Tube Watch: TV Bad Boys You Can’t Get Enough Of

RobinHoodlogoHappy Tuesday all! I’m not gonna have a Weekend Roundup this week as I’ll do a Monthly recap in a few days. Truthfully, I’m already tired of talking about the Oscars so let’s switch gears and talk TV for today if you don’t mind.

The past weekend I’ve been catching up on BBC’s Robin Hood. I actually have seen a bunch of clips of the show on YouTube, but I figure it’s time to watch it properly. I’ve got to admit I’m much more interested in watching the villain of the series than the heroic English outlaw… most especially the vicious but tormented Guy of Gisborne… played to perfection by Richard Armitage.

Dark. Dangerous. Intoxicating. What is it with certain villains we just can’t get enough of? I talked about Charming Movie Bad Boys a while back, and the TV counterparts share similar irresistible qualities. Ok, so the fact that Guy is dressed in all black leather, broods and glowers like nobody’s business and speak in such a deep, raspy voice are all very fetching stuff… but I have to give props to the show’s creators for writing Guy in such a delish way, a complex character instead of a typical one-dimensional baddie. Best of all, they’ve got the perfect actor to effortlessly stir every hot-blooded woman in the audience.


As the Sheriff of Nottingham’s second-in-command, Gisborne certainly has done more than his fair share of heinous stuff on the sheriff’s behalf. Murder, lies, torture, robbery, you name it, he’s done them all in the name of power. He’s a loathsome creature but yet, I can’t stop watching and I can’t bring myself to hate him either. Not to mention all that unrequited love stuff between Guy and Marian, the girl he loves who of course is in love with Robin. Power-driven and love-starved, Guy is forever torn by his own emotions and you can’t help but feel for this guy. It’s all very beguiling… I wish this show’s still going on!

GuyMarianBBCRobinHoodI guess I have a taste for damaged characters who think they’re beyond redemption, those tortured souls whose own self-loathing and internal conflicts somehow draw me in instead of pulling me away. With villains like these, who cares about the hero? Characters like Guy is the very reason I kept tuning in and I wish they had focused more on him on the show. I find Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood so terribly boring by comparison.

Watching him made me think of other great TV bad boys from previous shows I’ve watched. Most recently there’s Frank Underwood in House of Cards, but there have been countless others in the past. Sexy con-man Sawyer from Lost, vile lothario Dr. Christian Troy of Nip/Tux, Lex Luthor in Smallville, Gregory House the acerbic doctor, the narcissistic genius Gaius Baltar of Battlestar Galactica, misogynist jerk-off Richard Fish of Ally McBeal… the list goes on! And though I hardly ever watch the show, surely Made Men‘s Don Draper is one of the most irresistible TV bad boys ever written. Popular shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire actually consist pretty much entirely of bad boys.

So now I’m asking you, readers. Who are YOUR favorite TV bad boys [or girls for that matter]? 

80 thoughts on “Tube Watch: TV Bad Boys You Can’t Get Enough Of

  1. Great post Ruth. 🙂

    I also prefer the “bad boys” in movies or series, they are more interesting characters.

    I have nothing against Jonas Armstrong, but like you, I find his characterI boring in comparison with the Sherif or Gisborne.

    1. Thanks April and welcome to FC! Yeah, villains are fun to watch aren’t they… but especially those who yearns to be good but he just can’t help but be bad. I don’t know why they cast such a boring actor to play the hero on that show, whilst they get the juiciest actor to play his nemesis. No wonder we’ve never heard of Jonas but Richard’s been cast in The Hobbit… and hopefully even more roles!

  2. Cool post. I have to agree, Don Draper is a bad boy, so is Roger Sterling. Actually most of the men on MAD MEN are. It’s one of only two shows I watch regularly. The other is Vampire Diaries, I’m on Team Damon. He’s bad. So I guess i’m into them too 😉 PS: Vampires Diaries isn’t just for teenagers…it’s one of the best-written shows I’ve ever seen 🙂

    1. Thanks Paula! I was actually working on Edith Head post whilst working on this one, ahah. Richard is so very distracting 😉

      I only saw a couple of episodes of Mad Men and I could see myself falling for Don Draper. Oh Vampire Diaries huh? I didn’t know you’re into that show. Is Damon played by Ian Sommerhalder? He’s got the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen… I could see myself being hooked on that show, but from what I’ve seen, I’m not too fond of the other lead actor.

  3. Hello Ruth and ladies:

    I quite agree with April that the bad boys (and girls) are by far the most interesting characters. And if I may. I would like to add a few more names to your growing list.

    The late, great Ray Sharkey’s up and coming ‘Made Man”, Sonny Steelgrave from the Stephen J. Cannell series, ‘Wiseguy’. Impeccably dressed, smooth.and three steps ahead of everyone one else.

    Also, a rather young Kevin Spacey as criminal genius, Mel Profit. Who may love his twin sister, Joan Severance a bit too much. The complete series DVD set is available at

    Anthony Denison’s Ray Luca from Michael Mann’s ‘Crime Story’. The epitome of quiet, scheming 1960s “bad boy” from which many others evolved. He hasn’t changed all that much in his role as Detective Lt. Andy Flynn in ‘The Closer’ and ‘Major Crimes’. Check my critique of him and the cast of ‘Crime Story’ at Michael’s (leopard13) ‘It Rains… You Get Wet’

    Mark Sheppard in just about any recurring “bad boy/bad guy” role on episodic television. From his humble beginnings in ‘Soldiers of Fortune’ to ‘Battlestar Galactica’, ’24’, ‘Dollhouse’, ‘Leverage’ and ‘Supernatural’. Short, stocky and sometimes, slimy. Yet full of Jimmy Cagney’s brass and swagger.

    Marc Warren’s recurring, sometimes psycho, Nick Saverese in ‘The Good Wife’. The scruffy, seductive. scary boyfriend of investigator/fixer, Kalinda Sharma. Mr. Warren first caught my eye in the UK series, ‘Hustle’ and he’s been developing very nicely ever since!

    1. VERY cool Jack! I knew you’d have a slew of ‘bad boys’ to add to the festivities. I have to find some clips of Wiseguy on Youtube as I really forget about Spacey [as you know I was distracted by Ken Wahl ;)] I love Crime Story, it’s got one of the best opening sequence too, and great theme song. That’s a great tribute you did on Michael’s blog.

      Oh THAT’s Mark Sheppard! I definitely remember him in BSG! He’s definitely the go-to baddie on TV. I recognized Marc Warren too, but I had to google him first. Nice list here Jack, it almost warrant its own post [hint, hint] 😀

  4. PrairieGirl

    Even though I can’t stand to watch anymore, James Purefoy as Joe Carroll in The Following is an extremely charming and beguiling serial killer. Can anyone say “Ted Bundy?” Ouch!

    1. Oh yes, Mr. Purefoy… or as a previous blog commenter calls him Purejoy [what a fitting name!] I hear ya about the show, I wish it hadn’t been so gruesome.

      Btw, did you know Toby Stephens played Prince John in Robin Hood in the later season? He’s equally loathsome as Guy but both are soooo delish at being bad. Worth watching just to see those beautiful men together, YOWZA!!

  5. Oh, great subject! Sawyer from LOST was one of my favorites, Goddamn he was so hot. I really hope Josh Halloway starts to do more movies. The bad boy I loathe on the other hand is Don Draper in Mad Men, he is such a pompous, arrogant douche bag.

    My all time favorites, though, are Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It and Al Swearangen in Deadwood.

    1. Hello Sati! I was hoping you’d drop by. I was partly inspired by your post on TV characters a while back, I remember you had Gregory House and Richard Fish on there, both are great TV bad boys!

      Oh man, Sawyer is so dang hot, every time he came on I felt like my TV is on fire! 😉 I’m not fond of him personally (not crazy about his Southern accent) but he sure is HOT on TV, yeah he needs his own show!!

      Arrogant douche bag!! I think a lot of the real mad men in advertising were that way in those days. I haven’t seen The Thick of It and Deadwood, though I love Ian McShane. I might have to catch up on that at some point.

      1. Hi, Sat and Ruth:

        Excellent choice with Ian McShane!

        I’ll go one (or two) better and proffer Tim Olyphant ‘s Marchal Raylan Givens and his old friend/nemesis, Walton Goggins’ Boyd Crowder from FX’s ‘Justfied’.

        For all intents and purposes, Goggins is the heir apparent to superb character actor, Warren Oates. Sweaty skin, mashed down hair and all. While Olyphant has that smiling, sly, good old boy charm down pat. Would also toss in Adam Baldwin’s charcter of Jayne Cobb from ‘Firefly’ and ‘Serenity’.

        Omar and Stringer Bell (Idris Alba) from ‘The Wire’ are very worthy add ons as well, Terry!

        1. Oh my! How could I forget Baldwin’s Cobb from Firefly!! Good one Jack! I consider him more as as cocky wisecrackin’ smart ass, but yeah he’s certainly a fun bad boy to watch.

      2. Oh yeah! Though Richard had really good heart, he was just hopelessly misogynistic 🙂

        I actually read recently that Halloway will be the main star of TV show, something about CIA if I remember correctly 🙂

        Yeah I would have hated being a wife in the 50’s, my God, men were such pigs back then. I mean more so than nowadays ^^

        You should check out both of those shows, they are actually 2 of my all time favorites 🙂

  6. PrairieGirl

    Oh yes, PURE JOY is right (smile). And I remember you telling me about the RH series with both RA and TS, and I see Netflix has the DVDs (with a four-start rating – thanks good!) so I’ll add the first disc and see what all the fuss is about ;-O. I just got enamored by Monk (eight whole seasons!) so I will intersperse the two.

    1. Yes Robin Hood is a VERY good show despite lackluster lead actor, thanks to Richard Armitage. Nice to see Toby joining in the last season and also Lara Pulver as Guy’s sister. You might end up fast forwarding just to see Guy though 😉

      Oh Monk is fun! Tony Shaloub is sooo awesome, I’ve always liked him even in Wings!

        1. I figured that. I quite like James Marsters in P.S. I Love You, I knew a lot of Buffy fans love him playing a good guy in that too. Vampire shows always have great bad boys, I love Jason Dohring in Moonlight as well. Of course Mick is so darn sexy too as the main antihero 😉

  7. I think my choice for this would have to be Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgaad) from atrue Blood. Such a charismatic bad ‘in. He does mellow over the course of the series but still prone to the unsavoury moment.

    1. Somehow I knew Alexander Skarsgaad would make an appearance but I thought it’d come from a woman 😉 I haven’t seen that show and to be honest I don’t find him attractive at all. But I think if his character is well-written I could see his appeal. Nice one Mark!

      1. I’m in touch with my feminine side Ruth. I have a perfectly healthy man-crush on Northman. Either that or it’s that I wish I was him. The ladies certainly like him. 😉

        1. I hear ya Mark. I have girl crushes too! I thought Lena Heady was so awesome in Sarah Connor. As for Alexander, well all the girls can have him. I always think of his dad when I see him, but not in a good way ahahahaha…

          1. Ahaha! The ladies don’t seem to go for Stellan. Apparently, he’s kicking around in his birthday suit for Lars von Trier’s new pornography film. I like von trier but can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. Skarsgaard in the nudey. 😉

            1. Oh no!!! That’d be a HORROR movie!! I like Stellan but not in THAT way, ahah. Unlike you, I don’t care for Lars at all, so definitely a skip for me.

              Btw,I’d have added Gerry in Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married where he played a ‘wanker.’ That’s what the girls on the show call his character Gus, and it fits him to a T. As you said on Twitter, I do hope he gets a ‘come back’ soon, he absolutely needs a good role.

  8. Frank Underwood is the one that immediately sprung to mind but that could just be because I’ve recently watched HoC. I also love Omar and Stringer Bell from The Wire, those two are some of the best bad guys I’ve seen written! Also, there’s a soft spot for cigarette smoking man from X Files. I went through an X Files obsession a few years ago so he sticks in the mind!

    1. Yes, Frank Underwood is a good one Chris. I had to list him too, Spacey always plays a titillating baddie! Is Omar played by Idris Elba? I really need to catch up on The Wire, but not sure when as I STILL haven’t got around to Downton Abbey!! Ahah, cigarette-smoking man on X-Files is great isn’t he? I don’t even know who the actor’s name though.

      1. That’s why he’s so mysterious! Ha!

        Idris Elba plays Stringer Bell, it’s a guy called Michael K Williams who’s also in Boardwalk Empire I think. Omar is an absolutely brilliant character. I can’t recommend The Wire highly enough, it’s a phenomenal piece of television, albeit a heavy watch at times.

        1. I had to google who Michael K Williams was. I’d love to catch up on The Wire at some point. I reckon my hubby would love that. He’s not interested in Downton, ahah. Idris plays an American in it right? I think I’ve heard his American accent is spot on!

            1. I didn’t know Idris was English either when I first caught clips of him on The Wire. Oh man Dominic is in it too, I DEFINITELY need to start catching up on that show. Tons of eye candy for my liking 😉

  9. Hahah, not sure why, but hearing you call someone a “misogynist jerk-off” really cracked me up, Ruth. As for the topic, you’re absolutely right in speculating that Boardwalk Empire is full of “bad boy” characters. I have been hooked on that show lately — just about to wrap up season two — and Michael Pitt’s character fits the bill perfectly. He’s a complete asshole, but now that we are learning about his history, it starts to make sense. A tragic character, really.

    1. Ahah, it’s harsh perhaps but that’s what Richard Fish was 🙂 I like that you mention ‘tragic character’ as that’s what they really are. They’re far more interesting than full-on villains as there are more dimensions to them. That’s what I like about Guy, he’s a tortured soul essentially, which resulted in him doing very bad things. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Michael Pitt in anything before. Btw, isn’t Michael Shannon play kind of a bad boy as well on that show?

        1. Ah right, creepy weird dude I guess. I heard his interview on NPR where they talked about his extreme activities involving a belt or something, sounds totally weird!!

    1. Ahahaha… that’s perfect! Not every fun bad guy has to be this brooding, sexy type. Newman is sooo revolting but that’s kind of his “appeal” ahah.

    1. Oh right, Madeline Stowe! I actually watched the episode when James Purefoy guest starred (talk about the ultimate juicy bad boy!) I reckon Bryan Cranston makes a living out of playing great bad boys, ahah. Thanks T!

          1. The actors name is Alfie Allen,who also happens to be english(I know you have a fondness for english actors, so i thought it was worth mentioning). He was the adopted Stark brother,but in case that doesn’t ring a bell heres a pic of him

            The reason i mentioned him is because you mentioned liking tortued characters, and in season 2 he kept doing worse and worse things to get the approval of his father and his men when really they didn’t care about him one bit.

            1. You’re right, I do have a thing for Brits 😀 Never heard of Alfie Allen before but sounds like his character has the ingredients for a juicy bad boy. It’s similar to Guy in that he’s trying to get the approval of his boss the Sheriff though he grows to loathe him as the show progresses, and rightly so!

  10. Ted S.

    Interesting topic since I don’t really pay attention to the “bad boy” character(s) on certain TV show. I guess my favorites are Shane from the Walking Dead first two seasons. Then Raylan Givens and his nemesis Boyd Crowder, the other TV show I watch regularly.

  11. Great post about Guy! I have a thing for “bad boys” too, but Guy touches my heart as well. How could Marian resist him? How can any woman resist him wearing all that black leather, Black leather is his color! You are right, Richard Armitage played the conflicted, brooding, passionate, character to perfection.

      1. I think it’s more than just him being gorgeous. I mean he surely is, but he’s got that attitude to make the whole leather look work instead of it looking cheesy.

          1. Oh no, you’re fine. I was just talking about something all RA fans agree on, that he’s so much more than just a pretty face and a hot bod 😉

    1. Thanks! I know you’ve probably read so many gushing post by fellow RA fans 😀 I just couldn’t help indulging a bit after having Richard marathon, ahah. He should wear black leather more often, the tighter the better 😉 He does seem to gravitate towards the dark, conflicted characters… that’s why it’s always fun to watch Vicars of Dibley to see his lighter side. Harry is perhaps his *happiest* role where he hardly ever frowns in the whole series! 😀

  12. I do not know if I have an absolute favorite – House ranks up there. And sure, Armitage was a delicious villain in Robin Hood, even if the show fell to bits. ooo ooo I just thought of one – Aidan Turner as Mitchell the vampire in the BBC version of Being Human.

    While I am at it I should shamelessly indulge in my current TV obsession, Scandal and its Prez, played by Tony Goldwyn. Granted his turn to the dark side on the show is fairly recent and may be of a temporary nature, but he is something else if he and I love his character. He was Carl Bruner from Ghost if you recall – now that was a ‘cinematic’ bad boy I could not get behind.

    1. I haven’t seen the whole series of Robin Hood yet, what do you mean the show fell to bits??

      Y’know, I’ve actually never seen the BBC version of Being Human, the only time I saw Aidan was in The Hobbit (with Richard!!). I did see the US version and I actually quite like the actor in that one, he’s playing Aidan’s role I think, not sure what his name is.

      I just saw the commercial for Scandal for the first time. Yes I remember Tony Goldwyn, he’s in a couple other films besides Ghost that I like. But yeah, Carl is revolting, not the kind of bad boy I like. I might tune in to see Scandal now just to see what you mean.

      1. Sam Witwer is on the US version of Being Human.
        As for Robin Hood I loved the first season and bits of the second and gave up going into the third. I did see the final episode though but to fulfill my sense of completion.

        1. Ah, so that’s what’s his name. I immediately ‘connected’ with him, I mean his character. He’s got that ‘tortured soul’ look going, you know that appeals to me 😉

          As for Robin, I blame that on Jonas’ casting. I mean he’s just boring. The girl playing Marian is also not a very compelling actress, I mean when I saw Lara Pulver joining as Guy’s sister, I was like, why didn’t they hire her as Marian??! Guy is pretty much the only reason I watched this show.

  13. Hmmmm……not something I look out for, bad boys! I don’t really watch TV. Surely Dexter would count? Serial killer but sweet handsome guy? The show is amazing, as is Michael C Hall. As for for bad women, well the one that springs to mind is Maryann, which is in keeping with the True Blood comments! She was mental but hot in a weird way 😛

    1. Hi Tyson! Well that’s why I opened the question to include ‘bad girls’ as well, surely there are a bunch of them, as many as the male counterparts. Oh Dexter surely count. The devil comes in attractive packages as they say, he’s a character in the vein of James Purefoy in The Following that Prairiegirl has mentioned above.

      I haven’t seen True Blood, but that should be included in shows that’s comprised mostly of bad boys/girls! 😀

  14. Hi, Ruth:

    As for bad girls. I’d include Amy Acker. Who has made a career of playing smiling, girl next store, crazy psychotics with an agenda. First caught in her recurring role in ‘Angel’ and ‘Alias’. Through her roles as Dr. Claire Saunders and “Whiskey” in ‘Dollhouse’. To her wondrously creepy super computer geek, “Root” in ‘Person of Interest’.

    Would also ass Jim Caviezel’s John Reese in ‘Person of Interest’. No one wears a suit so well! And Michael Emerson’s unassuming Harold Finch in the same series.

    1. I’m not familiar w/ Acker but I’ve certainly heard of her. Man I really need to start watching Person of Interest, I mean Nolan’s brother Jonathan wrote it so it’s gotta be good! I LOVE Caviezel, I could see him being a sexy, irresistible bad boy. He’s one of those tall, lean, drop-dead-gorgeous actors who’s more than a pretty face. Emerson is also one of those reliable baddies.

      1. Hi, Ruth:

        I would expect that Mr. Caviezel would fit cozily into your “Yowza!” category, as you so quaintly put it. 😉

        Been watching ‘Person of Interest’ since the start. An extremely well written and executed, adult series that does not insult your intelligence. And shows no signs of jumping the shark in regards to plot.

        Also been following CBS’s ‘Elementary’ immediately afterward. Much more for Jonny Lee Miller’s take on a modern day Sherlock Holmes with lots of bad boy potential. Than Lucy Liu’s social service mobile shrink, Watson.

        1. All right Jack, you’ve sold me now. I’ve GOT to see Person of Interest!!

          “An extremely well written and executed, adult series that does not insult your intelligence. And shows no signs of jumping the shark in regards to plot.” Very nicely put, that’s how I feel about BBC Spooks too, though the plots get a bit too convoluted at times.

          I might check out Elementary though initially I abhor the idea of yet ANOTHER Sherlock show just because the BBC version is so popular. I like Miller in general, his style is understated but he’s got wit and w/ the right material he could be very charming. I thought the pairing w/ Lucy Liu seems a bit odd, however.

    2. If we’re including bad Girls, i would like to include Faith from Buffy. I liked how even though i didn’t always agree with her actions,i understood where she was coming from. And while i am also a big Acker fan(as Ruth can attest to), i think her role choices have actually been pretty diverse. Don’t think i would call them all “bad girl” type roles.

      1. “…even though i didn’t always agree with her actions,i understood where she was coming from.” That’s a great way of putting it Julian. That’s how I felt about great bad boys/girls on TV or films. You empathize with them even though you don’t exactly condone their behavior.

        I really should check out Acker in Person of Interest, sounds like she has a lot of fans 😀

      2. Hi, dirtywithclass and Ruth:

        Eliza Dushku’s Faith was a very complex character in a series focused around complex characters. That the audience (myself included for its last seasons) may not have liked what Faith did, but understood why she did those things. Is a tribute to superior writing and character development. Something Ms. Dushku learned and ran with in ‘Tru Calling’ (Not Bad Girl) and ‘Dollhouse’ (Definite Bad Girl!).

        I may have generalized and mis-opined earlier. Amy Acker has a wide pallet of talent spread across years. Though he does seem to do “crazy” or “other worldly” (Winifred Buckle, Illyria, Whiskey) all to well and memorably.

        While there’s something about Lucy Liu in any role that just doesn’t set right with me.

        1. Ms Dushku certainly has the look to be a *bad girl* I never got around to catching Buffy or Dollhouse, only a few clips.

          Btw Jack, your post of ‘My Favorite Year’ is up and there are some comments on there for you 😀

  15. Favorite TV bad boys: I’d include Lex Luthor (Smallville) and Frank Underwood (House of Cards) as well, Ruth. In addition, I’d mention James Moriarty (Sherlock). That’s all I can think of, since I don’t watch much TV. 😉

    1. Yep, those two are on my list, Josh. Great call on Moriarty in Sherlock, that took me by surprise. Well Sherlock himself is quite the bad boy 😀

  16. Wow so many out there. I’ll just list my favorites. Spacey as Frank Underwood is my new favorite. Walton Goggins as Shane Vendrell aka Cleetus Van Damme and Michael Chiklis as Vic Mackey on The Shield. Michael K. Williams as Omar and Idris Elba as Stringer Bell on The Wire. Mark Sheppard on anything. (BSG, Firefly, Supernatural) Christina Hendricks as Saffron/Bridget/Yolanda on Firefly. Brian Cranston as Walter White aka Heisenberg and Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring on Breaking Bad. Michael Emerson as Ben Linus on Lost. Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan and John Lithgow as The Trinity Killer on Dexter. Sarah Clarke as Nina Myers from 24. Allyson Hannigan as Dark Willow on Buffy. Ian McShane as Al Swearengen on Deadwood. Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarity on Sherlock. J.K. Simmons as Vern Schillinger on Oz.

    Here’s some oldies but goodies. Michael Dunn as Dr Miguelito Lovelace on Wild Wild West. Adrian Pasdar as Jim Profit on Profit. That show was way ahead of it’s time. Rip Torn as Artie Lang on The Larry Sanders Show.

    1. Ahah yeah, there are many indeed, and I don’t even watch that much TV. I think a lot of people you mentioned are popular w/ other readers as well, I only knew a few of them by reading stuff about them as I haven’t seen the show. I have a special fondness for the tortured soul variety, not the inherently evil ones like Moriarty or Underwood, as they don’t seem to have much remorse.

      I haven’t even heard of Profit before but I quite like Pasdar, he surely makes for a beautiful baddie 😀

      1. Profit was a most interesting and challenging show. Only 4 of the 8 episodes aired on FOX back in 1996 before it was cancelled. Too dark for TV. It’s the kind of challenging programming made for Showtime or FX today. Created by David Greenwalt of Angel fame. Interestingly enough a young, long haired John Hawkes was a guest star on the show. Anchor Bay resurrected it on DVD back in the early 2005.

        From wiki… Jim Profit (Adrian Pasdar) – born James Stakowski, he was raised in a cardboard G&G shipping box with the television on at all hours by an abusive father in Tulsa, Oklahoma, until he set his father on fire and ran away as a teenager. The experience left him with a complete hatred of TV and a desire to insinuate himself into the G&G family by any means necessary. Worked in Auditing before ascending to junior-vice president of Acquisitions. He intends to climb the corporate ladder at G&G by secretly engineering the ruin of those who stand in his way and/or refuse to assist him.

        Pasdar would routinely speak to the audience with great lines like “The line most people say they won’t cross – it’s usually something they’ve already done when they thought no one was watching”, “Anyone who thinks controlling people is a science is dead wrong. It’s an art” and “When you want someone to love you, open your heart. When you want someone obsessed with you, close it.” Described as “Satan in a suit” you’d be hard pressed to find a badder boy ever on TV. The show has a kinship to American Psycho and what with the goings on at Enron, Worldcom and Tyco… Profit seems a little tame now… but only just a little bit. I can’t say enough about Pasdar’s performance Check out the clip.

        1. Hi, dave:

          I remember ‘Profit’ very fondly. Not only Adrian Pasdar and his and the show’s creepiness factor. But for its list of fine supporting actors (Keith Szarabajka, Lisa Blount, Lisa Zane, Don S. Davis and Scott Paulin) in a drama that was years ahead of its time.

          Fox had another weekly hour long series around the same time. That ran for less than a season. About warring clans of vampires living and dealing in modern times. It was shot in Montreal and was equal parts ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Underworld’. Though I don’t remember its name. The series also ahead of its time and was quite good.

          1. Kev,

            I’ll have to see if I can find out what that show was as it doesn’t ring a bell. Thanks for the heads up.

            Did you ever catch David Greenwalt’s Miracles with Skeet Ulrich? A sort of spiritual X-Files. The plot device that he sees GOD IS NOW HERE or GOD IS NOWHERE written in his blood, aka Hemography, on his windshield after an auto accident is just brilliant. He can’t decide if the message is good or evil which really gives the show its edge. Man would have really liked to have seen where this could have gone.

            1. Hi, dave:

              I ran some ideas and possible titles through IMDb and found it.
              ‘Kindred: The Embraced’ from 1996. Notable for Stacy Haiduk, Patrick Blauchau and
              C. Thomas Howell (Off. Dewey Dudek of TNT’s ‘Southland) and Jeff Kober. Extremely
              atmospheric series that sadly, died before it could its audience.

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