Five for the Fifth: November 2012 Edition

Hello folks, welcome to another 2012 edition of Five of the Fifth!

As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here. So let’s get started, shall we?
1. Well, despite the name, Wreck It Ralph certainly is no box office wreck. In fact, the opposite is true! The movie grossed nearly $50 mil in just three days! Seems like a lot of people affected by Hurricane Sandy were looking for some fun distraction and there were reports that many kids being out of school because of the storm also help with strong matinee business on the East Coast on Friday. Well I haven’t seen it yet but my friend Terrence gave it 4/5 stars and it does sound like a lot of fun!

According to Gold Derby, this movie is one of the 21 films that have officially been submitted for consideration for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards.

If you’ve seen it, what did you think? How does it rank amongst your favorite Disney movies?


2. Y’all already know my undying love for Superman since a wee girl. So when my friend Michael tweeted a post by Flights, Tights and Movie Nights blog on this 11-min short called One on One, I was intrigued! I love it when filmmakers highlight the ‘human’ side of a superhero story, without making it too overly-sentimental. The subtle hints about the reporter’s identity is handled very well in this short, plus it’s so well-shot and well-acted all around.

Do check out Bubbawheat’s interview with Jake Thomas, the creator of the short film, on how he chose to focus more on a random Metropolis teenager and her interaction with Clark Kent, instead of the typical action/special effects/stunts style story.

Check it out below:

I should thank my hubby who saw the tweet when I woke up this morning and we both watched it twice as we’re relaxing in bed enjoying the extra one hour from the end of Daylight Savings’ Time 🙂

Well, what do you think of the short film?


3. November 5 is Tilda Swinton’s 52nd Birthday! Wow, I had no idea she was already in her 50s! I first noticed the Scottish actress in the first Chronicles of Narnia movie where she played the White Queen. She appeared in Danny Boyle’s The Beach but I didn’t realize who she was then. I’ve seen her in five other films since the two I mentioned, but I think my favorite role of hers is the one in Michael Clayton. It was a well-deserved Oscar win surely.

Some trivia about miss Swinton:

Her family is one of the oldest in Scotland, but her mother is Australian. Her father is Major-General Sir John Swinton, whose ancestral home has been within the family since the 9th century. She attended West Heath Girls’ School, with Princess Diana as one of her classmates, and later Fettes College. Gave birth to twins, a daughter named Honor Byrne and a son named Xavier Byrne, in November 1997. The father of her children, John Byrne, is a Scottish artist and writer.

I’m very curious about her next film Only Lovers Left Alive, about two vampires who have been in love for centuries, co-starring Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska and John Hurt.

What’s your favorite role of Tilda Swinton?

4. Now, my fourth question is not exactly a new news. Tons of films have had advanced tickets selling weeks in advanced, so the fact that The Hobbit tickets are going to be on sale this Wednesday online and in theaters across North America, a month ahead of its December 14 release doesn’t exactly surprise me.

Just like Nolan’s Batman movies, there’s also a scheduled marathon screenings of Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy in Extended Cut editions on Saturday, December 8th, and Sunday December 9th. Oh geez, I don’t know if I could handle seeing nine-hours worth of stuff on the big screen, though if I have the fortitude I might watch my already-purchased extended edition Blu-rays in the comfort of my own home.

Now, the only advanced screening tickets I bought about a week ahead of the film’s release was The Dark Knight Rises on IMAX.

Out of curiosity, what film(s) have you bought advanced tickets for and were they worth it?

5. One of the things I like about Wes Anderson’s films are the stellar ensemble cast and he seems to be doing the same thing for his upcoming feature The Grand Budapest Hotel. So far the four major stars confirmed are Wes’ regulars Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman, and two British thespians Ralph Fiennes and Jude Law (and reportedly Jeff Goldblum is now confirmed to join the cast as well). Fiennes will be playing the lead role as Mr. Gustave, and the film will focus on the troubles and tribulations of the hotel’s perfectly composed concierge. Well, thanks to Julian who tweeted me the news, my favorite Irish young star Saoirse Ronan has now joined the cast as the female lead! Anderson will once again work with Scott Rudin and Steve Rales who produced Moonrise Kingdom.

I know the film hasn’t opened until December 2014 but I definitely will be on the lookout for it. Here are additional info about the movie according to Filmofilia:

The Grand Budapest Hotel takes place 85 years ago in a Hungarian hotel, and is partly inspired by the witty films of Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch.

Oh, I like that premise already! And with this cast, it surely becomes one of my anticipated holiday movies of next year!

Well, my last question to you is: are you anticipating this one, too?

Well, that’s it for the November edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

50 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: November 2012 Edition

  1. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth and company:

    Interesting Five for the Fifth!

    #1:I completely missed the early generation arcade and home play games. So, ‘Wreck it Ralph’ may offer some insights to experiences missed.

    #2: I really liked seeing Clark Kent get back to his newshound roots. Coming up just shy of a new Super Hero. ‘Clark Kent: Mobile Shrink’. While still being a hero and helping to save a damsel in distress.

    Jake Thomas shows a flair for being able to do a lot with a little. One to keep an eye on!

    #3: Tilda Swinton reminds me a lot of Dame Helen Mirren and Patricia Neal. Building a solid career in secondary roles before acquiring a talent to make certain roles her own. No matter what size.

    Favorite role for me is Ms. Swinton’s White Witch in ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Best role would be her Katie Cox in ‘Burn After Reading’.

    #4: ‘The Lord of the Rings’ franchise does nothing for me.

    #5: ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ boasts a superlative cast. If the writing and pacing are even close to Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch. I’ll give it a look.

    1. Hi there Jack! I’m not much of an arcade gamer myself but yeah, the premise of ‘Wreck it Ralph’ sounds strangely appealing. Absolutely right about Jake Thomas, I hope to see him do a feature film, whether superhero related or not.

      Miss Swinton is one of those actors who constantly look for challenging roles, I respect actors who seem to be in the business more for the work than the fame.

  2. interesting bits of news but I can’t answer most of the questions there 😉

    you know our cinema…there is no advance ticket for movie, we come, buy the ticket and atch the movie. Advance ticket is only for special events…one that I know and bought the ticket in advance was L’Arc~en~Ciel Live Viewing, it was a concert played in big screen….and was it worthed?? let’s just say I watched 2 out of 3 viewings. I wish they play such show every month… I love that band TOO much

    1. Oh I didn’t know that L’Arc~en~Ciel show was shown on the big screen, so not exactly LIVE then? I still haven’t heard a single tune from them Nov, but hey that’s cool that you love ’em!

      1. Live Viewing is what Japanese called for showing a full live concert at cinema…but ONLY at chosen cinemas at specific time. Prior to their real concert (which was a dream come true), L’arc management gave us 2 live viewings in only 1 cinema, that’s why we have to book it first.

        Even though we only saw it in the cinema but the fans sang and danced as if in the real concert 😉

  3. Definitely wouldnt include Ralph amongst my favorite Disney movies… but it WAS very good. One of this year’s best animated offerings without a doubt.

    Meanwhile, I’ve bought advance tickets like… earlier in the week. Months in advance? Nooooo

    1. Hi ya Fogs! That’s cool that you had seen Wreck it Ralph already. So what are some of your fave Disney movies? I think for me, since I grew up with Princesses movies, those remain my faves. Yeah, I can’t imagine buying any ticket a month in advance, it’s not like they’re gonna run out!

      1. impsndcnma

        I’ll probably end up buying my tickets on Wednesday. I like the midnight IMAX experience. If there’s an opportunity to see it in the increased FPS format, I’d like to give that a try as well.

  4. Ted S.

    1. As you know I’m not much into animations so I’ll prob skip Wreck it Ralph.

    2. That One on One short was pretty great, hopefully the director gets to actually work on a real supero film someday. He’s shown he has some talent, Hollywood needs more directors like him instead of the Michael Bays or Brett Ratners. One thing I wish he’d change was cast a different actress for the girl role, that actress kind of annoyed me.

    3. I haven’t seen many films of Swinton’s but she’s great in Michael Clayton.

    4. I’ve never bought any advance tickets for movies, especially for big event films because I know there will be tons of people there opening night and I don’t like people. BUT if I can get tickets to an advance showing of a certain big film, then yeah I’ll buy it.

    5. Not biggest fan of Anderson so I don’t really have an opinion about his upcoming project. I don’t even remember the last film I saw that he made.

    1. Yeah, I hope Jake Thomas gets noticed. We need a good director for superhero movies and he’s definitely got the chops. Even with such a small budget, the short was very well-shot!

      Ahah, you don’t like people, too funny! I actually don’t mind waiting in line if I really like the movie. I might go to the ICON cinema for Skyfall though as we can reserve the seats so no waiting necessary.

      Wes is kind of an acquired taste, but this cast definitely intrigues me!

      1. Ted S.

        I’m going to see Skyfall on Thursday since it opens a day early at IMAX theaters. Can’t wait to see it, I’ve avoided reviews and haven’t watched any video clips besides the trailers.

  5. 1: I haven’t seen Wreck it Ralph yet but it does look good.

    2: Sadly my phone won’t allow me to play this little short just now but I’ll swing back when I’m on a computer.

    3: I’ve got to agree on Swinton’s role in Michael Clayton. She was marvellous in that. Such a reliable actress though and nice info on her there Ruth. I wasn’t aware of her ancestry but I love John Byrne’s work.

    4: I honestly have never bought advanced tickets. Still, it’s tempting to do so for The Hobbit. I can’t wait!

    5: As a massive Wes Anderson fan, I always anticipate his films. So my answer is a resounding YES. Can’t wait for this one either.

    1. Hi Mark! Do check out that short, curious to hear what you think.

      I’ve always thought Swinton was English until a few months ago. Boy she’s got quite a pedigree eh? That’s cool that you’re familiar with her partner’s work (not sure if they’re married), so is he famous in Scotland then?

      Yay, glad to hear you’re a Hobbit fan as well. So this December and the next we have at least ONE major movie to look forward to! 😀

      1. I always thought Swinton was English too. I knew that she lived in Scotland and runs a little Scottish film festival but I’m surprised to hear that. Yeah, I’m a big fan of John Byrne’s stuff. I wouldn’t say he’s massively well known in Scotland but those in the know and cultured (like myself 😉 ) know who he is. His paintings are very idiosyncratic and he’s a fairly famous working class playwright. He’s also responsible for a lot of album cover artwork, primarily Gerry Raffetty.

        In my little trivia post tomorrow, I’ll give you another slice of info on him. 😉

        1. Oh awesome! I should google him and see his paintings. You are a cultured and sophisticated man, Mark, must be the Scottish thing 😉

          Looking forward to read your Trivia Tuesday!!

          1. Why thank you miss! 😉

            Yeah, check out his paintings. They’re very good and unmistakable of Byrne’s style.

            By the way, did you get my message on twitter about the Robert Carlyle advert he done for Johnnie Walker Whisky? I’m not sure if the link would work but check out you tube. Just type in Robert Carlyle / Johnnie Walker and you should get a 6min or so video. It’s brilliant stuff and I’m sure it’s all the one take.

  6. I’m kinda shocked by the success of WRECK IT RALPH. An animated film about a destroyer, and a violent character becomes a hit while sweet and deeply inspired movies filled with love and positive messages like BRAVE, OWLS OF GA’HOOLE don’t break records? It brings tears to my eyes, it truly does, Flixy ….. 😦

    I;d watch anything with Jude Law he’s the law! But you know that already 🙂

    1. I think the idea is that Ralph doesn’t want to be a destroyer anymore, Dezzy. So I don’t think the movie is violent. I think BRAVE was quite a box office hit too, wasn’t it? Most Pixar movies are.

      Jude is sooo gorgeous! He an Aaron Johnson are the only reasons to see Anna Karenina. Sooo bored seeing Keira already!

  7. I got a kick out of all the injokes in Wreck-It-Ralph. It was a fantastic time at the theater for my Fiance and I. We talked about going to see it again in fact. I don’t use the same scoring criteria on animated films, but I really enjoyed Wreck-It-Ralph and plan to review it soon.

  8. 1) Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m hoping to within the next week.

    2) I’ll have to give this a watch tonight if I remember.

    3) Can’t believe she’s 52. Certainly doesn’t look it! My favorite role from her is in We Need to Talk About Kevin.

    4) Hmm… can’t think of too many. I’m usually indifferent about seeing films opening night, but the last one I bought in advance was for The Dark Knight Rises. Sometimes it’s really nice to be able to pick out your own seat. 🙂

    5) I have been enjoying Wes Anderson films more lately, so I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this one.

    Fun post as always, Ruth!

    1. I still need to see We Need to Talk About Kevin, I’ve heard only good things about the performances in that one. So is there a theater with reserved seating near you, Eric? I plan on going there for Skyfall so I don’t have to wait in lines!

      Yeah, I think I’m warming up to Wes since Moonrise Kingdom 🙂

      1. Yep, there’s the Roosevelt ICON downtown that offers reserved seating. What’s also great about it is that it becomes “adults only” after a certain point — 9pm I think — and it has VIP seating in which you can bring restaurant food/booze.

  9. Hey Ruth!

    1) Have not seen it so unfortunately I cannot comment 😦
    2) Cute 😉
    3) Not sure if I have a favorite Tilda role – she is SOOO different in each one. I too am surprised by her age. I only found out that she was in her 50’s when I read Stephen Fry’s biography.
    4) Of course I do! Last one was Skyfall and it was worth it. Will probably do the same for Hobbit.
    5) I am not a Wes Anderson devotee so this one will probably come and go in the cinema for me

    1. Hi Iba! Long time no see girl, have you been on vacation?

      Yeah, Tilda is quite versatile and she does look youthful as she’s got that great bone structure.

      Man, I’m sooo jealous you saw Skyfall in London. Was it at the Odeon?

      1. It was at the BFI Imax – picture to be posted soon on my blog … yes I was on vacation – a short trip to London turned into nearly a week, thanks in part to Superstorm Sandy. So for most of last week I was san-computer.

        1. I’ll definitely be checking those out. I visited your site a couple of times but didn’t see any new post. I was hoping you’d be blogging about seeing Skyfall in London. Well, glad to hear you’re back safely, man that Sandy wrecked havoc on tons of people! Hope you have power where you live, Iba!

  10. I’m going to post my Tilda Appreciation tomorrow, she is one of my favorites. Her work in Julia is my favorite of hers, but she absolutely kicked ass in Michael Clayton too. I’m not a fan of Anderson, but the pairing of Fiennes and Saorise in one movie is very interesting.

    1. Hey, I was hoping you’d do a tribute on her! I have not seen Julia but might have to check that out. I think the cast for Budapest Hotel is just sooo good, I hope the story would live up to that.

  11. 1. Still haven’t seen Wreck-It-Ralph, so I can’t comment on it yet.

    2. Enjoyed that short film. I wish more superhero movies took that approach.

    3. Wow. I didn’t know she was in her 50s either! Favorite role has to be the one in Michael Clayton too.

    4. I bought advanced tickets for Star Wars: Episode III. Though the film was disappointing, it was still worth it. 🙂

    5. YES! I’m anticipating this more than I did Moonrise Kingdom. The cast and the premise make it look awesome!

    1. Yeah me neither, Josh. Yeah, I think showing the human side of a superhero always intrigues me. You just rarely see Clark doing his job as a reporter in the movies, ahah.

      Oh yeah, I definitely anticipate Budapest Hotel more than Moonrise Kingdom myself, I love Ralph and Saoirse!

  12. Taking wife & daughter to the theater this weekend for her 6th birthday to see Wreck-it Ralph. Very excited to see it.

    Thanks for sharing the short film, I saw someone complain about the actress and while I thought she was decent, she was probably the weakest point. Fun fact: she’s the writer/director’s wife.

    It doesn’t shock me that she’s that old, but I never really gave her much thought. Enjoyed her as the queen in the Narnia series.

    I’ve never been an opening weekend guy. I prefer 2nd or 3rd week weekday showing where it’s less crowded, or just watch it on DVD.

    I liked Tenenbaums, but never really got into any of his other works so I’ll probably continue that trend.

    1. Hope you enjoy Wreck It Ralph with your family. Happy B’day to your 6-year-old daughter!

      Thanks so much for letting me post the short film here, great interview man! Ahah, I thought the girl was ok, I do think John Nagle as Clark Kent is excellent.

      I think that’s wise of you to avoid opening week crowds, man, I’m just too impatient, ahah.

  13. 1. Haven’t seen it but looking forward to rent it down the road. Hopefully, they will referencing older video games more in the coming sequel and not just baiting fans by showing minor characters in the trailers and clips.

    3. Tilda Swinton is such an admirable actress and the main thing that strikes me the most about her is how much she puts into each of her performances. She was amazing in We Need to Talk About Kevin.

    4. Never bought any advanced tickets ever. I don’t really see the point when you can just show up at the box office the day the movie comes out and still get in lol

    5. After seeing Moonrise Kingdom, hell yea! Hopefully the period setting won’t be off-putting lol

    1. I think a sequel is definitely in the can given its success.

      Yeah, I still need to see ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin.’ No doubt she was excellent in that.

      Very true Cas, most popular movies often have multiple showings anyway.

      I actually like the period setting but then again Wes always have the sepia tone in all his movies that make ’em all look retro, ahah.

  14. The names attached to The Grand Budapest Hotel pretty much sum up why I like Anderson’s films so much. He manages to get actors you’d almost never imagine to appear in his films. Oh, and the premise pretty much had me going, “Give it to me now.”

    1. Yeah I know! He’s like Woody Allen in the way he could cast anyone he wanted, and he has a ‘staple’ of actors he always cast in his movies. I do like Bill Murray so I don’t mind. Yeah the premise sounds awesome indeed!

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  16. 1. Haven’t seen Wreck-it Ralph 😦
    3. We Need to Talk About Kevin, Michael Clayton
    4. Several Harry Potter movies (yes, they were worth it); The Omen remake (not so much)
    5. TOTALLY excited. Love that cast, especially Jude Law and Saoirse Ronan (she is SO underrated).

    1. Ahah, you bought advanced ticket to The Omen remake? Too funny Fernando! Hey glad to hear you’re a fan of Saoirse too! She is really one of the BEST young actors working today, hope Hollywood won’t ‘corrupt’ her!

  17. I am late the party as usual! Sorry!

    1. LOOOOVED Wreck It Ralph. Immediately jumps into my 10 favorite Disney movies.
    3. I still dig Tilda as the White Witch in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. She nailed that.
    4. I’ve purchased advance tickets a bunch of times. I’ve got a group of friends who go see a bunch of the big event movies together at midnight and I usually end up buying the goods!
    5. I can’t wait. Any Wes Anderson movie, I’m in.

    1. Hey no such thing as a ‘late’ comment, Brian 🙂 Hey that’s cool that Wreck It Ralph would make your top 10. I’m still hoping to catch that before its theatrical run is over.

      Oh yeah she was awesome in the Narnia movies, plus she looks good in that costume!

      Y’know I rarely see movies at midnight, probably only once. I just get too sleepy!

  18. I am grateful for the link-love here Ruth and hope you get to see Wreck-It Ralph very soon! 🙂

    I caught the One on One film a few weeks back. I liked the subtlety of it quite a bit! Well done.

    Tilda is Australian too? who’d’ve guessed? ha. I like her in Chronicles of Narnia and Moonrise Kingdom the most.

    I haven’t bought advanced tickets for anything believe it or not, but I’d do it if there was an IMAX near me. for sure!

    Not really interested in Grand Budapest yet. Perhaps that will change, but not currently.

    Always love these Five for the Fifth posts, Ruth. It really is a great segment.

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