Five for the Fifth: September 2012 Edition

Hello folks, it’s time for the September 2012 edition of Five of the Fifth!

As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here. So let’s get started, shall we?
1. With election just a couple months away, the political ads are getting more and more vicious. I’m not generally fond of political movies or documentaries, though at times I’m curious enough to check it out, like I did with 2016: Obama’s America.

I guess I don’t mind them if they have the right cast and that it’s not too much bashing going on from either parties, they just leave a bad taste in my mouth when the filmmakers get too nasty/vindictive about a certain politician. There are only a handful of political-themed movies I’ve enjoyed, among them are the light-hearted ones like The American President, Dave,  as well as well-made thrillers like Enemy of the State and State of Play.

Do you like political movies? If so, which one is your favorite?


2. There are at least a dozen movies I’m anticipating until the end of the year, not sure I could get to all of them on the big screen but I certainly hope so! Now, just looking at September and October, here are five on my must-see list:

ARGO – October 12

As the Iranian revolution reaches a boiling point, a CIA ‘exfiltration’ specialist concocts a risky plan to free six Americans who have found shelter at the home of the Canadian ambassador.

I like the last two of Ben Affleck-directed films, and he seems to be much better in front of the camera when he’s also behind the camera. This trailer looks GRIPPING! Can’t wait to see this one!

The Master – Sept 14

A Naval veteran arrives home from war unsettled and uncertain of his future – until he is tantalized by The Cause and its charismatic leader.

Can’t wait to see Joaquin Phoenix’s return to the big screen, and the Scientology-like organization seems timely given what’s been happening with Tom Cruise! Eric from The Warning Sign puts this as his #1 movie of the year so far, and with Phoenix + Philip Seymour Hoffman, no doubt the performances are ace!

Looper – Sept 28

In the year 2042, a man working for a group of killers called “Loopers” (they work for the mob and kill people who are sent blindfolded back in time from the year 2072 by their bosses) recognizes a victim as himself.

Despite the weird makeup on Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I do like this cast and this promises to be a time-travel thriller with a twist. So yeah, I’m game!

Chasing Mavericks – October 26

When young Jay Moriarty discovers that the mythic Mavericks surf break, one of the biggest waves on Earth, exists just miles from his Santa Cruz home, he enlists the help of local legend Frosty Hesson to train him to survive it.

I’ve posted the first trailer here, but I like the second trailer better. Those waves look spectacular… and Gerry Butler in a wet suit? Yes please 😀 I still wish the kid playing Jay is more interesting, but hey, King Leonidas as surfing instructor? Sign me up!

Cloud Atlas – October 26

An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution.

Ok, this could be a spectacular movie or a complete mess. But the trailer makes me curious enough to see it and there are a lot of my fave British/Aussie actors involved: Hugo Weaving, Ben Whishaw, Jim Sturgess, Jim Broadbent, etc., though Tom Hanks and Halle Berry might be the big draw for mainstream audiences. We’ll see if the Wachowskis deliver on this one.

Honorable Mention: The Cold Light of Day – I LOVE Henry Cavill so I’ll definitely try to see this on the big screen, but not sure if this movie is actually getting a wide release.

Now your turn. What’s your five most anticipated movies in the next two months?


3. After having seen Brandon Lee in The Crow and the Bruce Lee’s biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee story, my hubby and I have become quite fascinated by the martial art icon.

My brother was very fond of martial arts stuff and so I probably have seen a few of his movies, it’s just not my cup of tea. But it’s no denying that Bruce Lee is not only the greatest and most influential martial artist of all time, but he’s quite a charismatic guy. He’s also quite articulate and philosophical in interviews, too bad there aren’t too many of them out there. Btw, did you know that Bruce Lee is part German? Apparently his mother is of Chinese/German descent and his father was a Chinese Opera singer.

It’s so tragic what happened to him and his equally-gifted son Brandon. Bruce died at a young age of 32, reportedly from an allergic reaction to a headache tablet, and Brandon was only 28 when he was fatally shot in a bizarre filming accident of his last movie, The Crow. Cursed or not, there’s definitely something peculiar about their cause of death. I highly recommend both films if you haven’t seen it, I’ll be reviewing them both at some point.

Thoughts on Bruce Lee and/or martial arts movies? Are you a big fan of that genre?

4. Happy Birthday Michael Keaton! Last week I read on Castor’s blog that the 61 year-old actor has been cast in the Robocop reboot, replacing Hugh Laurie. I think that’s great news, though I wish Keaton had gotten more leading roles. I’ve always liked Keaton, he’s got screen charisma and he suits both dramatic and comedic roles pretty well.

Though people are split whether he makes a good Batman or not, I do think he’s a great, versatile actor. Whether playing a crazy ghost (Beetlejuice), an overwhelmed dad (Multiplicity, Mr. Mom) or a genius psychopath (Desperate Measures), Keaton is always a joy to watch. I do hope this underrated actor gets more roles, I think he still looks a lot younger than his age!

So, what’s YOUR favorite Michael Keaton role?

5. One of the classic masterpieces that have eluded me for so long is Lawrence of Arabia. Not sure why that is as it sounds like the kind of epic story I’d enjoy and I know my mom used to have a big crush on Omar Sharif, ahah.

Well, it’s been announced that it’ll be re-released on the big screen on October 4th as part of its 50th anniversary celebration. My hubby and I are definitely going to catch that. Check out the restoration trailer below:

According to this article, Grover Crisp, the EVP at SONY Pictures who’s in charge of the restoration said they wanted to ‘return this film to as pristine a condition as possible’ for the anniversary celebration.

“The original negative was seriously damaged in a number of ways, some problems dating from the original release and some accumulated over the years… But, until now, we did not have the tools available to address these issues. We think fans of the film will be as amazed as we are at the detail and resolution in the imagery captured by cinematographer Freddie Young to compliment David Lean’s immaculate direction.”

Man, I can’t wait to see this in its 70mm glory on the big screen!

Are you a fan of this film? Who else are going to see the big screen release of this one?

Well, that’s it for the September edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

64 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: September 2012 Edition

  1. FIRST!!!

    The 5th already huh? Times flies….

    Ok! So.

    1) I cant stomach politics currently, but it hasn’t always been like that. I do love “All the President’s Men”

    2) My five most anticipated in the next couple months:

    Seven Psychopaths
    Killing them Softly
    The Master

    3) In spite of being a (former) black belt, I wouldnt consider myself a fan of the Martial Arts genre, although I definitely enjoy a good martial arts movie.

    4) Batman!

    5) I owe Lawrence a rewatch. I can recall hating it. I often cite it as the classic I least appreciate. Now that I’m blogging and looking at film differently, I’ll have to circle back….

    Good job as always Ruth!!

    1. I LOVE that you’re the first commenter 2 editions in a row 😀

      I still need to see All The President’s Men! Hey, glad you agree on 3 out of the 5 anticipated movies. I might rent Seven Psychopaths though. Wow, you’ve got a Black Belt. So what’s your favorite martial art movie?

      Oy, that’s interesting what you thought of LOA, what didn’t you like about it Fogs? I guess I don’t know I’d feel about the story, but I’m curious to see it for the visuals.

  2. Hey Ruth, thanks for sharing the 5 for the 5th post!

    I’ve never been a fan of politics, but I’ll say that I did enjoy The American President.

    The films that I am anticipating in the next couple of months are Looper, Argo, The Master, Cloud Atlas, and Killing Them Softly.

    The Karate Kid is a martial arts film that I always enjoy.

    My favorite Keaton role would have to be Batman.

    I’ve yet to see that film, so will have to give it a watch.

    Thanks Ruth!

    1. Hey Raul, good to see ya man. I think political movies really depends on the topic, The American President is more of a rom-com with a political theme, perhaps that’s why I enjoyed it.

      Looks like we’re mostly in agreement about anticipated movies.

      Oh Karate Kid, I did enjoy that growing up. Ahah, seems like Batman is the role Keaton would be associated with, no matter how many varied roles he’s done. Kinda like some actors playing Bond.

  3. Ted S.

    1. Don’t care for politics, to me they’re just a bunch of little kids bickering while people who they’re supposed to serve are suffering. Well I’ll stop there. I do like some good political thrillers though. Enemy of the State, The Pelican Brief, Three Days of The Condor are some good titles.

    2. Looper and Killing Them Softly are two films I’m most looking forward to this Sept/Oct. Cloud Atlas look interesting but after seeing the last couple of The Wachowskis films, I’m a little hesitant to see their new one. Speed Racer and The Matrix sequels were dreadful. Argo looks interesting but I’ll wait to see if it gets good reviews before seeing it.

    3. Since I’m Asian, I love me some martial arts films and Bruce Lee’s a legend in the East. Although as I’ve gotten older I tend to care less and less about this genre. I still like to watch some of the older Jackie Chan films and Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee’s only descent film.

    4. You know how I feel about Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne. But I think he’s one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. He’s great in a lot films, I used to watch Mr. Mom constantly when it came on TV. He’s great in My Life, One Good Cop, The Dream Team and a lot more that I couldn’t recall.

    5. I’d love to see Lawrence of Arabia on the big screen but unfortunately there aren’t any 70mm theaters in MN. So basically they’ll be showing it on a regular 35mm screen. I’ll have to find out which theater will show it, if it’s at AMC then I’ll pass and watch it on my mini-big screen instead.

    1. Valid point there Ted, that’s too bad isn’t it? I’ve been listening to both the RNC and DNC and they both offer so much promises that they surely can’t or won’t deliver 😦 But political thrillers are definitely exciting to watch.

      I just read a Telluride review of ARGO and that makes me want to see it even more!

      Interestingly enough, though my brother was hugely into martial art movies, I never was. Bruce Lee is a fascinating character though, now I want to see the documentary and perhaps even check out his film. Brandon Lee was sooo gorgeous and he’s also a great fighter like his dad.

      Yes, Keaton is VERY under-appreciated. I still need to see those films of his you mentioned.

      That’s too bad there isn’t any 70mm theater here! Ah well, the ‘regular’ cinema screen is still a whole lot bigger than my TV so I guess that’ll have to do 🙂

  4. PrairieGirl

    Totally agree, the second trailer for Chasing Mavericks is MUCH better than the first, so now I’m really looking forward to it. GB looks especially sleek!

  5. Isn’t THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT just a great film Ruth? Young Annette Bening is a sight to behold and she so often (unfairly) gets criticised for only being able to play tough women but she’s just lovely there. The film is a smart and fun romantic comedy.

    On Keaton, have you seen LIVE FROM BAGHDAD by chance? It’s an HBO TV movie and one of the finest films on journalism. It’s with Keaton opposite Helena Bonham Carter (in an Emmy nominated for her and a Globe nominated turn for both) and it’s just a top to bottom must-see film (though because of its TV roots its not often remembered.)

    1. Yes indeed Andrew. It’s a fairy-tale romance of sort but done in a realistic and witty way. Oh I never thought that about Annette, she’s lovely in Regarding Henry also, and I don’t think she’s a bad-ass woman in that either.

      No I haven’t seen that HBO TV movie, but I’m gonna have to look for it now. Keaton and HBC? Sign me up! 😀

      1. Oh man, Live From Baghdad is a really good one to check out. I feel like that always kind of slides under the radar, maybe because of its TV roots. And Keaton is perfect for the part.

  6. 1) I generally try to avoid politics, but I can enjoy a good political drama now and then. The Ides of March was one of my favorite films from last year.

    2) Thanks for the shoutout! As for my most anticipated in the next couple months: Seven Psychopaths, Argo, and Killing Them Softly. Will keep tabs on others, but those stand out the most to me.

    3) Just saw my first Bruce Lee film a few months ago: Enter the Dragon. Loved it, would like to see more.

    4) I liked Keaton quite a bit in Jackie Brown, though it has been ages since I last saw that.

    5) Oh wow, so is this being released in theaters everywhere? It’s one of the last remaining films in my project so I will definitely be seeing it soon. Would love to catch it on the big screen!

    1. I feel the same way, but I’m just ok w/ Ides of March. I think the supporting actors (Giammatti and Seymour Hoffman) are more interesting that the leads.

      Another vote for ARGO. Affleck might have a hit with this one.

      Oh, I want to see that one. We’re in a bit of Bruce Lee kick right now (pardon the pun) 🙂

      I’d think it’ll play in Chicago, Eric, I can’t seem to find which theaters will be showing it.

  7. 1. You mentioned State of Play which I enjoyed. But I also loved No Way Out with Kevin Costner. Now it’s a spy thriller more than a political movie but politics plays a very unique part in it.

    2. 5 Most anticipated? It’ll be posted in a few days IF I can ever narrow it down. Interesting note on Looper – It’s getting a 3 week early screening so Ryan Johnson and crew must be pretty proud of it.

    3. I enjoy martial arts pictures but usually in spurts. I wouldn’t say I watch them regularly.

    4. Batman and The Dream Team!

    5. Won’t get to see it on the big screen. Really doubt it’s released in our market.

    (BTW Ruth, be sure to vote in today’s Movie Throwdown! Good lightweight fun (I hope).

    1. Oh I LOVE No Way Out, but I saw that like 15 years ago or so, I need to rewatch that soon.

      I didn’t know that about Looper, yeah I’m sure the director is happy about that. Looks like it’s getting a ton of buzz.

      Another mention of The Dream Team, I must check that out.

      Where are you at again, Keith? I do hope LOA would be showing in a theater near you.

  8. 1: I do enjoy a good political yarn and some that jump into my head would be… Clooney’s GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK, Ken Loach’s LAND AND FREEDOM and Oliver Stone’s BORN ON THE 4th JULY.

    2: I agree with all your choices for the forthcoming film’s Ruth but I’d also add KILLING THEM SOFTLY.

    3: I used to go crazy for martial arts stuff when I was youngster but can’t honestly say it interests me very much anymore. Although, I can enjoy it occasionally if it’s done well. Like THE RAID for example.

    4: I’ve never really been a fan of Keaton. I find his mannerisms extremely irritating. It’s hard to pick a favourite really.

    5: Classic movie. Its a masterclass from Lean but it’s been so long since I seen it. Doubt I’ll be revisiting it in the cinema though, I’ve got too much to catch up on as it is.

    Cheers Ruth, I love these little Five for the Fifth’s 🙂

    1. Hi Mark! I still need to see GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK, that’s the one w/ David Strathairn in black & white, right?

      Well I think you know why Killing Them Softly is not on there 🙂

      Ah right, The Raid, I guess the Asian guys are great w/ the martial art stuff, he..he..

      Oh no, no Keaton love from you Mark? 😦

      1. Yeah, I know you’re not big on Clooney but that’s a great movie and Strathairn is superb in it.
        Sorry about the lack of Keaton love, can’t seem to get the guy. I always cringe when I see him in film’s.

        1. Oh I don’t mind him so much, plus he’s behind the camera on this one right? I do like Strathrain, so I’ll watch it for him.

          Ah well, I guess we can’t all like the same actor, right Mark? I still get flak for not liking Pitt! 😀

  9. 1. Not a big fan of political movies. No. not really.

    2. FIVE most anticipated movies: Looper, The Master, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Taken 2, and Cloud Atlas.

    I thought The Master released on the 21st. Two Amy Adams movies that day: Master and Trouble with the Curve. Did it get moved up? That’s good!

    3. I enjoy the genre and am a fan of Bruce Lee. In recent years I have come to enjoy Donnie Yen’s work in the Ip Man series.

    4. Keaton…I liked him in The Other Guys. LOL

    5. I haven’t seen Lawrence of Arabia either. I prob won’t see the big screen release. Not because I don’t want to, but prob because it most likely won’t show up in my area.

    Great edition of Five for the Fifth Ruth! 🙂

    1. Hello T, thanks for fitting this in before you go off to work 😀

      So you don’t like ANY political-themed movies? Doesn’t have to be American politics btw.

      Yeah The Master got moved up, that’s the last schedule I read anyway.

      Glad to hear you like Bruce Lee. Speaking of Ip Man, I think Bruce was one of his students wasn’t he?

      Oh right, Keaton was great in The Other Guys, I wish he had more screen time though.

      It’s a bummer that our states don’t get some showings, that’s the times I wish I lived in NY or LA!

  10. 1. Yes, I am. Great films like All the President’s Men, The Candidate, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Parallax View, Dr. Strangelove, All the King’s Men, etc. would be on that list. Of course, the current and quite toxic political climate has made things a lot harder to creatively express political opinions without inciting more rancor and less communication. Of late, Charlie Wilson’s War, The American President, and Wag the Dog were very good. Heck, even The Campaign nailed the current climate in the extreme (as only a comedy could and skewered both sides equally). I very much appreciate good political documentaries, too, that deal in facts and not speculation or conjecture — ‘2016: Obama’s America’ has the appearance of being more along the lines of Swift-boat-styled documentaries put out to sway public opinion during elections rather than enlighten or asked valid hard questions for those living in the midst of it (across all political parties). Inside Job, Casino Jack, The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and The Pentagon Papers, Outfoxed – Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism, etc. Heck, even Fahrenheit 9/11 got people talking, to an extent. Sorry to ramble on, Ruth ;-).

    2. What you listed works for me.

    3. I’m a long-time Bruce Lee fan. And I expressed this in two posts this year, in fact: see here and here.

    4. His Beetlejuice and Batman under Tim Burton are my favorites of his.

    5. Big Fan (see here and here for proof).

    Thanks, Ruth

    1. Nice to see another political film fan and a Lawrence of Arabia fan who also saw it back in ’89! I didn’t even list any docs. Doh! Check out The War Room if you haven’t seen it. It’s a behind the scenes doc from Clinton’s first run at the presidency.

      The British film from Armando IannucciIn The Loop was the last really good political movie I saw (other than The Inside Job). Seen it?

      1. Heard great things about ‘The Loop’ and ‘The War Room’ (a doc that’s been on my list for ages). Need to fix all that and screen them both. Thanks, dave :-).

      2. Hi Dave, I think In The Loop is quite good apart from all the swearing. My ears are burning halfway through watching it from all the foul language.

        1. Yeah movie language doesn’t bother me. I thought it was an amusing use of swearing especially considering it was a farce. You can be just as vicious with language w/o swearing. It’s all in the context, the intent. George Carlin once did a great bit about how there are no bad words, only bad thoughts, bad intentions and wooords.

    2. “…the current and quite toxic political climate has made things a lot harder to creatively express political opinions without inciting more rancor and less communication” Sadly that is indeed the case Michael, which is really too bad. As for the 2016 movie though, did you read my review of sort from yesterday? I don’t think it’s trying to maliciously slander our President though, I mean it’s not affiliated with the Romney campaign or anything. It seems that there are more liberal-leaning documentaries out there, or maybe it’s just me. I’m sorry but I’m not a fan of Michael Moore, he’s exactly what I’m getting at when I say his style is more vindictive and bitter, more of a personal vendetta than being informative or like you said, enlightening. In any case, enough about politics, it always makes people antsy 😀

      I have to re-read those Bruce Lee and LoA posts again Michael. I might’ve missed them, my bad.

      Batman and Beetlejuice! Amazing how he could pull off two very different characters. Can’t imagine say, Christian Bale in a comedic role like Beetlejuice 😀

  11. 1. Political movies? Love ’em. In The Loop, Dr. Strangelove, All The Presidents Men, The Manchurian Candidate (’62), Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, Wag The Dog, Dave, Syriana, Z, The Contender, Bob Roberts (I was an extra in that one. Tim Robbins was a really nice guy. Also met Jack Black when he was but a pup).Can I count the first two seasons of The West Wing? Especially the episode “Two Cathedrals”. One of the best hours on TV ever.

    2. Argo, Looper, Compliance, Samsara and The Ambassador doc.

    3. I really only liked Enter The Dragon but Bruce Lee the man is fascinating. Have read several books and seen several docs on his life.

    4. For those who aren’t fans of Keaton check out Clean and Sober. It has great supporting turns by Kathy Baker (small role, big performance), M. Emmett Walsh and Morgan Freeman.

    5. Well Ruth, this is my favorite film so hellz yeah I’m in. I was lucky enough to see it in the theater back in ’89. It’s really something to see on the big screen.
    Can’t recommend it enough.

    1. I saw that Samsara trailer on the big screen the other day, WOW the visuals look amazing. But like Ted said, we don’t have a 70mm theater around here, bummer!

      Wow, what a great cast for Clean and Sober, I’d have to give that a shot, great recommendation.

      Well you don’t have to sell me anymore on LOA, I’m sold 😀

      1. I could probably write a thesis on why LOA is such a great film. I once saw LOA described as an “intimate epic” and that’s pretty much on the money. The subject, Lawrence, was one of a rare breed of people like Gandhi or Martin Luther King that were compelled to try and change the world around them and actually did. Fascinating stuff.

        I think why some people don’t like the movie is because it’s long. But then again I’m a movie buff so a good movie is never too long and a bad movie is never too short. LOL. Also some people just can’t get into something that was made before ’67. Those old movies. Just like people can’t watch either foreign (too much reading), black and white (where’s the color?) or heaven forbid… silent movies (intertitles, bad miming and pancake makeup???). Lastly it really is a guys movie. It’s a war movie set in the desert with no female speaking roles. Even has a bromance. LOL. So I get why it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. But to me, seeing it for the first time on the big screen, it was magic. No CGI, no special effects, just epicness.

        Fun facts: Albert Finney was locked in to play the role of Lawrence but bowed out due to having to sign a multi-year contract because of the extensive shooting schedule. The film took a year and a half to shoot. A year and a half.

        It’s Spielberg’s favorite film and he’s stated it’s what inspired him to become a filmmaker. He estimated it’d cost between $285-$300 million to make today.

  12. I still don’t get it why CLOUD ATLAS has zero marketing. It’s a month till the premiere and we’ve seen no posters, almost no pictures of quality, only the very late trailer and nothing else. And the film cost 100 million! It will be a huge flop if they don’t do something soon.

    1. Yeah, that’s curious indeed. You’d think the Wachowskis know a thing or two about marketing?? That film does look very expensive, I mean getting Hanks alone is probably already 20% of that budget.

  13. 1. Yea political movies are pretty dull to me (well politics is dull to me) so unless there is an intriguing plot going on (ie a murder in State of Play or Ryan Gosling’s moral dilemma in The Ides of March) then I’m not interested.

    2. Argo, Looper, The Master, & Smashed are my most antcipated 4 movies of the next two months. Smashed might be the biggest one for me.

    1. Oups 😛

      3. Love Bruce Lee. Not only did he become a cultural icon in a very short amount of time but he was also a truly fascinating man. So sad he had to go so early 😦

      4. The Merry Gentleman, maybe. I really liked him in The Other Guys too.

      5. Haven’t seen it yet either but I doubt I would go to the movie theater to check it out.

    2. Ahah, don’t forget ‘Murder at 1600’ 🙂 You’re right, political thrillers are way more exciting than politics in general.

      Pardon me, but which one is Smashed again? Did I miss a trailer on your blog somehow?

      Nice to hear you love Bruce Lee. He’s definitely fascinating. I love watching him in interviews, and his life was really extraordinary. That Jason Scott Lee was really good at portraying him, too. Have you seen that biopic?

      Keaton is an awesome comedian, I should check out The Merry Gentleman!

      1. No I haven’t seen that biopic but I saw a few documentaries about him on The History Channel and what not.

        No trailer for Smashed yet but I assume it will come in the next couple of weeks.

  14. 1. I love political movies, even recent ones like The Ides of March, In the Loop, and State of Play. My favorite would be All the President’s Men though.

    2. Really looking forward to Argo and The Master. JGL’s makeup has me worried about Looper. From the trailer, it looks like something that will be hard to get past when I see it. And I don’t know what to make of Cloud Atlas. 🙂

    3, I’ve seen both of those films, but I’ve never actually seen a Bruce Lee film. Must do that.

    4. Favorite Keaton role? Easily Ray Nicolette in Jackie Brown.

    5. Not a big fan of Lawrence of Arabia, but it’s a must-see.

    1. I have to put All The President’s Men on my list!

      Yeah, the makeup of JGL in Looper is just creepy. I mean, it looks like a botched cosmetic surgery!

      I haven’t seen a Bruce Lee film either, but now I’m really curious about Enter the Dragon as part of the filming was re-enacted in that biopic movie I saw.

      How could I not know Keaton is in Jackie Brown. I must give that one a shot now.

      What didn’t you like about LOA, Josh? Care to elaborate on that a bit?

      1. I hate to say it, but it was boring. Though beautifully filmed, it was too long for me. And I like Gone with the Wind, which is a LONGER film. LOA is fine to look at, but I just couldn’t see the greatness in it. I love David Lean’s Doctor Zhivago and The Bridge on the River Kwai though.

        Since I haven’t seen LOA in years, I even tried to rewatch it recently. I didn’t even get through an hour of it. It just doesn’t engage me. But one of these days, I will give it another chance.

        1. Oh I quite like GWTW, so we’re on the same page on that one. Well, I’ll let you know what I think of LoA after I see it. I really need to see Doctor Zhivago though, hopefully soon. I’m still doing my catch up with the top 10 classics I missed, just saw Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 2 nights ago, I’ll review it next week 🙂

  15. FUNK

    1. Really do like a good political thriller. Some favorites are: Advise & Consent, Three Days of the Condor, All the President’s Men, and Executive Action, and did like the Ides of March pretty good to.

    2. Can’t wait for: The Master, Cloud Atlas, Trouble with the Curve, Killing Them Softly, and Skyfall, did try to order the book Cloud Atlas, it’s been sold out so it’s like on a delayed status.

    3. Huge fan of the Lee’s and Martial Art movies, seen most all the moves both have done, and still watch The Crow, Enter The Dragon on a yearly basis.

    4. Ray Nicolette in Jackie Brown

    5. Huge, Huge fan of Lawrence of Arabia, another one of the Lean films I see every so often, would love to be in the US to see it at the big screen, but did send my brother a heads up. Thanks for that info.

    1. Hi Dave!

      Wow, the book Cloud Atlas is sold out? Isn’t that been around forever though? The demand must’ve shot up since the trailer came out for it.

      That’s cool that you watch both Bruce and Brandon Lee’s movies on a yearly basis. So sad that they never got to star in a film together. Man, wouldn’t that be awesome?? I mean they could actually play father/son on film and I’m sure it’ll be a blockbuster!

      Yeah, I doubt LOA would be shown in Seoul, bummer! I hope your brother gets to see it, Dave.

  16. 1. I don’t mind a good political film. Since its been a while since i saw any of the classic political thrillers/films i will put Fair Game as a recent political film i liked(not sure it it counts as a political thriller or drama tho)
    2. Despite its less than unanimous reception the Paperboy has my interest, along with others already mentioned like Killing them Softly and Cloud Atlas
    3.I don’t remember Bruce’s films well but i do like a good martial arts flick
    4.I’m pretty sure i’ve seen a bunch of his movies, but i’m not really remembering them right now
    5.I would need to rewatch it before i could say for certain my opinion of it

    1. Oh yeah, Fair Game is definitely a political thriller. I’m not as fond of it as you are.

      Ah yes, I heard you talking about Paperboy before and with Kidman, no doubt you’re excited about that 😉

      I think you should check out Dragon: The Bruce Lee story if you like martial arts flick. I highly recommend it.

  17. For your first item, well, The West Wing is perhaps my favourite all-time TV show. i really like behind-the-curtain politic movies.

    As for Lawrence of Arabia… awesome! I just hope it comes to my city. That is the one film among all others that I would love to experience on the big screen.

  18. (1) Do you like political movies? If so, which one is your favorite?
    Depends on the film – I do not avoid a film because of the political theme. My faves are Dave, All The President’s Men, Manchurian Candidate (original)

    (2) Now your turn. What’s your five most anticipated movies in the next two months?
    a) SKYFALL
    b) Taken 2
    c) 7 Psychopaths
    d) (maybe) Cloud Atlas
    e) yup can’t come up with a fourth!

    (3) Thoughts on Bruce Lee and/or martial arts movies? Are you a big fan of that genre?
    Not such a fan of the genre …

    (4) So, what’s YOUR favorite Michael Keaton role?
    Probably will have to go with the safe choice of Beetlejuice.

    (5) Are you a fan of this film? Who else are going to see the big screen release of this one?
    I think of Laurence of Arabia the same way I think of the other Lean film Doctor Zhivago — beautiful film but also a great cure for insomnia.

    1. Hi Iba, always good to ‘see’ you! Glad to see you like Dave, too. I like Kevin Kline in that one.

      Skyfall isn’t until November, girl. You know I’m super excited for that one.

      I’m not usually fond of Burton style, but Keaton is so fun in Beetlejuice!

      I forgot that Dr Zhivago is also by David Lean, my mom adored that movie.

  19. 1. I quite like political movies, my favorite is probably Frost/Nixon, I like such films because they are thrilling but they don’t rely on action or car chases but dialogue and character development and the struggle that is going on inside and outside
    2. Hmm, I’m really waiting for Killer Joe, Seven Psychopaths, The Paperboy, Killing them Softly and The Master
    3. Apart from Kill Bill I don’t think I enjoyed any other films of such genre
    4. I don’t really remember Keaton in many movies but I saw Jackie Brown again yesterday and he was pretty good in this one
    5. I definetly have to rewatch it, thanks to Prometheus 🙂

    1. Hi Sati! So you’ve recovered from your birthday festivities? 😀

      You are absolutely right. A good political thrillers are exciting without any shootouts or explosion, the dialog and implications of their decisions are what keep you at the edge of your seat.

      Man, I really need to see Jackie Brown, I had no idea before this post that Keaton is in it.

      Ahah yeah, Prometheus certainly makes LOA cool again 🙂

  20. Wag the Dog is my favorite political movie. But even if you don’t care for politics it still works so well as a comedy. And Dustin Hoffman is BRILLIANT.

    I’m actually pretty excited to see Chasing Mavericks too. Ever since I visited Hawaii and read up on surfing culture that sort of thing appeals to me.

    Favorite Keaton performance? The Merry Gentleman. Without a doubt.

    1. I think I have seen Wag the Dog, it’s pretty hilarious.

      Yay on Chasing Mavericks, seems like nobody is excited for it but me, ahah. That wave is incredible, isn’t it?

      Ok, will be renting The Merry Gentleman pronto!

  21. impsndcnma

    #5) I’m in the process of planning my showing of Lawrence of Arabia. I really want to see this in the theaters. I’m also looking forward to the Blu-ray release that will happen shortly after this release as well.

    Tonight I’m going to see the IMAX limited engagement of Raiders of the Lost Ark!

    1. You’re seeing Raiders in IMAX? How awesome! Are they gonna show ‘Crusades’ on IMAX also? I actually love that one a bit more because of the Ford/Connery combo 😀

      1. impsndcnma

        I think only Raiders has the IMAX engagement while they are showing all four films at select theaters over the next week. Raiders is my favorite and the only one I really needed to see on the big screen. Hopefully the transfers for all the films come out as good.

  22. I almost missed this post 😉
    This is one of my favorite post from flixchatter.

    The first one…no I don’t like political movie. Don’t like reading political stuff let alone watching it.

    For number 2, I still have no anticipated movies…I am still waiting for The Hobbit…other than that, I’ll just follow the flow, if I think a certain movie in the cinema is good then I will watch it.

    You’re so right…it was very tragic what had happened to both father and son, as if someone hated them both too much. I like martial art movies…well used to like is more précised. I rarely watched them again nowadays. My favorite was Jackie Chan because he always does his own stunt and he is funny.

    Happy birthday mr. Keaton 🙂
    He is my second fav Batman. And I like him in Beetlejuice too :). I forgot the title, he played with Andy Garcia as a villain. His blood match Garcia’s son.

    I still haven’t seen Lawrence of Arabia *shame*

    1. Hey, better late than never Nov, always glad to see you take part.

      Ahah, well until Cili or Benny is cast in a political movie right? 😉

      Yeah, I think there are likely a certain powerful group that don’t like what Lee is doing w/ teaching martial arts to Westerners. Btw, Brandon Lee often reminds me of Keanu a bit, as they’re both of mixed race. On some pics, they look so much alike!

      That movie you mentioned is called Desperate Measures, yeah Keaton’s great in that.

      1. haha…so true!! I will watch anything with cilli and benny in it … even political movie 😉

        eh? really? maybe I was too much in love with keanu and didnt realize someone else looked like him

  23. Great post! Now for the answers:

    1. I’m not a big fan of political movies or, more accurrately, I haven’t seen a lot of them, but I liked State of Play and The Ides of March a lot.

    2. The release calendar in México is always a mess, so I’m not sure which movies are opening in the next two months. So instead, I’ll give you the 2012 movies I’m looking forward to the most: Looper, Les Misérables, The Great Gatsby, Cloud Atlas and Moonrise Kingdom.

    3. I’m not a fan of martial arts movies at all. Like you said, not my cup of tea. So it’s ironic that my favorite movie is Kill Bill Vol. 1, which features martial arts heavily. My appreciation of Lee amounts to him being a huge inspiration behind Kill Bill and that’s about it.

    4. Haven’t seen a lot of Keaton so I guess my favorite role of his is Batman.

    5.Haven’t watched Lawrence of Arabia yet (shame on me, I know) but I’d LOVE to see it on the big screen. That restoration trailer is stunning.

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