Music Break: The Artist’s Waltz for Peppy

Happy Friday everybody. Hope y’all had a nice Valentine’s Day yesterday.

I listen to Classical MPR radio on my commute to work and yesterday morning there were a lot of Valentine dedications and they’re playing some beautiful, sweeping waltzes. One of them is Waltz for Peppy from the gorgeous soundtrack of The Artist. Oh I just love that music so much I wish I could play it on repeat!


Somehow I missed including George Valentin & Peppy Miller in my list of 14 favorite movie couples! So this is my way to make it up for them. I love this scene when Peppy auditions as a dancer and George spots her, and he then insists that she gets a part in Kinograph Studios’ next production, despite the studio boss’ objections.

Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo are simply sublime. Apparently director Michel Hazanavicius played music from classic Hollywood films throughout the shoot while the actors performed.

The soundtrack is composed by French composer Ludovic Bource and was recorded in Belgium by the Brussels Philharmonic. It has won pretty much every single film award that year, including BAFTA, César, Golden Globes, and the Oscar for Best original Score. The music is even more crucial and affecting the fact that it’s a silent film, and it fits the playful yet sweet tone of the film so perfectly.

I remember being absolutely enchanted by this film when I first saw it two years ago (I gave it a 5 star review). I haven’t seen it since. Listening to this makes me want to watch it again real soon.

Hope you enjoy today’s music. What do you think of The Artist?

26 thoughts on “Music Break: The Artist’s Waltz for Peppy

  1. The Artist is such a magical movie. It hearkens back to such a wonderful age of filmmaking. And your right, Dujardin and Bejo are lovely. I do remember the soundtrack. It’s such a perfect fit. I love The Artist!

  2. I love The Artist, I think I’ve seen it three (ish) times since it won last year.
    I love how towards the end they use music from Vertigo; I noticed that last time I watched it. The film is not really like Vertigo that much but the music still fits perfectly.

    1. Oh yeah, I just read about the Kim Novak’s controversy about the use of the Vertigo score. I personally think she’s overreacting. I actually have not seen Vertigo and people use scores from other films all the time, it shouldn’t be a big deal. That’s cool that it still fits this film though it’s such a different movie from Vertigo.

      1. Oh I didn’t realize it was a controversy. I don’t see what Novak has to complain about because it’s not like she wrote it, but whatever. I was amazed when it came on though and I loved it personally.

  3. Oh The Artist has amazing music! I love that scene when they dance, at first they are laughing but then by the last take, they just look at each other, so in love. My favorite scores usually lose during Oscar season so I was really happy that this one won so many awards last year.

    1. I think this dance scene is one of my faves of the entire film. They have such a bewitching chemistry! I wonder if Hazanavicius ever got jealous of Dujardin, ahah. Yeah, I was happy it won Best Score, too.

      1. They actually had even spicier scenes in OSS 117 movie he directed, at one point Dujardin was shirtless and they were kissing, ah what a great film 😀

  4. I think I need to watch this one again, I don’t think I appreciated it enough the first time and I was a little bit upset that year when Drive was snubbed and this won best picture. Plus the dialogue track was off on my DVD for some reason. 🙂

    1. Well, not having seen Drive I’m not sad it didn’t win. I do think this one merited the win as it’s not simply a style over substance type of film. The story/acting/direction are superb. Hope you’ll give it another shot.

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