, but he LOVED Guy Pearce in L.A. Confidential.

  3. Hey, Ruth. The new Superman. I have a big ”meh” attitude toward it. I am taking a wait and see approach on all casting decisions (even Affleck), but it feels like they’re committing the same mistakes Raimi made with Spider-Man 3 – overloading their movie with so many new characters that they won’t possibly be able to focus on any of them. Plus, as you know, I wasn’t a big fan of Man of Steel to begin with.

    Author I’d like to interview. Hmmm. I guess Saul Williams. I’d ask him about the commonalities between his music, poetry and screenplay work. I’d also ask why we haven’t seen another screenplay from him (after the superlative Slam).

    1. Yep, ‘wait and see’ approach is what I’m doing as well. I managed to tune out all the crazy casting news, but I’m curious what people think about Zack’s latest comment. Interesting comment about Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, which is my least fave of the three. This one just seems to have a ‘car wreck’ written all over it, y’know.

      Oh my, I feel horrible not knowing who Saul Williams is. But I just read briefly about him, sounds like a multi-talented guy, yeah he’d be a fascinating person to interview!

      1. I don’t know how to respond to that Snyder quote, really. On the one hand, I’ve never been a comic book reader, so I have no attachment to the mythology. On the other hand, saying you’re blowing up the universes seems like your daring comic faithful not to see your movie. I just don’t know. We’ll see how it turns out.

        And Saul Williams is an underground musician, a well published but little known poet (like most poets) and a one-time screenplay writer/producer/star whose movie won awards at Cannes once, in 1998. He has had some small roles in bigger movies (K-Pax jumps to mind), but my point is this: he is far from mainstream. There’s good reason you didn’t know who he was. 🙂 I love the guy’s work, though.

        1. Hi Josh, even tho I don’t read the comics, I still think he should at least follow that to a degree instead of ignoring it completely. Somehow the words ‘exploding universes’ is worrisome coming from him.

          I think the non-mainstream artists are sometimes MORE talented, sounds like this guy is too. WOW, he’s won a César Award? That’s very cool. I haven’t seen K-Pax, so he wrote the screenplay?

          1. No. He co-started as a mentally ill patient whom Spacey encounters.

            He (in addition to several others) wrote Slam (1998). Slam was the Cannes festival darling the year it was produced, for good reason. It is awesome. In addition to being a co-writer, Williams starred as the lead character and (I think) produced it. Actually, I think I still own Slam. If I do, I’ll let you borrow that one, too. To the best of my knowledge, Williams has never had a second screenplay produced.

            And I totally agree on Superman and Snyder’s comments.

                1. Ohhhh lovely!! Thanks Josh. I might bring Beowulf & Grendel, that’s GB’s movie with Stellan Sarsgaard that was filmed entirely in Iceland. Remember I mentioned it to you that I met him whilst he screened the film at TIFF in 2005?

                  1. I do remember. As I remember saying I have never seen it. I’d be happy to borrow it if you’re happy to loan it. 🙂

                    Incidentally, one point of correction: Slam was not a Cannes darling (the Cannes darling that year was Life is Beautiful). Slam was the big winner at Sundance.

  4. 13mesh

    Hey there,

    I am a newbie here and been following your blog for quite sometime! I thought to drop by my thoughts in this post if it’s okay 🙂

    1) I watched the first season of Veronica Mars and loved it. I am excited about the movie and the trailer looks interesting. So, count me in on that one.

    2) The trailer looks interesting, might give it a shot. Thank you for the video.

    3) I am numb when it comes to Batman/Superman movie to be honest. I was expecting too much out of the first one and it turned out to be just alright. I like the casting of Jesse Eisenberg. I think he is a talented actor and hopefully he managed to do a good Lex Luthor.

    4) This post made me grinned widely. I think Adam Sandler is a horrible actor and he should win Razzie award every year. Okay too mean, but seriously stop making movies already.

    5) You are so lucky to be interviewing someone famous. I never read Divergent, but the trailer looks surprisingly cool. And to answer your last question “which author I’d like to interview”, can I pick two? I love Chuck Palahniuk and Khaled Hosseini, and would love to ask them tips and pointers on how to write masterpieces.

    Sorry for the long answer. Wish you a great day!

    1. Well hello and welcome to FC!!

      I’m down for VM movie as well, maybe if I LOVE it I might catch up on the series. I do like Jason Dohring!

      I just added a review of The Retrieval here from a fellow blogger, definitely sounds worth checking out!

      Ahah, numb is a response I’m sure a lot of people shared. I do hope Eisenberg would deliver, certainly he’s convincingly played a rich douche bag before.
      I’m with you about Sandler retiring from acting altogether, doubt that’d happen though as there are always people who’d be willing to go see his movies! [shake head]

      Yeah, I’m grateful for the opportunity. Oh yeah you can pick two! Chuck Palahniuk would’ve been great to talk to, I’d definitely ask him about Fight Club! Not familiar w/ Hosseini I’m afraid, which books did he write?

      Thanks for stopping by. Always glad to see a newbie, hope to see more of you here joining movie discussions 😀

      1. 13mesh

        Oh Hosseini is the author of The Kite Runner. They made a movie out of it, but the book still remains the best 🙂

  5. jackdeth72


    I completely missed the interview question!

    First choice would be the late, great, multi Edgar Award winning writer. Ross Thomas.

    Whose twenty six novels covered political intrigues, buy backs, some cloak and dagger and several that meticulously cover how the Democrat party operates in the US with

    Second would be Jack Higgins. Just to find out how he has managed to crank out superlative thrillers while plagarising himself for decades?

    Solidly behind a big screen take on HBO’s ‘Deadwood’! Superbly written Shakespeare in the Wild West. Great catch, Mark!

    1. I was about to ask you about that Jack, as I’m sure you have an answer to that.

      Those two authors sound fascinating, surely they’d have a lot to say about the political state of the world today.

      I’d be up for watching a Deadwood movie, esp with Ian McShane on board! Wasn’t Timothy Olyphant one of the cast, too?

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Ruth:

        Timothy Olyphant played Sheriff Seth Bullock in ‘Deadwood’. The series also boasted a superb cast of secondary and guest cast. And yes, Ian McShane ROCKED as Al Sweringen!

        I’m pretty sure Olyphant’s popularity as Bullock led to his prime role as Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens in FX’s ‘Justified’.

        1. Hi again Jack! I only knew about it as you’ve mentioned Olyphant several times in previous comments 😉 Btw, I’d love to get a review of ‘Justified’ at some point, but whenever you feel like doing of course. Thanks man!

      1. Alright then I will answer the Zack Snyder Question. He is a big comic fan and him knowing the source material doesn’t surprise me, still unsure about this project though and I just have to cross my fingers 😀

        1. Hey thanks Tim! I’m crossing my fingers that it’d at least going to be decent. Not expecting greatness tho of course that’d be awesome as I love both DC heroes 😀

  6. 1. Never got into the series, but know more than a few loyal followers very excited about this. I might check it out. Especially, given I started Firefly by first watching the Serenity movie 😉

    2. This looks good. I am intrigued.

    3. I’m more curious about the project than excited. We’ll see as its too far in the future.

    4. “stranded on Planet Nepotism”, good one.

    5. I’ve already committed to taking my daughter to this. Then again, that’s how she got me hooked on The Hunger Games, movies and novels. She’s sneaky that way 😉

    Always fun to participate, Ruth. Thanks.

    1. Hello Michael!

      Yeah it seems that the show has lots of loyal fans. That’s how I got into Firefly too, so yeah, I might do the same if I love the Veronica Mars movie.

      I think curious is the word when it comes to this Batman vs Superman movie that’s starting to look more like Justice League!

      He..he.. well, I like the Hunger Games book, though I’ve managed to only read the first one. So stay tuned for the interview w/ miss Roth, hope you’ll share that w/ your daughter 😀

  7. I have an eery feeling that the Veronica Mars movie would disappoint in a way.. I don’t know- The series was so great, I loved it, such girl power behind it and wit and sarcasm, just so refreshing and when it was cancelled so abruptly the stories were left as such.. now picking them up again seems like a really difficult task.
    That being said, I can’t freakin’ wait for the movie ! I want to see it already and hopefully not be disappointed!

    1. Oh I hope it won’t be disappointing! I mean it’s made by the same people and have the same cast, so I’d think they’d know what the fans want, right? I like Jason Dohring from the vampire show Moonlight, so that’s one of the reasons I’m intrigued by the movie 😉

        1. Sorry Andrew, been swamped and I had a screening last night. Will respond to your post this afternoon after the author interview.

  8. Great post!

    1. Haven’t seen Veronica Mars ever but I would gladly back a Pushing Daisies movie.
    3. Great poster! And yes, I’m still excited. I’m really curious as to how it’l all turn out!
    4. Sad to see Naomi Watts nominated and, I agree, Adam Sandler should win every year! Happy the Smiths took awards. I don’t like them.
    5. I’d love to interview Anthony Bourdain, who I love so much and think is the coolest guy. I don’t know what I’d ask him, though.

    1. Hi Fernando!

      Oooh Pushing Daisies is one I’ve been meaning to check out. The movie HAS to feature Lee Pace & Anna Friel of course!

      Well I hope that Batman vs Superman won’t disappoint us… I’m cautiously excited at this point.

      Very sad about Naomi Watts 😦 Yeah, I don’t care for the Smiths either, planet nepotism is right!!

      Oh, Anthony Bourdain would be awesome to talk to. He’s been to sooo many places!!

      1. Yes. If they do the movie, they have to bring the original cast. It was such a wonderful series. I was so sad when it got cancelled 😦

        I hope it doesn’t disappoint, either.

        YES! Will Smith has been trying to push his annoying son on us for years now!

        Yes. He’s been everywhere and eaten everything. I’d love to talk to him about food, haha!

  9. Wow! Good questions this month Ruth!

    1. I’m like you, I’ve never seen an episode of Veronica Mars and I just happened to watch the released opening to the film. For some odd reason I kinda like Bell and I may see this. As for the question, It’s a tough one since I don’t watch a lot of television. But I would definitely donate to a LOST movie even though it wouldn’t need my money.

    2. Yep, I think I’m intrigued.

    3. Oh where do I start. I’m really becoming worried about this one. I’m trying to be open and optimistic but so many things sound off. I like Jesse Eisenberg is an actor but I’m really struggling to see him Lex Luthor. I do understand that they have the advantage of knowing the script, but I’ve heard rumors of about the script that really worried me. And when you talk about blowing up the mythology you really start to lose me. Time will tell.

    4. The worst travesty of the entire awards season was Grown Ups 2 not winning Worst Picture! It’s one of only two movies that have received my illustrious 0.5 stars! 😉

    5. Wow another tough one mainly because I seldom read any fiction. The one that comes to mind is J.R.R. Tolkien. I would love to talk to him about the creative process in making such a vast and world. I would also like to ask him about the spiritual elements that influenced his LOTR masterwork.

    1. Why thanks Keith, great answers man!

      I like Bell too, even more so after hearing her in FROZEN. Ahah, I’m surprised there wasn’t a LOST movie yet but you’re right, Abrams don’t need a single penny from his fans.

      Ahah, your reaction on Batman vs Superman is exactly like mine. I’m usually optimistic too and given my love for the two DC heroes, it pains me that I’m more worried than excited for this project.

      I’m still amazed that you actually watched Grown Ups 2! I mean YOU of such elegant taste!

      Oh my!! How could I not answer J.R.R. Tolkien!! Yes that’d be a dream to have met him, I probably would clam up and not be able to ask him a single question though.

        1. Mwahahaha!! Well we are allowed to watch whatever we want to watch, I’m just surprised as I didn’t think you’d be into that stuff. But hey I’ve seen equally horrible flicks, trust me, some of Gerry Butler’s latest rom-coms should’ve been nominated for Razzie!!

  10. Can’t speak about a lot of your topics today other than I agree with the Raz awards. Naomi Watts is one of my favorite actressess. I agree, it’s a shame her Diana didn’t work out.
    I used to like Adam Sandler — 50 First Dates or Funny People, even, but can’t get into the Grown Ups any more than I could get into Will Ferrell.

    1. Hi Cindy! I feel like there’s got to be other more *deserving* actresses than Naomi Watts, even if it weren’t her strongest performance. Yeah, I can’t stand Sandler anymore though I did like Happy Gilmore.

  11. Ted S.

    1. I’ve never watched Veronica Mars and I’m not the biggest fan of Kickstarter, especially when these famous people who has enough money to finance their own damn movies, yet they’re asking the public to fund their project!!? Sorry that just doesn’t sit well with me, Kickstarter was meant to help people who has no resources, yet these famous people are taking over and getting money left and right. That kind of piss me off.

    Now if I was rich, I’d gladly fund my favorite shows into films, Justified and 24 are the two I’d invest my money in.

    2. That looks interesting, I’ll give it a rent.

    3. When they cast Eisenberg as Luthor, I lost any interest in this project. I don’t think Snyder and his “creative” team knows what heck they’re doing at all. I hope they prove me wrong but after Man of Steel, I don’t have much faith in Snyder and company.

    4. As you know, I love The Razzies and wish some network would broadcast it. I think Sly Stallone should show up for this event someday since he’s the king of Razzie nominations. I mean here’s a man who made a movie about arm wrestling and yet he’s still gets offended every time he’s nominated for the Razzies, Lol.

    5. Since I’m in to spy novels, I’d love to interview Ian Flemings and Robert Ludlum. I would love to hear Fleming’s thoughts on the more “realistic” Bond actors like Dalton and Craig.

    1. Wow, very interesting that you & Chris (commenter after you) have such similar opinion about Kickstarter. In a way I agree w/ you, I wonder why Kickstarter didn’t flag them for that. But perhaps because this didn’t come from the studio but from the cast member and director then it’s consider more of a *personal* project??

      Yeah, I’m really worried the studios are giving Snyder way too much *creative* freedom w/ this, it’s becoming more like a circus every day. I hope I’m wrong though.

      Oooh, Fleming and Ludlum would’ve been great to interview. Btw are you interested in Ian Fleming’s biopic w/ Dominic Cooper? It’s by BBC I think.

      1. Ted S.

        Even if the campaign started by the producer and Kristen, I still think it’s unfair to the rest of regular people who are trying hard to raise money to make their movie. Bell and the producer(s) have access to resources within the industry, while most filmmaker wannabes don’t. Now if they’d come out and said they couldn’t find anyone in Hollywood to fund their movie then I might be more understanding, but it sounded to me they just started Kickstarter right away. Now even people like Spike Lee and James Franco are doing the same thing and these guys are rich!

        What’s even sadder to me is some people are willing to give their money to projects with famous names attached to them, which defeat the purpose of Kickstarter.

  12. I would support no television show using kickstarter, as I feel it’s a disgusting act that’s abusing what kickstarter’s supposed to represent. Kickstarter should not be for established properties, it should be used as the name suggest, to help up and comers get a kick start on their dream projects. I find this whole Veronica Mars nonsense to be putrid and despicable, and I’m not only disgusted that they went through with it, but I’m disappointed that people actually supported such an act, and are so willing to throw money to try and RE-establish this already established property that already had its chance, all the while looking over and taking attention away from other projects out there that actually NEED that money. Heh, sorry, this is a touchy subject for me, and I really can go on and on with this rant, but no, I will not watch Veronica Mars, I will not give that movie a dime of my money, and I refuse to support such an act that takes advantage of its fans in such a way in any way shape or form imaginable, lol.

    As for the new Superman movie, the more I hear about it, the more it just feels like it’s going to be a cluttered mess, similar to my feelings on how the new Spider-Man movies are panning out. It’s like DC and Spidey are trying way too hard way too fast to catch up with what Marvel’s doing, and I can’t help but feel it’ll come back to bite ’em on the ass. But eh, who knows, maybe they’ll turn out decent anyways?

    1. Yo Chris! You seem to have the same reaction as my pal Ted. Your reaction sounds personal and if so, it’s totally understandable you feel that way. I’d only watch that one if there’s a free screening as I’ve never seen the series before. I don’t know if I’d blame Bell and Thomas in this case though, I’d be more upset I think if it came from the studio. But still, I hear ya, they have more means than most folks who aren’t a celebrity.

      Yep, I think DC is losing big time to Marvel, which is sad as I’m more of a DC girl. One thing for sure though, it’d probably still make money out of people’s curiosity of seeing Batman and Superman together.

  13. 1. Deadwood, Carnivale, Rome, they canceled so much quality TV….it would take a lot of money to make but it would be worth it, the fact HBO canceled those after season 3,2,2 respectively and yet Girls goes on is a travesty.

    2. This sounds like something I’d watch only if it’s nominated for Oscars and I had to 🙂

    3. Snyder talks about script? It’s as if I talked about….being normal and not pervy in Rambling Friday. What I’m getting to – he has no idea what a script is. Honestly this is a guy who could have the world’s best actors in the movie and screw it up. So no matter how laughable the casting, this project was dead to me as soon as they said he is directing it.

    4. Having seen 15 minutes of Diana I’m surprised Watts didn’t win this thing

    5.George R.R. Martin and I would ask him one thing, regarding his writing pace – why are you doing this to us? WHY?

    1. Hello Sati!

      Oh I LOVED Rome, that’d have been cool to see on the big screen. Another vote for Deadwood, that’s one I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing either. I have no desire to see Girls and from what I’ve read about the show (and its creator), it’s not something I’d ever enjoy.

      Ahah, Snyder always sounds so incoherent when he speaks, I have no idea how he could even write something that ppl would understand. I think Goyer wrote or is writing the script, but Snyder seems to have so much creative license on this.

      Oh boy, was Diana THAT bad?? Oy, that’s really too bad as I like Watts and Naveen Andrews, but seems that the project is ill-advised to begin with.

      Oooo, I’d love to be a fly in the wall when YOU interview Martin, even without seeing the show, I think I knew what you’d be asking 😉

  14. 1. The shows I watch are pretty way too boring for a movie – Frasier, The Office, even The Walking Dead is like it’s own mini-movie every season. I’m not quite sure I have an answer for this one.

    2. The Retrieval looks pretty intense, and different kind of story that’s not oftten presented in Civil War epics.

    3. When Ben Affleck was cast as Superman, I was still pretty excited! However, the casting of Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor makes me wonder that Zac Snyder knows where he is going at all. He can’t introduce a million different characters one installment, and just blow away the mythology because the studios greenlighted him for a sequel. It seems like he’s packing as much as he can into one movie because he doesn’t know if he’ll get a third try. Nolan had the right idea with one or two villains per movie tying them into an engaging story. I loved Man of Steel, and I’m still holding onto to hope but the sequel seems to be all over the place.

    4. I hadn’t seen really any of the Razzie nominated films but Movie 43 seems to be the right choice for any and every category.

    5. JK Rowling is who I’d interview, and I’d ask about her world building process. Trying to write some fantasy stories, and I’d like to know how she edited and played around her with creating the magical and muggle world.

    1. Hi Katy! Ahah, I’d sooo watch a Frasier movie! I’m thrilled that you love that too, I mean who doesn’t love Niles?? I still watch the episodes on Netflix from time to time.

      Yeah, I like the look and story of The Retrieval, I like that it’s not just focusing on slavery but an unlikely friendship that developed between these two men.

      “It seems like he’s packing as much as he can into one movie because he doesn’t know if he’ll get a third try.” Oh wow, I never thought of that but you just might be spot on about that girl, oh man, if that’s the case, that’s a VERY bad sign. I loved Man of Steel on initial viewings, perhaps because I just LOOOVE the Superman character and Henry Cavill playing him but on 3rd viewing, I wasn’t as in love with it.

      Have you seen Movie 43? I refuse to see that train wreck, I mean it just looks positively revolting!

      Yeah, I think Rowling would be a fascinating author to talk to. It’s amazing how she built the world of HP and made so many interesting characters. I’d love to have such an imaginative mind!

  15. Hey Ruth! It’s that time again! 🙂

    1. Veronica Mars isn’t something I’m familiar with to be honest, but I do quite like Kristen Bell, she’s pretty inoffensive. Great question – If I were to donate money to a TV show’s Kickstarter I think right now it’d be Modern Family. Love that show! I was gonna say Mad Men but it’d be a film in which nothing happens!

    2. Really like the look of this one. Hadn’t heard of it before but looks very interesting indeed.

    3. I’m getting less and less interested in the Batman/Superman film. I’ll still go and see it but it sounds like another Superman Returns to me at the moment. I’d love for it to be brilliant but I just have a feeling it’s going to be a mess.

    4. I’m really not surprised After Earth featured so heavily at the Razzies, it was awful. Arguably my least favourite film of last year. Both Will and Jaden were really annoying in it. I’m also glad Naomi Watts was mentioned too. I’ve got no time for her after I heard an interview with her in which she walked out for no apparent reason other than being a stroppy mare!

    5. The author that immediately sprang to was Tolkien. It would be fascinating to talk to him about LOTR and The Hobbit. I’d also like to pick Stephen King’s mind about The Shining and his thoughts on the film.

    1. Hi Chris! It is indeed!

      Oh I think given the popularity of Modern Family, I doubt they’d ever need to go the Kickstarter route.

      It’s funny that upon subsequent viewings, there are parts I really like about Superman Returns, well apart from the Supes’ kid bit, but this Batman/Superman seems to have too many players!

      I refused to see After Earth after I learn who the cast was, so annoying just looking at the poster! As for Naomi Watts, hmmm what interview did she walk out on? I generally like her work though.

      Oh another mention for Tolkien! I’d LOVE to have the opportunity to pick his mind too, given how much I love LOTR.

      1. Yeah Modern Family would gave no problem. I’d definitely contribute to an X Files one too!

        Watts walked out of an interview with an English radio programme when she was doing promo for Diana. Maybe she was just embarrassed at the film 🙂

  16. Top work Ruth. First, The Retrieval looks great. Will have to check that one out. Second, I absolutely love that poster for Bats vs Supes. The fan posters around these days are really something.

    1. Hey thanks Mark! Do check out the review of The Retrieval I linked above, it sounds very intriguing indeed. The fan posters seem to have surpassed the studio-made ones these days!

  17. 1. It would depend on who is directing it and who is in it. Plus, what the project is about.

    2. I don’t know. If the word of mouth gets bigger and gets any good. Then I might watch it.

    3. Zack Snyder can go fuck himself. He dissed Terry Gilliam.

    4. Well, after having just experienced the plague that was Grown Ups 2, I really felt like Adam Sandler should’ve gotten worst actor though I think Will and Jaden Smith both deserve to get Razzies for that awful movie and their shit performances.

    5. I would probably say J.K. Rowling and I would ask her about what material didn’t make it into the final books regarding Dumbledore’s sexuality.

    1. Hi Steven! I posted a review of The Retrieval above as well, sounds like it’s gaining a distributor so hopefully it’ll get a decent release nationwide.

      Ahah, yeah I read about him dissing Gilliam, that’s not cool.

      I really think Sandler should just get an *honorary* Razzie already along w/ Stallone!

  18. I’m completely over the oversaturation of Batman vs. Superman news, it’s one of the reasons why I don’t cover news & rumors on my site. I don’t have any major opinions on the cast because I’m not familiar with most of them. I think it’s interesting because in all the TV incarnations I can think of, Lex Luthor actually had red curly hair before he went bald. I think it would be an interesting move if Luthor was more of a humanitarian/politician role in this movie without being the villain yet, only being the opponent of Superman with an undercurrent of villainy.

    I thought the Razzies were amusing until last year when I actually went to their site and it read like an Adam Sandler movie with bad puns and cheap jokes. And it’s not too surprising that Adam Sandler walked away “empty handed” this year after sweeping for Jack and Jill.

    I would like to talk to fantasy author R. A. Salvatore and ask him what his favorite superhero movie is like I ask everyone. Just kidding, I’d ask him what how he would like to see a film adaptation of his Drizzt Do’Urden saga done.

    1. Hi Nathan. Yeah the buzz is overkill and most of them bad news anyway, at least to me. Yeah I think in Smallville the younger Lex had curly hair didn’t he? I like the idea of him being more of a *frenemy* if you will, not a full blown villain.

      I don’t know who R.A. Salvatore yet, my geek cred is not as good as yours, ahah.

  19. 1. Firefly. Yeah, I’m one of those.
    2. This looks really good.
    3. I wish I was excited for it. But I admit I have tuned out.
    4. I did see one screener that was so bad I couldn’t deal with it for any longer than 10 minutes. I’ve blanked on the name.
    5. I would do quite a bit to accompany you on your interview with Miss Jane Austen! Do you need a secretary, porter, gofer…? Seriously…though she is the one that leapt to mind. I would LOVE to know what she thinks of all the adaptations of her work over the years, who is the best Darcy, etc.

    1. Hello Paula! Ahah, you’re a Nathan Fillion fan right? He’s awesome!

      Oh boy, the screener was THAT bad eh? Well good thing you have it erased it from memory then 🙂

      I’d LOVE to have you accompany me to interview Austen. I’m curious who’s her best Darcy, ahah. My fave now is actually Matthew Macfadyen, no longer Colin Firth.

      1. I am, yeah. A slacker one though, I’ve only watched “Castle” like twice. Or maybe I’m just a Captain Reynolds fan. Haha.

        Re: Darcy….are you kidding? [Clutches bosom in mock horror]

        Seriously, though, a lot of people prefer him. I’m just glad they are watching Austen adaptations!

        1. I love Fillion but I don’t watch Castle as I’m not fond of the girl in that show. He is awesome though, sooo fun to watch in interviews too!

          I used to LOVE Colin Firth but I’ve grown to love Joe Wright’s version so much more and Macfadyen’s got this rather melancholic face and sexy voice 😀

  20. 1. I’m not into Veronica Mars either, but have been following it’s success. As other’s mentioned, FIREFLY followed a similar path with SERENITY, and I would gladly pay for it to happen again. 😉

    2. I’m not riveted by this, but could just be my mood at the moment. I’m very moody. Although I do like unexpected dramas like this one it seems.

    3. Listen, I have mad faith in Snyder. And it’s not even about that… it’s about not judging something when not seen in its entirety and context, as Snyder does mention. I know that’s a stupid thing to say in this day and age of constant updates, rumours, leaks, media coverage, tweets, press releases, and so on doing the rounds literally everywhere regarding any and all new projects. But I feel like all of that should be taken with a grain of salt. I try to maintain objectivity as much as possible before I see a film / tv show, despite anything I’ve heard about it before hand. I think it’s very dangerous and irresponsible for journalists, reviewers, critics, bloggers, etc… to allow their perception of a project to be… influenced, by the media coverage of said projects months or, at times, years prior to seeing the completed work. Which is what actually deserves our criticism in the first place.

    4. I’m not too into the Razzies. But you are right. They are very interesting and pretty f’ing hilarious. Poor Smiths. lol.

    5. Holy Shit Ruth! Interviewing a major author of a series of books being adapted into major movies?? That’s big. That’s huge! Congratulations! Best of luck. You guys truly inspire me to be better in this medium… It’s a well balanced mix of jealousy, envy and that other thing… motivation! lol. Looking forward to seeing your piece on it.

    1. Hi Shah!! Nice to see you back man, hope to see you around more often!

      I like Firefly and I think if Whedon weren’t so swamped by Avengers he just might do it, who knows.

      I think you’re one of the few who still have faith in Snyder. You’re right though about the press coverage sometimes influencing the buzz of a film, good or bad. I am cautiously optimistic the film won’t suck though, I guess we have a whole year or so to see how this develops.

      Oh why poor Smiths? They deserve the *honor* for the blatant nepotism AND bad acting!

      Hey thank you Shah, it’s a great privilege as a press member to be able to interview some folks. It’s still rare tho in Minnesota as the talents sometimes don’t want to travel all the way up here. I’m honored to have inspired you! Hey keep on blogging man, do what you love and the perks will follow 😀

  21. A few years ago, mention of a Batman vs Superman movie would fill me up with ecstasy. Now that they’re making one, I’m losing interest by the day. I’m not a fan of Zack Syder and I’m skeptical of Eisenberg’s casting. Gal Gadot seems too thin to be Wonder Women, but I guess she can bulk-up for the movie, like most actors do. Plus I do think she’s hot!

    While I agree that the movies nominated in Razzies are bad, I always see the actual ‘winners’ are usually popular movies but not the worst movies. Each year, there’s much more horrible films but they go for the big ones because the Razzies want publicity too.

    1. Hi Asrap! Ahah, ecstasy, that made me laugh. Well let’s hope that all this buzz would actually translate to something worth seeing! As for Gal Gadot, like you said, she can always go on a certain diet and train to gain muscle, that doesn’t bother me as much if the script is good.

      Very good point about Razzie only looking at the major studio movies but I think it’s better that way than highlighting bad indie films, I don’t know, they’re less of a cash grab than the studio-made ones.

  22. I always love this segment! Thought provoking and fun to read everyone’s comments. Okay, here are mine:

    1. I would donate to a Kickstarter project for a movie from the short-lived canceled NBC drama KINGS which was based on the Biblical account of Saul and David but in a modernistic time. The first season was so good and I wanted more. So did tons of fans, but NBC…as they usually do…stayed true to being trigger happy with the “cancel gun.”

    2. So glad you liked The Retrieval. Let me tell you, it is everything you want and expect. and more. Thank you for sharing my review. It was my great pleasure to see it and interview the executive producer and then to see it win at WSIFF and continue to win at further festivals. This one is definitely one not to miss.

    3. Snyder is pretty direct “We know the material. Unfortunately, the fans don’t…” but he’s also right. But I also agree with you in his next statement of “not as tied to the mythology.”

    I think so many people get in an uproar about castings and movie ideas before seeing the movie and it causes unnecessary angst and anger prematurely oftimes. I look forward to seeing what they do, but i do hold reservations about this “undercover Justice League movie.”

    4. I actually am not a fan of rewarding the “worst” but I understand the satirical fun intended. We already know which we deemed the worst.and the actors/directors should be paying attention to that and producing better stuff. But, bad stuff sells too. Look at every horror franchise as of late…Sad to see Naomi in the mix there…but several of the noms listed were ultra-deserving.

    5.Exciting. Best of luck in your interview. That’s wonderful. I’d like to interview David Mitchell who authored Cloud Atlas and ask his thoughts of the movie and the aftermath of its reception in comparison to the book.

    and I hope you get to ask Veronica Roth if she had Shailene Woodley in mind for the lead in Divergent or any input on her casting, or if Woodley was just chosen and she has come to accept/embrace that casting but had someone else in mind initially.

    Great stuff Ruth. Thanks for always doing this.

    1. Hi T, thanks for stopping by my friend!

      Oh yeah I remember KINGS. I’d love to see that one get a big screen treatment, esp. with Ian McShane (again, he’s also in Deadwood that others have mentioned here). I don’t get why they didn’t give it another shot even if the initial number were not what they expected, heh.

      Thank you for sharing the review. How awesome that you got to talk to the producer! I sure hope now that it got a distributor, it’d get a decent theatrical release nationwide.

      I think what he meant by ‘material’ is the script and he’s right that we don’t know what the script it, but from his statements, I just don’t have much confidence that it won’t become an undercover JL movie like you said.

      Oh I think the Razzie is done in good fun but at the same time these actors do need to step things up, I mean Sandler has become so lazy and annoying now. I’m surprised there weren’t more horror flicks amongst the nominees.

      I wish I had the chance to ask Veronica about casting but we could only ask 2 questions each as there were 6 interviewers in the roundtable. She did say she gave the studio a lot of freedom and she’s happy with the results, which includes the casting as well. Oh David Mitchell is a good one, would love to hear his thoughts about the film.

      Thanks for participating T!

  23. 1. If there’s ever a Kickstarter project for Sherlock, I’m there! 😀

    2. I probably won’t see The Retrieval for some time, but it does look good.

    3. I can’t wait for this movie! Two of my favorite superheroes in one film sounds awesome! Though a less traditional approach might work, I’m expecting the movie to let me down. Still, I’m highly anticipating it.

    4. Movie 43 deserved to win everything. It was just awful.

    5. Great question. I’d interview F. Scott Fitzgerald and ask him about his experiences/influences regarding The Great Gatsby.

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