Musings on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Pilot


Finally got around to watching this one as I missed the pilot on Tuesday. I was initially anticipating this but honestly, I kind of forgot about it for a while.

Whedon_SHIELDwritersYou gotta hand it to Marvel studios in their shrewd strategy in marketing/releasing their films. The Avengers stands as the highest-grossing superhero blockbuster of all time with over $1.5 Billion worldwide gross, so naturally the comic book studio would want to capitalize on that. It’s another proof of the studio’s shrewdness in marketing their products. Joss Whedon, who’s now the creative supervisor of Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, heads back to his TV roots with creating this TV series. This time it’s a family affair too, he’s working with his brother Jed Whedon and Jed’s wife, fellow screenwriter Maurissa Tancharoen.  S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division), led by Agent Coulson, is tasked with handling cases that involve the “strange and the unknown.” Seems that it’s got tons of potential to expand the Marvel universe, so did the pilot deliver?

A few quick thoughts on the pilot:

The setting takes place after The Avengers, post Battle of New York in the finale of the movie. I was a big fan of HEROES in the first couple of seasons but then the ‘freaks of the week’ storyline kind of get old. Now, I’m hoping it’d be different with Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. given its ties with characters I already know and love.

Welcome back Agent Coulson!

I love Clark Gregg! He’s just so darn likable you can’t help but root for him. I might’ve seen him in numerous supporting parts but the last show I saw him before he was part of Marvel universe was the sit-com The New Adventures of Old Christine. Wow, he’s certainly has come a long way since then, glad to see him finally leading a show of his own! Clearly he’s having a great time as Coulson, he has this constant smirk on face he can’t seem to shake, ahah. Nice intro on his character too:


“Welcome to Level Seven.”

“Sorry, that corner was really dark and I couldn’t help myself”

Just how’s Coulson’s back from the dead?

If you haven’t seen The Avengers by now, you probably just aren’t interested. So I don’t consider this to be a spoiler. We all know Coulson stopped breathing when Loki stabbed him with a giant scepter. Now, I don’t know how far back was the plan to bring him back for this show, but even in the movie, Nick Fury and agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) sort of hinted that perhaps Coulson survived. Something about his bloodied baseball cards weren’t in his pocket in all that.

So it’s for the purpose of team building that Fury kept the truth from the Avengers to energize the team for the imminent battle. On the show, Coulson briefly explains just how he comes back to life… and the keyword is Tahiti.


 “Tahiti. He really doesn’t know, does he?” Dr. Streiten (Firefly alum Ron Glass) whispered to Maria Hill.

“He can never know.” Hill replied.

Oh I love how Whedon keeps the mystery alive as to the real truth behind the whole ‘back to life’ ordeal and I’m curious what he’d do with that!

The crowd-pleasing snappy dialog…

I was getting tired of the ‘Don’t touch Lola’ quip that’s been played over and over again in every single promo of the show, but fortunately those aren’t the only quotable stuff from the show. There are actually not-so-subtle nods and references that geeks, esp. Whedonites, would totally eat up. Thanks to TVFanatic for these quotes!

Agent Ward: “I don’t think Thor’s technically a god.”

Agent Maria Hill: “Well you haven’t been near his arms”

The self-referential stuff are fun, like poking fun at the key audience of the show itself.

Agent Ward: She’s a groupy, all the hacking into SHIELD, tracking powers. She might as well be one of those sweaty Cosplay characters crowding around Stark tower.

Skye: WHAT?! I would… [whispers] it was just one time.

Cool Set Pieces + Special Effects

I’m not sure how big the budget is exactly but I’m sure it’s a boatload. Looks like after the behemoth box office success of The Avengers, Whedon could have anything at his disposal. The set pieces are top notch, the slick-looking headquarter, the SHIELD plane, state-of-the-art technology, etc. are as much eye candy as the pretty cast. That plane still can’t hold a candle to the geekgasm-inducing helicarrier but still it’s pretty sweet!

No shortage of action sequences and slick tech gizmos to um, marvel on, that’s for sure.


Girl Power!

I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise coming from Whedon. After all he’s created one of the most iconic female heroine with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Love Ming-Na Wen casting … did you know she’s going to be 50 years old this year? You’d never know it by looking at her! Crazy that the last film I saw her in was The Joy Luck Club 20 years ago and there’s definitely no ass-kickin’ in that one. Here she’s like a slightly softer version of Michelle Yeoh but yeah, she’s bad ass and managed to still looks elegant doing it, too. I’d love to see how her character arc develop over the course of the show, she certainly is my favorite character after of course, Coulson.

The rest of the cast

Chloe Benet manages to surprise me as Skye, in a good way. In the pilot she looks like another pretty young thing but she actually has pretty decent comic timing. I like that she’s a rebel, albeit a goofy one, and her obsession with superheroes is endearing. She’s recruited for her computer hacking ability, and judging from her scenes with agent Ward, I wouldn’t be surprised if the two’ll hook up. I just hope they’d keep the romantic stuff to a minimum as it can get really lame, fast. Especially when you don’t have strong actors to pull it off, which brings me to …


Brett Dalton
as the tough guy Agent Ward. Well, he is just as bland as he looks in all the promos. Skye referring him as T-1000 is quite spot on considering how robotic his acting style is. He just gives me a Soap Opera-ish vibe (NEVER a good thing), like he just steps out of Days of Our Lives or All My Children, arched eyebrows and pout intact. Not much to go for on IMDb as far as acting cred, which makes me wonder just how he convinced Whedon on his audition? Hopefully he’d step it up in the future episodes but right now, he’s just tall, dark and meh to me.


Oh I’m also not terribly fond of the two Brits who make up the tech experts Fitz and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker). Yeah ok, catchy moniker but the two actors are pretty bland and when they try to be funny it makes me cringe! Maybe I’ll warm up to those two but right now they kind of annoy me.

How long will this keep me interested?

Well, so far it’s got enough going for it to keep me tuning in for the next one. The storyline involving Project Centipede should be familiar to those who’ve seen Iron Man 3. It could’ve been more compelling but I’m having mixed feelings the neat resolution at the end.

But hey, I can’t help but geek out at flying LOLA!


I mean how could Skye ever say no to the offer of joining SHIELD now?? I literally clapped when that scene came on, it was pure geek-gasm stuff. Forget KITT (I probably date myself here, ahah), Lola is by far THE coolest TV car ever. Boy, if Whedon already shows something THAT awesome in the pilot, I’m hoping he’s got even cooler stuff in store for us in future episodes!

So I guess the answer to my question above is: we shall see. It’ll take a few more episodes before I can decide if I want to keep watching.

Ok so that’s my two cents on the show so far. What do you all think? Let me know your favorite and least favorite parts of the show.

74 thoughts on “Musings on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Pilot

    1. Thanks for your honesty Nick. Well, I’m not super fond of it yet, still not sure how long it’ll keep my interest to be honest. But having Gregg in it certainly helps 😀

  1. Looks encouraging to me, and for the points you highlight, Ruth. If they can sustain this level, and hopefully more, this is could break Whedon’s streak of short-lived series of late.

    1. Hi Michael! I hope they’d improve on the pilot in future episodes. Yeah, hopefully it won’t get canceled prematurely if it’s indeed worth watching.

  2. I really enjoyed the pilot!! I agree that some of the characters are a bit drab right now, but knowing The way Whedon works I expect them to be nicely developed over time. I think he knows how important that is and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get working in that soon. Glad you enjoyed it, Ruth! 😀

    1. Hi Diane, hope all is well! Yes, the young’uns have to step it up to match Gregg and Ming-Na, I agree! I think Mike the Centipede guy is pretty good though the storyline isn’t that great, hopefully they’d improve in the future episodes!

    1. Hi Mickey! Y’know I didn’t watch Whedon’s previous shows apart from Firefly but I always thought the smug smart ass part as quite endearing. So you don’t like any of his previous shows?

        1. Ah I see, well I guess it all comes down to personal taste Mickey. I never saw Buffy and to be honest I don’t know if it’ll be something I’d be a huge fan of. Firefly is fun though and this one has a similar playful tone IMO.

  3. I have to say I thought it was quite fun. It’s interesting, it certainly didn’t blow me away but its ties to the Marvel movie universe and the potential that it nicely sets up is enough to really interest me. Can’t say I’m really excited about the team yet, but the sheer possibilities are great.

    Fun pilot.

    1. Hello Keith! No it didn’t blow me away but yeah, it certainly has a lot of potential. It takes a couple more episodes for me to decide if I want to keep watching 🙂

      1. Victor De Leon

        Just watched it, tonight, Ruth! I enjoyed it. Lots to like and I loved the humor, action and all the set ups. All of the references were nice and Ming Na was fun to watch. Seeing Ron Glass back was also very cool. Coulson and Skye have nice chemistry.

        All in all a satisfying pilot and the show has great promise. Looking forward to see how it develops. I have high hopes for it. Let’s hope Team Whedon keeps the quality coming!

  4. Gene

    Most of us at LTBM enjoyed it. I for one was a bit under-whelmed. I’m sticking with it though for at least half this first season. I just felt bombarded with Avengers/Iron Man/Thor/Cap. references. Once we got to the extremis reference I was at the point of eye-rolling. Okay, I get it, you’re tied to all that, who on earth is watching and didn’t know that, let’s move on!
    I was VERY intrigued by the “he can never know” line from agent Hill regarding Coulson’s Tahiti trip/coming back to life. Read some cool interpretations and guesses on that all over the net today. Should be fun to watch and I don’t mind the occasional tie-in to one of the big supers, just don’t make it such a blatant and “hey look at me” kind of feeling.

    1. Hello Gene! I don’t mind the references, kinda expected it as it’s the pilot. But yeah overall it wasn’t well, super, but it does have potential so I’m willing to watch a few more. It’s hard for me to be loyal to a TV show these days so we’ll see.

      Yep, that “he can never know” line is one of the most intriguing aspect of the story for me. Hopefully they’ll explore that more and also more backstory of Agent Melinda May! 😀

    1. Hi Mark! I hear ya man, if you’re not into the superhero stuff I don’t see how this could be compelling for you. It’s quite fun to pass the time though 😀

  5. Ted S.

    I DVR’d it but haven’t watch it yet, I’ll get back to you on my thought once I finally watch it. Can’t believe Ming Na will be 50 years old! She’s still looks great, the last show I saw her in was Two and Half Men where she played Charlie’s girlfriend.

    1. Hi Ted, hope you enjoy it. Yeah, Ming-Na can pass for a 30-year-old! She certainly looks like that girl Skye’s slightly older sister. Oh geez, Charlie’s girlfriend?? She’s waaaaay too good for the likes of him!

  6. I wasn’t super impressed by the pilot. I’m not a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s shows/films/etc.
    I’ll stick around for the next couple of episodes and see if it gets better. Coulson is a great character, and Ming Na’s is as well. The rest I couldn’t care less about, let’s hope they wow me in future.

    1. Why hello Beth, been a long time. Hope you are well. I agree that I’m not as fond of the rest of the characters besides Coulson and Melinda. Skye has more potential than the young’uns but that agent Ward is soooo wooden!

      1. He is! He’s dull to watch, and I found myself reading a book during his scenes. I can’t figure out Fitz and Simmons, are they supposed to be siblings? Lovers? Coincidentally both British?

        1. Ahah, read a book? Well let’s hope they’d make him more interesting in future eps. Yeah, the Fitz & Simmons are weird, it’s like an 80s pop duo or something. And yeah, why are both British??

          1. Yeah, reading a book (an amazing comic called Joe the Barbarian by Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy).

            Because Brits are Quirky ™! Entirely random, but I wonder how they got to work with SHIELD. Are they on loan from a similar British organisation? Have they renounced their British citizenship to work for an American government entity? The world may never know!

  7. I missed the pilot as I had thoughts about seeing this as I usually don’t watch a lot of new TV shows unless it’s from HBO (depending on what it’s about and who’s in it) yet I’m intrigued since it relates to The Avengers.

    1. Hi Steven, I don’t have cable so I usually catch the HBO stuff later when it’s on Netflix though usually their shows are a bit too intense for me. I think the more playful show like this works better for me these days, though the one I’m looking forward to most is Almost Human. In any case, yeah if you like Avengers, you might dig this one!

  8. I guess we have similar thoughts about pilot. :)))) This show can become so much better, I mean, it has a great potential. Marvel has perfect experience with superheros and I hope these all comes down to very entertaining and smart TV Show. Can’t wait for the next episode

    1. Hi Nika! You’re right, it could be far more compelling than it is. I’m still baffled as to why Whedon cast that Brett Dalton guy, he’s got zero charisma! But I guess his strength is in casting the female heroine, hence Ming-Na Wen 😀 Yeah, hopefully this one will keep my interest.

  9. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    ABC will be re-running ‘Agents of SHIELD’ tonight at 8pm, est.

    That said. I liked the old Jack Kirby looking gimmicks, effects, cars and toys. Nice, unexpected actions and dialogue and feel of the city. Though, action wise. There’s not much more there than the later second season episodes of Sy-Fy’s ‘Alphas’.

    Clark Gregg has managed to turn Agent Coulson into an iconic figure. Though, I’m uncertain he has the weight to lead a series

    1. Hi Kevin! Ah yeah, the networks often do that when it’s their high profile show. Glad you enjoyed it, though as someone who watch a lot more TV, I guess you’d probably feel more jaded or unimpressed than me who rarely watch anything these days. I used to think Gregg doesn’t have the chops to lead a series but y’know, I think he’s quite capable of doing so. I think he pretty much carries this show on his shoulder as he’s still the most compelling character of the bunch.

  10. There’s no way you just dissed KITT. Although admittedly that flying car was cool. I thought the show was pretty decent, and love the fact that Coulson is back (as if they’d keep one of the best characters dead!) but I hope they step it up in coming eps. Really good fun, this could be, yes?

    1. Ahah, you’re a fan of Knight Rider, eh? Well, can KITT fly? I didn’t think so. The flying car is just awesome. Yeah I suppose they won’t be dumb enough to kill off one of the most charismatic non-superhero character in the Avengers.

  11. Nice review Ruth! I actually managed to catch this one as well! I had a similar reaction, though I must admit that I liked Agent Ward. Especially when they did the truth serum bit; that was hilarious. I have a feeling they’ll bring out more of his character as they go. Hopefully.
    It was nice to see Coulson again, as well as Shepard Book! I was not prepared for that! 🙂

    1. Hi Hunter! Ahah, so you’re the first who’re fond of Agent Ward. He’s nice to look at, I give him that, but I do hope they develop his character more. I didn’t recognize Sheperd but my hubby did as soon as he came on!

  12. I had a fun time with the show, and I’m surprised with all the comments that disliked all the Marvel references, I actually liked those touches. Loved Coulson, and enjoyed Skye even though I forgot her name shortly after watching it, but before starting to read other reviews of the show. She is a very stereotypical character in these kind of sci-fi shows, it doesn’t help that just a few weeks ago my wife was watching Sanctuary (a SyFy show from a little while back) who introduced a character that has a very similar personality as Skye. She’s in it for herself, but will go along for the ride if it benefits her. I’m not sure if I’d rather see her be more like a mercenary type character, or if I’d rather see her fall in line with the S.H.I.E.L.D. group dynamic which is often more of a boring way to go, but also a more original way to go, kinda.

    Anyway, I liked the show and am looking forward to more.

    1. Hi Bubba! Yeah I for one like the Marvel references too. I’m curious to see how Skye’s character arc develops, she probably won’t be a mercenary but hopefully a bit more rebellious SHIELD member to shake things up a bit. I just hope they don’t throw in a lame romance between her and Ward right away. That guy already has a soap opera vibe as it is, no need to reinforce it further!

      Yeah, I’m looking forward for more, hopefully this one will manage to keep my interest!

  13. My favorite scene would be the part with the truth serum. My least favorites would be 1. the opening scene climbing up the side of the building didn’t look real and 2. The “magic bullet” – in some ways I guess it’s supposed to be a surprise but I had to just “go with it”. I’m glad you liked Skye because her personality can either be adoring or annoying, depending on the viewer haha. Great post!

    1. Yeah, that truth serum is perhaps the only time I actually like Agent Ward, ahah. I kind of expected that magic bullet scene when I saw the two tech couple showed up next to Ward. I suppose Skye’s smart-Aleck-y personality could be annoying if the actor’s not likable. Thankfully I like Chloe in her role, so I think the casting works here.

  14. I’ve watched everything Whedon has ever written. I can tell you that none of his TV seasons really start with a bang. His strength is the build during the season and then fantastic closing episode(s). (Buffy seasons 2 and 3 come to mind.) So with that said, I am taking a long wait and see attitude with this show. This pilot didn’t overwhelm me, but it didn’t underwhelm me, either.

    I agree on both the female hacker and the male agent. He was completely forgettable, while she has some potential to be interesting. One thing that irritated me about the techs were that in addition to the accents and fast jargon, which already made it a little harder to follow their dialogue, the actress is a “low talker” to borrow a phrase from Seinfeld. I understood almost nothing she said the entire episode.

    I was glad to see Cobie Smulders there for at least the pilot. Her other TV show will probably keep her busy, though.

    And the man who played the bioengineered hero/villain was J. August Richards, who had a major role on Whedon’s earlier TV series Angel. It was good to see him again.

    Finally, you can probably credit the casting of Ming-na Wen, or at least a very strong influence on it, to co-creator Maurissa Tancharoen. She was a co-creator of Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and was actually going to play the lead female part before it was decided someone else would be more marketable. She wrote a song about how Asian girls never get any good parts for Commentary: The Musical on the DVD release of it. And for what it’s worth, the actress who plays Skye appears to be part-Asian, too.

    1. Hi Chip! Thanks for the insightful comment! Nice to hear about the build-up thing, so we can expect the show would get better from here. I’m also in the ‘wait and see attitude’ mode as well w/ this one, as is w/ most shows I guess.

      Yeah, I figure that Maurissa might play a part in casting Ming-Na in an important role. And I realize later on that Chloe is half-Chinese, too. Maybe they’d speak Mandarin in future shows? 😀 As an Asian girl, having both actresses there are definitely nice to see!

  15. I haven’t checked this out yet. I am not really a huge fan, I like Clark Gregg, but I just cannot say that anything about this series makes me want to get up and watch it. Maybe one day, when I run out of things to watch…

      1. Teehee the superhero thing does it for me, just don’t know about a series dedicated to the normal people, if you know what I mean! Coulson was great, but WITH the heroes… Superhero series aren’t always the easiest to pull off I suppose is where my real worry comes in.

  16. The TV trailers for this just looked awful, the ones over here at least. It just didn’t grab me. I might try and catch up at some point though because I loved The Avengers and, well, Cobie Smulders. That’s pretty much all the motivation I need 🙂

    1. Hi Chris! Ahah I don’t know which promos they show there but I was getting sick of the ‘Don’t Touch Lola’ line every time they came on! Cobie is gorgeous isn’t she? Well I don’t know how long she’ll be around in this show though.

  17. I didn’t like the explanation on how Coulson is still alive, but that’s just a small issue. I loved the pilot. Whedon’s dialogue always make me laugh and this is no different. As for Lola…. I feel that’s a homage to Back To The Future!! Looking for to more episodes already!

    1. Hi Asrap, I think the explanation will likely be expanded in the future. It went on rather quickly in this episode as sort of a teaser I think. Ahah yeah, perhaps that’s an homage to Back to the Future, I didn’t realize that at first. I kept thinking The Spy Who Loved Me as the tires also did the same thing when Bond’s car was under water, ahah.

  18. Found it was a bit too self-aware at times,but im hoping Whedon turns that down a bit in future episodes. Also, i really liked the stuff with the Hooded Hero,as i think it provided the emotional core of the episode. Im hoping we get more stuff like that in future episodes so it isn’t just a bunch of witty lines.

    1. I think the self-aware thing is intentional, but yeah hopefully there’s less of that in the future. Y’know I didn’t really feel the emotional part in the Hooded Hero, seems rather forced to me but hopefully we’ll get better storylines in the future. It’s true though, just the witty lines alone isn’t enough to make me be loyal to a show.

      1. Huh. I kind of liked having a character worry about paying the bills be part of a show as fantastical as this. Maybe that’s just me

        I do wonder if this will take a turn for the dark at some point, like Whedon has done with his other shows.

  19. I’m still not sold on the pilot, but I’ll give it a few more episodes. The budget certainly doesn’t match the ambition of the show, in my opinion. Some things looked cool, others looked incredibly fake. I think Fitz and Simmons were probably my two favorite S.H.I.E.L.D members! The guy that plays Fitz was in this really awesome British series called The Fades that got cancelled right away, but I loved it. Skye reminds me way too much of WWE’s AJ Lee. She looks and acts EXACTLY like her and I find that a little distracting. I hope Ward gets more interesting, he’s kind of a buzz kill now.

    1. “The budget certainly doesn’t match the ambition of the show…” I think you nailed it Brittani, I kinda feel the same way, but hopefully it would improve in future episodes. Funny that we have different opinions about the two techies, but maybe I’ll warm up to them later on. But yeah, Ward HAS to get better, come on man, you’re supposed to be the hunk eye candy of the show but right now I just can’t get past his Soap-Opera vibe!

  20. I’m a big Joss Whedon guy so I loved the pilot. I wouldn’t call myself a fanboy though. While I loved and adored Firefly/Serenity the most i can’t more than admit Dollhouse had its share of problems. As s self professed smartass the snarky dialogue is fine with me. You either like Joss’ writing or you don’t. He writes ensembles (guised as dysfunctional families) as well as anyone out there.

    Was it just me but when I saw Skye all I could think of her being the Amy Acker/Summer Glau character he has on every show? Not that that’s a bad thing. My house was split right down the middle on her. I liked her but my girlfriend found her quite annoying. She has a bit of Jayne Cobb in her. She’s a wildcard. An asset to be sure but she can’t totally be trusted.

    Ruth, I think Agent Ward is put there to be a foil and create tension. Remember how he said he didn’t like working with other people? He the doesn’t play well with others type. His character is written to be a bit stiff and full of himself. Zero charisma? Sure. I don’t think it comes down to acting as much as the character he’s playing.

    Great seeing Ron Glass in there. Hope they expand his role.

    Liked all of the character except Fitz and Simmons. Too similar and not completely understandable but time will tell if they develop.

    As far as the weak explanation on Coulson’s resurrection goes… the line “he can never know” told me that there’s more that meets the eye to that story. From the comments above I don’t think many people caught that.

    Curious why someone (cough*Gene*cough) would watch a Marvel show then complain about all the Marvel references in there??!? If the ratings were any indication there were more than just the usual fanboys out there watching… hence I think the need for the references.

    1. HI Dave! You’re right that you either like Joss’ writing or you don’t. I happen to enjoy Firefly but never got around to seeing Buffy or Dollhouse. Ahah yeah, I guess Skye is similar to Summer Glau, though perhaps much goofier. Yeah I guess he plays a character who’s supposed to have zero charisma very well, ahah. I do hope he’d improve in future episodes. Oh yeah, the ‘he can never know’ line is brilliant as it makes you want to find out more.

      He..he.. yeah I think Marvel references is to be expected given that it’s from their studio. It doesn’t bother me at all, in fact, keep ’em coming! 😀

  21. A very thorough review on a TVSeries …very good Ruth 🙂

    I saw the ads on the end of BBC2’s Gadget Man and when I saw your post I immediately read it to know what is it about. It sounds good, I might borrow the DVD later (right now, BBC is keeping me busy with at least 4 series)

    1. Hi Nov! He..he.. well I hope I’d stick around w/ this one. The other TV series I’m looking forward to is Almost Human w/ Karl Urban!

      This one is worth checking out Nov but yeah, I know you won’t give up your BBC shows 😉

      1. At first, I read BEING Human instead of ALMOST Human and about to say that’s a remake from BBC and then I realize the mistake 😉

        Yeah….that will not gappen anytime soon 😉 as a matter of fact, it’s getting worse…BBC has taken all my attention away from other TVshows from countries other than Japan.

    1. Hi Nika, yeah it’s actually not bad though it’s not a huge improvement. I like the teamwork aspect but Agent Ward is still as wooden as ever! There are some cool effects though, and of course, great cameo! 😉 How about you? Did you like it?

  22. I know I’m swinging around to this a bit late, but I agree about the side characters not quite coming together just yet. It might be that they’ll work out the kinks in the acting and the character development as the season progresses, but for the first episode, they were all pretty flat.

    1. Hi Morgan! Yeah, I hope the acting will improve in the future and not just rely on Clark Gregg to carry the show. So far it’s enjoyable enough for me to keep tuning in, but not sure for how long.

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