Upcoming Flix Spotlight: British Crime Drama ‘All Things To All Men’

A new contractor at my office who just started last week made an observation the other day when he stopped by my cube. “Are you a bit of an Anglophile?” I asked him why he thought so, then he pointed out to my Skyfall poster, London desktop pics, and other British-related memorabilia all over my desk. Well, considering my penchant for British cinema and actors, I guess I’ve been suffering from a seemingly-incurable case of Anglophilia 😉

The point of that story is that I LOVE movies set in Britain, and I’ve been waiting patiently for All Things To All Men for quite some time. I mentioned it nearly a year ago on this ensemble cast post, and for a while all I’ve got to go on is this photo:

Gabriel Byrne & Toby Stephens

Well, finally we’ve got some great news about its release date… well for my friends across the pond that is. It’s set to open nationwide across the UK on March 8, no news on the US release yet, though 😦

Special thanks to Stella from Byrneholics for the tip, we’re both thrilled that Irish thespian Gabriel Byrne has the lead role, with two equally hunky Brits Rufus Sewell and Toby Stephens. Before we get to the synopsis, lets look at some official first pics first, shall we?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s the synopsis:

When Riley (Stephens), a professional thief, is hired to pull off the ultimate sting, he is unwittingly drawn into a deadly cat and mouse game between maverick police detective Parker (Sewell) and renowned London crime lord Joseph Corso (Byrne). Parker is determined to bring down Corso and do whatever it takes to end his reign, but when the sting backfires and stakes get higher, Riley finds himself at the centre of a battle where the line between the law and crime are blurred beyond recognition.

Per Empire, the film’s written and directed by George Isaac, who’s already a successful producer with Kidulthood and Adulthood and a BAFTA nominee for short film Nits, and also stars Elsa Pataky (Chris Hemsworth’s wife), James Frain, Julian Sands and Leo Gregory.

Byrneholics site has the full press release, which states that the film is shot entirely in London. I found some pics of Rufus on the set last year:


Sorry, no larger pics available without watermark, photos are from CapitalPictures.

Man, I absolutely can’t wait for this movie! I love crime dramas and the premise sounds intriguing. The fact that this is a smaller production and set on location makes me want to see it all the more. Of course the cast is just splendid! I’ve always thought Byrne is perfect in a noir crime drama, and this role is similar to the one I cast him in this Moran’s Epilogue movie pitch as a former gangster. Sewell is a massively underrated actor, but I hope he gets a role he could really sink his teeth into. I’m not as familiar with Stephens’ work as a whole, though I adore his mum, Dame Maggie Smith. Unfortunately I’m not fond of the only two roles he did that I saw, Bond villain in Die Another Day and Rochester in 2006 BBC’s Jane Eyre, but I give him the benefit of the doubt that he’ll be good here.

Man, I hope the trailer’s going to be released soon… and more importantly, this will get a cinema release here in the US, even if it’s a limited one.

Well, thoughts on this movie and/or cast? Would you go and see this?

35 thoughts on “Upcoming Flix Spotlight: British Crime Drama ‘All Things To All Men’

  1. PrairieGirl

    One way or another, don’t know how though, I have to see this movie. With any luck it will still be in the theaters by the time I visit London in the spring… ;-O

    1. So so jealous that you’re going to London, Becky!! I’d have to live vicariously through you 😀 I do hope the movie will still be playing there, I mean you’d think it would as it’s only 3 weeks in the theater if you go at the end of March.

  2. Ted S.

    The movie sounds interesting, I’ll probably give it a rent if/when it comes to the States.

    I think the only other big Hollywood film Toby Stephens appeared in was Space Cowboys where he played the younger version Clint Eastwood’s character. His career never took off here in the States after he played the villain in the awful Die Another Day.

    1. Oh I forgot Stephens was in Space Cowboys! I quite like that movie. Yeah, Die Another Day is awful in every way, I don’t think it was his fault that he was a terrible villain as it was so badly-written.

    1. Not Byrne’s biggest fan?? 😦 What movies have you seen him in, I’m just curious. Glad you like Sewell though, he’s sooo massively underrated. Btw Mark, I have a favor to ask, I’ll send you a DM via Twitter 😀

      1. I’ve enjoyed a lot of films that Byrne has been involved in but I don’t really rate him personally. The Usual Suspects and Miller’s Crossing happen to be two of my favourite films though.

        A favour you say? Fire away!

        1. Yeah, those two films are very good indeed, I think Byrne was especially excellent in Miller’s Crossing. Ok, I’ll be sending you a DM via Twitter shortly 🙂 Thanks Mark!

    1. Oh you have to see his other roles, Tyson. I haven’t seen Vinyan yet but the subject matter doesn’t interest me. He’s great in Dark City and Tristan & Isolde, among others, and also in the BBC series Zen from a couple of years back.

    2. PrairieGirl

      Whatever you do, don’t judge Rufus just on Vinyan. The director is French… need I say more? He’s excellent in A Knight’s Tale, and that’s a very good movie too. And as Flixy says, Zen is a great series. He’s also a very convincing villian in The Legend of Zorro.

  3. Wow I never knew Stephens was Maggie Smith’s son! and I didn’t realize it was him in Die Another Day 🙂 The film looks fun, Gabriel Byrne is always awesome.

    1. Yes he is indeed Sati! It’s perhaps best that you don’t remember that Bond movie at all, ahah. Glad to hear you love Byrne too, you are a woman of great taste 😀

  4. Sounds intriguing. and i know many other people that would consider themselves “anglophiles” right along with you. One of my sisters being one of them. 🙂

    Love the slideshow of images, Ruth. it works nicely in this post!

    1. Oh I think I would get along with your sis very well 😀 Thanks T, I got the inspiration from you, I didn’t know about the gallery feature until you told me about it.

  5. I love British set films as well so it looks pretty interesting for sure.

    Anglophile in Minneapolis, now that sounds like a pretty good movie to me, you should copyright that Ruth.

    ~ Chris

  6. Gabriel Byrne is excellent! Was sad I completely missed his new TV series over here – Secret State. Only about 6 episodes I think. Will have to go back to it.

    This looks like a pretty decent British film, but think I’ll end up watching it on the small screen when it rolls around that-a-way.

      1. oh…it will NEVER be shown in Indonesia. TV here hardly look at British stuff, always Hollywood’s.
        BUT that will never keep me away 😉
        where do you think I get all my British movies and series? 😉 as always I look forvthe illegal way and then if I REALLY like it, I’ll hunt the original just like what I did with The Mighty Boosh

        1. Yeah, it’s such a bummer! BBC stuff is just sooo good, and I especially love British movies set on location in Britain. Ha..ha.. yeah, you are very resourceful and dedicated in finding the movies you love, Nov 😉

  7. This flick sounds pretty intriguing. I’ll definitely be looking it up assuming they finally give us some release date over here. Byrne hasn’t been in anything I really, really liked since 1995’s “The Usual Suspects” and “Miller’s Crossing before that. But he was so good and I loved him in those films. So I know he has the acting chops.

  8. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth and company:

    The Brits just seem to do some genres much better than we in the states. Documentaries and Period Pieces are a given, because the country (UK) has not changed dramatically. Save for some newer, overblown eye sores.

    Their actors are also of a better quality and inclined to act instead of being a close-up only, action heroes and heroines. Rufus Sewell’s recent ‘Restless’ is a fine example. As Gabriel Byrne’s ‘All Things To All Men’ will be!

    1. Indeed Jack, I think as far as crime thrillers are concerned, there’s something inherently mysterious about London, too. It enhances the mood 🙂

      Amen on your comment about the actors, they’re easy on the eyes but also seem to have more going on than just being a pretty face. Oh I’m jealous you’ve seen Restless!! I can’t wait to see that as soon as it’s available on iTunes or Netflix!

    1. Yeah, those two actors are so talented they should get more roles. But Sewell’s also got a stage project on the West End with Kristin Scott Thomas going on now, talk about multi-talented!

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