Final Man of Steel Countdown: Top 10 Favorite Superman movie scenes


All right! The wait is almost over for me… After anticipating this for exactly two and a half years, precisely since January 2011 when Henry Cavill was first announced as our Kryptonian hero, the agonizing wait soon comes to an end. Years have turned to months, months to weeks, weeks to days… and now it’s just a matter of hours!!! πŸ˜›

Now, for my final countdown post, I thought I’d revisit some of my favorite scenes from previous Superman movies. I deliberately exclude the George Reeves’ TV series as well as Smallville and focus on the big screen adaptations. I’m starting with the 1978 Richard Donner movie (you’ll see which movie from Christopher Reeve’s canon that I skipped, ahah), so here goes!

1. Superman: The Movie – Superman meets Lois at the Daily Planet

I love scenes at the Daily Planet… It’s funny how hilariously goofy Clark Kent was and Jackie Cooper is so endearingly grumpy as Perry White. In one quick line, Mr. White explains how Clark got the job, “… he’s a reporter that not only has a snappy prose style, but is the fastest typist I have ever seen!”

2. Superman: The Movie – “You’ve Got Me? Who’s… who’s got you?”

This is perhaps my most favoritest of ALL the Superman movies combined. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it and I never, ever not get teary-eyed watching it.Β  Believe it or not, I still get sweaty palmed watching Lois hanging down from the chopper, I really think if I had vertigo I won’t be able to get through this scene! But the moment Supes stepped out of the revolving door β€” with that memorable quip ‘Say Jim! Whoo! That’s a bad out-fit! – and our hero soaring to the sky along with John Williams’ rousing score, I turn into this giddy fangirl and starts cheering like the crowd beneath him in the movie!

3. Superman: The Movie – The interview and taking flight with Lois

I’m forever jealous with Lois Lane. Yes, I know she’s not real, but boy, what girl wouldn’t want to be swept off her feet [literally or figuratively] and Lois gets to experience both, whilst still retain her career-woman status in the process! These two clips are basically the same scene, starting with Lois interviewing Superman, which leads to the two of them taking flight. That whole ‘Can You Read My Mind?‘ bit is so decidedly schmaltzy, but I fall for it every single time … [sigh]

4. Superman II: Superman saves Lois [again] in a Parisian elevator

Lois and peril goes together like, well, Supes and his red cape! I actually like this clip as it shows Clark Kent transforming into Superman in the alley on his way to save Lois. There’s always something so magical about the transformation which of course then leads to the flying sequence. I mean THIS is why we watch a Superman movie, the one superhero who can effortlessly take to the sky anytime and anywhere he wishes… and of course Chris Reeve always look so darn graceful doing it!

5. Superman II: Lois finds out Clark’s identity

So she’s the best reporter of the Daily Planet (and perhaps even in the entire NYC), but it took her THIS long to find out Clark is Superman? Ahah. I have to admit though, this scene mesmerizes me as there’s something so magnetic about Superman taking off his glasses whilst still dressed as Clark Kent. Chris Reeve still looked ever-so-fetching in a grandpa sweater! IΒ  When Lois says, ‘I’m in love with you…’ I always yell at the screen, ‘Yeah, so is every girl in Metropolis! Get in line!’ Except, Lois never even has to be in a line. Lucky, lucky girl!

Note: I couldn’t find the exact scene, but you can watch it up until 0:43. The entire clip is a mash-up spoof that’s actually pretty darn hilarious, ahah.

6. Superman II: “General, Would You Care To Step Outside?”

Yes, Terrence Stamp’s Zod looked like a lost member of the Bee Gees with his shiny Disco outfit. But with his cold, steely eyes, he made the character iconic, even if it lacks menace the more times I watch it. I mean, what’s with this obsession with people kneeling before him? I also love the part when Lex Luthor sighed ‘Superman, thank God’ ahah.

7. Superman II: Superman finally ‘kneels’ before Zod

There’s nothing like a good pay back, and Supes does it in style. Mind over muscle, Lex. Chris Reeve looks positively glorious in this scene, but it’s Zod’s groan in agony that sticks in my mind. Ouch man, that looks painful!!

8. Superman III: Clark vs. Superman Fight

Ok, I’ve got to admit I LOVE this scene as I find Chris Reeve so unbelievably sexy sporting disheveled hair and five o’clock shadow [yowza!!] The whole suit is made darker as well which made him even more This is really the only reason to watch Superman III and it really shows the acting chops of the Juilliard-trained actor in tackling the dual role effectively. But yeah, I kinda enjoyed seeing Supes being bad πŸ˜‰

9. Superman Returns: Epic plane rescue

Despite everything that was wrong with Superman Returns, I didn’t hate the movie. In fact, there are parts that I did enjoy and this first scene of Superman first rescue after being gone for five years is pretty epic. Certainly the effects have improved a lot since twenty years prior [though some of the CGI scenes look too obvious], but it’s the sense of electrifying heroism that always gets me. I always get caught up in the crowd cheering for a hero’s welcome, and of course, the rather flirtatious way Supes greets Lois turns me to mush as well.

10. Superman Returns: “Lois, will you come with me?”

I’ve actually already did a spotlight of this very scene back in 2010, but seeing it again last night made me realize how much I love it. Now, I’m actually not too fond of Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane, I mean she just isn’t believable as a Pulitzer-winning journalist, and she lacks the spunk needed for the character. But, this flying scene is just so beautifully-shot, aided by John Ottman’s excellent score inspired by the John Williams’ original.

“You wrote the world doesn’t need a savior, but everyday I hear people crying for one.”

I love how that single line sums up just what Superman is all about and his love for humanity. The ‘almost kiss’ part gets me every time, perhaps one of the most emotional scenes of the whole film for me.



Superman II: The duel with General Zod

The whole fight scene in downtown Metropolis is so darn entertaining. It’s decidedly much more lighthearted in tone than all the action we’ve seen in the Man of Steel trailers, but it’s just a hoot to watch. Who doesn’t love seeing Zod being swung around and thrown into a giant Coke neon billboard!! πŸ˜€

Superman II: Clark’s diner scene retribution

This is actually one of my hubby’s favorite scenes, so I figure I should include it somehow. Even though it’s a ‘revenge’ scene, it’s not mean-spirited. I mean Supes could’ve done a heck of a lot more damage to that jerk-off truck driver if he were a mean guy, ahah. The scene cuts off but if you remember, Clark gives some money to the diner owner for the damage he’s caused. What a sweetheart πŸ˜€

Superman Returns: The Bullet Stopping Scene

People complain there are so few great action scenes in this movie and that might be so, but I think this very scene is pretty darn cool. It’s hilarious how the doofus baddie just didn’t get how indestructible Supes is. I mean if a string of bullets bounce off him like air bubbles, what makes him think it wouldn’t also bounce off his eye ball?!

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Well, there are surely a ton more awesome scenes I left out here. So tell me folks, which are YOUR favorite Superman scenes?

49 thoughts on “Final Man of Steel Countdown: Top 10 Favorite Superman movie scenes

    1. Thanks Michael. Oh don’t be jealous, you’ll be seeing it with your whole family, that actually makes it sweeter. Who knows I might actually see it again this weekend πŸ˜€

    1. I sure hope so too, Chris. Hope watching some of these clips make you want to at least check out the first two Superman movies w/ Reeve.

    1. Ahah yeah, that recut clip had me in stitches!!! When Supes said ‘I know Lois’ it sounds so sinister now after I watch it, ahahaha.

      Are you seeing it tonight too?

      1. yes. tonite is the night. I think you are an hour ahead of me so you get to see it before me. lol, but I will be thinking of you as I watch, alongside my best friend who, next to you, is the biggest Superman fan I know.

        We will have fun comparing notes, you and I. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

  1. Fantastic post! As I was reading through it, I was thinking, “Please include the ‘Evil Superman vs Clark Kent in the scrap yard’ fight.” And sure enough, there it was. Agree it’s probably the only highlight of the entire film, although the build up to that scene is great as well, with Supes flicking peanuts in the bar and smashing bottles off the wall. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey there! Why of course I won’t exclude that from my list!! Sexiest Supes look ever πŸ˜‰

      I also included that scene of Supes flicking peanuts at the bar, it’s in the first clip. I had to post both as it’s one long awesomely epic scene! πŸ˜€

        1. He..he.. that’s totally ok. I love that you’re eager to comment, that makes me happy! πŸ˜€ I was actually gonna include the clip of Supes on top of the Statue of Liberty, but it’s a bit too sexual I think, for a Superman movie, ahah. Here’s the scene:

  2. ninvoid99

    Oh man, this list is perfect. I saw the entire clip of Clark finally revealing himself to Lois on who he really is. The new cut is hilarious. I’m laughing my ass off from that scene.

    Good thing you didn’t put any clips of “Superman IV”. Oy, that was such a horrible film. Insulting in every way.

    1. Glad you like the list!! Ahah yeah, I’m glad I stumbled upon that recut clip. It’s so hilarious as it’s something Supes would NEVER do, but it certainly made things easier than having to wipe out her memory, ahahaha.

      Yeah, there’s really worth including from Superman IV, the whole thing is just ill-advised.

  3. Ted S.

    Wow I forgot how cheesy Superman 3 was, when I was younger it’s my favorite Superman film since it’s the most action packed. Then I watched it again when I was older and thought it was so ridiculous and yet fun. I think my favorite scene is from the first film when Supe thought Louis is dead and he saved her by turning the globe around.

    Hope you’ll enjoy the film tonight, I probably won’t see it till next week. The IMAX theater is going to be packed this weekend and I hate seeing films in a full theater. Too many annoying people.

      1. Ted S.

        Oh I can’t stand crowded theater, it’s so annoying when people either talking, chew on their food loudly or just being inconsiderate. I always try to see movies during the matinee.

    1. Ahah yeah, extremely cheesy and silly, but I LOVE the scene of Clark + Supes fighting, it’s practically iconic πŸ˜€ I like everything about Superman 1, but really, turning the globe around is really quite preposterous even for a superhero movie!

      I’m still trying to process it, Man of Steel I mean, the scope is really huge… I don’t know if I’m going to review it or just do a Musings post on it as I really don’t know how to rate it at this point.

      1. Ted S.

        I know that scene was pretty ridiculous but it’s probably the best effect scene in those early Superman flicks. It’s so funny now when you watch the scene where Superman flies around in those old films and you can tell he’s floating on the air and huge projection of scenery around him to make it look like he’s flying.

        At least it didn’t disappoint you, looking forward to reading your review or non-review.

  4. Ya know, I was thinking about renting all the supermans and rewatching, but after reading this post, Ruth, I don’t have to! Thanks for picking out the best stuff from over the years.

      1. Yes, Ruth. Even though they are corny, I thought CR was an excellent excellent Clark Kent. I am looking forward to Man of Steel–I think Henry will smoke the screen and be a fine hero to look at! πŸ˜‰ Amy Adams will be a perfect Lois Lane. I can’t wait!

  5. I’m not sure what my favorite scene would be, but you’ve picked some great ones, Ruth. Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor has always been one of my favorite parts of the old movies. Love the “General, would you care to step outside?” scene. Glad you included some scenes from Superman Returns too. I really enjoyed that film, even if it wasn’t popular with all of the fans.

    1. Yeah, that scene is awesome and Hackman as Luthor is such a hoot!! I like parts of Superman Returns, just not the whole bit about Supes’ kid. But no, it’s not a terrible film.

  6. The only Superman movies that I’ve seen are Superman and Superman Returns and unfortunately, I don’t remember too much from either one. I’ll probably rewatch the original before I see Man of Steel though. I just found out today that my local theater will be showing Man of Steel at 7:00 this Thursday night (I don’t know if they do that at other places, but it’s a rare occurrence here), so it sounds like I’m gonna be seeing it a few hours earlier than expected. Naturally, I’m excited about that. πŸ™‚

    1. Awww, time to rewatch Superman 1 then Garrett πŸ™‚ Glad to hear you can see Man of Steel a day earlier. Curious to hear what you think.

  7. I love your countdown posts – I must admit I am also looking forward to the film. Nothing brightens my day more than sitting on the subway and seeing the product placement in the cars featuring Henry Cavill. I should take a picture for you πŸ™‚

    Anyhoo, onto your list. You have some real crackers on here. My worst among your best is The Superman fight which is sullied (sadly) by the fact that it was in Superman III. Also I see you have no love lost for The Quest for Peace πŸ˜‰ probably better left in the recesses of cinematic oblivion, eh?

    1. Hi Iba! Glad to hear you enjoy ’em, it’s fun to put together! Ahah yeah, nice to see Henry all over the billboards and even web ads, normally I’m annoyed by them but this time πŸ˜€

      The Quest for Peace is just ill-advised all around, I think even Chris Reeve himself admitted it.

  8. Great post! I can’t really recall any of my fave scenes, the most recent Superman I see is Superman Returns, which isn’t too good for me. I hope Man of Steel is way better, at least by Henry Cavill and Amy Adams. Hope you will enjoy the movie. It’s released today in Indo, is it the same with you as well?

    1. Hi Andina, Superman Returns is worth a watch only for a couple of scenes, which are all in this post πŸ˜€

      It’s released Thursday at midnight here but I just saw it last night. Still writing my thoughts on it.

  9. What’s kind of sad is that I’ve never seen a Superman movie! Like, any of them. I’ll be seeing Man of Steel more for the fact that Russell Crowe is in it, but I should seriously think about seeing the others sometime soon.


    Wanted to let you know how much I love your blog Ruth, like a LOT! I nominated you for an internet award this morning. Honestly, not sure how these work (other than to promote exposure) but if there is an award for blogging you totally deserve it!

  10. Hello Andrew!! Oh man, you need to see Superman I and II at least! Crowe is amazing in Man of Steel, reason enough to see his performance, though Costner and of course Cavill are amazing too.

    Thanks sooo much for the kind words man, I really do! How very kind! I’ll be over and respond to your questions but for now, THANKS SO MUCH!!

  11. This brings back such fond memories. Once I’ve caught up with Man of Steel I think it’s time to re-live the Christopher Reeve series. Great top 10 Ruth.

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