Everybody’s Chattin’ & the most fantabulous Superbowl Commercial ever!


Welcome to the first 2014 edition of Everybody’s Chattin’! In case some of you noticed, it’s been a while since I’ve done this post. No fret though, I still plan on doing this community-building post on a regular basis. It’ll be a bi-monthly thing from now on and it’ll be posted sometime in the middle of the week.

This edition’s all about lists and blogathons, so here we go:


James has recently seen all of the Oscar nominees for Best Documentary, and he went on to listing which one should have been nominated and which one should win the award. Check out his reviews for each of the nominees from that post.


Keith‘s Weekly Phenomenal 5 has been taken over Top 5 lists of best performances from the 2013 movie year. This past week he posted his picks for Top 5 Performances of 2013 Leading Actress

I LOVE minimalist movie posters and Chris recently showcased some really awesome ones by designer Olly Moss.

If you love lists but you’re not following Dan Stephens‘ Top Films Blog, well then better get on that pronto! His latest list shines a spotlight on a British living legend. Yep, check out his Top 10 Michael Caine Films.

Speaking of Top 10, since it’s January, it’s still not too late to post your Top 10 Films of 2013. Eric did just that so check out which movies made his Top 10 list.

Now on to the blogathons:

LifeLoveMoviesIf you haven’t already, do join Nostra’s latest Blogathon LIFE, LOVE AND THE MOVIES

Another fun blogathon you should take part in is Lights Camera Reaction’s RECAST-ATHON

Check out some of the Recast-athon participants’ posts: Sati @ Cinematic Corner and Andina @ Inspired Ground


Ok, so it’s the Superbowl this weekend. If you’re anything like me, then you probably didn’t know about it until all those ads started popping up on social media. I don’t know yet if I’ll watch it but if I did, it’ll be for the ads and trailers!

The two new trailers I’m anticipating are Captain America and X-Men: Days of Future Past. The first two trailers had me salivating like Pavlov’s dogs. There are rumors we may see a trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy but I’m really not hugely anticipating that one at this point. There might also be a trailer for David Fincher’s Gone Girl which sounds like a great mystery thriller.

As far as the commercials go, boy it’ll be tough to top this Rendezvous Jaguar ad with the three fantabulous Brits known for playing villains.


Oh yes, it’s good to be bad

I’ve already seen some pics of Tom Hiddleston on Tumblr but you should’ve seen my reaction when I first saw the whole ad. I was jumping up and down like a crazy person and grinning ear to ear. Who cares about football, I wish they’d just make a movie with Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and one of my current crush Tom Hiddleston prancing around in their Jaguar F-Type Coupe. I might’ve subbed Kingsley with the ultimate British villain Alan Rickman though.

Creativity Online has a nice article on the making of the spot, which was apparently directed by Tom Hooper (who won an Oscar for The King’s Speech) and the score was done by Alexander Desplat, a six-time Oscar nominee) who’s Hooper’s involvement probably made it easier to persuade film stars such as Kingsley, Hiddleston and Strong to commit to the project. Check out the making of the ad below:

Talk about the ultimate show stealer!

So are you gonna watch the Superbowl… at least for the ads? 😀

44 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ & the most fantabulous Superbowl Commercial ever!

    1. Yeah, they really spent $$$ on these ads don’t they? I don’t really support any team but I do like Manning so I guess yeah, Go Broncos! 🙂

  1. Thanks for mentioning the blogathon, already have quite a few entries, but more are always welcome! Cool ad btw, never watch the Superbowl (I do not watch much of sports anyway), but will always check out the ads the next day online.

  2. I saw this commercial the other day and thought “Ruth will be all over this”. And hey why take away Ben Kingsley when you could just add the worthy Rickman? Kingsley’s villians in Sexy Beast and Death and the Maiden were quite terrifying.

    1. Ahah, you knew me too well Dave! I’d spontaneously combust if it’s got Timothy Dalton AND Richard Armitage in it too, both have played their share of villains in their career.

    1. I hear ya Mark. I’m so behind on it myself, still got to work on Nostra’s post. But hey, you’ve got something far more important to focus on 😉

  3. Thanks a time for including me Ruth! I really appreciate it. Definitely some good company. And how about that Super Bowl commercial? Love those three guys. Mark Strong is a guy who I don’t think gets enough credit. As for the game itself, I’ve been a Denver Broncos fan since I was 7- years old (For those unaware, that’s a pretty long time ). So needless to say I’m pretty excited about Sunday!

    1. You’re welcome Keith! I can’t get over how brilliant that Jaguar ad is, I’ve seen it countless times! Yes, amen about Mark Strong. He’s awesome isn’t he? And such swagger in that ad.

      Oh cool, go Broncos then! 😀

  4. Ted S.

    Wow, Jaguar must’ve spent millions on that commercial because it looked like an actual big action movie. And I really liked it too! The last few years I thought Super Bowl commercials were kind of lame, most of them lack imagination and/or they just copy one another. For example, Snickers has been doing the same commercial for the last few years, you’ve probably seen it. It’s the ones where they had old actors in place of cranky people who are hungry, it was great when they came up with that ad a few years ago but it’s getting old now.

    As for the super bowl, I’ll watch it since it’s the last game of the year but somehow I’m not as excited for it like the previous games. Maybe because I don’t have any stake in the game and that the Vikes didn’t make the tournament this year. I used to gamble in football games but I stopped doing that. As for movie trailers, they’re not as exciting to me as they used to be. Before the internet became the norm, I was always looking forward to seeing teaser during the big game. I still remember how I excited I was for Jurassic Park after I saw the teaser over 20 years ago in that year Super Bowl.

    1. Oh yeah, I mean just the air time alone is $4 mil, the production cost could easily top that. I love the look of it, so yeah, I wish it were a real movie!

      Ahah you’re right about the internet taking away a lot of the excitement of seeing the trailers and ads as they’re readily available sooner after it aired or even before!

  5. I do like that British bad guys ad because of Hiddleston. He’s so good-looking. Am I going to see the SuperBowl? No. I’m not fond of those events. I don’t care for American football. I could care less about the halftime show and I don’t like the commercials. I’m not a fan of commercialism.

    1. Hiddles is good looking AND extremely charismatic. I mean, his voice alone is enough to bring the house down. He’s truly the most amazing find of Marvel casting, thank you Kenneth Branagh!

  6. Those minimalist movie posters are insanely good! Love the Jaguar ad too!

    On the subject of the new X-Men movie, instead of the trailers, I was actually more excited by the 25 character covers by Empire…. have you seen them? I am really counting down the days with pure joy to the release of the movie now!

    1. Oh yeah I saw the those covers! I’m definitely buying that when it’s available on my local bookstore. As it’s a UK mag, it always comes a month late 😦

      1. Yes and the behind the scenes was a treat. I actually greeked out the most at a clip of Ben Kingsley on a couch with a dog, which was a Weimaraner, the breed that I have. Totally smiled at that. I such a nerd.

  7. Oh I couldn’t care less about Superbowl and the ads. Because of that thing HBO is not airing new True Detective and that’s awful. But that Jaguar commercial is great, Hiddles fans had a great week with that and other videos that showed up.

    1. That’s odd that HBO is not airing True Detective because of the Superbowl, are they afraid of low ratings?? I knew you’d be all over that Jaguar commercial too, definitely a good week for Hiddles fans like us 😀

  8. Thanks for sharing the links, Ruth, I’m catching up on posts today, so quite helpful!

    I’ve been watching a few docs, so I’ll head over to James’ site, and read what he has to say.

  9. I’m way behind on a few of the latest blogathons. Maybe I’ll do some of them next week. 🙂

    Haha, I always watch the Super Bowl, but I actually watch it for the football.

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