Somewhere In Time … Everybody’s Chattin’

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s kind of a short week for me as I took Wednesday off but still it feels hectic so I’m definitely glad the weekend is just around the corner. I found time to re-watch one of my old time favorites last night, I guess I was feeling rather melancholy, but I wanted to watch something with gorgeous music and Somewhere In Time fits the bill perfectly.

I love the Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour match-up… both of them are so ridiculously stunning but it’s Chris’ earnestness that really won me over. It proves that he’s sooo much more than just a Superman actor. This gorgeous film is no doubt one of the most heartbreaking time-travel romances ever made and John Barry’s music is sooo hauntingly beautiful.

Well, it’s time for links! I’ll start with the ladies first of course…

Lesya’s New York City in Genres
I always love a great blog-a-thon and in this one Lesya @ Eternity of Dream invited a bunch of bloggers to share their recommendations of a variety of films set in New York City.
Kristin asks a great question whether comic book films should be serious, or not so serious
As a fan of superhero movies, I certainly think there are room for both interpretation. But what do YOU think?

Lady Sati’s August Movie of the Month EARRINGS
I’m attempting to hit two birds with one stone here… one of my favorite bloggers Lady Sati just posted her review of another talented cinephile and burgeoning filmmaker Alex from And So It Begins blog. Check out his short film debut EARRINGS and its production notes here. Congrats Alex!
Fogs’ Top Ten Comic-Book Superhero Movies
Now this is my kind of list!! I can’t believe I haven’t made one like it yet but I agree w/ a lot of his picks. How about you?
Michael’s review of Field of Dreams
This is perhaps the only movie about baseball that I like. I still have no clue about th sports but I like the story and Kevin Costner’s performance. Plus, a post with an awesome word like felicitous is certainly going to get a link love from me! 🙂
Mark’s gave Gladiator another shot!
Hurray! Most of you know how much I LOVE this film, so I’m so thrilled that my pal Mark was willing to give this film another go despite not being wowed by it the first time. He now has a better appreciation for it, find out why.
Ryan’s review of To Rome With Love
How does Woody Allen’s latest love-story-ensemble-cast-set-in-a-European-city fare? Is it as delectable as the best Gnocchi alla Romana on Thursdays? Ryan investigates.
Nostra summarized the results of the fun-tastic Movie Confessions blog-a-thon
Turns out I’m not the only one who thinks Meryl Streep is a bit overrated and there are others who have not seen anything by Kurosawa.

Now lastly… are you on Facebook? Then so is FlixChatter! 😀

So what are you going to see this weekend? Whatever you do, hope you have a good one!

27 thoughts on “Somewhere In Time … Everybody’s Chattin’

  1. Melissa Bradley

    Oh how I love this movie. It is so sumptuous and breathtaking. I cannot tell yo how many times I have watched it. Great choice!

    1. Hi Melissa, oh I’m glad you share my love for Somewhere in Time. I am still so enthralled by it as the first time I watched it. Sooo enchanting!

  2. Ted S.

    I’ve never seen Somewhere in Time but may have to check it out because I’m in love with Jane Seymour, she’s one of my top favorite Bond girls.

    I was hoping to check out Total Recall remake in theater this weekend but after seeing its 30% rating on Rottentomatoes, I’ll wait till it hits BD. I’ve learned my lesson from last summer when Cowboys & Aliens got that same rating but I really wanted to see it so I went and wished I’d listened to the critics. I’m pretty sure I’ll be checking out TDKR again sometime this weekend.

    1. Oh Ted, you must see it if you like Jane Seymour. She is absolutely stunning in this film, plus it’s kind of a kick for me as a huge Superman fan to see Chris Reeve in an unabashedly romantic role, y’know.

  3. Rich

    I was always kinda curious about ‘Somewhere in Time’ if for no other reason than Reeve was in it. I take it it’s more of a romance movie than a time travel one?

    1. Oh no, there’s a great deal of time travel ‘science’ in the film before the romance begins, so I’d say it’s definitely not just a period romance. Both Reeve and Seymour are wonderful Rich, you should give this a watch.

  4. My dad is OBSESSED with Somewhere in Time. When I was a kid we went to a similar hotel (not the one in the movie, Mackinac Island is way too hard to get to) in Vermont for one night just because he loved it so much.

    @Rich it’s definitely more of a romance; the “science” behind the time travel is pretty ridiculous, even by movie standards 🙂

    1. Oh really, that’s cool! I want to visit Mackinac Island just for that reason, too 🙂

      Ahah, yeah well the ‘science’ is not exactly explored in great depth, I think the whole thing is more of a fantasy anyway. Still it’s got so much heart in it that I don’t care.

  5. Castor

    Netflix sent me two GB movies this weekend! 😉 Machine Gun Preacher which I saw last night was uh… pretty damn terrible at times but it redeems itself a bit in the last half hour.

    And I have Coriolanus which I will watch later today maybe.

    1. Aiyah, pretty darn terrible?? Come on Castor! 🙂 Ah well, I obviously disagree w/ you but I do think the last half hour is better than the first part.

      Curious to hear what you think of Coriolanus, too.

      1. I couldn’t finish Coriolanius lol. SORRY! 😦 I guess the whole speaking in Shakespearean prose was too much for me to take…

        As for Machine Gun Preacher, I’m not saying that the movie is terrible but that there were so pretty painful moments like at the beginning when GB comes out of prison and starts being the ultimate douche to Michelle Monaghan.

        1. Oh no! Well, at least it’s the Shakespeare thing that turned you off, not GB 🙂

          Yeah, there were a lot of despicable moments in MGP and Childers WAS a douche, hence his need for God in his life. I think the fact that he was such a jerk makes the transformation to a humanitarian so intriguing. I agree that the scenes in Africa is a lot more compelling to watch.

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