Five for the Fifth: OCTOBER 2013 Edition


Hello folks, welcome to the 10th Five for the Fifth of the year!

As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item, observation, trailer, actor/director spotlight, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. There are two actors I like who’s having a birthday today: Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce. I’ve dedicated a post to the luminous and massively talented miss Winslet and posted my top five favorite roles, so I’m going to focus my attention here on the Australian thespian.


Mr. Pearce who turns 46 today, I haven’t seen enough of his work to do a top five but I absolutely love him in L.A. Confidential and Memento (in that order), and also his supporting roles in The Hurt Locker, The Count of Monte Cristo, The King’s Speech and Iron Man 3. I still want to see the Aussie drama Animal Kingdom and also Lawless, he’s so unrecognizable in the trailer!

What’s YOUR favorite Guy Pearce roles?

Timberlake_RunnerRunner2.  I just read this article on The Wrap on Justin Timberlake after I saw the trailer for Runner Runner (review coming Monday). Truth be told, I wasn’t fond of the pop star at all, nor do I find him to be remotely attractive. But I’m slowly warming up to him, though I still much prefer him in supporting parts (preferably more comedic than dramatic roles) as he’s just not leading man material to me. Case in point: In Time, which would’ve been a lot more compelling had Cillian Murphy is in the lead instead of him. Granted the Irish actor is perhaps not a ‘marquee name’ (though he SHOULD be) so he’s not as marketable, but he’s certainly a much better actor.

In any case, it’s interesting to see how many films Timberlake has done, but his most successful one is still The Social Network, which I think is still my fave film he’s been in. I guess he’s not as good an actor as he is a singer, and his star power doesn’t exactly translate at the cinematic box office.

Thoughts on Justin Timberlake? I’m also curious if there a musician-turned-actor whose work you admire.

3. Ok, this is one piece of news I find truly mind-boggling.

Earlier this Spring, the crime drama BROADCHURCH aired on ITV in Britain, and then the show was bought by BBC America and it was shown this past August. The show just concluded its first season run on BBC America last week. Former Dr. Who David Tennant and Olivia Colman star as two detectives investigating the murder of a young boy in a small coastal town, which brings a media frenzy that threatens to tear the community apart. My friend Novia (a huge fan of BBC shows) praised the show in her review, and I’ll be posting a guest post on why people should check out this series.


Well, I just read on BBC America web site that FOX is going to remake it and though Tennant will reprise his role as the lead detective, the show will be “thoroughly Yankified,” as the article says. “The Fox redo will be set in an American small town. The network hasn’t said whether Tennant will play a Scotsman (which he is in real life) who has ended up on this side of the Atlantic or will adopt an American accent for the U.S. version of the series.”

I guess it’ll be similar to the show Elementary on CBS which capitalizes on the popularity on BBC’s Sherlock, and just as pointless. I really don’t get this types of projects but maybe there’s actually people who thinks this remake is a good idea. If so I’d like to know why. I’m also puzzled why Tennant is willing to play two separate versions of the same character [scratch head]

So perhaps one of you smart folks could enlighten me as to WHY Hollywood is doing this??

4. A couple of trailers got me super excited this week:

Before I get to it, watch Thorin er, Richard Armitage introduces the trailer [swoon] 😛

… and the trailer itself:

Totally agree with Sati that every woman who sees The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug trailer better has medics waiting for her outside!


I LOVE that there are more scenes with Thorin this time and also Thranduil (Lee Pace), the two major eye candy by two actors who really should get more roles already. I wish those two were as busy as Benedict Cumberbatch, whose dragon voice sounds awesome. Fun to see Sherlock tormenting Watson again, ahah.

Speaking of Cumberbatch, I just rsvp-ed to see The Fifth Estate this coming Tuesday. Can’t wait to see the controversial film about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. It’s got a great cast, too, including Daniel Brühl and Dan Stevens. Check out the latest trailer:

Are you excited for either (or both) of these?

5. Now, the last topic is inspired by my recent review of GRAVITY, which still lingers with me a week and a half after I saw it. Few films have such power to really get under my skin (in a good way). In my review I mentioned about the deep emotional/spiritual aspect of the film, yet another strength of the film on top of its technical and visual spectacle.

Well, now my last question to you is: What’s the most emotionally gratifying film(s) you’ve seen this year?

That’s it for the OCTOBER 2013 edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these subjects.

60 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: OCTOBER 2013 Edition

  1. Stevee

    I looooooove Guy Pearce. Naturally, with Memento being my favourite film ever, that’s my favourite performance of his. He is so great in that film.
    I kinda like Justin Timberlake, but more as a musician. He was really good in The Social Network. But I wouldn’t go and see a film just for him. Runner Runner is apparently quite terrible, but I would have gone to see that for Gemma Arterton. And yes, Cillian Murphy should be a marquee name. Plus, he’s kinda slipped off the radar of late…Red Lights was pretty bad!
    As a NZer, have to be excited for The Hobbit. Probably won’t go to the cinemas to see it, unless it is really good. The Fifth Estate looks okay, but I’m mostly excited to see it because Dan Stevens is in it, and even though I still haven’t gotten over that episode of Downton Abbey, I still like him.
    Ah, I just saw Captain Phillips the other day and that’s the best experience I’ve had in the cinemas for a long time. Let’s just say, it is truly edge of your seat stuff, and the final scene with Tom Hanks…wow, that is acting!

    1. Hi Stevee! Good to hear from u girl! Yeah i think Guy would be best remembered in Memento, i hope he gets a role as great as that one again.

      Ahah yeah you hv to be excited for The Hobbit, man i wish i could travel to ur country!! I love Dan Stevens too but from his role in BBC Sense n Sensibility (swoon)

      Cant wait to see Capt Philips! Glad u love that one, what a great story!

    1. Hello Nick! Um, I’m confused by ur comment, what do u mean at the beginning?

      So are u excited for Broadchurch the BBC version then?? I hope u dont mean the American version.

        1. Ooops sorry, I didn’t even realize I did that! Thanks for pointing that out Nick, I’ve fixed his name now 😀

          Yeah I like Tennant too but I’d rather see him various roles than reprising the same one for US audiences. It’s just odd to do a remake with the same actor doing it too.

  2. Ted S.

    1. It’s too bad that Guy Pierce never became a big star in Hollywood. My favorite film of his are Memento, The Proposition and LA Confidential.

    2. You know how I feel about JT’s role as the lead in films, he needs to just stick with comedies and singing. Don’t have any favorite musician turned actor, maybe Will Smith but it’s been a while since he made a good movie.

    3. Well I think the reason why Hollywood remakes anything for the US folks is to make it more “American”, as you know most people here aren’t willing to watch anything out of their comfort zone so of course Hollywood knows this and they cater to those audiences. Recently FX just aired The Bridge, a remake of a TV show from Denmark/Sweden. I’ve never seen the original but I thought the American remake was pretty excellent. I don’t mind people in Hollywoood keeps remaking shows/movies from other countries as long as they turn those properties into high quality. Unfortunately most remakes are average or worst than the originals.

    4. Looking forward to The Hobbit 2, The Fifth Estate not so much. I don’t really agree of what WikeLeaks have done so I don’t really care to see the movie version.

    5. Well Gravity was the only movie this year that I would consider great, I’ll have to go with that one.

    1. Hi Ted, yeah seems that u just dont know who’d make in Hollywood, i mean Pearce seems to hv what it takes (shrugs)

      Ah Wil Smith. Forgot he was Fresh Prince! I dont care for him anymore tho.

      Meh it’s too bad there are close-minded ppl who cant appreciate the nuances of shows from different cultures. As u said the remakes rarely improve the originals.

      I hear ya abt Assange but I’m curious abt the film mostly because of the cast. I dont always hv to like the subject being portrayed on film.

      Great answer on that last one. High five! 😁

      1. Ted S.

        My guess he’s not the ass kissing type, which he get even more respect from me, sometimes these top executives, like most bosses, they want people to kiss their asses to move up or get certain role. Of course I don’t know him personally so he might be the kind of actor whose difficult to work with and not many directors or studio executives want to hire him. That’s what happened to Val Kilmer, he’s a-hole to work with and his career never took off.

        Now I see that other countries are also remaking American shows, India is doing their version of 24 and some country in Europe did a remake of Friends. Also, Japan just made a remake of Eastwood’s Unforgiven, so it’s sort of what goes around comes around. Like I said as long as the quality is good then I don’t have problems with all these remakes. Although I’m a little concern about Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy.

        I’m the opposite, I have to care about the subject or else I just won’t waste my time with seeing the films. I don’t care for country music and I’ve never watched any films with that subject, even if they received rave reviews.

  3. Hooray! I always love the 5th of the month for this very feature, Ruth! Thank you for keeping it.

    Okay, here we go.

    1. Guy Pearce roles: I really like him in Lawless and Prometheus. While I still need to finish Memento, I liked him in what I’ve seen so far.
    2. I like JT. He gets a bad wrap. But I did like him most also in The Social Network. I’ll tell ya, I like him in Friends with Benefits too. Not in much else though. I’m ready to see Runner Runner but haven’t got the chance yet. Musican turned actor? Well, I like Ludacris, but my top 2 would have to be Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith! 🙂
    3. Simple…$$$$. That’s why. Capitalization of every little thing. It has worked for some projects (i.e. The Office) but not so much for others. My advice: Don’t start watching it until it gets a greenlight for a second season. Then you won’t be disappointed when it gets canceled.
    4. I am more interested in The Hobbit than WikiLeaks (not really a fan of the whole WikiLeaks story and what they did). Plus, Cumberbatch looks terrible in the role. (sorry)
    5. Emotionally gratifying film so far for me? I liked The Butler in that way quite a bit. I’m afraid of 12 Years a Slave taking top honors in that category by year’s end. Gravity is high on the list too.

    Great questions today, Ruth! Nice work. 🙂 Thanks. it’s always fun!!

    1. Hi T, glad to see you stop by!

      I haven’t seen Lawless but well, I’m not fond of Prometheus and Pearce is not around long enough.

      I don’t know about JT getting a bad rap, I think he’s got plenty of opportunities to prove his chops by now. Oh Ludacris is awesome! LOVE him in the Fast & Five films, he’s always fun to watch, he has great comic timing.

      Yeah, I guess $$$ is the only thing the suits are concerned about, but odd that Tennant himself is on board with it.

      Not a fan of Wikileaks either T, but I’m curious to see how Benedict fares in the role. The long blond hair might not be a good look for him but I like the he’s branching out as an actor.

      Have you seen ’12 Years a Slave’? Why are you afraid it’d take top honors? If it’s well-made then may the best one win, right? I’m excited about that one actually, but yeah, I like The Butler as well.

  4. Nice post, Ruth 🙂 I am a fan of Guy Pearce and I especially liked him in ‘Lawless’. What a villain. I revisited Star Trek ‘Into Darkness’ last night. Maybe it was the exceptional wine, but I had a great time reconnecting with the characters. Yeah, Bones was painful at times, but gosh, I love Simon Pegg as Scotty and Zachary Quinto is the perfect Spock. They can’t make the next installment fast enough for me.

    1. I still need to see Lawless but I was impressed by how different he looked in it and he can pull off any accent. What is it w/ Aussies, most of the actors from Down Under are so talented!

      I really enjoyed seeing Star Trek Into Darkness when it opened but I haven’t rewatched it since. Yeah, the casting is quite spot on in that one.

  5. 1. I haven’t seen much of his work but loved him in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
    2. I’m a recently converted JT fan…musically. As an actor, I’m still iffy about his skills (and has seen a work of his, and I wasn’t impressed), Favorite musician-turned-actor would have to be Will Smith, although he needs to get himself meatier roles.
    3. They’re running out of ideas/the shows were smart/witty, and people are looking for more intellectual/witty things to see on television. It’s not really unusual now, considering that The Office was a hit, and it was based on the British version.
    4. Very excited for The Hobbit, but still baffled as how Peter Jackson can turn the shortest book into a three-part movie.
    5. I didn’t get to see much this year, so Gravity will have to be it for me.

    1. Hi Whirlwind!

      – Haven’t seen The Adventures of Priscilla yet, is that one of his earlier work?
      – Oh I think JT is a great musician and businessman, but as an actor he’s just meh so far.
      – Yeah it’s embarrassing that US studios keep copying concepts from other countries. I guess it worked for The Office but I wish they didn’t keep on doing it.
      – I think for The Hobbit, PJ wanted to be able to give expand more on some of the prominent characters’ story. I for one don’t mind it as I love that universe.
      – Glad to see you agree w/ me about Gravity 😀

  6. I’ve always wondered how Guy Pearce hasn’t become as big a star as he should be, but who the hell knows the whims of Hollywood? I loved him in L.A. Confidential and Memento!

    Broadchurch americanified? As if Americans can’t understand the Queen’s English, but it really just amounts to dollars and more dollars. How else can they spend more money since their coffers are too full?

    I’m with whirlwind.supernova – can’t get my head around having three films out of a children’s book – but that’s Peter Jackson for you. I remember how the actors themselves wondered why they were filming way too much footage for two films before it hit them that it was going to be trilogy. I wonder how that translated to their updated contracts… But I am looking forward to Desolation of Smaug – I’m a Thorin gal after all, even though I get to see his descent into dragon sickness boohoo

    I’ve yet to see Gravity – as soon as I arrange some childcare around here – and get my contact lens prescription updated so I can watch it with those 3D glasses 🙂

    1. Hi there, welcome to FC!
      Yeah, as Ted mentioned above, Pearce might not be one of those who likes to schmooze and kiss ass, he strikes me as an actor who’s more about his craft.

      Ahah yeah, I guess Americans are too daft to understand accented English [roll eyes]

      Perhaps PJ likes to boost NZ economy even more 😉 No, in all honesty, I think it’s fine by me as PJ certainly knows his stuff and this way we get a more detailed story and background on the main characters. LOVE Thorin and Richard has made that character his own!

      Good idea about those contact lenses, though the 3D glasses do fit on top of regular glasses too, but not as comfortable I suppose.

  7. Hi, Ruth;

    Guy Pearce is very much a chameleon. First noticed him in ‘L.A. Confidential’ pulling off a decent American accent. Then as a paroled con in ‘The Hard Word’ with ‘Longmire’ star, Robert Taylor as the sleazy villain pulling the strings on Pearce’s and his friends’ post lock up lives. Though he was basically miscast as Monty Beragon in HBO’s ‘Mildred Pierce’ mini-series
    and Peter Weyland in ‘Prometheus’.

    I’ve watched David Tennant in ‘Broadchurch’. Where his Scots burr is very pronounced while playing an extremely cautious detective unraveling the mystery of a boy’s possible suicide, maybe homicide in a tightly knit Dover community. Very good, though meticulous stuff, indeed! The idea of FOX taking the idea and “Americanizing” it is misguided. To the point f being wrong. And will probably not win viewers.

    Most gratifying film this year?: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Pt. 1 and 2.

    For having the fortitude and wherewithal to take Frank Miller’s epic graphic novel. Animate and voice it without losing any of Miller’s rough, original Mojo. And enhancing it with smoothed out edges. And superior work with gun flashes and ghostly fistfights inside generated smoke bombs. As with any Warner Brothers project. Every effort is made to get everything right!

    1. Hi Kevin! Yeah, I like that chameleon-like quality of Guy Pearce but I wish he got offered better roles.

      Tennant’s Scottish accent is quite strong, not sure how he’d pull off playing an American but in any case the whole idea is ill-advised anyway. I’d only be interested in seeing the original series.

      Oooh, I just watched The Dark Knight Returns Part I and II and I agree it’s a great story! Would you be willing to write an in-depth review of that? I’d soooo love to read it 😉 I admire Frank Miller’s ability to do a different take of the Batman/Superman story and make it darn & compelling. Glad I got around to watching those recently.

  8. 1) I haven’t seen many of his films either, but I like him in Memento. The first time I saw his performance was in The Time Machine. It’s kind of a blah movie, but for whatever reason, I always thought of that movie when I hear his name :p

    2) I like JT as a musician and neutral as an actor. Well he’s not that good of an actor, but he’s not the worst thing either. He’s quite okay I guess, maybe after a few movies he’ll get better. Musician-turned-actor? Maybe Will Smith? But I didn’t even fond of his musical career. Maybe Barbra Streisand? But I’m not really familiar with her music (my mom lovesss her, though).

    3) Haha Hollywood has been doing this kind of thing for years. But at least, maybe after seeing the remade version, more people will know and probably check the original one. I think another similar example would be The Killing. Hwood remade it after a Dutch TV series. The story of The Killing and Broadchurch is kinda similar too; about two detectives investigating a murder case (in The Killing, it was a young girl). The US version of Killing was pretty great at first but it just went on too long. I still like it, though.

    4) The trailer for Desolation of Smaug was…..well, okay. Haha sorry, aside from that scene towards the end with Cumberbatch-dragon, I didn’t get excited by this trailer. Even though I probably will watch this on the first day of the release. I’m more intrigued by The Fifth Estate, the trailer looks promising.

    5) Gravity, by far, is the most emotionally gratifying movie this year for me.

    1. Hello Fariz, glad to see you drop by for Five for the Fifth!

      I haven’t seen The Time Machine but Guy might be the only reason I’m interested in it.

      Ahah, Barbra Streisand! I don’t like her voice but I know lots of people do and she’s certainly a good actress.

      Well I suppose getting people to be interested in the original is one thing, but why not just buy the rights from BBC and air the original instead??

      I love the cast of The Hobbit so perhaps that’s why I’m super excited for it and don’t mind that there are 3 movies 😀

      Glad to hear you love Gravity too, that’ll be the one to beat this year come Award season.

  9. Favorite guy Pearce role… not sure. But favorite movie of his, easily Memento.

    So far the only musician turn actor that I like is Will Smith. But hey, didn’t Johnny Depp play music before going into acting too. Somewhat irrelevant now because he hasn’t had a good role in years.

    I’m less excited about the 2nd Hobbit film now because I wasn’t of the first. Before that, I was eager with anything LOTR related.

    1. Hi Asrap! Yeah Memento is a career-making turn for him, I hope he gets another good one like that again.

      Wow I didn’t even think of Wil Smith until a lot of people mention him here. As for Depp, well I don’t think it counts just ’cause he’s in a band, as he’s not really known as a musician.

      Awww bummer that you’re not into The Hobbit, but to be fair, LOTR is still the better franchise.

  10. 1. Happy birthday Mr. Pearce 🙂 I really like him in Memento. I haven’t watched much of his movies too…but I always enjoy what I have seen.

    2. Hmmm…should I answer this second question?? Hahaha I don’t like him since he was just a musician. And yes Cillian is a MUCH better actor.

    3. OH MY GOD??? What had happened to US television industry? How can they come this low? So very low!! These British series are spoken in English…just put them on the damn telly instead of remaking it!!! They really want to be considered as the genius in television but all fake!!

    Remind me again why I no longer watch US series??? Ah yes because the show are monotonous.

    4. AAAAAAA Benny’s voice!!

    I will watch the fifth estate because of Benny 🙂 He looks great…he is after all a great actor 😉

    5. unfortunately, no answer for number 5

    1. Hi Nov!
      So it seems that we both need to see more Guy Pearce films 🙂

      Ahah I knew you’d like the second question, he..he.. Cillian would’ve been awesome in that role, esp w/ his cool black leather coat!

      I knew you’d be upset by that news about Broadchurch. Well I guess there’s no stopping them, I bet there’ll be many more shows being remade pointlessly like this 😦

      I hope The Fifth Estate is decent, the early reviews haven’t been good but I’m still curious because of Benny.

      1. Hahaha I dont care if fifth estate gets bad review, I just want to see Benny even though he looks terrible in blond.

        Lucky I am a Brit fan now 😉 so I dont have to deal with such uncreative shows.

  11. 1. Hmmm I liked him in the Kings Speech,and memento of course.
    2. I actually don’t really mind JT as a actor. And while In Time definitely did not live up to its potential…i think the movie as a whole had issues.
    3. Because hollywood is silly. They did the same thing with being Human, and tried to do so with Skins.
    4. I haven;t gotten around to seeing the first Hobbit movie,so right now im not really excited for Smaug. And the reviews for the Fifth Estate has kind of dampened any enthusiasm i might have had
    5. Probably Prisoners.

    1. Hi Julian!

      – Yeah he was good in The King’s Speech too, he’s always believable doing any accent.
      – I think we have different opinions about JT from our discussion on In Time in the past 😉
      – Ahah yeah, silly is the word, silly AND greedy!
      – Too bad the reviews aren’t good for The Fifth Estate but that cast still got me curious to check it out.
      – Haven’t seen that one yet but probably a rental for me.

  12. 1. Love him in Memento, L.A. Confidential and Iron Man 3. A fantastic actor!
    2. JT is one of the people I admire most, but that’s as a singer/dancer. He’s a decent actor, although I agree he’s better as a supporting actor or in comedy. Can’t wait to see him live in November!
    3. I think TV remakes are good ideas, sometimes. Remaking a foreign TV show can bring it to a bigger, newer audience (I don’t know, but I’m assuming not many people get BBC America on their TV’s and pretty much everyone has FOX, right?). What I find really weird is having Tennant in the remake as well. Seems kinda pointless.
    4. As you can imagine, I am not the least bit excited about Desolation of Smaug. But The Fifth Estate has me intrigued, from the subject matter, to Benedict to Daniel Bruhl, who I really enjoyed in Rush!
    5. Blancanieves. Such an emotional rollercoaster.

    1. – Fantastic indeed, glad you agree Fernando!
      – Oh yeah, I think as a musician JT is great, I admire his shrewd talent as a businessman as – well, but I don’t think he’s got cinematic leading man quality.
      – Yeah FOX is available on basic cable. I still don’t know how this is a good idea to have Tennant reprising his role but with a different nationality. I guess he has a lot of fans who’d support him, but I still think it’s pointless.
      – Ahah yes I know how you feel about The Hobbit and that’s ok 😀 Yeah, having just seen RUSH, I agree Daniel Bruhl was great in it.
      – I still need to see Blancanieves!

      1. Everybody seems to like Guy Pearce, so I don’t get why he isn’t “bigger”.

        Yeah, great singer and businessman but an OK actor. Definitely not leading man material. At least not yet.

        Would love to see Daniel Bruhl nominated this awards season. He was just amazing in Rush (which I really enjoyed).

        You definitely should see Blancanieves. One of the best films I’ve seen in a long time. I want everyone to watch it!

        1. Yeah, it’s odd why he’s not as famous as Russell Crowe. I remember reading an interview w/ James Ellroy, the novelist of L.A. Confidential and he’s very impressed by Pearce more so than Crowe in that film.

          Daniel Bruhl definitely is worthy of a nomination, though I have a feeling he’d get overlooked just like Michael Fassbender last year. Interesting that both of them were in Inglourious Basterds.

          I’ve put Blancanieves on my to-watch list Fernando! 😉

          1. He’s definitely been somewhat overlooked. Maybe he just needs that big leading role to grab everybody’s attention. I don’t know. One could argue that he already had that with Memento but some people need reminders! haha

            Hope Bruhl doesn’t get overlooked. He’s been having a splendid year as I hear he’s pretty good in The Fifth Estate as well.

            Glad you did 😉

            1. Yeah, I hope Pearce will get another shot at it, but at the same time, as Ted has mentioned above, perhaps it’s his choice that he doesn’t want the *movie star* treatment. It kind of makes me like him more anyway. I used to like Hugh Jackman a lot more but now that he’s so famous he’s not as interesting.

              I’m seeing The Fifth Estate tomorrow so yeah, now there are THREE actors I like from that film!

  13. My favorite Guy Pearce performance is in The Proposition where he’s sort of unrecognizable but he is so fucking good in this film.

    I like Justin Timberlake. I think he’s a decent actor. I wasn’t fond of his music at first but it grew on me as I like his new albums.

    I just saw Gravity today (along w/ Enough Said as that review will be released tomorrow) and man… it’s now my favorite film of the year.

    1. Hi Steven! I haven’t seen The Proposition yet but I remember that film being quite violent?

      Ah, you like JT as an actor eh? So did you like him in In Time too? I think he’s great in supporting roles, just not leading man material.

      I’ll be checking out your review. Glad it’s your fave of the year, mine too! 😀

      1. The Proposition is very violent but then again, when you have a western written by Nick Drake. There’s only one way it can go.

        I think JT is a decent actor and I think he’s better in supporting roles. I agree that he’s not leading man material.

  14. Great stuff Ruth. I think I’ve probably overstated it but I’m a HUGE Guy Pearce fan. Hugely underrated actor. He’s good in everything he is in. Loved him in Memento, The Time Machine, Animal Kingdom, etc. etc. etc.

    Justin Timberlake in the other hand has impressed me much at all. I agree, The Social Network is the best film he’s been in. But for me he wasn’t as great in it as some believe. I mean he wasn’t terrible but nothing great. I just don’t see him as a big time actor.

    Mud is still my favorite film of the year so far. But the question is emotionally gratifying. For me it may just be To the Wonder. Talk about a sweet and then searing look at love and the quest to find it. Beautiful, poetic, and quite moving for me. Another great Malick picture.

    1. That’s awesome that you’re a HUGE fan of Pearce. He really should’ve been a more popular actor. I really should give Animal Kingdom a watch soon, there are TWO Aussie actors there I really respect, the other is Jackie Weaver.

      Yep, we’re on the same page about JT.

      Oh man, I still haven’t seen To The Wonder but it’s on Netflix so I really have no excuse 😀

      1. To the Wonder is unique. It has certainly divided audiences. It has so many of the techniques found in The Tree if Life. It’s lyrical in its flow and I was swept up in it.

        1. I quite like The Tree of Life though it certainly was mind-boggling. I appreciate Malick’s style so I’m still curious to check it out despite some negative reviews. I also like the spiritual elements in Malick’s films which might’ve turn off some people, but not us right? 😉

  15. 1. I think Guy Pearce is massively underrated. He’s great in most stuff he’s in. I love Memento and he was was really good in Lawless, probably the best thing about it to be honest.

    2. I have no real strong feelings either way towards JT to be honest. He doesn’t offend me but doesn’t excite me either to be honest. He was alright in The Social Network and not bad in Friends With Benefits but I doubt he’ll ever make it to the higher echelon of movie stars.

    3. This annoys me. Broadchurch was great show, even if the conclusion was a little predictable. I don’t see why it needs to be remade. As I see it, TV studios see something good and then they don’t have to think for themselves in order to come up with something new, they just rehash something else. I get the argument that it brings a TV show to a bigger audience, but it should be tough luck for those who aren’t willing to watch something in their own language, set in their own country. It’s laziness on all fronts. Plus, if Olivia Coleman ain;t in this, then it ain’t worth watching. Rant over 🙂

    4. I liked The Hobbit but didn’t love it, but I’m still excited for the next chapter. I love the Middle Earth universe so it’s always rather comforting when we get to go back. I’m also interested in The Fifth Estate, purely for Benny, he looks great in it.

    5. Hmmm, this is a tough question. I’d probably either go for Rush or Before Midnight. Rush had me on the edge of my seat and with a grin on my face throughout, whereas Before Midnight was the perfect follow up to Sunrise and Sunset for me, and so I wasn’t disappointed by it in the slightest.

    1. Hello Chris!

      I think the only thing that caught my eye in Lawless was Pearce as well, who’s barely recognizable under that makeup. Glad to hear he’s the best thing in that film.

      No, JT didn’t offend me either but he just isn’t a compelling actor. At least he didn’t annoy me like some actors that people love though, I think you know who I’m referring to 😉

      I heard great things about Olivia Coleman, but I highly doubt she’d do the US remake. Somehow I feel that US TV is more obsessed with really good looking people (esp. actresses) that they’d probably cast some pretty young thing opposite Tennant 😦

      Glad to hear you’re excited for both films, Benny’s really all over the place isn’t he? Good for him!

      I agree about RUSH being quite a thrill but emotionally I didn’t find it to be as gripping as Mud or Gravity. Interesting that the one-word titled films have been great this year 😀

  16. 1. Funny how Winslet and Pearce have birthday on the same day – they were both so good in Mildred Pierce. My favorite role from Pearce is easily L.A. Confidential.

    2. Timberlake sucks as an actor. He was decent in Social Network simply because he was well suited for the role. I don’t think there are any musicians turned actors I admire but I do love Courtney Love’s work in People vs Larry Flynt.

    3. Woah, woah, woah! Elementary is not pointless 🙂 It’s actually a very fun show, it’s more like a crime series inspired by Sherlock stories with fun spin on the characters. It’s totally different in tone from Sherlock BBC. As for this show I can’t really comment because I haven’t seen it but it seems like an idiotic thing to do especially that they are using the same actor.

    4.I don’t really care about the second one but I’m definitely excited for The Hobbit, because of…the visual side 🙂

    5. I’m not sure gratifying is the right word but The Hunt definitely got me so upset and emotional I cannot remember the last time a movie did that.

    1. Oh that’s right, I forgot they star in Mildred Pierce!! Yeah, I like Pearce better in L.A. Confidential than in Memento for some reason, though both performances are stellar.

      Glad you agree about JT, I think you’re right that his role in The Social Network fit his personality. Plus Fincher is such a good director, too.

      Y’know, I think I should’ve used a different example instead of Elementary as like you said, it’s a different spin on the Sherlock story in making Watson a woman (an ASIAN woman to boot!) But I think w/ Broadchurch it seems pointless as it uses the same actor but they’d change his nationality. Seriously, one of the best parts about Tennant is his Scottish burr!!

      Ahah, when you say the ‘visual’ side you mean eye candy right? 😉

      Oh right, The Hunt certainly gets under your skin. I think that counts because it really plays with your emotion.

  17. 1. My favorite GP roles are L.A. Confidential, Memento, The Proposition, Animal Kingdom, and Lawless. I’d recommend the last three. 🙂

    2. Yeah, Cillian Murphy SHOULD be a marquee name. Timberlake is an ok actor, but I agree his best film is The Social Network. He was really good in a small role in Black Snake Moan, though. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tom Waits are some musicians turned actors whose work I admire.

    3. WHA?? Why even bother? That’s a really bizarre move by Hollywood.

    4. I’ll see both, but I’m more excited about The Fifth Estate. Cumberbatch looks terrific!

    5. Hmm.. probably Gravity as well, but To the Wonder is a close second.

    1. Hello Josh!

      Animal Kingdom and Lawless are on my to-watch list already. I wasn’t interested in The Proposition until ppl started mentioning about it here. Hmmm, I have to look that up now.

      Cillian is so grossly underrated, too bad that Hollywood didn’t think he’s marketable but he’s one heck of a gifted actor. Ah yes, those two Rat Packers have become famous actors haven’t they?

      Yep, bizarre indeed, Josh [shrugs]

      Well I’m seeing Fifth Estate tomorrow, hope Benny delivers!

      Another vote for To The Wonder, I better get on watching that!

  18. Memento (2000) is Guy Pearce’s finest acting for me. I heard he gives a good performance in his new movie Breath In (2013), although the story looks a bit trite.

    Yeah, Justin Timberlake hasn’t had much luck receiving quality roles. Agree Social Network takes some beating.
    Musicians turned actors, Barbara Streisand and Will Smith seem to have made it work. Bjork in Dancer in the Dark was a great performance.

    Excited for the Hobbit. I presume it will be with the option of HFR 48fps again?

    Will be seeing Gravity in November. Emotionally gratifying film? hmm, maybe The Place Beyond The Pines, or City Lights (1931)
    Now, if we are talking disturbing me on an emotional level, I’d say a couple of Michael Haneke films, The Seventh Continent (1989), and Benny’s Video (1992). Also what Sati said, The Hunt.

    1. I think most people would agree w/ you on that Chris, definitely a role that got him noticed. Oh I haven’t heard of Breath In but I’m super interested in that as I interviewed the director Drake Doremus a while ago when he was promoting Like Crazy. Such a nice guy!

      I think JT has plenty of opportunities thus far, I just don’t think he’s got the chops to be a leading man.

      Glad you’re excited for The Hobbit 2! Yep I’d imagine it’d be shown in the same 48fps format.

      Curious to hear what you think of Gravity! Yes, The Hunt really gets under my skin too, but it’s definitely not a *warm* feeling!

  19. Vony

    Guy Pearce..first time I watched Memento, I knew I saw him before. Googled it, and yup.. Brings back memory long time ago, when I was in junior high, watching an australian show called Neighbours, from the satelite dish.. Ha.. Like him then, like him now.

    Ok, with the Hollywood move turn a ‘real’ TV show, into another Hollywood thing, Tom and I call it ‘not having original ideas’ another one “not creative” .. Stealing or if you want to call it “buying the franchise of something” is totaly uncreative.. Can they think something of their own ? The first of my favorite BBC show that they tried to remake in US version is a show called TOP GEAR. In BBC it is a funny show about car.. And I like it, and let’s keep it that way.. Suddenly, history channel makes the cheap version of it, with the not so funny hosts, and less exciting show. So, Elementary is another one of them. And I am not so interested on watching the mock version of it.. :)) but that’s just me..

    JT as a movie star is like trying to put Britney Spears in a Great Gatsby production. Not gonna work. First is all about perceptions, no matter what he do, people, including me will always think of him as a boyband singer.. Second, if he wants to be an actor, then take an acting class.. He is not an actor. So, combining him and Ben Affleck it’s like a combination between mashed potatoes and plain white rice.. Boring and bland.. :))

    And yes.. For Hobbit 2, can you see that I am already standing in line at the nearest IMAX theater.. :))

    1. Hi Von, pa kabar?

      Oh I never saw Neighbors believe it or not, but there are sooo many Aussie actors came from that show.

      Wow I didn’t even know they remade Top Gear but yeah I can’t imagine it’d be even remotely as funny as the original. There are something about British humor that just can’t be translated here.

      Ahah very true about the Britney Spears comparison thing. Yep I always see him as the ‘N Sync boy band dude, too, though to be fair I think as a musician he’s certainly a lot better.

      Hey maybe we should go see Hobbit 2 together, need to catch up soon btw! 😀

  20. Oh no, I missed the 5th! Better late than never, right?

    1) LA Confidential, hands down. Amazing film.

    2) I think Timberlake has talent as an actor, but Ted said it best in his Runner Runner review: he’s much better in supporting roles. I really liked him in The Social Network.

    3) Haha. Your guess is as good as mine, Ruth.

    4) I’m indifferent about The Fifth Estate, but I’ll be seeing The Hobbit for sure. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the first film.

    5) GREAT question. There are still so many films I need to see, but the one that has stuck with me the most is still Before Midnight. Can’t recommend that enough.

    1. Oh yes, there’s no such thing as a late comment Eric 😀

      – Yes, LA Confidential is such an excellent movie, need to rewatch that one soon.
      – I hope Hollywood realizes by now that JT is neither a compelling nor bankable actor.
      – Well, after reading the top 10 post my friend Dave just gave me on Broadchurch, I’m even more convinced it’s ill-advised to remake it.
      – Glad you love The Hobbit! Haters gonna hate but it certainly is a fun film!
      – I really need to get my act together and watch Before Sunset and Before Midnight!

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