Five for the Fifth: August Edition

Hello folks, it’s time for the AUGUST 2012 edition of Five of the Fifth!

As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here. So let’s get started, shall we?
1. Well, last Friday I saw Total Recall, which a lot of people say is totally unnecessary. Well, be that as it may, I didn’t think it was horrible, but it’s not all that memorable either. You’ll see a double review of it on Monday from Ted and I, since he loves the original and remember it fondly, whilst I can’t um, recall hardly anything from it.

Speaking of remakes, I happened to see the original Sabrina (1954) with Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and William Holden with my husband. Well, interestingly enough, both my hubby and I still like the 1995 remake better for many reasons. Somehow Julia Ormond just makes a more compelling character of Sabrina, and Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear are both perfectly cast as Linus and David Larabee. In fact, about half way through the film we both are bored by this one. I might blog more about that one later, but for now I’d have to say that I prefer the remake than the original, and so I’m glad we owned the dvd of the Sydney Pollack version as might watch that one again after this.

So my first question to you is: which remake you think is better or at least on par with the original?


2. Woo hoo! Skyfall‘s full trailer is here! Most of you probably have seen it already but hey, why not watch it again…

Well, well, well, looks like there’s an interesting twist here about Bond pretending to be dead scenario. And for a Bond movie that was said to be more dramatic given Sam Mendes’ direction, there seems to be a good amount of exhilarating action in this trailer. I like this trailer and we finally get to see the Bond baddie Silva and the new, young & hip Q! But what is with that bleached blond look that Javier Bardem is sporting?? He looks like a Spanish Max Zorrin, I certainly hope Silva won’t end up in our future list of worst Bond villains!! Oh and Bond is tied up in a chair again, boy I hope there won’t be any ball-busting fiasco going on again, ahah.

So, what did you think of Javier Bardem as Silva and Ben Whishaw as Q?

3. I was just reading about Liam Neeson in a British film magazine (can’t remember which it is) on his evolution from dramatic actor to bad-ass action hero.

From films like Schindler’s List, Kinsey, Michael Collins, Chloe and a bunch of other lesser-known films, seems like after playing Ducard, a.ka. Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins, the tall Irish thespian um, embarks on a whole new career as the go-to action hero. I LOVE this tweet from last week:

Ahaha… soooo true!! I mean TAKEN’s Bryan Mills is even more bad ass than James Bond!! I do like Neeson though, and somehow, beneath all that bad-assery, there’s still a sensitive soul in there, that’s perhaps his appeal.

So, what’s your favorite Liam Neeson role and thoughts on his foray into action hero territory?


4. I’m really loving these video journals from Peter Jackson. I love that we get a glimpse into behind the scenes of filming this hugely-anticipated film without having to wait for the DVD/Blu-ray is out. Now The HOBBIT video journal #8 is up, I definitely LOVE seeing Lee Pace on there and training to for his role as Thranduil the Elven King.

Now, you probably have heard that The Hobbit will be made into a trilogy. Not surprisingly, it’s getting mixed reviews and I do think it’s perhaps a bit excessive. But then again, I have not read the books, so I’m not really sure how he could stretch the material, about 400 pages of them, into three films. This IGN article assess the pros and cons of doing The Hobbit as a trilogy. It seems that from Peter Jackson’s perspective, he seems to be motivated by his love for the subject matter, but the studio probably just wants to milk this lucrative franchise, just like what they did with Twilight, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

So what are YOUR thoughts about this Hobbit trilogy debate??

5. Ok, for the last question, I’m going to open up the floor to you all… now that the Summer blockbuster months is over, there are still a lot of Fall movies we’re all hugely anticipating. Just in the next four months, here are four I might check out at the cinema in the next couple of months:

Now, there are others I’m interested in, but those might be more of a rental.

What about you? What are your top four movies you are most anticipating in the next couple of months?

Well, that’s it for the August edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

91 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: August Edition


    Oh, ok, sorry.

    Bardem looks great. Has the potential to be a great Bond villain. The only thing I dont know about is Whishaw, cause he REALLY looks young. But for all we know we’re meeting the next Desmond Llewelyn for the first time. I think, obviously, that’s why they chose someone that young… in order to have him in many movies.


    As to the Hobbit? At this point, I’m putting my trust in Jackson that he can make three worthy films. What I saw at Comic-Con reminded me just how freaking awesome he is at creating Middle Earth. So, even though its iffy – catch me on another day and I’ll be calling it a cash grab that waters down the triolgy – right now I’m saying in P Jack I trust.

    Next couple months? Excited for Bourne, excited for Looper, Excited for The Master, and excited for Killing Them Softly. I’m sure there’s more, but those are the ones I’m thinking right now! 😀

    1. Ahahaha… I LOVE your unbridled enthusiasm for Skyfall, Fogs!! I do hope Bardem will end up in our Best Bond Villains list, but that hair is just terrible! And what’s with ‘mommy was very bad’ quip?? Oh I’m not worried about Ben being young, I mean he looks perfectly geeky and I think he can trade jabs better than the grandpa Q, and you know I adore Mr. Llewelyn.

      Hey I’m w/ you about ‘in PJ we trust’ man, he doesn’t strike me as someone who’s greedy y’know so I think [hope] he’d have a good reason for making The Hobbit into 3 films and have a great plan for each of them.

      Oh yeah, The Master is a good one, though I usually don’t see that type of dramatic films on the big screen, but we’ll see.

  2. Aw I love the original Sabrina, haven’t seen the remake mostly because I don’t like Julia Ormond. In terms of movies I’m looking forward to in the next few months: Lawless, Les Miserables, For a Good Time Call, and Bachelorette.

    1. I suppose if you already has a predisposed feelings about the lead actress, you might not enjoy the remake. I actually like Ormond and I like the way she played Sabrina, she’s sweet but not giggly. I’d say give it a shot, the two male leads are great IMO.

      Hmmm, I haven’t even heard of the other two movies you mentioned. Bachelorette is not based on the ABC TV show is it??

  3. My most anticipated movies for the next few months are as followed:

    Premium Rush
    The Master
    Killing Them Softly
    Wreck-It Ralph
    Rise of the Guardians
    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    Django Unchained

    Oh, my wallet/bank account is already weeping.

    1. Oh you’re listing all the stuff until the end of the year. I was just asking the next 2 months, he..he.. Surely I have a ton more movies I’m anticipating until Dec, and The Hobbit is at the top of the list! Argo does look good, I might actually see that on the big screen.

      1. What? You said “next couple of months” and considering there are four months of the year left after this one, I figured typing which movies I wanted to see in that time span would be suitable.

        1. Oh yeah, totally ok that you listed stuff all the way ’til Dec. I just didn’t want to list all of ’em in here, I think that warrants a separate post 🙂

  4. Here’s some movies I’m looking forward to that may not be on some peoples radar are:

    Beasts of the Southern Wild (The film’s been compared to Malick’s work and won Sundance)

    The Imposter (great, haunting trailer)

    Side By Side (A doc produced by Keanu but before you start snickering check out his subjects on the future of digital film: Lynch, Scorsese, Lucas, Soderbergh, Fincher, Cameron, Rodriguez, Nolan… not so funny now)

    Hello I Must Be Going (Melanie Lynskey finally gets a leading role. I’ve loved her since her breakout role in Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures which was overshadowed by another breakout actress you might have heard of… Kate Winslet. Sadly most people only know her from Two and a Half Men. Check out the guest role she did on an episode from season 2 of The Shield.)

    1. Oh yeah, the trailer for The Imposter gives me the chills! I might rent that one later though. Oh yeah, I posted that Side By Side trailer a while ago, not sure when it’s coming out, do you know?

      Oooh Melanie Lynskey in a leading role!! I hope it’s not a movie that’s terribly bleak, but I’m willing to check it out on her account. She is so massively underrated! I actually know her from Ever After before the TV show, and also in Up in The Air.

    2. Ted S.

      Wow, I totally forgot that Melanie Lynskey was in Heavenly Creatures. And yeah I think most people only knows her because of her role in Two and Half Men.

  5. Okay, it’s on!
    1. Neither the remake of ‘Total Recall’ or ‘Sabrina’ is any near to par with regard to either original. Sorry, but I remain a staunch fan of Audrey Hepburn, and Ormond just pales next to her. I’m not a fan of the ’95 remake. Harrison Ford, as good as he was, paired with Greg Kinnear, is nowhere near the great tandem that was Bogart (even when he was up in age) and William Holden, IMO. Put Audrey in between those two and it’s simply no contest for this movie viewer. Len Wiseman’s remake of TR was as you say. Not bad, not great. Colin and Kate are the reasons to see it, though. I enjoyed their performances, and if I’m going to re-watch one of these, it’s not going to the ’95 remake of Sabrina ;-).

    2. Between Javier Bardem as Silva and Ben Whishaw as Q I’ll go with the latter. Javier in that blond wig was a little off-putting, and gave me flashbacks to ‘A View From A Kill’ (you know what I feel about that film). I’m hoping it’s not a harbinger. BW had a personality that was kinda of infectious in the trailer.

    3. That’s a great tweet! There’s so many great Neeson roles. But, if I’d have to chose, ‘Battleship’. Kidding. I’d have to go with the performance he was robbed of the Oscar — that of Oskar Schindler in ‘Schindler’s List’. Let’s also go with Rob Roy as early bad-ass for second ;-).

    4. Turning ‘The Hobbit’ into a trilogy seems too much, especially for the material. Heck, the five false endings of ‘Return of the King’ was a little too excessive, as well. Sometimes milking things is just milking things.

    5. The Expendables 2! Okay, I’ll stop. These would be mine:
    • Robot and Frank
    • Looper
    • The Bourne Legacy
    • Resident Evil: Retribution (yes, I’m sick ;-)).

    Thanks with putting up with me, Ruth — and for sending blogger Mark Walker my way (I’m enjoying his blog writing, too).

    1. 1. Ha..ha.. I knew I’d not please a lot of classic fans about my remark about Sabrina, but you know I LOVE Audrey but somehow I still prefer the remake’s version of the story and the way Sabrina is portrayed. Both Audrey and Julia [Ormond] has grace I think, but Julia is not as giggly, I don’t know why but that part and also the way Holden played David kind of rubs me the wrong way, sorry! I do like Bogart though, I think he’s better than Ford in the remake though I like seeing Ford in a romance so I still like watching him in that role. Another thing I love about the remake is the absolutely gorgeous music by John Williams and that one song ‘Moonlight’ by Sting, it adds so much to the film. Oh and I also like the fact that in the remake, Linus & David lives with their single mother and she’s waaaaay better than the Larabee dad in the original. So yeah, I stand by my view on this one 😀

      Anyway, you’ll see Ted and my views on Total Recall tomorrow 🙂

      2. Oh I know Michael, that’s why I refer to Max Zorrin above, I mean he gives me a bad vibe w/ that hair but we shall see I guess. I do hope it’s not a harbinger!!

      3. I know you’d mention Rob Roy, I still need to see that one!

      4. Ahah, the false endings in the 3rd LOTR just went on and on, isn’t it? With this trilogy though, I suppose they could explore a couple of the main characters much deeper, like Gandalf for example, so that might be one of the reasons for the 3rd film.

      5. Oh I want to see ‘Robot and Frank’ too, the trailer looks adorable!! Resident Evil?? Noooooooo! 😀

  6. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth and company:

    Interesting 5 for the Fifth!

    #1: The original Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn and William Holden ‘Sabrina’ still leaves its later re-make in the dust. There’s more poise, grace, humor and style in any five minutes of the original. Than in the entire, not really needed second attempt.

    #2: Call me when Daniel Craig’s Bond gets back to being a spy, instead of an overblown action hero!

    #3: I’m with Condescending Wonka! Unless you have a serious Masochistic streak or are hiding a messed up death wish. One does NOT toy with the idea of intimidating Liam Neeson!

    #4: I had my fill of Tolkein ages ago with Ralph Bakshi’s ‘Lord of the Rings’. Though his ‘Fritz the Cat’, ‘Wizards’ and ‘American Pop’ are under rated, Roto
    Scoped gems!

    #5: I read Robert Ludlum’s original Bourne series ages ago in hard cover. When the stories had an overwhelming sense of intrigue and a grounding in reality.

    Looking forward to ‘Looper’ and ‘Lawless’. Also ‘Killing Them Softly’. Just to see if I recognize Doogie Houser’s Vinnie Delpino (Max Casella) all grown up and groady.

    1. Ha..ha.. Jack, I’m not gonna repeat my comment to Michael but I’m going to vehemently disagree w/ you about the Sabrina remake lacking poise, grace and humor, but let’s just agree to disagree 😀

      Ahah, good point there about action-hero Bond, that’s why Dalton is still my fave as he had a perfect balance of both brute strength and spy intellect.

      Yep, don’t mess w/ the Neeson! But he’s a soulful bad-ass dude to me 🙂

      Are you saying you did not see Jackson’s LOTR trilogy??

      Glad to see you’re looking forward to Looper and Lawless, too. Nope, not interested in ‘Killing Them Softly.’ Just prefer not to see any Brad Pitt movie right now.

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Ruth:

        I haven’t seen any of Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ series.

        Tolkein’s novels were long and boring reads interspersed with half chapters of action. Bakshi’s attempt at animation was closer to what Tolkein had written. And for its time, worked better for me while watching.

        Really don’t have any desire to revisit something that doesn’t enthuse me the first time around.

        We can agree to disagree, vehemently or otherwise on ‘Sabrina’ or other films. That’s what makes it all interesting. 😉

        Kind of agree with you on Brad Pitt. Best taken in small doses. Caught his Lt. Aldo Raine (H/T to Aldo Ray and Claude Raines. Go-To Guys in war films throughout the 1950s and 60s) and thought he was OK, but nothing to write home about.

        1. Yeah I guess if you’re not too interested in the subject matter then better skip it. I feel that way about a lot of the ‘beloved’ franchise that people like too and with films, there are sooo many to choose from so why not watch those you are actually interested in.

          He..he.. well, I’m not saying I dislike the original mind you, I just PREFER the remake. Truce 🙂

          I like his Landa portrayal in ‘Inglourious Basterds’ but what made the movie for me is Christoph Waltz and Melanie Laurent. I guess in small doses I don’t mind Pitt, but he just rubs me the wrong way.

  7. I really like the remake of Sabrina too, my mother always watches it when it’s on TV since she will watch anything with romance and Harrison Ford in it. I liked Let Me In more than Let the Right one it and though it’s not really a remake Fincher’s Dragon Tattoo is a massive improvement over Swedish film.

    I love Skyfall trailer and I too hope that they will leave Craig’s balls alone in this one, I don’t think they can take any more. And I have no idea why Bardem is blond, perhaps they though if he will look like his normal self he will easily surpass Craig in terms of hotness.

    I really love Neeson’s work in Schindler’s List but i think he is awesome in his recent badass roles too, I hope he would make more good films though because Unkown and The Grey were so bad.

    Splitting The Hobbit into 3 parts is ridiculous, I don’t really care about this movie but that is just greedy and kinda gross thing to do. The trend to split films into 2 is tiresome but spliting 1 into 3 is just crazy.

    4…let’s see. I can’t wait for Killer Joe, Moonrise Kingdom, Seven Psychopaths and Killing Them Softly.

    1. Wahoo! Finally someone who agrees w/ me about the Sabrina remake! Ford is adorable as a love-sick puppy isn’t he, ahah. I thought he had a believable chemistry w/ Julia Ormond. I think some remakes really ARE better than the original.

      ‘…leave Craig’s balls alone…’ Ahahaha, that cracks me up, Sati!! Well I’m sure he doesn’t mind if it involves those two lovely ladies 😉 Yeah, why color his hair blond?? I thought I saw some pics of him as Silva with dark hair before [shrugs]

      I saw your review of The Grey so I avoid that one. Unknown was ok if it weren’t for January Jones!

      Oh no, you don’t care about The Hobbit?? 😦

      I hope you get to see Moonrise Kingdom, Sati, the other three on your list I’m not keen on at all though.

  8. Mostly I just have an opinion on The Hobbit–I couldn’t see how they would split it into two films, so three just strikes me as excessive. Which is a pity, I had been looking forward to it.
    Thanks for posting the vlog, though. I’m finding I am more interested in the behind the scenes aspects of things rather than the films themselves…

    1. Well, I’d think the first movie should still be good. I kind of think that since they’ve built such a massive set for this one, perhaps there’s value in going more in depth with the story, but that’s just me talking as a fan of the whole Tolkien universe 🙂

      What do you think about Lee Pace as Thranduil? I can’t wait to see him in that role!!

      1. I’ve only seen him in The Fall, but am looking forward to him as Thranduil!
        I’ll probably see the films in the cinema, but my expectations aren’t too high.

        1. He’s awesome in The Fall! I um, fell for him immediately as I saw him here. He’s also wonderful in Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, sporting a believable British accent, too!

  9. Ted S.

    1. I’ve never seen either version of Sabrina. As mentioned on my remakes comparison article, I still prefer the American remake of The Departed over the Hong Kong version, Infernal Affairs. Also, I thought O’cean’s Eleven was much better than the original.

    2. I thought for sure they were going to release the trailer of Skyfall from IMAX, that trailer blew me away. I still like this “official” trailer but yeah Bardem wearing that blonde wig kind of reminds me of Walken in A View to a Kill. In any case, I can’t wait to see it on the big IMAX screen this fall.

    3. Liam’s probably realized he’s getting older so might as well start making action films to make as much money as he could. I do like his roles in Michael Collins and Rob Roy, two very underrated films from the mid 90s.

    4. First I thought it was just greed from the studios, which is true but if Jackson can expand the story into three films, well I’ll trust him. I mean I love spending time in that world so the more the merrier. As long as the films are exiting and entertaining, no complains from me.

    5. I think The Bourne Legacy is still part of summer so I’m definitely going to see it this Friday. Also, I can’t wait for Looper and Killing Them Softly, I think the directors of those films might make a jump to A-list if their films becomes a hit. They’re two of the most talented, yet now well know directors right now.

    1. 1. That’s right Ted, some remakes do improve over the original, and I sincerely feel that way about Sabrina.

      2. So you’re gonna see Skyfall on IMAX again? I might do that as the ticket is cheaper through my work, but we’ll see.

      3. I have to see Michael Collins and Rob Roy. I guess there’s nothing wrong with him doing action films as he seems to be in demand for those, but I would like to see him mix things up once in a while as he’s a great dramatic actor. I saw him in a tiny Irish indie ‘Five Minutes of Heaven’ and he’s wonderful in it.

      4. Yep, I LOVE watching that world too, so I don’t mind it. I think PJ can justify the 3rd film, I trust that man.

      5. I just saw the trailer for Looper again in front of Total Recall, looks pretty good!

      1. Ted S.

        Yeah I’m spoiled with seeing films on IMAX now, it was weird when I saw Total Recall at regular theater last Friday. All the films I’ve seen the last few months were all at IMAX, The Avengers, Prometheus and of TDKR. Unfortunately, non of the the sequences in Skyfall were shot with IMAX cameras I’ll see it there anyway for the big screen and super loud sound.

        I think you might like Rob Roy, I think it only has one really graphic scene in the film. Michael Collins was good but I haven’t seen in a long time, I do remember that Neeson was very good in it.

  10. As someone who speaks fluently in “Bogart” I can tell you Bogart did not get along AT ALL with any of his co-stars in “Sabrina”, nor they with he. Who’s fault it was is open to speculation but he also never felt like he had any chemistry with Hepburn and I think that kind of shows. It’s pleasant but nothing special.

    And that Neeson tweet is hilarious.

    1. Hi Nick, I didn’t know Bogart didn’t get along with his co-stars. I thought the chemistry was ok, but not as strong as Ford/Ormond in the remake IMO. I felt that longing in Linus in the way Ford portrayed him and they looked convincing that they slowly fall for each other. I guess pleasant is a good way of putting it, but a bit boring in parts for me.

  11. I’ll die if both Lee Pace and Luke Evans do not appear in the first HOBBIT! I can’t wait for two years to see them! I asked Luke if he’s in the first one, but he won’t tell me 😦

    1. Hi Dez, I think Luke WILL be in the first film. Didn’t you see him in the previous video journal?? He was doing the tour around the trailers in NZ set, he looked so good!!

  12. asrap virtuoso

    That tweet about Liam Neeson is AWESOME!!

    There a line in the film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang about LOTR: Return Of The King having what seems like 13 endings. The Hobbit film is probably a compilation of all the ending Jackson wants to do. 😛

    I’m really looking forward to The Bourne Legacy this week. I know your a Bond fan, but Bourne is my number 1 spy!

    1. Hi Asrap! Yeah, I just had to retweet it 🙂

      Ahah, I didn’t remember about that line in Kiss2x Bang2x, that’s too funny!

      Well, I like Damon as Bourne, but Renner’s um, rendition remains to be seen whether he could live up to him or not.

  13. 1. I actually like the original Sabrina better, but, hey, I’m a sucker for the classics. 🙂

    2. Skyfall looks amazing, but I’m worried about Silva. Hopefully Bardem can make that questionable haircut (or at least the hair color) work like he did in No Country for Old Men.

    3. That Liam Neeson tweet should be on the Taken 2 poster.

    4. I wasn’t that excited about The Hobbit films. Now that it’s a trilogy, I’m even less interested. Just not my thing.

    5. I’m really looking forward to The Bourne Legacy, Lawless, Seven Psychopaths, and, of course, The Master.

    1. Hi Josh, well I can understand that, though I do think not ALL remakes are naturally inferior to the original and do think w/ Sabrina it’s actually an improvement.

      Ahah yeah, he did have that such a horrifying haircut in that Coens film, it goes well with his character!

      Yeah, I think that’d be clever marketing! 🙂

  14. 1: on the remakes, I’d have to say that Gus Van Sant’s Psycho is a vast improvement over Hitchcock’s original. Okay, okay, I’ll stop now. In all honesty, I struggle to think of many but Let Me In was a good remake. It debatable whether its better than Let The Right One but it’s a damn good remake.

    2: As a rule, I don’t normally watch trailers so I can’t really comment here. I will say this though, Bardem very rarely disappoints.

    3: Neeson’s best role has to be Oskar Schindler but I also enjoyed him in Kinsey. As for the action side of things, I have to agree with Michael. Rob Roy was a bit of an early action role and my memory is a little hazy on the film but wasn’t Darkman as well? Either way though, action is entirely suited to him it seems.

    4: Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. I struggle to see how The Hobbit can stretch to three film’s but Jackson does know the material well, so here’s hoping.

    5: I’m still trying to catch up on older movies never mind next month. I just got around to seeing Brave and The Skin I Live In but if I had to choose forthcoming ones, then Killing Them Softly and Lawless certainly appeal.

    1. Ted S.

      I agree Mark, I thought Let Me In was great, in fact I think it’s better than the original. I really love the performances by the young leads, they were great and so convincing in their respective roles.

          1. I have seen The Vistor and he was indeed marvellous. It’s a great film. My favourite perfoances of his though were in the Coens’ The Man Who Wasn’t There and Burn After Reading. He’s so subtle it’s can be easy to miss how skilful he really is.

      1. Ted and Mark,

        I’d be curious to know what version of Let The Right One In you guys saw. The theatrical version, the first pressing of the dvd/blu ray, or the second, corrected subtitle pressing? Reason being Magnolia re-translated the dialogue for the subtitles for the first pressing of the dvd/blu ray. How bad was it? Actually it’s one of the worst translations I’ve ever seen. Magnolia says it’s a more “literal” translation and that “this wouldn’t have been a blip had it not been for one particular horror blog (see link below) doing a side by side and claiming that they are wrong. They are not. We are not doing a recall or anything of that nature, again, these are not defective. Title came out two weeks ago and general public don’t notice and don’t care – bloggers are well known for jumping on something, making an issue of it and moving on.” Well I certainly noticed and had to eat the cost of the blu ray to get the theatrical release that I wanted in the first place. Read the post, see the screen captures and decide for yourself:

        While I thought the remake was pretty good I thought the original was one of the best horror films I had seen in years. Especially because of the young Swedish actors. I just thought they captured the innocence of childhood as well as any film out there. There was a sweetness there that I didn’t find in the remake. Also the sexual gender, castration thing was watered down and made slightly more confusing in the American remake even though I applaud Reeves for keeping it R-rated like the original. That said I love Chloe Moretz and think she’s going to be a great one.

        Fun Fact: SPOILER ALERT! At the end of the film what Oskar and Eli tap on the crate to each other, in morse code, is Swedish for “kiss”.

        1. I’m unsure of what cut I seen Dave to be honest. All I know is that I rented the DVD wen it was released and I wasn’t Aware of the subtitle issues. I actually liked the film. Really liked it but Reeves’ remake was also very impressive. I’ll need to go back to Alfredson’s original at some point though. It’s been too long and I think there’s more in there to be appreciated.

          1. Mark, then chances are, like the one I bought when it came out on dvd/blu ray, it was the crappy subtitled version. You actually have to look on the back of the blu ray/dvd and make sure it says: SUBTITLES: ENGLISH (Theatrical), SPANISH. What a PITA, huh?

            The thing about remakes, for me, is I always have a fondness for the original that I can’t quite shake though I haven’t had any interest in seeing either Sabrina. Especially the one with with grumpy, old man Harrison Ford.

            Even directors cuts like the Blade Runner original cut with the narration (as opposed to the non narration, unicorn dream sequence cut), The Exorcist original cut (as opposed to the William Peter Blatty/spiderwalk cut), Heaven’s Gate original cut (as opposed to Z Channel’s extended cut) and Apocalypse Now (as opposed to the Redux cut) are much preferable to the directors intended version to me. Only Brazil’s european cut is about equal to the original film to me. The fondness for the original is kind of “locked in” for me and I can’t unsee them, ya know?

            Some other Fun Facts about LTROI. The two child actors never read the script. Their lines were read to them before each scene by the director. Also Eli’s voice (Lina Leandersson) was dubbed in by somebody with a lower voice because Alfredson thought her voice was too high and beautiful in tone. I never even noticed unlike Hugh Hudson’s Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan where Andie McDowell’s voice was dubbed in by Glenn Close. How distacting! LoL.

            Cut to the 1:30 mark:

            1. You certainly seem to know your stuff on the film Dave. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll definitely look out for the theatrical version when I revisit it.
              As for Blade Runner, I agree of the narration. I actually loved that about the film and without it, it gave it a different feel that I wasnt keen on. I did like the unicorn dream sequence though as it added more to the ending when Gaff leaves his little origami figure.

              1. Jeez Mark, I hope I don’t sound like a know it all but when I really like a film I jump in head first. The progression goes like this.

                First of all it takes a lot to get me out of the house to go see a film nowadays. I’ll check out the trailers on Apple Trailers or You Tube then I’ll just skim the reviews on Metacritic if I’m not sure about the film so as to not read too much. The less I know the better. Then after I see it in the theater I hit the internet. IMDB, Wiki, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, the official site, etc and read everything about it. Then I may go see it again to get that rush I got the first time and for good measure take other people who “Just have to see it!” (I saw the The Dark Knight four times!) Then I eagerly await the Blu Ray release (Criterion release please! :)) and watch all the special features including the making of’s, outtakes, deleted scenes, gag reels, trailers, table reads, short films, easter eggs and commentaries. And let’s not forget the booklet (especially with the Criterion releases)! LOL.

                So yeah you could say I’m fairly knowledgable about certain films. You just happend to pick a film I adore and I had to share my passion for it. Especially since the studio so egregiously dropped the ball on the dvd/blu ray release. Plus I don’t have anyone around me currently who shares my passion for film. So I really only get to share on Ruth’s wonderful blog with people such as Ruth, Ted S., JackDeth72 (Kevin), Tyler, le0pard 13 and of course the venerable Mark Walker.

                1. I’ve been called many things before but never venerable 😉 Thank you sir. And don’t worry about how you come across. I appreciate your sharing your knowledge and I respect that level of commitment to your film viewing. I often do my homework as well, it becomes an obsession sometimes and I enjoy all sorts of bits trivia on film’s. Glad you “Let Me In” on that info. 😉

                    1. LOL. I think I’ll start referring to my own obsession as “passion” also. You’re right! It sounds less likely that your other hobby is locking people in your basement 😉

                    2. Dave and Mark, you guys are always more than welcome to share your movie musings, trivia, what have you on my blog. I LOVE the discussions between movie lovers and the passion that come through, that’s what makes this blogging thing so worthwhile. So keep ’em up!! 🙂

    2. Oooo, glad you’re only kidding about Psycho 🙂

      You don’t watch trailers?? What, what??

      Neeson is quite versatile isn’t he? Yes he was the original Darkman!

      I really hope PJ can justify the trilogy but I think he would.

      Totally understand Mark, hey I still have a lot of older movies I wanted to see too. I can’t believe The Guard is not available anywhere, not on iTunes or Amazon on Demand! I have to ask a friend of mine to rent it from Netflix as a favor in order to see it 😦

      1. I watched the Killing Them Softly trailer recently but as a rule I tend to avoid them. Sometimes they can give too much away. That one does look good though.

        Yeah, do your best to get The Guard Ruth. It’s a great little film. I loved it.

        1. Oh I hear ya Mark! Truly, trailer making is an art that a lot of studios totally fail in getting ’em right.

          I will do my best to get The Guard. I’m so upset last night as I kept telling my hubby I wanted to see it.

  15. I wouldn’t say Total Recall is as unnecessary as the Spiderman reboot or Superman as it at least bases itself on the original short story of which Arnie’s film was only loosely based. In that respect I think I’ll check it out even though I doubt it’ll thrill me as much as Arnie’s attempt.

    1. I think the necessary/not debate is just overkill. To me, I think remakes are fine, but in the case of Total Recall, it’s just pointless as there doesn’t seem to be much heart in it. It’s slick but empty.

      1. That’s a shame. It definitely looks slick from the trailer but there’s Kate Beckinsale and she’s rubbish in most things. 🙂

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  17. My thoughts on Hobbit 3: Die Hobbitier will be up at Front Room Cinema on Wednesday, Ruth – you should check it out.

    Can’t wait to see Skyfall. Bond keeps getting better and better!!!

    1. I’ll be checking that out Rodney, though I’m not sure I like that Die Hobbitier title 😦

      Glad you’re enthusiastic about Skyfall!

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  19. Oh man, lots to talk about. I’ll start with the Hobbit. To answer your question, the book is really short and stretching it into 3 movies is REALLY pushing it. They are going to have to add a lot of peripheral stuff and I just don’t know if it will work. LOTR of course deserved 4 films, but the Hobbit should really only be 1.

    And remakes? Yikes. There ain’t a lot. Ocean’s Eleven would probably be the best example of improvement.

    1. I think the extended versions of LOTR is practically a miniseries, ahah. I see your point about The Hobbit, but then again, I love that world so I guess I’m not crying foul about that one.

      Another mention for Ocean’s Eleven. Well I haven’t seen the original so no comment on that note.

  20. #1 : Hmmmm….hmmmm….can I just say NO REMAKE please!! I avoid watching remakes 😉

    #2 : Skipping number 2 because I only watch 1 Bond’s movie so far.

    #3: aaaahhh Liam Neeson…one of my favorite Irish. I like seeing him as a tough man. Taken is good because of him, I mean the story is so ordinary and predictable but his performance makes the movie better. But i wouldn’t mind seeing him playing a more serious role. He was great as Cillian’s father in Breakfast on Pluto 😉

    #4: The Hobbit as a trilogy is a nightmare!! I started having doubt on my most anticipated movie when I heard of that. the book is so thin, it is nothing compared to lord of The rings, to make it into 3 movies is ludicrous!!
    I hate seeing extra scenes in adapted movie…I assume 3 films is because of those unnecessary scenes.

    #5: I still don’t have many anticipated movies, there are only 2 movies I am waiting for: Red Lights and The Hobbit

    1. Ahah, well not ALL remakes are bad, Nov 🙂

      You and Andina ought to watch more Bond movies!

      Y’know, I can see Cillian as being Liam’s real son, they sort of have a resemblance, face wise anyway, not in terms of physique.

      Oy, I do hope even the ‘unnecessary’ Hobbit scenes are still watchable, but yeah, seems like a lot of people are in your camp.

      So when is Red Lights coming out in Indo??

  21. OUCH! As I Bogart guy I was wounded by your “Sabrina” take. Actually I don’t think either are GREAT films even though I do like the original. I’m also really encited about “The Bourne Legacy”, “Lawless”, and “Looper”. I’m also really excited about “Django Unchained”, “The Master”, “Skyfall”, “The Hobbit”, “Les Miserables”, and “Zero Dark Thirty”. Some good stuff coming. Just hate “The Great Gatsby” got pushed back. “Lincoln” would be tops on the list but I’m assuming it’s been pushed back. I’ve heard nothing about it.

    1. Sorry Keith! I really wanted to love the classic version but I just couldn’t. In fact, after watching that I want to see the remake version again.

      Oh yeah I just heard about The Great Gatsby being pushed to next Summer! Wow such a long wait!

  22. 1. True Grit by the Coens I really enjoyed a lot and think it’s better movie than the John Wayne original
    2. Ben Whishaw as Q = NO. Q isn’t some nerdy hipster!
    3. Neeson is a fantastic actor. Love him most in Schindler’s List though. Always odd to see him in that movie after his recent run of action flicks, why doesn’t he kill every nazi in sight?? 😉
    4. Trilogy is a bad idea. The book is really short compared the entire Lord of the Rings arc. This is really stretching it thin and adding things that weren’t written by Tolkien
    5. The Bourne Legacy, Lawless, Trouble with the Curve and Looper.

    1. Oh I like the True Grit remake, no interest in seeing the John Wayne version though.

      Ahah, what’s wrong w/ a nerdy hipster?? The original Q was young once too and probably a tech geek 🙂

      Ha..ha.. I should try to watch Schindler’s List again, the thing is I always laugh every time I see Liam now, just ’cause how bad ass he is!

      Oh what’s ‘Trouble with the Curve??’

  23. 1. I enjoy The Italian Job remake as being one remake that is not offensive to the original. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s just plain good.
    2. I’m not really feelin Javier Bardem’s hair, but who cares about that? It’s his villainous intent and actions! He looks to be great in the role. Sorry…not ready for a “young and hip” Q.
    3. Neeson is a great actor with many roles under his belt. (love the Wonka quote). I think my fav role of his is Taken
    4. Honestly, I’m a little tired of people being upset over him making a third movie when they haven’t even seen the movie. we are quite fickle beings. The same doubting Thomas’ may indeed be singing praises of the trilogy after they are made. It’s his movie. he didn’t let us down with LOTR and they like to stay true to Tolkein. So…what’s the problem again? (ok, I’m done)
    5. Looper, Lincoln, Skyfall, The Hobbit.

    Fun questions today, Ruth! Thanks for keeping this segment running.

    1. Oh yeah, I like The Italian Job remake too, good call T!

      Ahah, another jeer for the young Q, poor Ben. I guess it remains to be seen whether his bleached blond hair is gonna affect how I feel about Bardem as Silva in the movie.

      I was pleasantly surprised w/ Taken, I’ll rent the sequel too, for sure.

      Ahah, I like your enthusiastic answer about the trilogy, T! Well I’m in your camp, so right on!

      Thanks for participating T, this is the only series I manage to be disciplined enough to keep up! 🙂

  24. Alright! Love ‘Five for the Fifth’! Let’s see what we’ve got this month…

    1) I think the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies are about the same quality overall, but it seems most remakes are less than desirable. I know The Thing and The Fly are commonly referred to as improved remakes, but I haven’t seen the originals…

    2) Another reminder that I need to see more Bond films before Skyfall! But I am a fan of Javier Bardem. That hair is ridiculous, but he should be a fun adversary.

    3) I love seeing Liam Neeson as a badass. I think The Grey is one of this year’s more underrated films. Really enjoyed that one.

    4) I’m not thrilled about it. I love the book, but I thought it was a stretch to even push it to two books.

    5) The only film coming out soon that I’m *really* excited for is The Master. But others seem interesting, like Premium Rush and Lawless. The real good stuff will be out in the winter, though. 😀

    1. And I love that you’re participatin’ 🙂

      Oh right, the Dragon Tattoo remake seems to be well-received, though it’s not my cup of tea.

      I do hope Bardem will deliver, no matter what his hairstyle looks like, ahah.

      The Grey seems to be a hit and miss for a lot of people though, I’ve read equal number of reviews who love and pan it.

      Castor just posted an eerie looking poster of The Master, yeah that one does look good.

  25. 1. I thought Let Me In was much better than Let The Right One In. The American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is also slightly better than the original.

    2. The trailer for Skyfall is pretty awesome. I just saw it for the first time! :O
    I think Ben Whishaw looks great as Q and Javier looks terrible! Haha, he looks like a transvestite! Hopefully he does a good job as the villain. There’s a lot of talent under that awful blonde wig. Maybe those bring out the best in him. He was wearing one in the role that got him an Oscar, after all.

    3. Hard to pick a favorite Neeson role. Maybe it’s a tie between Love Actually and Schindler’s List (apples and oranges, I know). And I love that he’s becoming an action star! He can totally pull it off!

    4. I honestly don’t care at all. I have 0.00% interest in watching The Hobbit. Sorry :/

    5. Looper, Lawless, Killer Joe and Moonrise Kingdom!

    1. Haven’t seen those two, but I’d take your word for it, Fernando.

      Ahah, a transvestite??? Oy that never crossed my mind but I guess that hair is just terrible. True about his wig in No Country for Old Men, though usually Bond movies gets ignored during Award season.

      Yep, I don’t think there is anyone who don’t like bad-ass Neeson 🙂

      Oh no, I didn’t know you’re not a Hobbit fan. So you haven’t seen LOTR either I take it.

      Well, I don’t think I’ll ever watch anything like Killer Joe.

      1. Yes, I’ve seen the LOTR trilogy, I’m just not a fan at all. I think that visually they’re impressive (the score too) but that’s about it. I really don’t get why people love them so much. And I really can’t get excited for a new one.

        About Bond, I hope this one gets some Oscar love, finally.

  26. as a book lover, no matter how good the extra scene will be, I still appreciate they keep it as it is in the book.

    I want to see Liam and Cilli together again 🙂

    Not sure yet, I am still checking out 21 site everyday. It will be in limited screening.

    1. Is there an indie theater in Jakarta Nov? Btw, I might be going back at the end of Nov, not sure yet but once I book the flight I’ll let you know as I’d love to get together w/ my Indo blogging friends like you, Andina, and Cecilia.

  27. Sorry been busy – I just love your feature. Here are my responses:

    (1) So my first question to you is: which remake you think is better or at least on par with the original?
    Definitely “Scrooge” (1951) over that MGM version from the 1930’s. Alastair Sim is the Ebenezer for all time IMO.

    (2) So, what did you think of Javier Bardem as Silva and Ben Whishaw as Q?
    I am okay with Bardem as the villain. He looks completely nuts 🙂 Oh an Ben Whishaw looks so endearing as Q; I cannot wait (gonna see it when it premiers in London)!

    (3) So, what’s your favorite Liam Neeson role and thoughts on his foray into action hero territory?
    Don’t know if I have a fave Neeson film. I kind of like him in whatever he does, even those films that are slightly below par.

    (4) So what are YOUR thoughts about this Hobbit trilogy debate??
    BAD: purely financial move. The book is short so no need to thin it out over three films. I am expecting great detail on this one.
    GOOD: We get to see more Armitage on the screen 🙂

    (5)What about you? What are your top four movies you are most anticipating in the next couple of months?
    I dunno really it may be a case of catching up with stuff that I have missed and that is likely coming out on video soon. Titles that immediately come to mind: To Rome with Love, Damsels in Distress. And as much as I like the Bourne franchise, I am not sure I will be seeing it in my local.

  28. bebe82496

    I’m going to see The Bourne Legacy today!!!!! This fall I KNOW that I WILL be seeing
    (Liam Neeson kick-butt once again on Albanians in the much-anticipated-2012-film, well, for me, anyway!!!) Taken 2!!!

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