2014 Oscar Nominations: The Good, the Bad and the WTF


WOW, has it been a year already?? I felt like I was just doing this Oscar prediction thing not that long ago! Well, the stars might not have even recovered from the Golden Globes, for better or for worse. Methinks there’d be a mix of old veterans and newcomers all vying for taking the golden bald dude home.

As I’ve been doing the past couple of years, this is the fun time for movie bloggers to scrutinize the nominations to death, ahah. I actually woke up extra early so I could catch the telecast of the nomination itself, with Thor erm Chris Hemsworth making the announcement with the Academy’s president Cheryl Boone Isaacs.

I didn’t make a post of my nomination predictions this year, I only tweeted who’d be nominated for Best Picture. I guessed that it’d be 8 nominations instead of 9 last year, but apparently the number ended up being the same.

So apparently I was off by one and I had guessed that Blue Jasmine would make it, instead it’s Philomena. I haven’t seen either one though, so I can’t say which one I’d prefer. The other nom I haven’t seen is Dallas Buyers Club.


  1. Gravity
  2. 12 Years a Slave
  3. American Hustle
  4. Captain Phillips
  5. Her
  6. Nebraska
  7. Dallas Buyers Club
  8. The Wolf of Wall Street
  9. Philomena

 Anyway, you can see the full nominations here. Below’s my thoughts:

The Good

  • I’m most pleased seeing Spike Jonze getting three nominations: Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Original Song The Moon Song, which was sung by Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson in the film.

  • Happy to see Christian Bale getting a Best Actor nomination, didn’t see that coming. But it truly was an excellent performance and an Oscar-worthy role from the consistently stellar actor.
  • Congrats to Barkhad Abdi for as close to being the Christoph Waltz of the year, he’s been nominated by pretty much every major awards out there: BAFTA, Golden Globes, SAG, and now Oscars! It’s even more impressive as this is his first EVER role in any format, as he’s never done a stage or even TV acting before. I sure wish him all the best and hope that this would NOT be the last time we see him on screen!
  • YES for The Hunt up for Best Foreign Language Film! Thank you the Academy for not overlooking that one, now if only we could get a win out of that one as well, it’d make up for not seeing Mads Mikkelsen in Best Actor category. I’d think he’s eligible even if the film is not amongst the main Best Picture noms? I don’t know, maybe an Oscar expert can enlighten me on this one?
  • Joshua with one of The Act of Killing's producers Werner Herzog
    Joshua with one of The Act of Killing’s producers Werner Herzog

    I’m thrilled to see The Act of Killing was shortlisted for Best Documentary! I remember talking to director Joshua Oppenheimer last August in my interview that he would be submitting his film to the Oscars. It’s one of my Top 10 films of 2013, and I can’t recommend it enough. Trust me, you’d never see a documentary like it before.

  • Overall I agree with pretty much ALL of the Best Actor nominations, though I haven’t seen Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyer’s Club (the only one I’ve missed so far), I really think he warranted the nom and perhaps the frontrunner of the pack. Of course I’d rather see Joaquin Phoenix amongst the nom, as I for one didn’t think too highly of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. Yes the physical comedy bit was hysterical but overall it’s not THAT different from other performances he did where he played an unhinged character. I think he’s done better performances in the past that might’ve merited the nom more than this one.
  • YES for Frozen in the Best Animated Feature category! It’s like last year’s Brave as my favorite animated film of the year, one I don’t mind seeing over and over again!
  • I’ve seen all of the films in the Best Cinematography category except for Prisoners. Sorry Roger Deakins, I know this marks your 11th nomination, but I’d love to see Emmanuel Lubezki win this thing as his work for Gravity is absolutely superb.
  • I’m rooting for William Butler and Owen Pallett for their score for Her. I honestly didn’t think John Williams‘ work is all that great in The Book Thief , but I really respect his work as a composer so I’m not going to complain too much.

The Bad

  • As I’ve said above, I had been rooting for Joaquin Phoenix to get a nom 😦
  • EmmaThompson_SavingMrBanksOh and where is Emma Thompson?? Come on Academy! You’d rather give it to Meryl Streep for the 18th time?? Ok so she was good as the pill-popping, toxic-spewing matriarch of the Weston family in August: Osage County but there’s as much scenery-chewing in that performance than actually good acting. Thompson is more deserving to be included here! A bit of trivia here according to Josh the Oscars expert, whilst this is Meryl Streep’s 18th nomination, it would’ve been Emma Thompson’s FIRST nomination in 18 years 😦
  •  Hoyte Van Hoytema is robbed for his amazing cinematography work in Her. Seriously, it’s one of the most enchanting visual storytelling I’ve seen in a long while that enhances the story so much. I found this article talking about Hoytema’s process of capturing the right mood for Jonze’s film, “Van Hoytema used an array of glass that would allow him to capture the intimacy of the characters’ relationship, as well as the physicality of light, something the cinematographer says was integral to the character Samantha’s experiences of seeing things for the first time. I was literally in awe and mesmerized by the distinctive look of the film as I was watching it, more so than any other film nominated in this category.
  • Speaking of being robbed, seriously, where is Daniel Brühl??! Yeah I know he’s probably going to lose to Jared Leto, I mean without seeing the performance, if I were a betting woman I’d put my money on Leto. But at the very least Brühl should’ve been in the running. Even Niki Lauda himself would’ve vouched for him as he wasn’t simply imitating the F1 star with his fantastic performance. Jonah Hill‘s flashy performance is sooo overrated it’s not even funny! Heck, I’d rather see Will Forte get a nomination instead of him as he was pretty darn good in his first dramatic role in Nebraska. No scenery-chewing necessary.
  • WOW, no love at all for Lee Daniels’ The Butler?? I thought it was a solid drama, even better than Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom which I’m not surprised nor bummed it didn’t get a nomination. Hmmm, I wonder if The Weinstein Company’s snafu over the title could’ve been one of the reasons?


I think most people who care about the Oscars are likely to care as much about who gets snubbed than those who got in. Some of them I’ve mentioned above but these list are dedicated for the dishonor of the award season. Once again, look no further than the Directing category…

  • Last year the *honors* went to Ben Affleck and Kathryn Bigelow for being snubbed for ARGO and Zero Dark Thirty respectively. This year it’s Paul Greengrass! His excellent thriller Captain Phillips made the Best Picture list but he’s not amongst Best Director noms. Heh, good thing the American Cinema Editors recognized his work, he’s to be awarded its filmmaker of the year award on February 7 (per Variety).
  • Speaking of the Captain, neither is Tom Hanks! I’d rather see Hanks get in than Leo personally, yes even at Joaquin Phoenix’s expense I would not have minded as much. In the same camp is Robert Redford, who everyone seems to have been praising, but I haven’t seen All Is Lost so I can’t say.
  • As for the rest of the acting snubs, according to Indiewire, Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks and Daniel Bruhl all got nods from SAG, BAFTA, the Globes and the Critics Choice. To get all four of those and still miss out on Oscar is a very rare occasion.
  • Sad to see one of my favorite songs of the year Young and Beautiful got overlooked again! It’s such a gorgeous song… here I’m putting this again though I had posted it in my Music Break post:

  • So the F1 thriller/drama RUSH was pretty much left out of the track all together. I’m not as bummed about Ron Howard not getting a nod than not seeing Daniel Brühl, as I’ve mentioned above. He’s far better than both Bradley Cooper AND Jonah Hill!
  • OscarIsaac_OscarSnubNow, I wouldn’t have put Inside Llewyn Davis amongst Best Picture nominees, but Oscar Isaac should’ve been in the running for Best Actor! He’s an incredible actor who’s proven his talents many times before and I was hoping this would’ve been his real big break! His name IS Oscar AND capable of Oscar-worthy performances, heck he should’ve won one by now!
  • Another snub for Inside Llewyn Davis is in the Best Score and Best Song category! Man, I thought the music is phenomenal, certainly my favorite part of the film aside from Isaac’s performance.
  • Lastly, I quite enjoyed American Hustle but truthfully, I don’t know if it’s THAT good to lead the nomination pack with 10 nominations (tied with the far more deserving Gravity?!) I sure hope Jennifer Lawrence won’t win Best Supporting category.

    Yes I know it’s perhaps more far-fetched than the premise of Her, but I’d have liked to see Scarlett Johansson getting a surprise nod for her amazing voice work as the OS Samantha. It’s so integral to the success of the film. But oh well, since she’s not even in the running, I’m rooting for Lupita Nyong’o. My second preference: June Squibb.

The 86th Academy Awards will air March 2 from Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, it’ll be shown live on ABC.

Well, that’s my reaction to the 2014 nominations. What are your Oscars-related delights and gripes?

82 thoughts on “2014 Oscar Nominations: The Good, the Bad and the WTF

  1. I haven’t seen Captain Phillips yet but from what I’ve heard, Hanks’ omission is a very big surprise. Again, I haven’t seen Dallas Buyers Club yet but I have a sneaky suspicion that this is McConaughey’s year. I reckon he’ll take it.

    I’m over the moon for Fassbender. I really hope that man finally gets some recognition after being snubbed for Hunger and Shame.

    1. Hello Mark! Yeah I think it’s McConaughey’s year too. That’ll make his career renaissance complete I think, well more to come hopefully. Yeah Hanks was great as Captain Phillips and Greengrass was definitely snubbed!!

      I think Fassy could very well win this thing though I’m sure a lot of people are betting on Leto.

      1. Yeah, this could definitely tie up a great couple of years for MM. A big part of me is rooting for him just because he’s been so consistently great. He deserves recognition for all his work.

        Leto could well be Fassbender’s biggest competition here. I can’t really comment till I see Dallas Buyers but, again, I love Fassy’s work over the years. It’s just nice to see him included amongst the best, where he belongs.

        1. I hope McConaughey keeps seeking great roles. I’m with you there about Fassy, but the Academy LOVES the performances like Leto’s, the subject matter and the whole body transformation thing usually win big.

          1. Yeah, I was saying this to Keith earlier today. Transformative performances are always a winner with the academy and for that reason MM and Leto could do the double. I wouldn’t mind too much as I’m a fan of them both. All the acting categories look very strong this year. It’s hard to call the actresses too.

  2. Ruth, I know we’ve discussed this a little bit, but I feel like this year’s nominations are the most controversial they’ve been in years! Scanning the web and reading through hashtags on Twitter, people are all over the board. I’ll admit, this year came with a lineup of powerhouse films across the board, so Best Picture will be a tough category.

    You know how I feel about Emma; she was completely robbed. I had tears in my eyes almost throughout the entire film. IMO, Adams’ performance only invoked confusion. I haven’t seen the other films to comment on the other leading ladies’ performances, but it’s a sad say for Emma fans.

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen The Great Gatsby, that I completely forgot about Young and Beautiful. Now that you mention it, it seems like a no-brainer!

    In any case, I think this may be the first year I watch the Oscars in its entirety, just because there are so many great nominations in every category…well, almost. 🙂

    1. Hi Ashley! Yeah, very sad for Emma, esp. since I honestly think she gave a better performance than Meryl’s which was a more showy role.

      Seems like the Globes and Academy have forgotten about many films, one of which is The Great Gatsby.

    1. WOW, crazy that I JUST left you a comment then I went back to my dashboard and saw yours, ahah.

      Sooo bummed about Bruhl, seriously that guy is such a talented actor! Isaac is equally phenomenal, best thing about that film IMO.

        1. Ahah no, we should keep meeting like this 😀

          I still can’t believe the Globes left Mads out, he might’ve gotten a better chance there 😦

  3. “Oh and where is Emma Thompson??” — robbed I tell, robbed!!! Meryl is getting a tad on me.

    “…where is Daniel Brühl??!” — see above (gotta think of a way to blame Meryl…it’ll come to me…), and don’t get me started on Jonah Hill.

    “Sad to see one of my favorite songs of the year Young and Beautiful got overlooked again! ” — you know I feel the same. The one song that could have given ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen real competition.

    I’m bummed as well that RUSH didn’t get more acclaim. And if Lupita Nyong’o doesn’t win, it’s more of rigged mess than ever. Wonderful write-up, Ruth.

    1. Have you seen August Osage County yet Michael? It’s such a showy role for Meryl. Granted she was game but hardly her best work IMO.

      I’m more bummed that Brühl was snubbed, even more so than Joaquin not getting a nod, and you know I LOVED his performance in ‘Her.’

      I agree what you said about Lana’s song being a real competition for ‘Let it Go.’ I actually might still root for Young & Beautiful.

      I think if Lawrence wins again over Nyong’o, the backlash against her might be quite severe. That’s another reason I’d rather not see it happen, aside from Nyong’o being more deserving of course.

      1. No, I haven’t seen August Osage County. But having a peek at Meryl’s ‘highlights’ in it, plus knowing the type of work Tracy Letts has to offer, I kinda know what to expect.

        I really got to see HER. It’s definitely on my list to catch before you-know-what arrives.

        Jennifer is more than solid in American Hustle, but nothing…nothing I tell you…should beat Nyong’o. She’s simply devastating in the role. It’s Chiwetel Ejiofor’s prime role, and another outsized performance by Michael Fassbender, but IMO Nyong’o surpassed them both.

        Thanks, Ruth.

        1. Her should be in more theaters now Michael, well you have over a month before Oscar arrives 🙂 I’m hoping to catch Blue Jasmine if it’s still out in my indie theaters.

          Amen on what you said about Nyong’O, wouldn’t it be great if she and Chiwetel both win? I’d do a happy dance outside in the snow (well ok, if there’s no Polar Vortex hitting us again that is) 😀

  4. I’m pretty satisfied with most of the nominations though I’m baffled by the snub for Inside Llewyn Davis but I’m very disappointed that Joaquin nor Scarlett got nominated. At least Leo got nominated so there’s someone to root for.

  5. Loved reading your thoughts Ruth. Mads is definitely eligible for Best Actor. Oscar just chose to snub him. I also agree about Jonah Hill. To be perfectly honest he has never impressed me. Oh, and you mentioned All is Lost. Great film and Redford’s omission surprised me!

    1. Ah then I’m so mad for Mads 😦 I think Jonah’s performance in ‘Wolf’ is really not that different from his role in say, 21 Jump Street. He’s just more obnoxious in this one. I’m honestly surprised Bale got in instead of Hanks or Redford, the other noms seemed like more of a shoo-in.

  6. The snub of Inside Llewyn Davis really bewilders me. It’s a movie I expect people will be talking for a long time and was much better than many of the other nominees.

    1. It baffles me but for a different reason as I’m not as fond of that film as you are. Usually the Coens score big at the Oscars, plus I think Oscar Isaac is sooo phenomenal in his first prominent lead role.

  7. I totally agree on Tom Hanks. And, really, on most of your actor commentary. I will say the nominees don’t offend me, though. All five gave great performances and deserve the recognition.

    With you on Streep as well. Clearly she’s not bad, but she doesn’t deserve the nomination.

    Why the Jennifer Lawrence hate, by the way?

    I think Daniel Bruhl is great in Rush. But I wouldn’t have nominated him either. The acting fields are simply too strong.

    I am stunned 12 Years was nominated for Best Score or Cinematography. Although it probably doesn’t matter since Gravity is likely to run away with both awards.

    1. Hi James! Yeah, I’d never say Streep gave a bad performance, but was she REALLY better than Emma Thompson and perhaps other actress who’s overlooked?

      Oh no I don’t hate Lawrence at all, quite the opposite. I should’ve put down what I said in my comment above in that I don’t want her to win over Nyong’O because 1) Nyong’O is more deserving and 2) the backlash against her could be quite severe.

      I sure hope Gravity sweeps all the noms personally. And in Best score and Cinematography, it’s no contest!!

      1. I think Gravity likely to come away with the most awards, though not the biggest. I will say I actually dislike Gravity’s score, a lot. But I think you know that already, and you’re right that the category probably isn’t in contest.

        Really, I think that’s true for most of the big categories. McConaughey and Leto are likely to get the acting awards (go see Dallas Buyer’s Club before it leaves theaters, by the way. It is really good). Lawrence (whom I would personally take over Nyongo) and Blanchett are likely to get the actress awards. 12 Years will probably get Picture and Director. Gravity will get Cinematography, Visual Effects, and Score.

        The screenplay and Editing awards might be the only major categories wherein the winners are unclear. We’ll see if I’m right. 😉

          1. Gravity certainly could. It is a very well made flick and has a wider appeal than 12 Years a Slave, obviously. I guess we’ll see how it goes down in about a month. 🙂

          2. Hi Cindy! So you prefer Lawrence over Nyong’O as well? I think the Best Supporting Actress category will be the hot button issue over other categories this year 😀

            1. No, I prefer Nyong’ O over Lawrence. Do you think Robert Redford’s claim that he was robbed due to no marketing? What’s your opinion regarding the claims the Oscars are “rigged” ?

              1. Oh good, high five!

                Huh?? Robbed due to no marketing? So is he insinuating that people who are nominated did Oscar campaigning? I’m sure it happens but not EVERYONE nominated did a campaign though, I doubt Christian Bale would ever do such a thing. Hmmm, in terms of Oscars being *rigged*, well I won’t use that term necessarily, but I do think that the Academy seems rather myopic (or limited) I guess is the term, because there’s lack of diversity amongst its members in terms of gender and race.

                1. Yes, and yes. There’s rarely a film that’s released in the spring or summer that makes it to the ‘Best Film’ category, for example. There’s a correlation between campaigning and releasing a film and why they wait until fall to release the ones that will be nominated. I’d like to learn how they market and campaign their films.

  8. Heh, I’m more of a fan of Wolf of Wall Street than you were, so I’m actually quite pleased with its acting nominations. 😛 Still though, Hanks getting snubbed is actually pretty shocking, and was one of the first things that stuck out to me.

    Also, I definitely agree with you regarding Jeniffer Lawrence, and to an extent American Hustle as a whole. While I’m uncertain how well it’ll do as far as actual wins are concerned, the number of nominations does seem a bit suspect. And in addition, I’ll be QUITE annoyed if Jennifer Lawrence ends up winning again…

    1. Ha..ha.. yes you and everyone else it seems. I know I’m in the minority who aren’t keen on WOWS. I like Lawrence and American Hustle was entertaining but how it managed to garner SO many awards is odd. I think Bale was good tho, no complaints about his nom from me.

  9. Stunned by the lag of recognition for Rush. It was one of my favourite films of last year and Daniel Bruhl’s performance was brilliant. I was convinced it was a dead cert for Best Sound Editing. What do I know…

  10. Ted S.

    Nice recap Ruth, as you know I don’t care for award shows and didn’t even know that nominations were happening today until I looked at my Twitter feed this morning, ha ha. I still don’t understand the point of nominating 9 movies for best picture yet only 5 of the directors got nominated? They should just go back and just nominate only 5 best pictures like the old days. But then again most of the Oscar voters are out of touch with what’s good and bad these days.

    “I sure wish him all the best and hope that this would NOT be the last time we see him on screen!”

    Unfornately I think we’ll never see Barkhad Abdi in anything else after this year, he may get like a small role here and there but there aren’t many roles available for a very ethnic looking person in Hollywood. I remember that Combodian actor, forgot his name and may he rest in peace, who won an Oscar for The Killing Field and then disappeared from Hollywood. Same with those Hmong kids who starred in Eastwood’s Grand Tarino, they moved to Hollywood to pursue acting gigs and haven’t been seen in anything since. Hollywood’s a rough town.

    1. Ha..ha.. yeah, I had that exact same quibble about the 9 Best Pic vs 5 Directing noms thing, but I just shrug it off this time.

      As much as I’d hate to see it happen, I think you’re right that Abdi might not get the same chance like this ever again as there are such few roles for non-White folks as it is. But hopefully he gets to do some TV roles or supporting roles here and there.

  11. Mammoth Oscar post, Ruth. I liked reading your thoughts about the noms. But I do have a confession to make… in a lot of ways I find it hard to get excited about awards ceremonies, even though I love watching movies. Oscars, BAFTAs, Globes, I can take ’em or leave ’em. Usually because I find time is a better indicator of a movie’s quality rather than a trinket at some fancy party. You only have to look at some of the miscarriages of justice down the years where clearly superior films lost out to inferior ones. I guess, more than anything, it’s good for people within the industry, in terms of getting more work and kudos from your peers, but… I’ll stop there, because I don’t want to be a total misery guts and put a damper on things, haha! 🙂

    1. Way to be a gloomy gus, man. He..he.. just kidding. No I hear ya, even as I’m doing the post at times I wonder why I bother as there’s always noms or mostly lack thereof that irritated me. You’re absolutely right that a lot of films that hold up over the years are often those that get no award love. But if you were to care though, tell me which 1 movie and/or 1 actor/actress you would like to get nominated. Come on, just humor me 🙂

      1. Haha, I’m going to chicken out here, because I honestly don’t think I’ve seen enough movies to make an informed judgement. I seem to have avoided quite a few big hitters. It’s either that, or they just haven’t been released yet over here in the UK. It is cool that you cover anomalies in the Oscars in your WTF section. They can be baffling at times. So that’s my final answer… I’m sitting on the fence and it’s very comfortable. Haha! 😉

  12. Wow, so much Wolf hate. I wouldn’t call Jordan Belfort unhinged – immoral, greedy, a drug addict, but unhinged? No. I thought DiCaprio did a hell of a job and was utterly convincing. As for Hill – his performance is actually incredibly underrated. His nomination is my favorite this year. I cannot imagine anyone else playing his part.

    Hanks’ snub is outrageous. Bale was good and the best thing about the overrated mess that is American Hustle but come on. Hanks’s last 10 minutes in the movie were better than all those guys’ collected performance.

    I just hope freaking Lawrence doesn’t win.

    1. Oh Sati dearest, hate is such a strong word. No I don’t hate anyone being nominated. I might not have chosen the correct term but I’m referring to the unhinged as in being mentally-unbalanced when he was so heavily drugged. I do think Leo has a knack for someone who’s *mental* in varying degree or I should say *possessed* or being under the control of something, be it money, power or whatever. At the same time, I don’t know if he truly disappears into his role even if at his most convincing, he’s just not a chameleon actor. As for Jonah, I guess I’m just not impressed w/ him in this particular role, sorry. I was more amused and entertained by Jean Dujardin in his much shorter role.

      Yeah, I’d rather see Hanks nominated than Bale though of ALL the actors in ‘Hustle,’ Bale is the most deserving. I don’t dislike Lawrence but I’m in your camp in that I’d like someone else other than her win this, hopefully it’s Nyong’O.

  13. A lot of surprises but I’m most disappointed by the snubs of Hanks, Her for cinematography and the inclusion of “two-time Oscar nominee” Jonah Hill. Even if the latter’s performance was good, but amongst the top 5 of the year? The same could be said about Jennifer Lawrence, although see seems to be the frontrunner to win. Surely there were better performances during the year…

    1. Hi Asrap! Yeah all those three are VERY disappointing. It’s crazy though how Lawrence is the frontrunner to win again this year. I sure hope that doesn’t happen.

  14. Great post. I was so surprised at the snub of Hanks and Thompson. Not so surprised about Brühl not being nominated, but still pretty bummed since he gave one of my favorite performances of the year. SO happy for the success of Gravity! Thrilled about the inclusion of Leo DiCaprio and Pharrell Williams’s “Happy”. And I would have liked to see Oprah Winfrey nominated for The Butler. She was so great, but I’m glad that Sally Hawkins managed to get in.

    1. Hi Fernando! I knew you’ve been championing Winfrey for The Butler but sounds like the Academy’s forgotten about the entire film! Same with Mud as they prefer the more ‘hot button’ story of Dallas Buyer’s Club. But on the positive, YAY on Gravity! I’d be happy if that movie sweep the whole awards!

        1. Fingers crossed for that! I LOVED Cuaron’s speech at the Globes, I could listen to him all day as he’s so funny & gracious! Conan was making fun of him saying the word *hairpiece* which sounds like well, you know 😀

          1. Yes, that was pretty funny. He comes off as a really nice guy and humble. He won the other day at the Critics Choice and he got his award from Meryl Streep and kind of bowed to her, haha! It was something I would’ve done. And he was so nervous during his speech. I found that endearing.

  15. For me , the biggest WTF of the whole Oscars this year is the lack of love for Blue Is The Warmest Colour. Neither Adele Exarchopoulos or the film itself, both of whom I think are entirely the best two things to happen to cinema all year, have garnered so much as a sniff this year. I had the giggle: here’s me thinking I was on track to catch all the BP nominees, but it turns out I’ve only seen four of the 9 so far!! Looks like I have some work ahead of me !!

    1. The film isn’t eligible for Oscars this year because it didn’t run in France for the right amount of time to qualify. I think that makes the actresses ineligible as well.

      1. I didn’t know Blue Is The Warmest Colour wasn’t eligible but haven’t seen it, probably never will. You have lots of catching up to do Rodney, but hey you have a month and a half 😀

  16. I had a lot of hope for Inside, which is sad. Also, the only way the film could have gotten any love in the music categories is if the songs and score were actually original. The only original song in the film was ‘Please Mr Kennedy’, so I’m not too upset that my favorite movie of last year didn’t get the love in the music. Shame on Isaac though…

    1. Hi Nick! Yeah I figure lots of people are disappointed about that. I quite like that song ‘Please Mr Kennedy’ as it’s amusing, but I really think Isaac was robbed!

  17. Suzanne

    So, I too agree that it is a crying shame that Tom Hanks didn’t get in- everyone has said it before, but those last 5-10 min are what acting is all about.

    Although I’m so disappointed in all the American Hustle down talk. American Hustle was a phenomenal film. Not meandering like some are saying- but very calculated, very intricate, and one that heightened the stakes every chance it got- also, yes Nyongo was quite good, but Jennifer Lawrence disappeared into her role- she was mesmorizing. EVERYTIME she wasn’t in a scene I wanted her to be- seriously I thought that her performance was as groundbreaking as Anne Hathaway’s I Dreamed a Dream performance. She was histerical-which some would say is a more difficult thing to be than to be heartbreaking- which at some points she was as well. Why not have Jennifer Lawrence win again? Why is she less “deserving”?

    Otherwise I agree- lol just had to put that out there

    1. Hi Suzanne! Yeah, Hanks certainly deserves it but hey he probably will be in the running again in a year or two.

      I actually like American Hustle, it’s GOOD but I don’t know about being GREAT enough to sweep Oscar. But really, this kind of talk is really just subjective anyway, it’s impossible to agree just HOW good an actor is, and what is really Oscar caliber and what isn’t. I do want to comment that I don’t think Lawrence is a chameleon actor in that she *disappears* into her roles (unlike say, Judi Dench or Cate Blanchett), even if she’s capable to act more mature than she is. Nyong’O is impressive to me as it’s her first ever feature film role, same like Barkhad Abdi. In a cast as stellar as 12 Years A Slave, she managed to turn in a memorable performance, that’s quite a feat in itself.

      As for the degree of difficulty of doing comedy vs dramatic role, I don’t really know, I’d think it’s equally hard. I think of it as how far a role is from [what I think] an actor’s personality is. Of course sometimes there’s the real actor’s persona sneaking in into the character, but overall I expect to see the character most of the time instead of the actor, if that make sense. Sorry if I go off in a tangent, I generally like J-Law though, I enjoy her in interviews as she’s such a hoot!

  18. Jonah Hill? He was alright but not Oscar calibre, I’d rather give the nom to McConaughey if picking someone from Wolf for his great ten min. performance. Yes … Oscar goes to Spike Jonze for screenplay! I still have to see a number of these movies/performances …

    1. Agreed!! I already said I’m not fond of the film but I have to admit that bit w/ McConaughey is hilarious. Spike Jonze HAS to win for screenplay as he’s robbed in Best Director category!!

  19. Hanks and Bruhl’s snubs are the most egregious for me. WTF??? Hanks’ best performance in years and Bruhl’s perfect impersonation?? I know both’s chances of actually winning would have been slim, but come on?? Haven’t seen Saving Mr. Banks yet but Emma Thompson not nominated was also a big surprise. Like you have mentioned, all three of them got almost all the precursor nominations, so it’s shocking to see that they got snubbed. Another one that baffled me is Stories We Tell and Blackfish’s getting passed over in the Doc category. Those two (along w/ Act of Killing) are among the best films I’ve seen this year. Best Original Song was a mess, but at least The Moon Song was nominated. I heard that there’s a shenanigan behind Alone Yet Not Alone getting nominated, but I don’t know if it’s just a rumor or not (?).

    And I believe Jonze should have been nominated in Directing along with Greengrass over Russell and Scorsese 😦

    1. Hi Fariz! Yep, egregious is the word! Bruhl wasn’t just impersonating Lauda, he’s able to embody that role emotionally, not to mention he got the mannerism right it’s uncanny!

      I kept hearing how great Stories We Tell so yeah, VERY surprised that didn’t get in. Blackfish too, considering a similar doc The Cove won a few years ago. I hadn’t even heard there’s a film called Alone Yet Not Alone before Oscar nom so I don’t know what shenanigan you’re referring to.

      Amen on what you said about Jonze, I LOVE ‘Her’ so much!

  20. I cannot believe Hanks didn’t get a nomination, that’s a real shocker. And like you, I’m disappointed that Bruhl wasn’t nominated, thought he was great. Rush being overlooked in general was disappointing, thought it might get a nom for editing.

    And I haven’t seen it yet but for Inside Llewyn Davies to get nominated for best picture but then not get noms for best song despite the music being such a big part of it is a weird one.

    Also, great to see The Act of Killing in there too 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s too bad about RUSH but I think Bruhl was the most deserving of a nom which is so devastating. Two of my fave things about ILD, Isaac’s performance and the music both got overlooked! I’d rather see two noms in those categories than seeing it amongst Best Picture, to be honest.

      Yeah, very happy for Joshua Oppenheimer!

  21. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Just as Emma Thompson is being groomed to replace either Dames Judith Densch and Helen Mirren in the UK. The US will continue to award and reward Meryl Streep. Until some actress (except Anne Hathaway) is discovered and possesses enough talent to replace the formidable Ms. Streep.

    Yeah, Emma was robbed!

    1. I think we already have an actress as equally great as Ms. Streep, her name is Cate Blanchett 😀 Having seen both performance, I really prefer Emma to be nominated here.

  22. Very well done Oscars post, Ruth! I think I was most surprised thatFull disclosure: We’re in our fourth week of showing DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hold it over another four. I can honestly say I believe it deserves all its noms. I was particularly happy to see the screenplay get some love, as it contains some of the most economical storytelling around.

    Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress, just miscast in HUSTLE. My $.02.

    1. Hello Paula! Glad to hear about DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, I haven’t seen it yet but McConaughey seems poised to be winning Best Actor this year.

      I don’t know about Jennifer being mis-cast but I’m not sure she’s as good as critics make it out to be.

      1. He is so sure to win it that I’m starting to think there’s a backlash and he won’t. I’d be happy with any of the contenders though. We shall see.

    1. I had no idea Dern came from old money, he and his daughter Laura don’t seem like glamorous people. Good for them I’d say. Yeah his performance in Nebraska is excellent!

  23. The Oscar list never ceases to surprise me. I’m pretty disappointed with the list this year. The Butler should have been on there for Best Picture. Both Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey had stellar performances. It was the best movie I saw all year. I just watched Dallas Buyers Club. It’s a decent flick and worthy of the Oscar nomination. I think Matthew McConaughey might just win it this year for Best Actor. We shall see! 🙂

    p.s. Oh and what happened to Saving Mr. Banks? I think it should have definitely been a contender over some of the other ones nominated. Great movie as well!

    1. Hi Filmgurl, long time no see. Yeah, I guess the competition is very strong this year though I think Whitaker did an excellent job in The Butler. I think McConaughey is the frontrunner amongst the nom this year, too, even without seeing the film. I really think Emma Thompson is robbed as she gave a strong performance in Saving Mr Banks.

  24. I’m actually pleasantly surprised with this year’s batch of Oscar nominations. I haven’t seen Captain Phillips or Saving Mr. Banks, but the batch of nominees for Best Actor and Actress are pretty stacked. I’m most curious about Best Actor this year — McConaughey, DiCaprio and Dern all deserve their first award there.

  25. Fantastic post! I was very happy about the Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, Her, Before Midnight, The Hunt and The Wolf of Wall Street nominations. The only surprises that really bothered me were Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson missing. I think they should’ve gotten in over Bale and Streep, respectively. Oh, and I would’ve liked some more recognition for Inside Llewyn Davis too.

    1. Thanks Josh! We’ll I agree about Streep but I like that Bale is nominated. I really think Emma is robbed big time! It’s crazy that Llewyn Davis got no nod in the song category.

  26. Hi Ruth! Totally with you on American Hustle. While it was good and entertaining, I don’t know whether it is worth the incredible hype surrounding it!

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